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Guidelines for Project:

1. Must be typed and double spaced

2. Size 12 font/ Times New Roman

3. All drawings must be colored.

4. Book must be at grade level or above

5. Include a cover page

6. You must complete 1 activity per book unless the activity requires something additional (no repeating)

7. Be creative and have fun.


Remember: All work must be placed in a Duo Tang Folder. If these guidelines are not

followed your work will be returned to you, and you will receive a "Z"



For each novel you read, complete 1 of the following (unless otherwise stated next to


1. Before and After. After reading the first chapter of your book, make a prediction as to what you think will happen next. Write one paragraph relaying your prediction. After you are done with the book, write one paragraph explaining whether your prediction came true. Total entry should be two paragraphs long.


2. Reader’s Choice. Make a photocopy of your favorite chapter or scene from the book. Then write a 5 paragraph expository essay explaining why it is your favorite chapter. Make sure to include details from the story to support your response.


3. Famous Words. Visit a quotes database (,, etc) and find a quote that you believe a character from your book would say. Using examples and text from the book, write one paragraph explaining why you believe this quote is relevant.


4.Compare and Contrast. Compare and contrast any aspect of yourself (your personality and/or personal experiences) to that of a character in your book. Include a Venn-diagram and a two paragraph description for your portfolio.


5.Picture It. Make your book into a picture book! Include at least 5 pictures replicating different scenes from your book that you feel help summarize the important points. Any and all artistic mediums can be used (i.e.: photographs, sketches, collages, comic book strip, etc.) Pictures should include captions.


6. From Words to Pictures. Find out if your book has a film adaptation. If so, view the film after having read the book and write a 5 paragraph essay responding to the following: “How does the book “translate” to film? Is the film a successful adaptation? Why or why not? “Make sure to support your statements with evidence and examples from the book and the film.


7. Ask the Author. Write a letter to the author asking questions or with comments about the reading. Didn’t enjoy the ending? Loved the conflict? Have a question about the protagonist’s motives? Let him or her know! Total entry should be no less than two pages long.


8. Read all about it! Find a book review written about your book. After finishing your book and reading the review, respond to the person who wrote the review. Do you agree with it? Which points? Why or why not? In letter format, write to the book reviewer letting him or her know how you feel about the review and what you would have written differently. Total entry should be no less than two pages long.


9. Sell, Sell, Sell! Imagine that you are an advertising executive that has just received a book-promotion deal. Your job is to sell as many copies as possible of your book. Think of an advertising campaign to help spread the word and convince people to buy, buy, and buy! Ideas include a brochure, a power point presentation, and a radio or TV commercial. Make sure to retain a hard copy to insert into your Portfolio.


10. Dear Diary. Pretend you are a character in the book and write a diary entry. (At least 2 pages long)


11. Timeline. Make a timeline of the events of the story. You must include pictures in your timeline. Be sure to include 15-20 events. Must be paired up with another



12. Comic Book. Make a comic book based on the book. It must have 10-15 frames.


13. Character Addition. Create another character for the story. Tell how things would change with this character's presence. (2 paragraphs)


14. Crossword. Construct a crossword puzzle of words and their definitions from the story. It must have at least 15 words.


15. Newspaper. Design the front page of a newspaper with headlines and a story about what happened in the book. (Include illustrations and 2-3 stories, 1 paragraph each)


16. Movie Critic. Pretend you are a movie critic. Criticize the book as if it were a movie. (2 paragraphs)


17. Setting Map. Make a map of the area where the story took place. Indicate where each event occurred and be sure to include a key. (Include illustrations) – must be

paired up with another activity.


18. Scrapbook. Construct a scrapbook of your favorite character. Explain it.

Write and illustrate a children's book summarizing the story for someone younger.

