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Reel: 891
Fisher, Gertrude Adams.

A woman alone in the heart of Japan.

Boston, L. C. Page & co. [c1906]

Item identification number 5802.

Reel: 725
Fisher, Harriet (White) 1865-1939.

A woman's world tour in a motor.

Philadelphia & London, J. B. Lippincott co. 1911

Item identification number 6514.1; with 70 illustrations.

Reel: 811
Fisher, Harrison, 1875-1931, illus.

A dream of fair women.

Indianapolis, The Bobbs-Merrill co. [1907]

Item identification number 5803; decorations by E. Stetson Crawford.

Reel: 725
Fisher, Sydney George, 1856-1927.

The cause of the increase of divorce.

Philadelphia. 1890

Item identification number 9629.

Reel: 956
Fisichella, S. Francesco.

Chiesa e stato nel matrimonio.

Torino, E. Loescher. 1899

Item identification number 4170; Studio critico di legislazione matrimoniale.

Reel: 542
Fisichella, S. Francesco.

Il divorzio; observazioni critiche.

Messina, Carmelo de Stefano. 1894

Item identification number 4171.

Reel: 542
Fiske, George McClellan, 1850-1923.

The valiant woman; a sermon preached at the requiem Eucharist in S. Stephen's church, Providence, Rhode Island, on Saturday, December 10, A.D. 1904.

[Boston] Merrymount Press. 1905

Item identification number 5192; In memory of Anne Ives Carrington Dwight Ames, who fell asleep in Jesus on November 10, A.D. 1904.

Reel: 651
Fiske, Nathan, 1733-1799.

The moral monitor; or, a collection of essays on various subjects.

Worcester, Mass., Isaiah Thomas, Jr. 1801

Item identification number 647; Accommodated to the state of society in the United States of America. Displaying the importance and enforcing the observance of individual and social virtue.

Reel: 95
Fite, Warner, 1867.

Birth-control and biological ethics.

New York, National birth control league. [1916]

Item identification number 9976.

Reel: 962
Fitz, Rachel Kent.

The college woman graduate.

[n.p.]. [n.d.]

Item identification number 8770.

Reel: 946
Fitzgerald, Edward, 1809-1883.

Letters of Edward Fitzgerald to Fanny Kemble, 1871-1883.

New York and London, Macmillan & co. 1895

Item identification number 4172; edited by William Aldis Wright.

Reel: 542
Fitzgerald, Susan Walker, 1871.

Have we a democracy?.

[New York, National American woman suffrage association]. [1913?]

Item identification number 9083.

Reel: 949
Fitzgerald, Susan Walker, 1871.

What is a democracy?.

Warren, Ohio. [1910?]

Item identification number 9007.

Reel: 948
Fitzgerald, Susan Walker, 1871.

Women in the home.

Warren, Ohio. [1908?]

Item identification number 8962.

Reel: 948
Fitzgerlad, Alice Louise Florence, 1874-1962.

The Edith Cavell nurse from Massachusetts; a record of one year's personal service with the British expeditionary force in France, Boulogne--the Somme, 1916-1917, with an account of the imprisonment, trial, and death of Edith Cavell.

Boston, W. A. Butterfield. [c1917]

Item identification number 7365.

Reel: 891
Fitzgibbon, Mary Agnes, 1851-1915.

A trip to Manitoba.

London, R. Bentley and son. 1880

Item identification number 3276.

Reel: 443

Sybilla Rómában.

Budapest, Révai Testvérek. 1894

Item identification number 4173.

Reel: 542
Fleckenstein, Edgar.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning als Kritiker englischer Literatur.

Heidelberg, C. Winter's. 1912

Item identification number 6515.

Reel: 812
Fleetwood, William, bp. of Ely, 1656-1723.

The relative duties of parents and children, husbands and wives, masters and servants; consider'd in sixteen practical discourses: with three sermons upon the case of self-murther.

London, Printed for John Hooke. 1716

Item identification number 217; 2d ed. Necessary for all families.

Reel: 33
Fleischer, Max.

Zur Reglementierungefrage der Prostitution.

München, Seitz & Schauer. 1905

Item identification number 5193.

Reel: 651
Fleischmann, Hector, 1882-1914.

... Les demoiselles d'amour du Palais-Royal.

