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Reel: 380
[Evans, Marguerite Florence Hélène (Jervis)], 1894.

The little mother who sits at home.

New York, E. P. Dutton. [1915]

Item identification number 6496; edited by the Countess Barcy n ska [pseud.]; with colored front., by Mary LaFetra Russell.

Reel: 810
Evans, Robert Wilson, 1789-1866.

The rectory of Valehead.

New York, D. Appleton & Co.; Philadelphia, Geo. S. Appleton. 1844

Item identification number 1347; From the twelfth English edition.

Reel: 203
Evard, Marguerite.

... l'adolescente; essai de psychologie expérimentale.

Neuchatel, Delachaux & Niestlé. 1914

Item identification number 6497.

Reel: 810
Evelyn, John, 1620-1706.

The life of Mrs. Godolphin.

London, W. Pickering. 1848

Item identification number 1348; Now first pub. and ed. by Samuel Lord Bishop of Oxford.

Reel: 203
The Evening Sun. New York.

Effect of the vote of women on legislation; an investigation in the equal suffrage states made in December, 1913, by "The Evening Sun," of New York city, and brought up to the end of the legislative session of 1915.

New York, National woman suffrage publishing co., Inc. [1916]

Item identification number 9144.

Reel: 950
Everett, Lucretia Orne (Peabody).

Photograph of Lucretia Orne (Peabody) Everett.

Photograph number: P219.

Reel: 963
Eversley, George John Shaw-Lefevre, baron, 1832-1928.


Manchester. 1868

Item identification number 8065; on bringing in "the Bill to amend the law with respect to the property of married women". In the House of commons, April 21st, 1868.

Reel: 936
Everts, Gerhardus.

Dissertatio historico juridica inauguralis de bonis, quae tam active, quam passive legali inter conjuges bonorum communione comprehenduntur, jure francico antiquo et hodierno.

Lugduni Batavorum, J. C. Cyfveer. 1834

Item identification number 1048.

Reel: 163
Everyday Housekeeping.

April 1894-1897

Reel: 56
Everyday Housekeeping.


Reel: 57
Everyday Housekeeping.


Reel: 58
Everyday Housekeeping.

1904-Nov. 1907

Reel: 59
Ewald, Johann Ludwig, 1747-1822.

Eheliche verhältnisse und eheliches leben, in briefen von Joh. Ludwig Ewald.

Leipzig, H. Büschler. 1810

Item identification number 751; Fortsetzung von den beiden schriften für mädchen, gattinen und mütter sowohl, als für junglinge, gatten und väter. Band: 1.

Reel: 114
The Excellent woman as described in the book of Proverbs.

Boston, Gould and Lincoln. 1851

Item identification number 1721; with an introduction by William B. Sprague.

Reel: 256
Exercises at the reunion of the Young Ladies' High School, in Providence, R.I., February 5th, 1858.

Providence, R. I., George H. Whitney. 1858

Item identification number 1722; with a brief notice on its founder.

Reel: 256
Der Existenkampf der Frau im modernen Leben.

Berlin, R. Taendler. 1895-96

Item identification number 4145; Heft 1 - 10.

Reel: 540
Exner, Josef, 1884.

Mrs. Humphry Ward's Tendenzromane mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der sozialen Probleme.

Breslau, Buchdruckerei der Schlesischen Volkszeitung. 1912

Item identification number 6498; Ein Beitrag zur Kritik des englischen Romans der Gegenwart.

Reel: 810

München, E. Reinhardt. 1906

Item identification number 5786.1; Ein "Document humain" als Beitrag zur Eherechtsreform. Von einem Versuchsobjekt.

Reel: 723
Expilly, Charles i.e. Jean Charles Marie, 1814-1886.

Les femmes et les moeurs du Brésil.

Paris, Charlieu et Huillery. 1863

Item identification number 2223.

Reel: 325
Eyjeaux, Marie Louise d'.

La femme française.

Cleremont-Ferrand, Malleval. 1902

Item identification number 5179.

Reel: 650
Eyma, Louis Xavier, 1816-1879.

Les femmes du Nouveau-monde, par Xavier Eyma.

Paris, Michel Lévy frères. 1860

Item identification number 2224.

