Horror & Fantasy Literature 2015

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Horror & Fantasy Literature 2015

Dr. Jamir


(Due Tues., April 14)

Write a thesis-driven essay of at least 1500 words that analyzes a piece of literature according to the prompts below. You should use examples to support your thesis statement throughout the essay.
Writing prompts/topics
The prompts are in bold font. The information below each prompt is to help you, and you may use all of it, some of it, or none of it.

  1. Analyze the role of intelligence and/or learning in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Argue for a mode or modes through which Alice learns about Wonderland.

  • Consider where the mode of learning was instilled in Alice (real world vs. Wonderland).

  • Consider when a mode of learning is successful or unsuccessful.

  • Who are the “teachers,” and who are the “students”?

  • What is the goal of learning Wonderland?

  1. Analyze the role of pairs or dualities in Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll. Argue for how these pairs or dualities contribute to the plot of the book.

  • Consider whether the pair or duality is similar or different. For example, the white kitten and the black kitten seem to be paired to reveal differences whereas Tweedledee and Tweedledum seem to be paired to reveal similarites.

  • Consider the difference between pairs and dualities. [Pairs=humans or creatures and Dualities=inanimate objects]

  • Consider how a pair or duality is established. Is it established through language, visual cues, status, etc.?

*If you wish to write on another topic and/or on another text that we have read in this course, please type up a proposal of at least 100 words. You must submit this to me for approval no later than Mon., April 6.
You should use MLA style for formatting and citation. Make sure to use proper citation for your sources. One source for this essay will be the text in the prompt that you choose. You may (but are not required to) use other sources. All sources should be cited properly.
You are using sources if you use the words or ideas of another person, web site, or company/organization. Sources are any place (in any medium, ranging from text to web) from which you borrow words or ideas. Sources even include reference materials, such as dictionaries.
Writing Requirements
You should have the basics of essay-writing mastered. You are also expected to use proper language/grammar. Flaws in these areas will affect your grade in a negative way.
The final essay will be due April 14 in class, and you will need to submit it as a printed copy AND as an upload through Turnitin.com.

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