I have used a proof-reader, paid or unpaid, to support the submission of this assignment yes/NO

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Dept of Classics and Ancient History, University of Warwick

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  1. I have used a proof-reader, paid or unpaid, to support the submission of this assignment"


The University expects all proof-readers to comply with its policy in this area. By ticking 'yes', you confirm that the proof-reader was made aware of and has complied with the University's proof-reading policy

In submitting my assessed work, I declare that:

  • I have read the guidance on plagiarism/cheating provided in the handbook and understand the University regulations in relation to plagiarism/cheating. I am aware of the potential consequences of committing plagiarism/cheating. I declare that the work is all my own, except where I have stated otherwise.

  • No substantial part(s) of the work submitted here has also been submitted by
    me in other assessments for accredited courses of study (other than in the case of a resubmission of a piece of work), and I acknowledge that if this has been done an appropriate reduction in the mark I might otherwise have received will be made

  • I understand that should this piece of work raise concerns requiring investigation in relation to points 1. and/or 2. above, it is possible that other work I have submitted for assessment will be checked, even if the marking process has been completed.

  1. Is this a revision and resubmission of a previously submitted piece of work?

Late submission of coursework without approval for an extension will result in marks being deducted (see Handbook). All work may be submitted to the Automated Source Matching Software service. The use of this service, along with other methods of maintaining the integrity of the academic process, will help the University maintain academic standards and assessment fairness.
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