Paris, Bibliothèque des curieux. 1911

Item identification number 6516; Avec la réimpression intégrale de dix pamphlets libres sur les filles publiques du Palais-Egalité et la bibliographie des libelles galants qui leur sont consacrés.

Reel: 812
Fleischmann, Hector, 1882-1914.

... Les femmes et la terreur, avec des documents inédits des archives nationales, le fac-simile complet d'une liste rare de jolies femmes, et cent reproductions de documents de l'époque.

Paris, Charpentier et Fasquelle. 1910

Item identification number 5804.

Reel: 725
Fleischmann, Hector, 1882-1914.

Rachel intime, d'après ses lettres d'amour et des documents nouveaux.

Paris, Charpentier et Fasquelle. 1910

Item identification number 5805.

Reel: 725
Fleischmann, Hector, 1882-1914, ed.

Napoleon III and the women he loved.

London, Holden & Hardingham. [1915]

Item identification number 6517; Translated by Dr. A. S. Rapport.

Reel: 812
Fleming, David Hay, 1849-1931.

Mary, Queen of Scots, from her birth to her flight into England: a brief biography with critical notes, a few documents hitherto unpublished, and an itinerary.

London, Hodder and Stoughton. 1897

Item identification number 4174.

Reel: 542
Fletcher, Alice Cunningham.

Photograph of Alice Cunningham Fletcher.

Photograph numbers: P224 - P225.

Reel: 963
Fletcher, Alice Cunningham; Gay, Emma James.

Photograph of Alice Cunningham Fletcher with Emma Jane Gay.

Photograph number: P226.

Reel: 963
Fletcher, Eliza (Dawson) 1770-1858.


Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas. 1876

Item identification number 2671; with letters and other family memorials. Edited by the survivor of her family. 3d edition.

Reel: 381
Fletcher, Ella Adelia.

The woman beautiful.

New York, Brentano's. 1901

Item identification number 5193.1; A practical treatise on the development and preservation of woman's health and beauty, and the principles of taste in dress.

Reel: 651
Fletcher, Jefferson Butler, 1865-1946.

The religion of beauty in woman, and other essays on Platonic love in poetry and society.

New York, The Macmillan co. 1911

Item identification number 6518.

Reel: 812
Fletcher, Margaret.

... Christian feminism, a charter of rights and duties.

London, P. S. King & son., ltd. 1915

Item identification number 6519.

Reel: 812
Fletcher, Margaret.

The school of the heart.

London, New York and Bombay, Longmans, Green & co. 1904

Item identification number 5194.

Reel: 651
Fleury, Maurice, comte, 1856-1921.

Les grandes dames pendant la révolution et sous l'empire.

Paris, H. Vivien. 1900

Item identification number 4176.

Reel: 543
Fleury, Maurice, comte, 1856-1921.

Memoirs of the Empress Eugenie.

New York, London, D. Appleton & co. 1920

Item identification number 7596; Compiled from statements, private documents and personal letters of the Empress Eugenie, from conversations of the Emperor Napoleon III and from family letters and papers of General Fleury, M. Franceschini Pietri, Prince Victor Napoleon and other members of the court of the Second Empire.

Reel: 909
Flexner, Abraham, 1866-1959.

The regulation of prostitution in Europe.

New York, American social hygiene association. 1915

Item identification number 9925.

Reel: 961
Flexner, Helen Whitall (Thomas).

Bryn Mawr, a characterisation.

Bryn Mawr, Pa. 1905

Item identification number 8768.

Reel: 946
Flexner, Simon, 1863-1946.

The biological argument against woman suffrage.

New York, National woman suffrage pub. co., inc. 1914

Item identification number 9105; Dr. Frederick Peterson ... Dr. William H. Howell ... Dr. Franklin P. Mall ... Prof. James Harvey Robinson.

Reel: 949
Flower, Benjamin Orange, 1858-1918.

Progressive men, women, and movements of the past twenty-five years.

Boston, Mass., The New Arena. [c1914]

Item identification number 6520; by B. O. Flower, founder of "the Arena" and "the Twentieth century magazine".

Reel: 812
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley.

Photograph of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.

Photograph number: P227.

Reel: 963
Foerster, Ernst, 1884.

Die Frauenfrage in den Romanen Englischer Schriftstellerinnen der Gegenwart.

