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1829 Ebenezer I chapel, Crwbin, Llangyndeyrn, Cms; with John Michael; Chapel history, CRO CNC/151; HEAC 3 469 opened Dec 1829, bldrs not mentioned. Dem reblt by G. Morgan qv.


1976-7 College of Further Education, Newtown, Mont; BoW;

ABEL, JOHN c1578-1675. Carpenter, Sarnesfield, Herefs. Built timber-framed markets halls. Grammar School Kington, Herefs, 1625; Leominster MH, Herefs, 1633; repaired Abbey Dore ch, Herefs, 1633; Kington MH, Herefs, 1654; Colvin.

1624 Brecon Guildhall; Colvin; reblt 1770 and 1888 for £3000 cost of Col J Morgan, Bank House; G&VB 35-6; BoW;

ABERCONWAY, LORD. Henry Duncan McLaren, 2nd Lord Aberconway, of Bodnant, Denbs, b 1879, grandson of H.D. Pochin MP of Bodnant. His father the 1st Baron, was an MP 1880-1910, peerage 1911, director of Barry Railway Co, and lived also at Hilders, Haslemere, Surrey; WWinW 1920. 2nd Baron was barrister, MP, director of Tredegar Iron & Coal Co; Bolckow Vaughan & Co; and Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co; WWinW 1920; Wife Christabel Macnaughten designed gardens, esp her own at Maenan Hall, Caerns.

1905-14 Designed the terraces below Bodnant, Talycafn, Denbs. 1938-9 Reconstructed the C18 Pin Mill from Woodchester, Glos, at end of canal on lowest terrace;

ABERCROMBIE, Sir PATRICK. Planner. See Lockwood, Abercrombie & Saxon (LAS);

1918ff Acton Park housing estate, Wrexham, Denbs; LAS; BoW;


2012 prop add Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen, Cms; £125K; BD 10.2.12;

AB IESTYN, MAREDUDD. BSc, Barch, RIBA. Ty Newydd, Y Clogwyn, Caernarfon LL55 1HY 01286 677144; and 3 Kingland Rd, Treganna, Cardiff CF5 1HU.

1999 entry House of the Future competition, Touchstone 6 1999)

2003 visitor centre, Nant Gwrtheyrn, Llithfaen, Caerns; conv of chapel; AV)

2004 alts Glan-dwr, Morfa Neyn, Caerns; AV;

2007 Cylch yr Efail, Llwyn Gell Recycling Centre, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Mer; CN 12.7.2007)

2007 alts to haybarn, Kate Roberts cottage museum, Caergors, Rhosgadfan, Caerns; AV;

Also designed his house Ty Newydd, Y Clogwyn, Caernarfon, Caerns.
ACANTHUS CLEWS, Banbury. Cathedral architects to Llandaff Cathedral, Glam, designed repaving of W approach 2006, ?new organ.
ACANTHUS HOLDEN, Pembroke. see Peter Holden
ADAM, ROBERT Architect. 1728-92. Son of William Adam architect, b Kirkcaldy, worked for father and continued business 1748 with elder brother John. Grand Tour 1754-8, set up in London with brothers William & James. Principal architect of late C18; Colvin;

1759 unex plan Llanrhaeadr Hall, Denbs; BoW 231-2; not in Colvin;

1771-4 No 20 St James Sq, London, for 4th Williams-Wynn)

1772 font, Ruabon ch, Denbs, for 4th Williams-Wynn; not in Colvin)

1776-7 Wenvoe Castle, Glam, for Peter Birt, dem; Colvin; BoW; GM 1785 2 937 says by H Holland; LHW, Adam plans in Soane Museum, modified in exec; burnt 1910; one pavilion remains and stables that may be by Holland; Colvin suggests HH may have exec Adam des)

1777 ?alts Mamhead, Devon, for 1st Earl of Lisburne; dem; attrib Colvin;

1780 Unex plan for house, Stanage Park, Rad, for Thomas Johnes; BoW; also an octagonal ch des for Johnes; not in Colvin;

17?? Unex scheme for Wynnstay, Denbs, for 4th Bt; BoW 314; not in Colvin)

