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How To Cite Sources Within Your Proposal/TCA
After you create your annotated bibliography, while you are writing your proposal or technical communication analysis (TCA), you need to cite any sources that you use in your text. This includes graphics or images. If you use ideas or text, you can paraphrase it or “quote” it. Either way, you have to use one of the citations methods (MLA, IEEE or APA). For instance, you could put a number at the end of the sentence or passage that you are using like this [1]. If you use an exact quote, “the punctuation for quoting is like this” [2]. You can also use articles from magazines and newspapers [3].
Then you include a “References” or “Works Cited” section at the end of the paper. It’s like the annotated bibliography, except that you only include what you quote in sequential numerical order.
You can also use citations for illustrations you take from the internet. Do it something like this:

Figure 1. This pie chart shows the amount of pizza (ORG.ZA) that is generally available when your income is below $14,000 per year [4].

References (or Works Cited)
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