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Joël Dubois

Department of Humanities & Religious Studies

California State University, Sacramento


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3534 Sophia Way 6000 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95820 Sacramento, CA 95919

(916) 455-4671 (916) 278-5332

(an on-line version of this CV is available at: www.csus.edu/indiv/d/duboisj/home.html)

Harvard Divinity School (Cambridge, MA)

• Doctor of Theology in Comparative Religion, with primary specialization in Hindu traditions, secondary specialization in Indian Buddhist & early Christian traditions (2001).

Dissertation: The Hidden Life of Brahman: Uncovering Traces of Shankara’s Vedanta in Contemporary Karnataka. (Defense passed September 2001)

Comprehensive Examations: "Comparative Study of Religions (Hindu, Buddhist & Christian)," "Christian Theology and the Study of Religions," "Survey of South Asian Religious Traditions," "Advaita Vedanta and Related Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain Philosophical Schools." (Passed with distinction, May 1997)

Advisors: Professors John Carman (South Asia), Francis X. Clooney (Indian Philosophy), Stephanie Jamison (Sanskrit), Sarah Coakley (Christian Theology & Spirituality), and William Fisher (Anthropology).

• Seminars & workshops at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching & Learning (1995-99)

• Master of Theological Studies in World Religions (1994)
Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)

• Bachelor of Sciences, with dual major in Theater and Physics (1987).

Research and Creative Activity Award (California State University, Sacramento, 2006-7 & 2004-5) • Selected Participant, Teaching Using Technology Summer 2004 Institute • Bingham Award for Excellence in Teaching (Transylvania University, 2000-0001) • Finalist, Charlotte Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship (Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation, 1999-2000) • Dean's Dissertation Fellowship, for field research in India (Harvard Divinity School, 1998-99) • FLAS Summer Language Award, for study in India (Syracuse University, summer 1997) • Fellowship-in-Residence Award, Center for Study of World Religions (Harvard University, 1995-97) • Distinction in Teaching Award (Bok Center for Teaching & Learning, Harvard University, 1995) • Winner, Agnes Nixon Playwrighting Contest (Northwestern University, 1986-87) • Outstanding Student in Theater (Northwestern University, 1983-85)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Hindu Religious Complex. San Diego, CA: Cognella Publishing, forthcoming 2012.

• Hitchhiker's Guide to Buddhist Traditions. San Diego, CA: Cognella Publishing, forthcoming 2012.

Hidden Lives of Brahman: Shankara's Vedanta Through his Upanishad Commentaries, in Light of Contemporary Practice. Albany: State University of New York Press, forthcoming 2011.

• "Traditional Brahmin Education in South India." Paper presented at March 2010 annual meeting of AOS (American Oriental Society) in St. Louis, MO, as part of the South and Southeast Asia sectional meeting. Portions posted at www.csus.edu/sringeri; solicited for publication in Religion Compass.

• "Sringeri: A Multimedia Archive" (www.csus.edu/sringeri); launched September, 2009, in collaboration with Dr. Leela Prasad, Department of Religious Studies, Duke University, Durham, NC. On-line archive documenting the history of an important South Indian temple town, integrating photographs, videos, and audio excerpts from translated interviews with ethnographic descriptions and analyses of historical sources.

• "The Secret Lives of Prajåpati Brahman in Íankara's B®hadåranyaka UpaniΩad BhaΩya. Paper presented at March 2006 annual meeting of the American Oriental Society (AOS) in Seattle, WA, as part of the South and Southeast Asia sectional meeting.  To be published as part of Hidden Lives of Brahman (see above).

• "The Ritual Context for Ía∫kara’s Adhyåsa." Paper presented at March 2005 annual meeting of AOS in Philadelphia, PA, as part of the South and Southeast Asia sectional meeting. To be published as part of Hidden Lives of Brahman (see above).

• "Literary Technique and Avidyå in Ía∫kara’s Writings" Paper presented at March 2004 annual meeting of the AOS in San Diego, CA, as part of the South and Southeast Asia sectional meeting. To be published as part of Hidden Lives of Brahman (see above).