ADAMS, HOLDEN & PEARSON, London. H Percy Adams (HPA) (1865-1930) was articled to B Binyon of Ipswich and then with S Salter 1888-98 (S&A); 1st pr Dorking workhouse 1898 HPA. Charles H Holden (1875-1960) joined 1898 as assistant designing for Adams (Bristol Central Library 1902), partner 1907 (A&H); Lionel G Pearson joined 1903, partner 1913 (AH&P). One of the leading early C20 firms; ASG 84-5, 211-4; ASG 85 list of works 1901-6. Charles Holden did London underground stations from 1923, London Univ from 1931, RIBA Gold Medal 1936. Wings Cheltenham Gen Hospital 1929 & 1934;

l908-9 comptetitor National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Cd; ?HPA; D Huws, The NLW, 1994, 5;

1927-55 completed National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Cd; Charles Holden (AH&P) chosen to continue work after Greenslade resigned 1927. To reduce cost redesigned the centre block 1934-7, and hall and stair 1950-5; D. Huws, The NLW, 1994, 13; Front is probably mostly as Greeenslade redesigned it before 1927, the Council Room within is Holden. The central hall and stair are Holden.

1939 Consultant archts Aberystwyth & Cardiganshire General Hospital, North Road, Aberystwyth, Cd; AH&P; H.G. Cherry archt; Dem; BPR 157 no archt named;

ADAMS, DAVID Milford. Stone mason 1835 & 1844 dirs.

1831 Dartmouth St WM chapel, Milford, Pmbs; £600; AJ; disused or dem?;


1842-52 involved New Radnor ch, Rad; plans by Thomas Dashwood qv submitted by HA; ICBS;

ADAMS, MAURICE B. Bedford Park, London. Architect involved in the dev of Bedford Park artistic suburb London, with EJ May, from 1877: 12-14 Newton Grove 1880; hall and N aisle Bedford Park ch 1887. Des L&SW Bank Willesden Green 1892-3; libraries at Shepherds Bush 1895 and Acton 1898-9. Briefly in partnership with James Buckley Wilson of Swansea qv, 1888. Editor of BN.

1888 plans Ystalyfera ch, Glam, w JB Wilson; rejected by ICBS, partnership dissolved, new plans made by Wilson & Moxham qv. Orrin 194.

1891 added chancel to original 1876 design by Bowes A Paice, St Margaret ch, Blackwood, Mon; ICBS; BoW)

1994-5 Ebbw Vale Heath Centre, Mon; BoW)


1870 Church at Sow Hill, Pontypool, Mon; GR index)

1871 adds Llandevaud Nat Schools, Mon; MM 7.4.71)

1900 Westlake Brewery, Cwmavon, Abersychan, Mon; BoW 111;


2006-9 Welsh Assemply Government offices, Llandudno Junction, Caerns; won in comptetion erected with Austin Smith Lord

AHRENDS, BURTON & KORALEK. London. Buildings at Oxford for Keble College 1970ff and RC Chaplaincy 1970-1.

1993-5 Techniquest, Stuart St, Cardiff Bay, Glam; BoW; ?dem)

AICKIN & CAPES London. Entered Great Exhibition comp 1850. ?connected w Edmund Aikin 1780-1820 who des the Welsh Prebyterian ch, Jewin St, London, 1808-9, for Dr A Rees; Colvin;

1850 1st pr Merthyr Tyfil workhouse, Glam; Br 8 556; BoW 440: 1853, now St Tydfil’s Hospital, main block now 1870, infirmary 1896-1900 by EA Johnson qv)

AINSLEY GOMMON ARCHITECTS. Old Police Station, 15 Glynne Way, Hawarden, Flints. Neil McGill des Visitor pavilion, Birkenhead Park, 2005;

2002ff rest Llay Miners’ Welfare, Denbs; HBC;

2005 Bangor Police Station, Caerns; AV;
ALBAN, JOHN. Mason. Aberaeron.

1846-9 With Thomas Alban and David Morris masons and Jenkin Pugh qv carpenter contr for 6 bridges swept away by flood 1846 inc Llanon, Aberarth, Glanbrane, Dyffryn Arth, Cwmbach & Peris; des by T Penson & Son; ARO Cards QS 1847 485; MF;


1910-11 Zoar I chapel, Penamen, Mon; Br 2.4.10)

