Informative Essay 8

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Writing Tasks – Informative Essay 8 – A Famous Crime


Informative Essay 8

A Famous Crime

Before you start, read the ‘How To Write Informative Essays' sheets.
There have been many crimes committed over the centuries that have become well known as they have captured the imagination of the public because of the publicity they have received. There is lots of information available about them in books, TV programmes, the Internet etc.
Choose a crime and conduct your research.
Below are a few ideas you could choose from:

The Great Train Robbery Jack the Ripper

The Ruth Ellis Case Dr. Crippin

Yorkshire Ripper Maybrick Murders

The Moors Murders Stephen Lawrence Murder

David Copeland – The Soho Nail bomber

The Assassination of John F Kennedy
Look at the questions below to help you think about your essay and how to structure it.

  • What is the crime you are going to write about?

  • When and where was it committed?

  • What publicity did it receive?

  • What are the details of the crime?

  • Give details of the evidence that led to a conviction

  • What sentence was given?

  • Was the sentence justified?

  • (Optional) What were the motives of the criminal?

  • What happened to the convicted person in the end?

Remember, the above is only a guide. If you have other interesting information, use it. If you do, think where it would go in your essay.


Now you need to plan your essay

You need:

When you have done this, write the first draft of your essay.
Check it for sense and meaning and ask yourself if it could be improved.

Ask yourself if you have left anything out.

Does it flow?

Check your spelling.

Check your punctuation.
When you are satisfied, rewrite the essay making any changes you need and check again.

Discuss your work with a tutor and decide what you need to work on next.

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