Honors Cohort: Elit 48a thanks for your interest in the honors program!

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Honors Cohort: Elit 48A
Thanks for your interest in the honors program!
In order to register as an honors student, you must be in the honors program or take this course as your first honors cohort as a trial. To obtain an Honor's grade, you are required to complete the honors project (see below). In addition, the program expects that you perform above and beyond average level - that means added insights in class discussion, excellent attendance, and exceptional quality on quizzes and midterms. Honors is not just more quantity but better quality. Finally, honors students will be required to present the first biographical/historical presentations.
Honors Project – Due by the end of the quarter

Choose one of the options below:

Option #1 Traditional Analytical Paper

Compare or contrast two or three works from our readings this quarter analyzing a key literary aspect such as symbol, setting, character, imagery, etc.

This analysis essay will be 3-4 pages (approximately 250 words per page).
Option #2 Write a Poem Series or Short Story

Write a poem(s) or short story that employs the structure and meter of one of our poets and follow conventions and themes of the genre/period/poet. For example, if you are imitating Bradstreet or Poe, you can write one long poem or a series of 5-6 short poems. If you are imitating Hawthorne or Melville, you can write a short story. Most importantly, include a 1-2 page description of your choices and interpretations.

Option #3 Create your own project (In consultation with me)

If you have another creative idea that you are enthusiastic about and that would fulfill a similar level of depth and breadth as the previous assignments, please talk with me and we will see if it is viable and what exact parameters it must meet.

Paper Format: All papers must be typed, double spaced, on 8.5 x 11 white paper, with one inch margins, and a reasonable size font (about a 12, similar to this size paper). This is an MLA (Modern Language Association) style essay, and therefore should have your name, course name, and date on the top left hand corner of the first page, and the title centered. Please staple your paper in the top left hand corner, and no folders or covers.
Formal Essay Specifications:

  • Avoid ambiguous language (thing), slang (stuff), and conversational words (Well, I think….

  • No grammatical errors (Do your best and use helpful tools)

  • Literature is written and discussed in the present tense (Hester wears the scarlet A ).

  • When quoting lines from plays in the context of your paper, use MLA style parenthetical reference.

  • When writing about literature, assume the audience has read the work. Do not retell the story.

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