Honors English Literature and Composition Technology Group Project due dates individual Essay Friday March 4, 2015

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Honors English Literature and Composition Technology Group Project

Individual Essay - Friday March 4, 2015: 10 bonus points

Individual Essay -Tuesday, March 7, 2015: NO bonus points

Group Projects – Thursday, March 17, 2015

You are researching how technology has affected 21st century society. You must research how technology has changed to shape what our world has become. There are several parts to this assignment: a research paper on your specific topic, a group product, and a group presentation. This project will count as 2 test grades (group product AND your portion of the presentation=1 test grade; technology research essay=1 test grade).

PART ONE: Technology Research Essay

Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

EACH INDIVIDUAL STUDENT will gather research information on ONE of the topics from your driving question. Using a variety of print and internet sources, EACH INDIVIDUAL STUDENT will complete a NOTETAKING GUIDE FOR RESEARCH listing all source information. After ALL facts are collected and organized, EACH INDIVIDUAL STUDENT will create and submit a FIVE PARAGRAPH research paper and works cited page. ALL ASPECTS OF THIS ESSAY MUST BE TYPED (including the NOTE TAKING GUIDE FOR RESEARCH).
EACH INDIVIDUAL STUDENT must include a MINIMUM of TEN sources. CAUTION—every source used must have an author. The following are the ONLY APPROVED SITES FOR STUDENT USE:

  • Galileo - Current password is PIVOT

  • NewsELA – Create a parent account so you don’t have to have a password

  • Time/NYT Magazine (Online or paper copy)

  • CNN Student Network

  • Fahrenheit 451 or Anthem

PART TWO: Real-Life World Connection Product

  1. Product

Each GROUP (2-3 people) will research the effects that technology has had on our society.
Each GROUP will construct a product inspired by what you have learned about this area of technology. For example, you may make a PSA (Public Service Announcement) or commercial against cyberbullying or a brochure on advanced medical treatments that would be found in a doctor’s office.

  1. The product must meet all the following requirements:

    1. Each group must receive teacher permission for their choice of product.

    2. Make sure the product is something we would see in our society. This is NOT a product of your research findings!!!

    3. If you choose to create a webpage or website, make sure to have a back-up plan if technical difficulties arise.

    4. Make sure to have accurate, research information in your product…and cite these!!

    5. The product should be attractive and have interesting and appealing colors, textures, compositions, and shapes.

    6. Be creative with your product. Think outside box!

PART THREE: Presentation

  1. Each person in the group must speak.

  2. You must explain the topic you have chosen and your real world connection. Who is your product for and where would we see it?

  3. You use eye contact and TALK to the audience. Do NOT read to them!

  4. Speak loudly and clearly.

  5. Consult the rubric for more specific information.


Grading rubrics are provided for every aspect of this project. Please refer to the grading rubrics to ensure the best score possible.

When in doubt, ask!

This project is worth 2 test grades, so please give your best!

Due to the extensive nature of this project, and the requirement that all sections be typed, much of this project will need to be completed outside of the classroom. Students who do not have access to a computer must make arrangements to come in early or stay in the afternoons to use the media center computers, or use IF time to work on this project. Students must complete all assignments by the dates outlined on the Assignment Calendar to avoid a reduced grade. Please sign below to indicate that you have read and understand all the requirements and expectations for this project.
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