• "Ía∫kara’s B®hadåraˆyakopaniΩad BhåΩya in Light of Upåsana Practice." Paper presented at March 2003 annual meeting of the AOS in Nashville, TN, as part of the South and Southeast Asia sectional meeting. To be published as part of Hidden Lives of Brahman (see above).

• “From Yajña to Nåråyaˆa: the Ritual Link between Vedic Fire Offering and VaiΩˆava Monotheism." Paper presented at November 2000 annual meeting of the AAR (American Academy of Religion) in Nashville, TN, as part of the "Comparative Studies in Hinduisms and Judaisms" Group. Forthcoming in Beyond Hubert and Mauss: Genealogies of Sacrifice, edited by Barbara Holdrege & Kathryn McClymond.

• "Each In Its Proper Place: Ía∫kara's Approach to Diversity in UpaniΩadic Insight Texts." Published in the International Journal of Hindu Studies (Quebec, Canada), December 2002.

• "Am I Just Talking to Myself? Extending Wittgenstein's Analysis of Language to Religious Forms of Thought and Inward Speech." Published in the Harvard Theological Review (Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA) 94:3 (2001), 323-51.

• "Approaching Asian Religions & Cultures via Team-Based Learning." Forthcoming in Michaelson & Sweet, eds., Team-Based Learning for Critical Thinking in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

• "College Teaching & Learning in the Movies." Planning and facilitation of discussion series for the Center for Teaching and Learning at California State University Sacramento, March 2009 & 2010.

• "Essential Elements of Culture." On-line introductory essay for "Arts & Ideas of Asia" (HRS 70/71), 2009.

• "Essential Elements of Religious Life." On-line introductory essay for "History of Buddhism" & "The Hindu Year" (HRS 147 & 179), 2009.

• "Myths, Stories & Realities." On-line introductory essay for "World Mythology" (HRS 151), 2008.

• Planning and facilitation of faculty reading & discussion groups. for the Center for Teaching and Learning at California State University Sacramento, 2006-7, 2008-10, including Parker Palmer's The Courage to Teach, Thomas Jones', The Missing Professor, and articles on Cognitive Apprenticeship.

• "Using In-Class Team Assignments to Analyze Sources." Workshop presented at March 2009 Lilly West Conference on College & University Teaching (Pomona, CA).

• "Teaching Religion in Real Time: a Case Study." Paper presented at November 2007 AAR Annual Meeting (San Diego, CA), as part of the Teaching Religion section. To be submitted for review to Teaching Theology & Religion.

• "Writing Skills in Action: Using Team-Based Learning to Refine Student Writing.” Presentation for the “Writing Across the Curriculum” conference at California State (February 2006).

• “The Mentoring Relationship.” Planning and facilitation of discussion group for the Center for Teaching and Learning at California State University Sacramento, April & November 2005

• “Analysis by Numbers: Structured Writing in an Writing Intensive Course." Presentation for the “Writing Across the Curriculum” conference at California State (February 2005).

• "Early Buddhist Worship: the Stupa & Other Aniconic Symbols." Interactive, on-line presentation created as part of “Teaching Using Technology” summer seminar, June-September 2004.

• "Teaching Religion in Real Time: the Calendrical Approach to Introducing Religious Traditions." Paper presented at November 1997 annual meeting of AAR in San Francisco, CA, as part of the Academic Teaching and the Study of Religion Section. Published in Religion and Education (Webster University, St. Louis, MO) 26:1 (1999), 16-29.

Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham, Karnataka, India (1997, 1998-99)

• Field Researcher/Ethnographer

Planned and executed dissertation research, beginning with on-site language training in both Kannada and Sanskrit; then living in, and observing the study traditions of several traditional brahmin communities; in-depth reading of traditional Sanskrit texts used for study; and finally conducting in-depth Kannada language interviews (including taping & transcription) with key participants: students and teachers of several Vedic schools, ochre-garbed renunciates from diverse social backgrounds, and retired seniors attending study groups in urban centers.
Center for Study of World Religion, Cambridge, MA (1996-97)

• Colloquium Developer

Envisioned and organized a "Religion in Popular Film" series, using examples selected to initiate discussion on both the significance of religious lifestyles in contemporary life and the way religious life is depicted in films of various genres. Developed format intended to inspire participants to initiate such discussions with others in other contexts.
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (1992-95)

• Research Assistant

Supported publication projects for several professors in Anthropology and the Center for Study of World Religions, including gathering source materials (Indian Politics and Culture, Nineteenth Century American Protestantism), producing a bibliography (Religion & Healing), verifying references, and reviewing proofs.

