Insead global Executive mba (gemba) Asia 2016/2017 insead gemba scholarship for Excellence

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INSEAD Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)

Asia 2016/2017

INSEAD GEMBA Scholarship for Excellence

First Name:

Last Name:

Admission section: Asia

Admission date:

Scholarship form guidelines:

Step 1:
Please read the scholarship description and topic essay on page 2

Step 2:
Please write your essay on page 3

Step 3:
Please fill in the financial profile form on page 4/5

Step 4:
Please save your document under your name and e-mail it to:
INSEAD Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)
Asia 2016/2017

INSEAD GEMBA Scholarship for Excellence


INSEAD's mission is to train the brightest and best from around the world for the challenge of tomorrow's business world. One of the GEMBA objectives is to establish a platform for people from a multitude of cultural backgrounds to congregate and learn best practices in leadership and management. The learning experience on the programme is fast paced and participative. It is enhanced by professional and cultural heterogeneity of the Class.
INSEAD GEMBA Excellence Scholarships will be awarded to candidates who demonstrate outstanding professional and personal achievements and promise that will contribute to the breadth of diversity on the programme. We will look to identify particularly strong interpersonal skills, leadership experience and growth potential. Financial need will be factored in to prioritize candidates that require financial assistance.

Candidates need to be self-funded.

Scholarship Amount and Deadline:

Application open: 2 May 2016 – deadline: 27 May 2016

Amount: 2 awards of SG$45,000 will be announced mid-June 2016.

A successful candidate for the Excellence award will not cumulate it with other scholarship(s) received.

Essay topic:

Please address the following questions (500 words):
Define what makes you stand out among other candidates on the GEMBA Asia Programme? Name and describe specific academic, professional and/or personal achievements that you are particularly proud of.


PERSONAL Information



Male: ☐

Female: ☐

Current address:



Postal Code:



Employment Information


Place of work (city and country):

Job Title:


Current net annual salary (Please explain if different from your admission file):

Annual bonus if applicable:

Previous net annual salary for year




Have you applied for a bank loan to study at INSEAD? (If yes, which organisation and what amount?)

Have you applied for scholarships or awards outside of INSEAD (If yes, please give details of scholarship names, award amounts and outcome dates)

What is the value of your cash savings?

What is the value of your real estate or business estate?

What is your equity part?

What is the value of your car?

What is the value of your stocks, bond certificates or deposits?

What is the value of trust funds you or your partner may be the beneficiary of?

Any other assets not reported on this form?

Please confirm that you will not receive any sponsorship from your company:


How many dependents do you have (if applicable)?

What is your partner's occupation (if applicable)?

What is your partner's current annual salary (if applicable)?


In approximately 200 words provide a concise but accurate description of your financial circumstances.  How do you expect to finance the studies if you do not receive a scholarship?  What amount do you consider appropriate?

Explanatory note for the financial essay:

When asking for a scholarship, you need to state your projected expenses and provide information on your main sources of funding. You have to explain where you have a gap and why it will be difficult for you close that gap through a possible national, local or personal source. The financial budget essay also provides you with the possibility to explain and clarify your financial circumstances, give further details and possibly state any extenuating circumstances. The table below can be a helpful starting point:



I hereby certify that I have provided accurate information in this scholarship application. I authorize INSEAD to verify this information.

I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts in this application may justify cancellation of admission or withdrawal from the INSEAD EMBA programme.

This is my honest statement to INSEAD. I accept the Statement of Integrity:



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