Individualized Master of Arts Program Educational Goals Essay Requirements

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Individualized Master of Arts Program

Educational Goals Essay Requirements

Submit an Educational Goals Essay (five-page minimum Word document). This admissions essay, at its best, is the story of a learner expressed in the form of a college level essay that responds to each of the following questions in meaningful detail.

1.  Indicate here (insert an “X” on the blank line) which concentration in the Individualized Master of Arts you are interested in, and respond to the concentration-specific question in your essay, along with responses to the additional questions below.

___  Social Sciences.  How do you think an individualized master's degree with this concentration can serve your educational goals in a way an already fully designed degree program cannot?

___  Philosophy:  What is your background and experience in the study of philosophy?  Include which areas of philosophy you are most interested in studying, which philosophers attract your attention (and why), and anything else that you consider relevant to approaching the graduate-level study of philosophy.  

___  Creative Writing*: Discuss your background and experience in creative writing, and what it is that drives you to write. (Include which genre/s and forms you like to write, publication history, academic and creative workshop experience, and anything else that you consider relevant to approaching graduate level creative work.)

*Note: Applicants to the Creative Writing IMA must also submit writing samples per additional instructions below.

2.  What do you like to read, and why?

3. What are your educational, professional and personal learning goals, and how do they interrelate?

4.  An individualized, low residency distance learning program such as the IMA works best for students who can demonstrate the following characteristics. Providing specific examples, please discuss your experience and goals in relation to these areas:

  • A strong vision for why an individualized course of study meets your areas of interests better than an already designed, traditional program;

  • Self-direction and self-motivation;

  • Strong writing skills;

  • Comfort and experience with computers and internet technology.

5. What did you learn about yourself in your undergraduate years with respect to your study and time management habits, and how will you use this learning to help you succeed in graduate school?

6.  What support do you need at Antioch to help you be successful in graduate school?

7.  Why is Antioch University Midwest a good fit for achieving your educational goals?

Guidelines for Creative Writing Sample

Applicants to the Creative Writing concentration must submit an additional writing sample that demonstrates the type of creative writing (fiction or creative nonfiction) to be pursued if accepted. The sample may be original for this application, or be previously written work. The sample should meet the following criteria.

  1. Short: Please include no more than 20 pages. We do not need exactly 20 pages. One or two well-crafted 2-page essays can be just as illuminating as 20 pages of prose.

  2. Complete: You might include one short story; a single novel or memoir chapter; or a single completed essay.

  3. Creative: Academic papers are not sufficient for this sample. The sample must be some form of creative writing.

  4. Well-presented and carefully proofread: Please include work that is polished (i.e. not a first draft). Be thoughtful about the impression you are presenting via your work.

If your work exists in an electronic format such as a blog or website, please provide clear instructions for exactly what is to serve as the sample. For instance, directing the admissions committee to “check out my blog” is inappropriate. Directions should include a specific URL along with the title of blog entry and a short (2-3 sentence) contextual description.

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