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Hungarian Veteran’s Association Essay Scholarship



The Hungarian Veterans’ Association invites the current dancers to participate in its annual scholarship competition. The Calgary Chapter of the Hungarian Veterans’ Association (HVA) will recognise the ongoing contributions of Calgarians of Hungarian descent who have given so much to our community by way of their time, efforts and resources over the years.

Due date: January 29, 2017

Interview date: to TBA


  1. The applicant is a Ball Participant in good standing.

  2. All dancer fee commitments are met prior to essay submission.

  3. Applicants should be currently or will be enrolled in an educational institution, which may include technical schools, trade schools, universities or colleges, etc.

  4. Applicants who are in high school should be in grade 12 and will be enrolling in post-secondary studies at an institution. (See list in point #3)


  1. This award’s aim is to financially assist students in their post secondary studies.

  2. Any successful applicant, fulfilling the eligibility criteria, may make another submission once two Balls have passed between submissions.

  3. A curriculum vitae is required to be submitted with the essay.

  4. HVA is a non-profit charitable organization, thus it reserves the right to determine annually how many awards will be distributed and the award’s cash value.

  5. All awards are presented at the annual Hungária Gala Ball.

  6. The successful candidate(s) is/ are presented with a Certificate of Participation declaring their prize.

  7. The recipient is responsible for claiming their prize and providing relevant documentation. The prize has to be claimed within six months.

  8. To claim the award, please contact the treasurer. Her contact information is provided with the Certificate of Participation.

  9. All submissions become the property of the Hungarian Veterans’ Association.

  10. The selected judges are all knowledgeable in the topic and their decision is final.

Essay Format

  1. The essay is written in the established high school essay format with a title page, introduction, body and conclusion, references, footnotes, bibliography.

  2. It may be written in correct grammar and spelling in Hungarian or in English.

  3. Refrain from plagiarizing. Any essay with such content will be disqualified.

  4. Use size12 font in Times New Roman print, double-spaced on letter-sized paper.

  5. Number the pages.

  6. The length of the essay should be approximately 8 to 10 pages.

Essay Presentation

Do not write your name on the essay cover page or its pages. Instead place your essay in a submission envelope, write your name on the outside and give this to Mrs. Dora Magas, HVA Treasurer or your instructor.

Alternate Presentation Format

  1. Chosen format needs to be discussed with Mr. Julius Kiss no later than December 18th, 2016. Contact him through his email

  2. Remember you may lose anonymity with live presentations.

  3. Verbal presentation is to be within 15 minutes long.

  4. All technical equipment necessary has to be provided by the candidate.

  5. Date and location of the presentation has to be pre-arranged by the candidate and has to comply with the due date.

  6. Timing may not interfere with the dancer`s ability to rehearse with the Dance group.

  7. All of the judges have to be present for the presentation.

  8. Candidate will be interviewed as for the essay submissions.

Your Curriculum vitae – must be included

It should address:

  1. Name and the educational institute currently attending and grade/level.

  2. Anticipated area of further studies/education. (200 words)

  3. The reason for your involvement with the Hungaria Ball. (200 words)

Hungarian Veterans’ Association 2017 Essay Topic

Forging a Nation


Canada is preparing to celebrate its 150th birthday in 2017. While on the world stage Canada is but a youthful player, it is, nevertheless, a very significant event for all Canadians!

Canada is a vast promising land where many peoples have arrived over the years, at first the Indigenous people then the Vikings, French and British just to name some of the initial settlers. They spread across North America; what is now known as Canada. Each group found its niche and contributed to the building of this nation. Their many contributions helped forge Canada into a proud, well respected and most envied country throughout the world.

All the immigrants over the years employed their own beliefs, skills and knowhow to build strong communities and subsequently a unified country was founded on unique multicultural beliefs and practices where peace of mind and freedom is safeguarded for all.

    1. In addition to Hungarian immigration select two more immigrant societies (ethnic groups) and discuss how they have impacted Canada. When did they arrive? Where did they settle? What were the challenges?

    2. What makes you a proud Canadian?

Additional options:

    1. Include a timeline for Canada highlighting significant events with brief explanations. Cover the last 150 years.

    2. Identify some symbols/items/persons that are recognised by other nations as Canadian?

For essay clarification: Contact Julius Kiss, Ball Committee Member, his email address is: with questions.

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