Reel: 326
Eyster, Nellie Blessing, d. 1922.

A noted mother and daughter.

San Francisco, P. Elder & co. [1909]

Item identification number 5787.

Reel: 723
Faber, Ernst, 1839-1899.

Famous women of China.

Shanghai, Soc. for the diffusion of Christian and general knowledge among the Chinese. 1890

Item identification number 4146.

Reel: 540
Fabian Society, London.

A summary of six papers and discussions upon the disabilities of women as workers.

[n.p.] The Fabian Women's group. 1909

Item identification number 8163; The writers of the papers, Miss Emma Brooke [and others].

Reel: 938
Fabian Society, London.

Three years' work, 1908-1911.

[London, G. Standring, printer]. [1911]

Item identification number 8160.

Reel: 938
Fabian Tracts. London, Fabian Office.

The economic foundations of the women's movement.

London, Fabian Society. 1914

Item identification number 6498.1; by M. A.

Reel: 810
Fabian Tracts. London, Fabian Office.

The war; women; and unemployment.

London, Fabian Society. 1915

Item identification number 6499; by the Women's group executive.

Reel: 810
Fabre, Auguste.

Le fémininisme; ses origines et son avenir.

Nimes, Impr. veuve Laporte. 1897

Item identification number 4147.

Reel: 540

Oakland, Cal., Pacific press publishing house. 1881

Item identification number 3262; by a woman.

Reel: 441
Fadettes. Woman's Orchestra of Boston.

The Fadettes, woman's orchestra of Boston.

[n.p.]. [1906]

Item identification number 8370.

Reel: 941
Faguet, Émile, 1847-1916.

... Les amies de Rousseau.

Paris, Société Française d'imprimerie et de librairie. [1912]

Item identification number 6500.

Reel: 810
Faguet, Émile, 1847-1916.

... Le féminisme.

Paris, Société française d'imprimerie et de librairie. 1910

Item identification number 5788.

Reel: 723
Fahmy, Mansour.

... La condition de la femme dans la tradition et l'évolution de l'Islamisme.

Paris, F. Alcan. 1913

Item identification number 6501.

Reel: 810
Fahrner, Ignaz, 1865.

Geschichte der Ehescheidung im kanonischen Recht.

Freiburg im Breisgau; St. Louis, Mo. [etc.] Herder. 1903

Item identification number 5180.

Reel: 650
[Faillon, Étienne Michel, abbé], 1800-1870.

L'héroine chrétienne du Canada; ou, Vie de Mlle. Le Ber.

Villemarie, Chez les Soeurs de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame. 1860

Item identification number 2225.

Reel: 326
[Faillon, Étienne Michel, abbé], 1800-1870.

Life of the venerable M.-M. Dufrost de Lajemmerais, Mde d'Youville, foundress of the Sisters of charity (called Grey nuns) of Montreal, Canada.

Montreal, Printed at the Grey nunnery. 1895

Item identification number 4147.1; by Rev. D. S. Ramsay.

Reel: 540
[Faillon, Étienne Michel, abbé], 1800-1870.

Vie de la soeur Bourgeoys, fondatrice de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame de Villemarie en Canada.

Villemarie, Chez les Soeurs de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame. 1853

Item identification number 1723; Suivi de l'histoire de cet institut jusqu'à ce jour.

Reel: 256
Fairbanks, Lorenzo Sayles, 1825-1897.

The divorce laws of Massachusetts.

Boston, Printed by Batchelder Amidon & co. 1877

Item identification number 2659.1; The statutes analyzed and explained, with a brief outline of the general principles of the law of divorce, as administered in the commonwealth, accompanied by a digest of the decisions of the supreme judicial court, with notes and explanations.

Reel: 380
Fairchild, James Harris, 1817-1902.

The coeducation of the sexes as pursued in Oberlin College.

[Hartford, Camp]. [1868]

Item identification number 8719.

Reel: 945
Fairchild, James Harris, 1817-1902.

Woman's right to the ballot.

Oberlin, G. H. Fairchild. 1870

Item identification number 2660.

Reel: 380
Fairfield, Jane (Frazee) b. 1810.

