Hk staff work some of longest hours in world News Commentary Worksheets Teacher’s manual A. Aims

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HK staff work some of longest hours in world

News Commentary Worksheets

Teacher’s manual

A. Aims:

Through this scheme, students can:

    1. organize news content systematically;

    2. apply related economic concepts to news issue and daily observation;

    3. go further for inquiry.

B. Learning Process:

This scheme consists of three phases. Teachers can choose any THREE pieces of news commentary worksheets. Each set of news commentary worksheet involves different learning strategies. After finishing each phase, teachers should:

1. assess students’ work;

2. evaluate students’ performance;

3. give feedback: discuss/analyze students’ work, point out how students can improve;

4. modulate the worksheets according to students’ progress.

  1. Use of worksheet:

Designed worksheet is only for reference, teachers can modulate the content of the worksheets according to students’ progress. Besides, teachers should emphasize more on the “issue inquiry” part and make sure students have enough time to finish this part.

  1. Citation and References

Teachers should emphasize the importance of citation. Students are required to cite the reference at the end of each piece of news commentary. For the format of citation, please refer to each set of news.

E. News Summary


< HK staff work some of longest hours in world > & Worksheet

Related concept

Labour (labour productivity)

No. of lesson required

Two consecutive lessons

Target students

Students who have acquired the techniques in writing news summary. Also, they can figure/apply the related economics concepts by themselves.


This package includes two pieces of news clippings which are related to HK labour working condition. The design of this learning package is inquiry based. Through some guiding questions, students can prepare a piece of well-constructed news commentary. Students can also acquire the deductive skills throughout the process. Besides, students are encouraged to prepare another piece of commentary to address other reasons for the decline in the sense of belongings of employees.

Before the lesson:

Students are strongly recommended to study the news beforehand. They can highlight some crucial words when they are reading the news. This helps students to prepare for the economic analysis.

During the lesson:

Use of worksheet


Q. no.


A. Comprehension


  • Students have acquired the skills in writing news summary. Thus, this part only provides 3 guiding questions which help students prepare a summary.

B. Economic Analysis & Issue Inquiry


  • Teachers should remind students that there are many factors leading to the decrease in workers’ sense of belongings. We will demonstrate one of the reasons “long working hours” as a reference.

  • Teachers should discuss with students the ideas they want to discuss in the essay when analyzing the issue of “long working hours”.

  • This worksheet demonstrates the way in constructing a piece of news commentary.


  • Students can prepare the commentary based on the worksheet. OR

  • If students are capable enough, teachers can go further by asking students to prepare another piece of news commentary. They can try to address other reasons for the decline in the sense of belongings of employees.

After the lesson

  • Students need to prepare a 600-word news commentary with reference to the worksheets. (The number of words required is subject to the ability of students.)

  • Teachers can assess students’ work and give feedbacks to facilitate students’ improvement.

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