ALDWINCKLE, THOMAS W. Architect. +1920. 7 or 2 East India Ave, London, l877. Partner of JW Szlumper qv (S&A or A&S). Wilson & Aldwinckle W&A of London had comp entry 1871; Wilson, Son & Aldwinckle WS&A won comps 1881-91 for workhouses and baths in London; RHH; was this James Wilson & JB Wilson qqv?; 1881 1st pr St Pancras workhouse, London, WS&A; 1882 City Road Welsh WM, London, P Temple, Islington Chapels, 1992, WS&A, Gothic; 1883-4 Lewisham Public Baths, London; WS&A, 1st pr 1883, RHH, 1884 BoE; 1886 dispensary Wandsworth & Clapham workhouse BoE, dem, lodges remain, TWA; 1890 1st pr Kensington Infirmary, London; TWA, RHH; 1891 1st pr Camberwell Workhouse, London; WS&A; RHH; 1893 tempor bldngs fever hospital, Tooting, BoE, TWA; 1898 1st pr St Pancras Public Baths, London; TWA; RHH; 1899 3rd pr Fulham Public Baths, London, TWA; RHH;

1870-1 Market, Terrace Rd, Aberystwyth, Cd; dem; two halls, meat and fish; S&A; Br ?1870; CN 2.10.69 meat & slaughter-house to be best in Wales, no archt; new market erecting, no archt CJ 10.2.71; BPR 134-5 says c1870 Aberystwyth Market & Public Hall Co formed by John James of Railway Tea Warehouse, Terrace Rd, and large building 125 x 72’ erected in Terrace Rd next his premises, site of Cambrian News bldng; ill; dem c1895;

1872-4 Board School, Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth, Cd; A&S; Br 5 959-60; Br 6 1190-1; BPR 167, S&A, opened 4.8.74; W 7.8.74 S&A £4000;

1874 Lampeter Workhouse, Cd; S&A; 1st pr RHH, Br 32 582; dem;

1874 planned adds to Trawsgoed, Llanafan, Cd, for 5th Earl of Lisburne; S&A; deferred, court action for unpaid fees 1881; Built 1891 by TWA for 6th Earl ?to new plans. NLW Courtwood MSS; Gerald Morgan, A Welsh House, 147, 171.

1874-5 Houses, Victoria Terrace, Aberystwyth, Cd; S&A; 1st pr RHH 301; S&A won comp Br 19.12.74; ?the row N of JP Seddon houses; W 23.8.78 has ref to George Jones departing from plans in his bldng of an area of Victoria Terrace; ?GJ the architect;.

l877 Unex prop Lampeter TH, Cd; letter in possess TL; built to des RJ Withers, qv;

1879 Prop alts No 5l North Parade, Aberystwyth, Cd; (former J James Railway Tea Warehouse) for London & Provincial Bank, £500, unex as too costly, £200 spent; Barclays Bank archives; dem; No 51 ill BPR 135; W 19.8.81 has ref to prems of John James burnt down not long ago;

l880 Salt-water Baths, Bath St, Aberystwyth, Cd; TWA; CN 9.7.80; Brs Lewis & James Evans; dem; MF says by WS&A;

1884 Prop to employ TWA to replace Seddon at UCW Aberystwyth, Cd; JRW 54; not done.

1888 ?alts Aberystywyth TH, Cd; Cered 14 1 2001 47; ARO Aberystwyth TC minutes 1.5.88: JWA asked to inspect TH and make improvements; 6.9.88 decision deferred; dem;

l890 Unex plans remodelling Tanybwlch, Llanychaearn, Cd, for MLD Vaughan; NLW; AS Flower qv employed instead; Cered 14 1 2001 p 47;

l89l adds Trawsgoed, Llanafan, Cd, for 6th Earl of Lisburne, first planned l874 by S&A but postponed; NLW Crosswood 1 2039 and 2 1558; £13973; TWA, Gerald Morgan, A Welsh House, 1997, 171;

ALEXANDER & HENMAN Stockton on Tees

1874-6 Schools, King St, Brynmawr, Mon; Br 3.10.74; 5.2.76;

1876 Schools, Clydach, Brec; MS;

ALEXANDER, DANIEL ASHER London 1768-1846. Colvin. BDCE. Surveyor to London Dock Co 1796, to Fishmongers Co 1796-1822, to Trinity House 1807. Specialist on prisons, Dartmoor 1806-9, Maidstone 1811-19; adds Queens House Greenwich 1807-10; buildings London Dock 1796-1820 dem. Edward I’Anson was partner; retired 1820s. Lighthouses: Farne Islands c1810, Heligoland 1811, Hurst 1812, Harwich 1818, Lundy 1820.