Marburg, N.G. Elwert'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung. 1907

Item identification number 5806.

Reel: 725
Foerster, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1869.

Marriage and the sex-problem.

London, W. Gardner, Darton & co., ltd. [c1911]

Item identification number 6521; Translated by Meyrick Booth.

Reel: 812
Fokker, Abraham Peter.

Open brief aan Ds H. Pierson.

Haarlem, Bohn. 1879

Item identification number 2672; In antwoord op zigjn geschrift voor eenige dagen in zake prostitutie-kwestie verschenen, tevens laatste woord van A. P. Fokker.

Reel: 381
Fokker, Abraham Peter.

De prostitutie kwestie.

Haarlem, E. F. Bohn. 1879

Item identification number 2673.

Reel: 381
Foley, Margaret.

Photograph of Margaret Foley.

Photograph numbers: P228 - P229.

Reel: 963
Foley, Margaret; Luscomb, Florence H.; Fitzgerald, Susan W.; Crowley, Theresa.

Photograph of Suffrage Speakers Group.

Photograph number: P416.

Reel: 963
Foley, Margaret; Peters, Archie; Bedinger, Marjorie.

Photograph of Margaret Foley with Archie Peters and Marjorie Bedinger.

Photograph number: P230.

Reel: 963
Foley, Thomas Philip, 1758-1835.

The answer of the Rev. Thomas P. Foley, to the world.

Stourbridge, Printed at the office of J. Heming. 1805

Item identification number 647.1.

Reel: 95
[Foley, Thomas Philip], 1758-1835.

The controversy between Joanna Southcott and Elias Carpenter, one of her judges, made public.

[London] S. Rousseau. [n.d.]

Item identification number 647.2.

Reel: 95
Folio, Fred, pseud.

A book for the times.

Auburn and Rochester, Alden and Beardsley; New York, J. C. Derby. 1855

Item identification number 1732; Lucy Boston; or, Woman's rights and spiritualism: illustrating the follies and delusions of the nineteenth century.

Reel: 258
Follen, Eliza Lee (Cabot) 1787-1860.

Photograph of Eliza Lee (Cabot) Follen.

Photograph number: P231.

Reel: 963
Follen, Eliza Lee (Cabot) 1787-1860.

Sketches of married life.

Boston, Hilliard Gray & Co. 1839

Item identification number 1053; Revised edition.

Reel: 164
Folwell, Lucretia R.


[Toronto, The Methodist Book and Publishing House]. [1901]

Item identification number 5336.1.

Reel: 669
Fonsegrive, George, 1852-1917.

Mariage et union libre.

Paris, Plon-Nourrit et cie. 1904

Item identification number 5195.

Reel: 651
Fontaine, Jacques, b. 1658.

Memoirs of a Huguenot family: tr. and comp. from the original autobiography of the Rev. James Fontaine, and other family manuscripts; comprising an original journal of travels in Virginia, New-York, etc. in 1715 and 1716.

New-York, G. P. Putnam & co. 1853

Item identification number 1733; by Ann Maury. with an appendix, containing a translation of the Edict of Nantes, the Edict of revocation, and other interesting historical documents.

Reel: 258
Fontanella, Alphons.

Schönheit, Scham und Liebe im Haushalte der Natur.

Sarajevo, J. Studni{uc}ka & co. 1902

Item identification number 5196; Der Frauenwelt gewidmet.

Reel: 651
Fontanges, Haryett.

Les femmes docteurs en médecine dans tous les pays.

Paris, Alliance cooperative du livre. 1901

Item identification number 5197; Étude historique, statistique, documentaire et anecdotique sur l'art de la médecine exercé par la femme. 3. éd.

Reel: 652
Fontanges, Haryett.

Le légion d'honneur et les femmes décorées; étude d'histoire et de sociologie feminine.

Paris, Alliance cooperative du livre. 1905 [1904]

Item identification number 5198; Sera suivie d'une autre étude sur les héroines françaises modernes.

Reel: 652
Fontenay, Louis Roger.

Droit romain.

Paris, A. Rousseau. 1894

Item identification number 4177; Dissolution des justae nuptiae par le divorce. Droit francais. Des causes du divorce. Thèse pour le doctorat.

Reel: 543
Foote, Edward Bond, 1854-1912.

... The radical remedy in social science; or, Borning better babies through regulating reproduction by controlling conception.