The autobiography of Jane Fairfield.

Boston, Bazin and Ellsworth. 1860

Item identification number 2227; embracing a few select poems by Sumner Lincoln Fairfield.

Reel: 326
Fairfield, Zoë, ed.

Some aspects of the woman's movement.

London, Student Christian Movement. 1915

Item identification number 6502; by Ernest Barker, C. M. Ady, Helen Wilson, Una Saunders, William Temple, Zoë Fairfield, Clara E. Collet.

Reel: 810
Faithful, Emily, 1835-1895.

How shall I educate my daughter?.

London. 1863

Item identification number 8059.

Reel: 936
Faithful, Emily, 1835-1895.

A reed shaken with the wind.

New York, Adams, Victor, and co. [c1873]

Item identification number 2661.

Reel: 380
Faithful, Emily, 1835-1895.

Three visits to America.

Edinburgh, D. Douglas. 1884

Item identification number 3263.

Reel: 441
[Fales, Sally Kirby (Padelford)], 1780-1858.

Familiar letters on subjects interesting to the minds and hearts of females.

Boston, Crocker & Brewster. 1834

Item identification number 1049; by a lady.

Reel: 163
Falke, Jakob von, 1825-1897.

Die ritterliche Gesellschaft in Zeitalter des Frauencultus.

Berlin, Henschel. [1872?]

Item identification number 2662.

Reel: 380
Fall, Anna (Christy) 1855.

The tragedy of a widow's third.

Boston, I. P. Fox. 1898

Item identification number 4148; with illustrations by Vesper L. George.

Reel: 540
Fallet, Céline, 1829.

Histoire de Marie Stuart, reine d'Écosse.

Rouen, Mégard. 1855

Item identification number 1725.

Reel: 257
A Familiar compendium of the law of husband and wife.

London, Whittaker, Treacher, and co. 1831

Item identification number 1050; To which is added ... the laws relating to breach of promise of marriage.

Reel: 163
Family Culture.

1896-Feb. 1897

Reel: 240
Fanny Gates Bradford, 1794-1894; a memorial.

[Cambridge] Printed for private circulation [by Riverside press]. 1897

Item identification number 4149.

Reel: 540
Fanshawe, Anne (Harrison) lady, 1625-1680.

Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe, wife of Sir Richard Fanshawe, bt., embassador from Charles II. to the courts of Portugal & Madrid.

London and New York, J. Lane. 1905

Item identification number 5181; containing extracts from the correspondence of Sir Richard Fanshawe; ed., with an introduction, by Beatrice Marshall, and a note upon the illustrations by Allan Fea.

Reel: 650
Far and Near.

Jan. 1890-Dec. 1894

Reel: 237
[Farguen, P.A.].

Théatres, acteurs et actrices de Paris; biographie des artistes dramatiques.

Paris, Au depot central des pièces de théatre. 1842

Item identification number 1348.1.

Reel: 203
Farine, P.

Ouvrage de legislation à la portée de tous.

Paris, E. Flammarion. [1891]

Item identification number 4150; Guide du divorce de la séparation de corps et de la séparation de biens.

Reel: 540
Farley, Harriet, 1817-1907.

Shells from the strand of the sea of genius.

Boston, James Munroe and company. 1847

Item identification number 1349; First series.

Reel: 203
Farnam, Ruth (Stanley) 1873.

A nation at bay, what an American woman saw and did in suffering Serbia.

Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill. [1918]

Item identification number 7352; with thirty illustrations, many of them from photographs taken by the author.

Reel: 890
Farnham, Eliza Woodson (Burhans) "Mrs. T. J. Farnham," 1815-1864.

California, in-doors and out; or, How we farm, mine, and live generally in the Golden State.

New York, Dix, Edwards & co. 1856

Item identification number 1726.

Reel: 257
Farnham, Eliza Woodson (Burhans) "Mrs. T. J. Farnham," 1815-1864.

Eliza Woodson; or, The early days of one of the world's workers.

New York, A. J. Davis & co. 1864

Item identification number 2470; A story of American life. 2d ed.

Reel: 359
Farnham, Eliza Woodson (Burhans) "Mrs. T. J. Farnham," 1815-1864.