1808-9 South Stack Lighthouse, Holy Island, Ang; BDCE; Colvin; bldr Joseph Nelson qv;

ALEXANDER, GEORGE London. 1810-86. Designed early palazzo Revival buildings: Bath Savings Bank 1842; Westbourne Terrace, London 1843; Sheffield Athenaeum 1848; Birmingham Oddfellows Hall 1848; Obit RIBAJ 2 1886 11.

1841-3 Betws Garmon ch, Caerns; ICBS; Norman; GA of London & Highworth, Wilts;

1842 Penrhos ch, Caerns; Norman; AV;

1847 Llanwnda ch, Caerns; Norman; AV;

ALEXANDER, T. M. see Woolfall & Eccles.
ALGEO, ROBERT Surveyor, Menai Bridge. Worralls Directory 1875. County Surveyor Anglesey.

1875 Two new strongrooms, police stations Gwalchmai and Newborough, Ang; NWC 6.2.75; Mr Algeo Co Surveyor;

ALLEN, DAVID Builder. Employed on Southwood estate, Roch, Pmbs, from 1850s. Plaque ‘David Allen 1854’ on lower range of outbuildings. HRO HDX/467 papers show that he added the W range to Southwood, Roch, Pmbs, 1861-2, for William Stancomb of Trowbridge, Wilts.
ALLEN, ERNEST GEORGE Architect, London WwinA 1926, previously of Pepler & Allen, Cardiff

1910 Won medal South Wales Cottages Exhibition, Townhill, Swansea, Glam; BoW 621; P&A;

1910 Fforest Fach Garden Village, Cockett, Swansea, Glam; BoW 622; P&A

1912 Chapel Fforestfach Glam WwinA 1926

1912-14 Scales Houses, Llwydcoed, Glam; EGA; BoW;

1913 Coal Exchange, Swansea with Sir Charles Ruthen qv WwinA 1926;

ALLEN, J. & J. James & John Allen, Builders, Pembroke Dock.

1873-4 Bldrs Tabernacle I chapel, Haverfordwest, Pmbs; Lawrence & Goodman archts; DMH106, £1541/10/0d; DHO 92;

ALLEN, J. ROMILLY. Engineer, architect, antiquarian; +1907; editor of AC 1891-1907, obit AC 1907 441-2. Porthkerry House, Glam. Trained as engineer, son of G Bough Allen of Cilrhiw, Lampeter Velfrey, Pmbs, ‘he was responsible for Baron de Reuter’s Persian railway scheme’, BoW Pmbs 282. Author Celtic Crosses of Wales, in AC 1899; articles in AC from 1873: on Little Treffgarne inscr stone 1876; Camrose ch 1877; Johnston ch 1878; Cross of Eiudon 1896; Early Christian monuments of Pembs 1896; Dolmens 1900; Farmhouses with round chimneys nr St Davids 1902; Axe-hammers 1903; Cross head at St Davids 1905;

1867 ?rest Porthkerry ch, Glam, paid for by family. AC 1876 45-8; Orrin 146)

1875-6 St Nicholas ch, Barry, Glam, £2400; Cardiff Times 1.7.76; Orrin 13-14 £2700; disused 1955; the medieval parish ch;

1884 Martletwy Rectory, Pmbs; BoW 282;

ALLEN (JIM) ARCHITECTS, 6 Gloucester Terr, Haverfordwest, Pmbs, 2008.
ALLISON, R. J. London

1914 Des Welsh Office, Cathays Park, Cardiff, Glam, halted by war, not resumed to his design. BoW 232;

ALLOM, Sir CHARLES. Architect, decorator, of White, Allom & Co, associate of Joseph Duveen art dealer. Redecorated Buckingham Palace in 1920s. Grandson of Thomas Allom, archt 1804-72.