New York, Murray Hill Pub. co. [c1886]

Item identification number 3277.1; An earnest essay on pressing problems.

Reel: 443
[Foote, Katharine], 1881.

88 bis and V.I.H. Letters from two hospitals.

Boston, The Atlantic monthly press. 1919

Item identification number 7366; by an American V.A.D.

Reel: 891
Forbes, Annabella (Keith) d. 1922.

Insulinde; experiences of a naturalist's wife in the eastern archipelago.

London and Edinburgh, Wm. Blackwood & sons. 1887

Item identification number 3278.

Reel: 443
Forbes, Harrie Rebecca Piper (Smith) "Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes".

Mission tales in the days of the dons.

Chicago, A. C. McClurg & co. 1909

Item identification number 5807; with nine full page illustrations and decorative drawings.

Reel: 725
Forbes, Louisa Rogers M.

Photograph of Louisa Rogers M. Forbes.

Photograph number: P232.

Reel: 963
Forbes, Louisa Rogers M.; Raidford, Marian.

Photograph of Louisa Rogers M. Forbes with Marian Raidford.

Photograph number: P233.

Reel: 963
Forbes, Rose Dabney Malcolm, 1864-1947.

War on war, paper read before the Massachusetts federation of women's clubs at Somerville [Mass.] Feb. 26, 1915.

[n.p.]. [1915?]

Item identification number 7983.

Reel: 935
Forbes, Rose Darby.

Photograph of Rose Darby Forbes.

Photograph number: P234.

Reel: 963
Ford, Ford Madox, 1873-1939.

This monstrous regiment of women.

[London, Women's Freedom League]. [1912]

Item identification number 8182.

Reel: 938
Ford, Lewis, 1812.

The variety book containing life sketches and reminiscences.

Boston, "Washington press": G. E. Crosby & co., printers. 1892

Item identification number 4178.

Reel: 543
Fordyce, James, 1720-1796.

Sermons to young women.

London, Printed for A. Millar and T. Cadell. 1766

Item identification number 220; 3d ed., corr.

Reel: 34
The Foreign divorce traffic in South Dakota.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, W. A. Beach printing co. 1908

Item identification number 9654; The legislature of 1907 and the referendum.

Reel: 956
Forel, Auguste Henri, 1848-1931.

Die sexuelle Frage.

München, E. Reinhardt. 1905

Item identification number 5199; Eine naturwissenschaftliche, psychologische, hygienische und soziologische Studie für Gebildete.

Reel: 652
Forel, Auguste Henri, 1848-1931.

The sexual question; a scientific, psychological, hygienic and sociological study.

New York, Medical Art Agency. [1914?]

Item identification number 6522; English adaptation from the second German ed., revised and enlarged, by C. F. Marshall.

Reel: 812
The Forget-Me-not: a Christmas, New Year, and birthday gift.

New York, Leavitt & Allen. [1855?]

Item identification number 1734.

Reel: 258
Forrest, Catherine Norton (Sinclair), 1818-1891.

Case of Catharine N. Forrest, plaintiff, against Edwin Forrest, defendant, containing the record in the Superior court of the city of New York, the opinions in that court, the statement and points for each party in the Court of appeals and the judgment of the latter court.

New York. 1863

Item identification number 2235.

Reel: 327
Forster, Dora.

Sex radicalism as seen by an emancipated woman of the new time.

Chicago, M. Harman. 1905

Item identification number 5200.

Reel: 652
Forsyth, Peter Taylor, 1848-1921.

Marriage; its ethic and religion.

London [etc.] Hodder and Stoughton. [1912]

Item identification number 6523.

Reel: 812
Foster, Cornelia Ely (de Zeng) 1871.

What a woman saw in South America.

Boston, The Roxburgh publishing co. inc. [c1913]

Item identification number 6524.

Reel: 812
Foster, Ernestine Louise.

Photograph of Ernestine Louise Foster.

Photograph number: P235.

Reel: 963
[Foster, Hannah (Webster)] "Mrs. John Foster," 1759-1840.

The boarding school; or, Lessons of a preceptress to her pupils: consisting of information, instruction, and advice, calculated to improve the manners, and form the character of young ladies.

Boston, Printed by I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews. 1798

Item identification number 221; To which is added, a collection of letters, written by the pupils, to their instructor, their friends, and each other. by a lady of Massachusetts.

