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Section I:

Breastfeeding is one of the most important benefits a mom can give her baby. From nutrition to bonding and protection from illness and disease, it has a powerful ability to benefit the newborn in ways that we are only now beginning to fully understand.

For this section you need to write a short essay (approximately 250-500 words or 1-2 pages double spaced with 12 point font and a 1 inch margin) that expresses your experience with breastfeeding.This can be about your own role as a mother who has breastfed her children, a daughter who has watched her mother breastfeed siblings, as a nurse who has helped other women breastfeed or simply as a young woman who has considered the possibility of breastfeeding in the future. Discuss what your thoughts are on breastfeeding and why you feel the way you do. What have you seen? What have been your contacts with those that have been breastfeeding? Has it been positive? Negative? Have you witnessed any interesting situations? What we are looking for here is simply what you think about breastfeeding based on what you have been a part of experientially.

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Section II:

Also in short essay form, consider the role or influence society has on breastfeeding and why. What do you believe is the current societal view on breastfeeding and how does it affect the success, or lack of success, on young breastfeeding mothers? Does the media influence how we feel about breastfeeding?

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Section III:

Since 99% of all babies within the U.S. are born in a hospital it is vital, for breastfeeding to be successful, that it gets off to a good start in the first hour after birth. In this assignment you will work on the concept of a baby friendly hospital. The Baby Friendly Ten Steps are:

The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding are:

1. Have a written breastfeeding policy that is routinely communicated to all healthcare staff.
2. Train all healthcare staff in the skills necessary to implement this policy.
3. Inform all pregnant women about the benefits and management of breastfeeding.
4. Help mothers initiate breastfeeding within one hour of birth.
5. Show mothers how to breastfeed and how to maintain lactation, even if they are separated from their infants.
6. Give infants no food or drink other than breastmilk, unless medically indicated.
7. Practice rooming in – allow mothers and infants to remain together 24 hours a day.
8. Encourage breastfeeding on demand.
9. Give no pacifiers or artificial nipples to breastfeeding infants.
10. Foster the establishment of breastfeeding support groups and refer mothers to them on discharge from the hospital or birth center.

For this assignment a.) ask yourself if only one step was implemented, which step would be the most effective for mother and baby and make the most lasting difference? b.) Next, choose 4 more steps and place them in order of significance beginning with the step you find the most important. Explain each step and why it is necessary for initiating successful bonding and breastfeeding between mother and baby c.) Could any of the 10 steps be left out, d.) if so why, e.) if not, why not? Each answer should be no less than one paragraph in length (approximately 5 complete sentences) for a minimum of 5 paragraphs TOTAL, carefully thought out and articulate.


I would say that if I had to choose one step that I would choose step 3. It’s an advantage being able to Inform the pregnant woman about the benefits and management of breastfeeding and literally everything else that comes with it before they give birth and there baby is taken from them or they are with the baby and don’t know what to do. By informing them you can then inform them about putting baby to breast once baby is born and how baby should be exclusively breastfed for 6 months and so much more. I really feel like step three is an advantage point. There’s like so much that can be taught in this step and some of the other 10 steps can be taught through step 3, so I would definitely say step 3 will make a long lasting difference, especially because they can then share with other mother’s to be.


Of all the steps there are only a few that you can use to get the point across. They are steps: 3, 4, 5, and 10. Step three is important for bonding because through the information that you would be sharing with the mom you are sharing the importance of that time spent during feeding. As well with step 4, that time that mom has alone with baby is so vital. In that precious hour it is imperative that baby and mom are left to bond and be together and left alone with no interruptions. The way I think about it is that it’s the first hour of this baby’s life out of the womb, the baby’s going to need to eat- it’s a big deal.

Along with step 4 in step 5 it’s most definitely important to show the mother’s how to breastfeed and how to maintain lactation. This is step is necessary for bonding and breastfeeding because without this step then what supposed to be feeding and bonding time can easily turn into hungry and cranky time. If mom’s aren’t taught exactly how to breastfeed and just do what they think they know then they are going to have a rough experience both mom and baby. This is why step 5 is important so that mom and baby can have a good bonding feeding time. This goes along with step 10.

Being able to give moms access to having a support group or even just a person to help with baby and mom things is both helpful and encouraging for mom. It helps having help. Instead of problems with breastfeeding/bonding being problems until it drive both mom and baby crazy, having a place where you can go and receive help and comfort is more than helpful. Breastfeeding and bonding go hand in hand and it’s important to educate mothers and soon to be mothers. With these steps I think bonding and breastfeeding would be less scary to moms and less tormenting to both mom and baby.


Not all of these steps are necessary; however, they are all useful. Even though every step is different there are few that could be knocked out in one step rather than 2 separate ones. For example, steps 6 and 9 could be placed together To make clear what exactly exclusive breastfeeding is. Also, step 1 and 2 can be placed together instead of being separate steps. Make the policy and train the workers- that’s basically what they are saying. Another example are steps 4 and 8. Encourage breastfeeding asap in the first hour-that’s basically what they are saying. I wouldn’t really say that the steps could be left out. It’s more like some of the steps can be formed together to create less steps.

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