1925ff reconst St Donats Castle, Glam, for W Randolph Hearst; BoW 552; C Aslet, Last Country Houses, 1982, 199ff; RA Brit Arch exh 1937)


1990 Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre, Glam; BoW 267; ?dem;

ANDERSON, JOHN MACVICAR Architect. l835-l9l5. Edinburgh, and 6 Stratton St, London. Nephew and later partner of William Burn qv, succeded to practice l870. ASG lists works from 1873: 1875-7 Cheswardine Hall, Salop BoE; 18?? adds Barrington Park, Glos; 1883 alts Christies, King St, London; 1885 adds Junior Carlton Club; 1888 alts Hartham Park, Wilts; adds Brooks Club 1889; 1889 Ch of Scotland, Cambridge; 1897-8 adds Hatton Grange, Salop.

Banks & offices London: 1903 British Linen, Threadneedle St; 1903 Coutts, Strand (dem); 1904 Liverpool London & Globe, Cornhill; 1907 Nat B of Scotland, Nicholas Lane.

l882-3 Lovesgrove, Llanbadarn Fawr, Cd, for Sir Griffith H.P. Evans +1902; plans NLW Lovesgrove Box 41 unsigned but addressed from Stratton St. Also plans for a house with half-timber based on Norman Shaw's Hopedene.
ANDERSON, W. E. ELLERY. Architect, Cheltenham. 1887-1943. ?in Oxford before. Had office in Carmarthen in 1930s, from which secured church work in St Davids diocese, noted for good fittings. EA Roiser qv joined as chief assistant 1930 and was in charge of Carmarthen office at time of Neyland & Hundleton churches, took over when Anderson became ill in late 1930s. Firm Ellery Anderson, Roiser & Falconer in 1940s and 1950s under EAR continued in EAR name in 1960s. Inf in list & letters 1992-3 from Roiser EAR also letter 1992 from PM Bartosch qv that much archive lost in office moves. EAR letter says daybook of 1937 survives, little else.

Fittings St Catharine Wotton Gloucester 1926, reredos 1937; Holy Trinity Lydney 1933; St John Little Thurrock Essex 1933; chancel Nailsworth 1937-8; Holy Innocents Kidderminster 1938; completed St Paul Gloucester 1938-9; St Oswald, Coney Hill Gloucester 1939;

1928 screen, Llandysul ch, Cd; EAR list;

1929-35 Neyland ch, Pmbs, and fittings; EAR 1929; 1928-30 BoW;

l929-30 Llanllwni ch, Cms, rest £700; NLW SD/F/?, no plans; £1,250 acc to ICBS; report & building works 1929 EAR

1930? ?St Patricks Chapel, St Davids Cathedral, Pmbs; EAR nd; no such chapel there;

1929-34 ?fittings Llannon ch, Cms; EAR nd Llanon; BoW fittings 1929-34 no archt, reredos, pulpit, stalls;

1930 lychgate, Aberaeron ch, Cd; EAR;

1930? alts Crunwere Ch, Pmbs; EAR nd;

1930? alts St Issels ch, Pmbs; EAR nd; not BoW

1930 lychgate, Henfynyw ch, Cd; EAR;

1930? work at Little Newcastle Ch, Pmbs; EAR nd;

1930? Work at Kenfig ch, Glam; EAR nd; not BoW;

1930? Furnishings, Resolven ch, Glam; EAR nd; ?reredos BoW;

1931 Alts Llanddewi Aberarth Ch, Cd; £523/0/8; NLW Par Recs; inc new roof; EAR has Llandewi ch alts & imprs 1934;

l931-2 Reredos & altar, Holy Trinity, Aberystwyth, Cd, in mem Archdeacon D. Williams +1929; exec by R. L. Boulton & Sons; Rev RM Capper, HT church, Aberystwyth, 1886-1986, 17; painted wood; 1931 EAR;

1932 reredos, St Michael ch, Pembroke, Pmbs; EAR; BoW;

l933 Hundleton ch, Pmbs; new ch; WWG 12.1.34; EAR nd; BoW

1933 proposed ch, Ysbyty Ifan, Cd; EAR; unex;

1933-4 Chapel, Llandovery College, Cms; Cymric Times 31.3.33; 1934 EAR;

193? Work, Taliaris Ch, Cms; EAR nd; ?E w has glass of 1939;

1934 ‘Llanddewi ch’ alts and imps; EAR; ?Llanddewi Aberarth, Cd, cf 1931;

1934 lighting scheme, Llangunnor ch, Cms; EAR;

1934 screen, Pyle ch, Glam; EAR;

193? Rood-beam and figures, Milford Haven ch, Pmbs; EAR nd; ?adds to 1919 screen)

1934 alts St Peter ch, Llanelli, Cms; Altar, furnish and decs; EAR; reredos 1934 BoW.