California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA (2003-present)

• Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities & Religious Studies

Exploring World Religions

World Mythology

Arts & Ideas of Asia

Religions of India

History of Buddhism

Gender & Religion in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Hindu Epic Literature: the Mahabharata

Offered general education classes in Asian culture and world religions, adapting experience with similar courses (see below) to fit distinct department objectives and student audience of CSUS. Revised on-line syllabi and assignments based on regular consultations with colleagues in the department and Center for Teaching and Learning, as well as feedback gathered from in-term student evaluations. Proposed new courses in South Asian religions & culture for both the undergraduate and graduate curriculum, and helped redesigned the department major to place greater emphasis on Asian traditions.

Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA (2002-03)

• Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Religion

South Asian Religions I & II

Indian Philosophy in Religious Context

Gender & Religion in India

Contemplative Practice, East & West

History of Buddhist Thought & Practice

Elementary Sanskrit

Taught pre-existing, two semester South Asian Religions course, as well as five new courses (primarily seminars) dealing with specialized topics, filling in areas not usually covered by the long-term faculty members. Refined pedagogical approach through ongoing consultations with mentor at Whitman's Center for Teaching and Learning..

Transylvania University, Lexington, KY (2000-02)

• Assistant Professor, Department of Religion

Exploring Religion

Foundations of Asian Religion

History, Religion, & Politics in Asia

Gender in Religious Life

Foundations of Liberal Arts

Revised and restructured previous courses to generate interest in, and increased coverage of, Asian and indigenous religions. Proposed new gender course in conjunction with the Women’s studies program. Developed interactive pedagogy combining small group work, frequent writing exercises, selective lecturing, interviews, and visits to local worship sites.

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (1995-99)

Head Teaching Fellow

Prayer, Self, & Gender--with Professor Sarah Coakley (Spring '98)

Religion, Medicine, & the Healer's Art--with Professor Linda Barnes (Fall '97)

The History of Religions & Christian Theology--with Professor John Carman (Fall '95)

Ritual & the Religious Life--with Professor Lawrence Sullivan (Spring '95)

Co-designed course structure, assignments, and presentations. Led small group discussions, commented on and graded student writing. Consulted regularly and organized meetings with other teaching fellows. Lectured on special topics.

• Seminar Instructor

An In-depth Look at Hindu Religious Traditions (Spring '98)

Introduction to Indian Philosophy (Spring '96)

Developed syllabi for and taught small conference courses for undergraduates in the Study of Religion, focusing on careful reading and analysis of primary texts. Created and evaluated writing assignments, and consulted with students about final writing projects.

• Section Leader

World Religions: Diversity & Dialogue (Fall '96) &

Hindu Myth, Image, and Pilgrimage (Spring '96)--with Professor Diana Eck

Designed study questions and led weekly group discussions, using small groups to facilitate student progress in actively questioning the material covered in large lectures. Met with individual students to offer advice on specific projects as well as to monitor their overall progress.

Research: Early Upanishads—connection to Vedic ritual and to Buddhist Suttas • Development of Vedanta after Shankara, especially during the Vijayanagara and colonial periods • Social history of South Indian Brahmin communities during colonial and post-colonial periods •

Parallels between Hindu and Semitic "religious complexes" • Hindu Seasonal Celebrations

Teaching: World Religions • World Mythology • Asian Religions & Cultures • Hinduism • Buddhism • Hindu Epic Literature • Indian Philosophy • Spoken Kannada • Sanskrit (Classical & Spoken) • Religion & Healing, Religion & Gender, Religion in Film • Comparative Theology: Hindu, Buddhist, & Christian Traditions • Early Christian Spirituality (Orthodox & Catholic)

Sanskrit: excellent reading ability, elementary speaking ability • Kannada: conversational, with elementary reading ability • Hindi: elementary speaking ability • French: native speaker •

New Testament Greek and German: reading knowledge.

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