Write a letter from a character to the reader explaining his or her actions in the story. (2 paragraphs)


19. Character Letter. Write a letter to a character telling about your reaction to him or her in the book. (2 paragraphs)


20. Scene Painting. Create a painting of a scene from the story. Explain your painting on a separate paper. (2 paragraphs)


21. Author Letter. Write a letter to the author giving your reactions to the book. (2 paragraphs)



**You will be required to read a minimum of two books each nine weeks. One of your books should be a non-fiction book. Choose from the list of activities below, in order to complete your project grade for each book you read. Be sure to turn in your independent projects by the due dates.**


“Wangari’s Tree of Peace” by: Jeanette Winter


“A Life in the Wild: George Schaller’s Struggle to Save the Last Great Beasts” by: Pamela S. Turner


“When the Wolves Returned: Restoring Nature’s Balance in Yellowstone” by: Dorothy

Hinshaw Patent


“The trumpet of the Swan” by: E.B. White


“Treasure Island” by: Robert Louis Stevenson


“Old Yeller” by: Fred Gipson


“Bridge to Terabithia” by: Katherine Paterson


“Esperanza Rising” by: Pam Munoz Ryan


“Hattie, Big Sky” by: Kirby Larson


“The Young Man and the Sea” by: Rodman Philbrick


“Peter and the Starcatchers” by: Dave and Pearson Ridley Barry


“Artemis Fowl: the Arctic Incident” by: Eoin Colfer


“Where the Red Fern Grows” by: Wilson Rawls


“The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle” by: Avi


“The Wright Sister: Katherine Wright and Her Famous Brothers” by: Richard Maurer


“Carver, a Life in Poems” by: Marilyn Nelson


“Magnificent Voyage” by: An American Adventurer on Captain James Cook’s Final Expedition” by: Laurie Lawlor


“The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon: The Story of Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins” by: Bea Uusma


“Twelve Rounds to Glory: The Story of Muhammed Ali” Charles R. Smith


“Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village” by: Laura Amy Schlitz


“The Wednesday Wars” by: Gary D. Schmidt


“The Anybodies” by: N.E.Bode


“The Lighting Thief” by: Rick Riordan


“Fire from the Rock” by: Draper Sharon


“The Surrender Tree: Poem’s of Cuba’s Struggle for Freedom” by: Margarita Engle


“Newt’s World: Beginnings” by: Susan Womble


“The Lion and the Mouse” by: Jerry Pinkney


“A Single Shard” by: Linda Sue Park


“A Long Way from Chicago” by: Richard Peck


“The View from Saturday” by: E.L. Konigsburg


“Any Which Wall” by: Laurel Snyder


“Moon over Manifest” by: Clare Vanderpool


“Heart of a Samurai” by: Margi Preus


“One Crazy Summer” by: Rita Williams-Garcia


“Lockdown” by: Walter Dean Myers


“Flush” by: Carl Hiaasen


“Hugo Cabret” by: Brian Schnick


“Trouble” by: Gary Scmidt


“The Arrival” Shawn Tan


“Dead End in Norvelt” Jack Gantos


“Breaking Stalin’s Nose” by: Eugene Yelchin


“Out of Mind” by: Sharon M. Draper


“Crispin, the Cross of Lead” by: Avi


“Wild Things” by: Clay Carmichael


“A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story” by: Linda Sue Park


“Lost in the River of Grass” by: Ginny Rorby


“Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood” by: Ibtisam Barakat


“Saving the Ghost of the Mountain: An Expedition among Snow Leopards in Mongolia” by: Sy and Bishop Montgomery


“Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott” by: Russell Freedman


“13 Reasons Why” by: Jay Asher


“Travel Team” by: Mike Lupica


“Summer Ball” by: Mike Lupica


“Miracle on 49th Street” by: Mike Lupica


“The Big Field” by: Mike Lupica


“Million Dollar Throw” Mike Lupica


“The Batboy” by: Mike Lupica


“The Hunger Games” by: Suzanne Collins



First Nine Weeks

Book 1 - Project Due September 27/28


Book 2 - Project Due October 18/19


Second Nine Weeks

Book 1 - Project Due November 29/30


Book 2 - Project Due January 10/11


Third Nine Weeks

Book 1 - Project Due February 21/22


Book 2 - Project Due March 14/15


Fourth Nine Weeks

Book 1 - Project Due April 25/26


Book 2 - Project Due May 23/24

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