1934 Gorslas ch, Cms; report to Bishop; EAR)

1934 Slebech ch, Pmbs; report to Bishop; EAR)

1934 Reynalton ch, Pmbs; report to Bishop; EAR)

1938 alts St David, Carmarthen, Cms; removal of N transept and altering S transept to vestry; EAR nd; 1938 BoW;

1938 Strata Florida ch, Cd; report and plans; EAR;

1939 heating & other wks, Llandeloy Ch, Pmbs; EAR;

1939 Aberporth Ch, Cd, altar rails & fittings; EAR;

1947? St Peter ch, Llanelli, Cms; apse dec; by EAR; EAR specialist dec; cf 1934;

1947 Goodwick ch, Pmbs, sanctuary panelling WW2 War Mem; EAR; HRO HPR/91; reredos & panelling BoW by EAR;

THE ANDREWS PARTNERSHIP. 22 High St, Haverfordwest. ?same as D A P Andrews ARIBA, Tucking Mill, Trefgarn Pmbs, 2006.

ANDREWS (CHARLES) & Sons Engineers

1970-1 Fibreglass Ltd factory, Bryn Lane, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Denbs; BoW 311)

ANDREWS, SOLOMON Cardiff developer, involved in dev of the West End, Pwllheli, Caerns, from 1894, and the Fegla Fawr, Arthog, Mer. Caerns RO has papers. Fegla Fawr incl 3 terraces: Glasfryn; St Marys Terrace and Mawddach Crescent, Arthog, Mer. At Cardiff he was the contractor for Market Buildings, High St, 1886, as S Andrews & Son, BoW213, to design by JP Jones. He was also pioneer of tramways.

1894ff West End, Pwllheli, Caerns; tramway along front; hotel, of concrete, dem 2002, West End Pde; terrace; assembly rooms, West End Stores; PO 1900; Pont Solomon; shops Lower Cardiff Rd 1897; Post Office Lower Cardiff Rd 1906; more yellow brick terraces Ala Isaf, c1899;

ANGLESEY COUNTY COUNCIL. David Roberts County Surveyor 1844 dir, ?to 1867; Robert Algeo County Surveyor Worralls Dir 1875; Joseph Owen ?County Surveyor Schools 1904; N Squire Johnson, County Architect, 1940s.

1947 Beaumaris Primary School, Ang; NSJ

1948 Amlwch Secondary School, Ang; NSJ

? also secondary schools at Holyhead, Llangefni, & Menai Bridge, Ang;

ANWYL, JOHN Caerwys, Flints. Joiner & builder, 1844 dir.
AP GRUFFYDD, C. OWAIN. Kensington, and Abigail Ho, St Dogmaels, Pmbs.

1910 House, St Dogmaels, Pmbs; Arch 21.1.10

1911 2nd pr des cottage for £180, Carmarthen National Eisteddfod; BN 8.9.11

1861 alts to farm buildings, Gt Campstone, Grosmont, Mon; MS;

1868 two semi-det cottages, Gt Campstone, Grosmont, Mon; MS;
APPLEBY & LAWTON. Contractors. Manchester and Milford Haven.

1874-9 Milford Docks, Pmbs, 1st attempt; JM Toler engineer; Rees 74; Milford Docks Act 1874 set up Milford Docks Co, estimate £270,000, McKay Hist of Milford 3 13 & 21; abandoned contract, given to Samuel Lake qv.

