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How to $cholarship $enior Advisory

  • Get into the GAME…
  • Purpose: Get you in the game!
  • Help you to understand the types of scholarships available.
  • Offer tools and advice for finding college scholarships.
  • Give you tips on scholarship essay writing.
  • Let’s start with the basics!
  • Grants and scholarships are money you do not need to pay back.
  • Free Money!!!
  • Loans must be paid back. Federal loans have lower interest and more flexible repayment plans.
  • Sources of grants and scholarships
  • Federal Government
  • State Government (DOE)
  • Institutions and Colleges
  • Private Donors

Need-based grants: determined, in part, on information submitted on the FAFSA Merit-based scholarships: granted based on SAT scores, GPA, skills, achievements, other criteria.

  • Types of grants and scholarships
  • Federal Grants
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to help determine eligibility for need-based federal funding programs, including grants and loans.
  • Federal Pell Grant (2016: $5,815 maximum)
  • Federal SEOG Grant ($100-$4,000)
  • Apply online after October 1.
  • State of Delaware Financial Aid Programs
  • Apply online at:
  • Create your Student Account
  • 2. Apply for Scholarships before deadline
  • 3. Explore the Delaware Scholarship Compendium for State of Delaware and private scholarships:
  • Things to consider when looking for Scholarships
  • Class rank
  • GPA , weighted, un-weighted
  • SAT Scores
  • Amount offered
  • Deadlines
  • Application process

Other questions to ask:

  • Is it renewable?
    • Can I receive more than once
  • Is it need based
    • Income requirements)?
  • How many are awarded?
  • What are the requirements to keep or renew scholarship.

State of Delaware Scholarship Programs

    • SEED: UD Associate’s degree or DTCC associate’s programs – full tuition for 6 semesters toward AA Degree
    • 2.5 GPA
    • FAFSA
    • No felonies
    • Delaware resident and graduate from a DE high school
    • Attend college full time directly after senior year
    • SEED Application:
    • UD January 15, Regular application for associate’s
    • DTCC April 15, SEED- no longer a separate application!
    • INSPIRE: Delaware State University Provides up to $3,720/year above all other awards if needed for 3 years.
    • .
    • Full time
    • Community service
    • Due March 15, FAFSA required!

Individual College Scholarships

  • Colleges will determine amount of federal funding plus their own institutional aid
  • Schools differ widely on aid amounts-Private colleges tend to offer more free money
  • Talk to an admissions or FA counselor about scholarships you can apply for.
  • Check out the college’s net price calculator
  • The Delaware Scholarship Compendium
  • Lists scholarships by alphabet and deadline date from:
  • Corporations and local businesses
  • Nonprofits
  • Sororities and fraternities
  • National and local service/trade organizations etc.

Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) Scholarship Compendium

  • Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) Scholarship Compendium
  • Lists over 80 scholarships
  • Online Application available late fall.

Delaware Local Scholarships

  • Each year member organizations of the M.O.T community offer local scholarships.
  • Each scholarship has varying requirements and can be need based, merit based, or both.
  • Local scholarships are posted in schoology and on the MHS website as they become available.
  • Surfing for Scholarships
  • Do not pay for scholarship information!
  • Internet is the #1 FREE source for scholarships.
  • Search based on:
  • Major
  • GPA
  • Ethnicity/nationality
      • Religion
      • Interests and activities
      • Location….and more!

Get your head in the game!

  • Be specific in your search.
  • Read carefully. Don’t waste your time.
  • Small amounts can add up. Don’t overlook them!
  • NEVER pay to access scholarship info or apply for a scholarship
  • The Application/Scholarship Essay
  • Leave it all on the court!
  • Put your best foot forward and let your scholarship reader get to know you as the fantastic person you are!
  • What they want to know about you!
    • Your views and opinions.
    • Your values-what’s important to you?
    • What have you learned in life and how you have applied those lessons?
  • All the conventions of good writing apply. Use accepted grammar, punctuation and spelling. Don’t lose points!
  • Shorter, interesting paragraphs are easier and more pleasant to read than long ones.
  • Follow instructions! Keep to the length, minimum and maximum.
  • Do not use a generic essay. Each essay must fit the prompt.
  • If you have a choice, choose an essay in your comfort area.
  • Your Strategies:
  • Start well in advance.
  • Create a support team, include parents and teachers. Let them read and evaluate your work!
  • A “Writing Buddy” is a great resource to bounce ideas and provide support.

For more information-

  • Check the MHS website or Schoology REGULARLY!!
  • Search Using Career Cruising
  • Follow up with your guidance counselor
  • Drop by to see Ms. Williams (Career Counselor)
  • Don’t leave FREE money on the table!

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