Life in prairie land.

New York, Harper & bros. 1846

Item identification number 1350.

Reel: 203
Farnham, Eliza Woodson (Burhans) "Mrs. T. J. Farnham," 1815-1864.

My early days.

New York, Thatcher & Hutchinson. 1859

Item identification number 1727.

Reel: 257
Farnham, Eliza Woodson (Burhans) "Mrs. T. J. Farnham," 1815-1864.

Woman and her era.

New York, A. J. Davis & co. 1864

Item identification number 2230; 2d ed.

Reel: 326
Farquhar, Barbara H.

The pearl of days; or, The advantages of the Sabbath to the working classes.

New York, S. Hueston. 1849

Item identification number 1351; by a labourer's daughter. with a sketch of the author's life, by herself, and a preface by an American clergyman.

Reel: 203
Farquharson (Mrs.).

Women's suffrage: should it be made a test question?.

[n.p., Edinburgh National Society for Women's Suffrage]. [1900?]

Item identification number 9428; Address by Mrs. Farquharson, London, at a meeting held under the auspices of the Dundee and District Women's Liberal Association, 28th December, 1899.

Reel: 953
Farrah, Albert, John, 1863-1944.

Cases on the law of husband and wife.

Ann Arbor, Mich., G. Wahr. 1900

Item identification number 4152; by W. Dwyer.

Reel: 540
Farrar, Eliza Ware (Rotch) "Mrs. John Farrar," 1791-1870.

Recollections of seventy years.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1866

Item identification number 2231.

Reel: 326
[Farrar, Eliza Ware (Rotch)] "Mrs. John Farrar," 1791-1870.

The young lady's friend.

Boston, American stationers' company. 1837

Item identification number 1051; by a lady. Improved stereotype ed.

Reel: 164
Farrar, Frederic William, 1831-1903.

Woman's work in the home as daughter, as wife, and as mother.

Philadelphia, H. Altemus. 1895

Item identification number 4153; by the venerable Archdeacon Farrar.

Reel: 541
Farrar, Geraldine, 1882.

Geraldine Farrar, the story of an American singer.

Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin co. 1916

Item identification number 7353.

Reel: 890
Farrar, J. Maurice.

Mary Anderson: the story of her life and professional career.

London, D. Bogue. 1884

Item identification number 3264.

Reel: 441
Farrer, James Anson, 1849-1925.

Primitive manners and customs.

New York, H. Holt and co. 1879

Item identification number 2663.

Reel: 381
Farrer-Morgan (Mrs.).

,,, Paper read by Mr. Farrer-Morgan at the Ruri-Decanal conference, held on 20th November, 1917, on the subject of "Women and the priesthood".

Southport [Great Britain]. 1917

Item identification number 8274.

Reel: 939
The Fashionable Cypriad: in a series of elegant and interesting letters, with correlative anecdotes of the most distinguished characters in Great Britain and Ireland.

London, Printed for the author, and sold by M. and S. Bull. 1798-99

Item identification number 195; Part I-II. 2d ed.

Reel: 32
Fashionable Letter Writer.

Original and selected, containing a variety of letters on love, courtship, marriage, relationship, business, friendship, etc., with forms of complimentary cards.

N.Y., J. Miller. [1888?]

Item identification number 3265; To the whole are prefixed directions for letter writing.

Reel: 441
The Fate of Corsica; or, The female politician, a comedy.

London, Printed for E. Rayner. 1732

Item identification number 196; Written by a lady of quality.

Reel: 32
Faure, Andre.

Le mariage en Judée & en Égypte.

Valence, Villard, Brise et Blache. 1897

Item identification number 4155; Analogie des deux institutions.

Reel: 541
Faurey, Joseph.

Le droit ecclésiastique matrimonial des calvinistes français.

Paris, Librarie de la Société du recueil Sirey. 1910

Item identification number 5789.

Reel: 724
Fausto, Sabastiano, da Longiano, 16th century.

Delle nozze, trattato, in cvi si leggono i riti, i costvmi, gl'institvti, le cerimonie, et le solennita' di diuersi antichi popoli, ende si sono tratti molti problemi; & aggiuntiui, i precetti matrimoniali di Plutarco.