Reel: 34
[Foster, Hannah (Webster)] "Mrs. John Foster," 1759-1840.

The coquette; or, The history of Eliza Wharton.

Boston, W. P. Fetridge & co. 1855

Item identification number 1735; A novel: founded on fact. by a lady of Massachusetts. with an historical preface, and a memoir of the author.

Reel: 258
Foster, John Onesimus, 1833-1920.

Life and labors of Mrs. Maggie Newton Van Cott, the first lady licensed to preach in the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States.

Cincinnati, Hitchcock and Walden, for the author. 1872

Item identification number 2675; with an introduction by Reverend Gilbert Haven and Reverend David Sherman.

Reel: 381
Foster, Lemuel Hill, 1853.

The legal rights of women, adapted for use in every state by means of a brief synopsis of the laws relating to property rights, dower, divorce, the rights of a widow in the estate of her husband, etc.

Detroit, Mich., Woman's pub. co. 1913

Item identification number 6525; Containing also much other helpful information, advice and direction for women in every walk of life.

Reel: 813
Foster, Lillian.

Way-side glimpses, north and south.

New York, Rudd and Carleton. 1860

Item identification number 2236.

Reel: 327
Foster, Rachel, ed.

Negotiations between the American and National Woman Suffrage Association in regard to union.

[n.p.]. [1888]

Item identification number 8855.

Reel: 947
Foucart, Paul Emile.

De la fonction industrielle des femmes.

Paris, Dépot de la Revue Occidentale. 1882

Item identification number 3279; Conférence donnée au Havre le 26 septembre 1880.

Reel: 443
Foucaux, Marie (Filon) "Mme. Philippe Edouard Foucaux," 1842-1902.

Quelques salons de Paris au XVIIIe siècle.

Paris, Société française d'éditions d'art, L.H. May. [1898]

Item identification number 4179.

Reel: 543
Fouché, Catharina Therése Louisa Fredrika Elisabeth. (von Stedingk) Grey, duchess d'Otrante, 1837-1901.

Journal of a visit to Egypt, Constantinople, etc.

New York, Harper & brothers. 1870

Item identification number 2676.

Reel: 381
Foucher de Careil, Louis Alexandre, comte, 1826-1891.

Descartes et la princesse palatine; ou, De l'influence du catésianisme sur les femmes au XVIIe siècle.

Paris, Durand. 1862

Item identification number 2237.

Reel: 327
Foulke, William Dudley, 1848-1935.

Hon. William Dudley Foulke on equal rights.

Boston, National American woman suffrage association. 1890

Item identification number 8873.

Reel: 947
Fouquet, Marie (de Maupeou) vicomtesse de Vaux, 1590-1681.

Recveil de receptes, où est expliqvée la manière de guerir à peu de frais toute sorte de maux tant internes, qu'externes inueterez, & qui ont passé jusqu'à present pour incurables.

Lyon, J. Certe. 1676

Item identification number 222; Le tout a esté experimenté par les charitables soins de Madame Fovqvet.

Reel: 34
Fournier, Alfred, 1832-1914.

Réponse à deux questions: 1. Y a-t-il intéret pour la santé publique à ce que la prostitution soit soumise à une surveillance médicale? 2. Comment cette surveillance médicale est-elle comprise par l'hygiène moderne.

Melun, Imprimerie Administrative. 1904

Item identification number 5200.1; comment a-t-elle été comprise par l'Académie ... de médicine lors de la discussion qu'elle a consacrée, en 1888, aux sujets de cet ordre?.

Reel: 652
[Fournier, Charles Antoine], 1835-1909.

Le livre d'art des femmes; peinture, sculpture par Jean Dolent [pseud.].

Paris, A. Lemerre. 1877

Item identification number 2677.

Reel: 381
Fowler, Alfred, comp.

The curiosities of kissing; wit and humor, story and anecdote on kisses, kissers and kissing.

Chicago, The Reilly & Britton co. 1905

Item identification number 5201; compiled and edited by Alfred Fowler.

Reel: 652
Fowler, Lorenzo Niles, 1811-1896.

Marriage: its history and ceremonies; with a phrenological and physiological exposition of the functions and qualifications for happy marriages.

New York, Fowler & Wells. 1847

Item identification number 1358.

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