1878-81 Contrs Rosebush-Fishguard railway; JB Walton engineer; Ended in dispute with line halted between New Inn and Puncheston; Col Joseph Okell given contract 1892; NPFR;

1879-85 contrs final part of Whitland & Cardigan Rlwy, Crymych to Cardigan, built 1881-5 (JB Walton eng) WCR 27ff; dinner for Appleton & Lawton contrs for ext to Cardigan, Mr Szlumper had made plans though Mr Walton has got the credit. The stations were not des by Walton either but were counterparts of those on Princetown Rlwy supplied by late WG Owen, chief eng GWR, W 1.10.86;

1886 ?laid out Napier St, Cardigan, Cd, W 1.10.86 new street, 40 building sites, also ref to Mr Appleby’s new houses at Pensarnau, Cardigan;
AP THOMAS PARTNERSHIP. Bangor. Founded 1933, partners 2009 David Leslie Hughes joined 1979 and Alun Meirion Jones, partner 1993. Website inf incs BBC offices, studio etc Bangor; local authority offices Dolgellau Mer; leisure centres Pwllheli Barrow in Furness; mixed developments Bangor, Caernarfon, llangefni; sports centres Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle, Penygroes & Bethesda; Arfon Tennis centre Caernarfon; Community centre Holyhead; Porthmadog leaisure centre; waterfront dev at Plas Menai; sports facilities UCNW Bangor; pool at Northwich Ches; Friar’s lower school, management centre English block & teaching units, Coleg Menai, Bangor; teching block Llandrillo College; Ysgol Hirael; Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen Bethesda; surgeries at Pwllheli, Beaumaris; health centre Llangefni; houses: Ty Mawr, Talsarn; Talgarth, Ffordd Hwfa, Bangor; Treforwys, Ffordd Carneddi Bethesda; refurbish: Harbour office Caernarfon, Llanberis slate centre, Normal College, Bangor, Bull Hotel Llangefni; church work Bodedern Ang, Jerusalem CM Bethesda, Caernarfon town centre repairs;

c1947 Bradite Paint Works, Coedyparc, Trefriw, Caerns; AV;Jones ap Thomas;

1978 Health Centre, Criccieth, Caerns; AV; Ap Thomas, Jones & Evans;

1990 Plas Marchogion, Tanybryn estate; ?Caernarfon, Caerns; Welsh Architect June 1990)

1997 Porthmadog Leisure Centre, Caerns; AV

c1998 adds National Slate Museum, Dinorwig, Caerns; AV;

ARCHER, DAVID David Archer Architects

2009 Visitor Centre, Penderyn Distillery; RIBA award 2009;

ARCHISPEC LTD, Llanarth, Cd. Architectural consultants, 2006 dir.
ARCHI-TECH, 16 North Rd, Cardigan, Architectural designers, 2006 dir. Stewart Corbett.
ARCHITECTS CO-PARTNERSHIP or Architects Co-operative Partnership. Raychem Factory, Swindon.

1945-51 Brynmawr Rubber Factory, Mon; closed 1982, Dem 2001; built 1947-53 BoW, w Ove Arup & Partners; HH 272-3 opened 1953; V. Perry, Built for a better future, 1994; detached boiler house survives

1963-4 Adds Trinity College, Carmarthen; SG; hostel blocks incl small tower block, BoW;
ARCHITYPE, London & Upper Twyford Barn, Herefs; sustainable architecture specialists, des Stroud Co-housing project 2006; Jonathan hines partner;

2003-4 Student Housing, Swansea U, Glam; six-sorey timber frame, three blocks; 272 beds; website;

2009 Pont Aur extra-care housing, Powys; for Gwalia Housing Assn;
ARCON. Manufacturers of prefabricated housing, design 1944 by Edric Neel & Rodney Thomas, company architects; G. Robins, Prefabrications, 2001;

1946-8 Prefab houses, Newport, Mon, at Ridgeway, Stelvio Pk Drive, Masefield Vale, Drinkwater Gdns, Bishpool estate, Treberth estate; BoW458; HH 274-5 blt 1946-7, some 750 mostly Arcon Mk V blt in Newport by May 1948; Bishpool estate replaced 1999; one re-erected at St Fagans;

ARDICK (W.) & SONS. Warminster. Mistake for William Hardick and Son, surveyors, see Wiltshire Building record list of architects.

1868 alts High St B, Abersychan, Mon; BoW; interior;


2009 conversion, Lifeboat House, Tenby, Pem; Touchstone Dec 2011;

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