In Venetia, Per Plinio Pietrasanta. 1554

Item identification number 197.

Reel: 32
Favole scelte, tradotte dall'idioma francese nell' italiano per il signor de Veneroni.

Augspurg, Zu finden bey Abraham Steisslinger. [1727]

Item identification number 198; e poi da quelle nel tedesco, per il signore Baldassaro Nickisch.

Reel: 32
Fawcett, Henry, 1833-1884.

Essays and lectures on social and political subjects.

London, Macmillan & co. 1872

Item identification number 2664; by Millicent Garrett Fawcett.

Reel: 381
Fawcett, Henry, 1833-1884.

The late Mr. Fawcett on women's suffrage and the franchise bill.

[Manchester, A. Ireland & co., printers]. [n.d.]

Item identification number 9544.

Reel: 955
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

Electoral disabilities of women.

Tavistock. 1871

Item identification number 2665.

Reel: 381
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

Five famous French women.

London, Paris, New York, and Melbourne, Cassell and company, limited. 1905

Item identification number 5182; with thirty illustrations.

Reel: 650
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

Home and politics.

[London] London society for women's suffrage. [189-?]

Item identification number 9406; An address delivered at Hoynbee hall and elsewhere, by Mrs. Henry Fawcett, LL.D. Sixth reprint.

Reel: 953
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

Mr. Fitzjames Stephen on the position of women.

London, MacMillan & co. 1873

Item identification number 8086.

Reel: 937
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

Political economy for beginners.

London, Macmillan & co. 1876

Item identification number 2667; 4th ed., rev. & enl.

Reel: 381
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

A reply to the letter of Samuel Smith, M.P. on women's suffrage.

Westminster. 1892

Item identification number 9414.

Reel: 953
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

Some eminent women of our times; short biographical sketches.

London, New York, Macmillan. 1889

Item identification number 3266.

Reel: 441
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

Women's suffrage in Parliament.

Westminster, National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies. 1898

Item identification number 9426; [by Mrs. Henry and C. W. Radcliffe Corke.].

Reel: 953
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

Women's suffrage; a short history of a great movement.

London and Edinburgh, T. C. & E. C. Jack. [1912]

Item identification number 6503.

Reel: 810
Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett) "Mrs. Henry Fawcett," 1847-1929.

The women's victory -- and after: personal reminiscences, 1911-1918.

London, Sidgwick & Jackson, ltd. [1920]

Item identification number 7354.

Reel: 890
Fay, Clement K.

Municipal woman suffrage.

Brookline, Chronicle Press. 1887

Item identification number 8850; Argument of Clement K. Fay ... for remonstrants.

Reel: 947
Fazil, bey, d. ca. 1810.

Le livre des femmes (Zenan-nameh) de Fazil-bey, traduit du turc par J.-A. Decourdemanche.

Paris, E. Leroux. 1879

Item identification number 2668.

Reel: 381
Fea, Allan, 1860.

Some beauties of the seventeenth century.

London, Methuen & co. [1906]

Item identification number 5790; with 82 illustrations. 2d ed.

Reel: 724
Featherstun, Henry Walter, 1849.

My experience and suffrage.

[n.p., Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association]. [n.d.]

Item identification number 9006.

Reel: 948
Fedele, Cassandra, 1465?-1558.

Clarissimae feminae Cassandrae Fidelis Venetae Epistolae & orationes posthumæ, nunquam antehac editæ. Iac. Philippvs Tomasinvs è M. SS. recensuit, præmissa eius vita argumentis, notisque illustrauit.

Patavii, Prostat apud Francisü Bolzettam. 1636

Item identification number 199.

Reel: 32
Federal Suffrage Association.

Its origin and constitution.

[n.p.]. [1892]

Item identification number 8881.

Reel: 947
Federation of Woman's Boards of Foreign Missions of North America.

Report of deputation [to China and Japan].

West Medford, Mass?. [1920]

Item identification number 7355; and of the conference held at Shanghai, China, January 28, 1920.

Reel: 890
Federation of Women's Literary Clubs and Societies. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Constitution and by-laws.

[n.p.]. 1895

Item identification number 8347.

Reel: 940
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