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Reel: 255
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries (Lummis) 1818-1877.

The court circles of the republic; or, The beauties and celebrities of the nation; illustrating life and society under eighteen presidents; describing the social features of the successive administrations from Washington to Grant.

Hartford, Conn., Hartford publishing co.; New York, J. D. Denison; [etc., etc.]. 1869

Item identification number 2214; with sketches by Mrs. R. E. Mack.

Reel: 324
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries (Lummis) 1818-1877.

Domestic history of the American revolution.

New York, Charles Scribner. 1851

Item identification number 1714.

Reel: 255
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries (Lummis) 1818-1877.

Family pictures from the Bible.

New York, G. P. Putnam, London, Putnam's American agency. 1849

Item identification number 1333.

Reel: 201
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries (Lummis) 1818-1877.

Photograph of Elizabeth Fries Lumis Ellet.

Photograph number: P196.

Reel: 963
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries (Lummis) 1818-1877.

The pioneer women of the West.

Philadelphia, H. T. Coates & Co. [1852]

Item identification number 1715.

Reel: 256
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries (Lummis) 1818-1877.

The queens of American Society.

Philadelphia, Porter & Coates. 1873

Item identification number 2652.1; 6th ed.

Reel: 379
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries (Lummis) 1818-1877.

Women artists in all ages and countries.

New York, Harper & brothers. 1859

Item identification number 1716.

Reel: 256
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries (Lummis) 1818-1877.

The women of the American revolution.

New York, Baker and Scribner. 1848-50

Item identification number 1334.

Reel: 201
Ellington, George, pseud.

The women of New York; or, The under-world of the great city.

New York, New York Book Co. 1869

Item identification number 2216; Illustrating the life of women of fashion, women of pleasure, actresses and ballet girls ... etc.

Reel: 325
Elliot, Frances Minto (Dickinson) 1820-1898.

Old court life in France.

New York and London, G. P. Putnam's sons. [c1893]

Item identification number 4132.

Reel: 538
Elliot, Maud (Howe) 1854-1948.

Laura Bridgman, Dr. Howe's famous pupil and what he taught her.

Boston, Little, Brown and company. [c1903]

Item identification number 5172; by Florence Howe Hall; with illustrations from drawings by John Elliot.

Reel: 648
Elliot, Richard, d. 1788.

A wedding sermon: being the substance of a discourse delivered at Glass-house yard, on May 14, 1775.

London, printed for the author, and sold by J. Johnson. 1776

Item identification number 186.

Reel: 31
Elliott, Albert Wells.

The cause of the social evil and the remedy.

Atlanta, Ga., Webb & Vary co. 1914

Item identification number 6492.

Reel: 809
Elliott, Mary (Belson) 1794.

Female biography; or, Virtue and talent exemplified in the characters of eminent British females.

London, William Darton. 1822

Item identification number 849.

Reel: 130
Elliott, Maud (Howe) 1854-ed.

Art and handicraft in the Woman's building of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893.

Paris, New York, Goupil. 1893

Item identification number 4133; with special articles by Mrs. Potter Palmer [and others] Official ed.

Reel: 538
Ellis, [Sarah Stickney], 1812-1872.

The mothers of England; their influence and responsibility.

New York, D. Appleton & Co., Philadelphia, Geo. S. Appleton. 1844

Item identification number 1336.

Reel: 201
Ellis, Edit.

Photograph of Edit Ellis.

Photograph number: P197.

Reel: 963
Ellis, Elizabeth.

An English girl's first impressions of Burmah.

Wigan, R. Platt; London, Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & co., ltd. 1899

Item identification number 4134; 3d ed.

Reel: 538
Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939.

Das konträre Geschlechtsgefühl von Havelock Ellis und J. A. Symonds: deutsche Original-ausgabe besorgt unter Mitwirkung von Dr. Hans Kurella.

Leipzig, G. H. Wigand's Verlag. 1896

Item identification number 4135.

Reel: 538
Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939.

Man and woman: a study of human secondary sexual characters.

London, W. Scott Pub. Co.: New York, Scribner. 1902

Item identification number 5173; 3d ed.

Reel: 648
Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939.

The objects of marriage.

New York, Medical review of reviews. 1920

Item identification number 9673.

Reel: 956
Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939.

Studies in the psychology of sex.

Philadelphia, F. A. Davis co. 1901-28

Item identification number 5174.

Reel: 648
Ellis, John B.

Free love and its votaries; or, American socialism unmasked.

New York [etc., etc.] United States Publishing co.; San Francisco, Cal., A. L. Bancroft & co. [1870]

Item identification number 2653; Being an historical and descriptive account of the rise and progress of the various free love associations in the United States and of the effects of their vicious teachings upon American society.

Reel: 380
Ellis, Mina Benson Hubbard, formerly Mrs. Leonidas Hubbard, jr.

A woman's way through unknown Labrador; an account of the exploration of the Nascaupee and George rivers.

Toronto, W. Briggs. 1908

Item identification number 5783.

Reel: 723
Ellis, Sarah (Stickney) 1812-1872.

Chapters on wives.

New York, Harper & brothers. 1860

Item identification number 2217.

Reel: 325
Ellis, Sarah (Stickney) 1812-1872.

The daughters of England.

New York, D. Appleton and company. 1842

Item identification number 1335; Their society, character and responsibilities.

Reel: 201
Ellis, Sarah (Stickney) 1812-1872.

The mothers of great men.

London, Chatto and Windus. [1874]

Item identification number 2654; New ed., illus. by V. W. Bromley.

Reel: 380
Ellis, Sarah (Stickney) 1812-1872.

The wives of England, their relative duties, domestic influence, and social obligations.

New York, D. Appleton; Philadelphia, G. S. Appleton. 1843

Item identification number 133.

Reel: 202
Ellis, Sarah (Stickney) 1812-1872.

The women of England, their social duties, and domestic habits.

London, Fisher, son, and co. [1839?]

Item identification number 1046; 15th ed.

Reel: 163
Ellis, William, 1794-1872.

Memoir of Mrs. Mary Mercy Ellis, wife of Rev. William Ellis.

Boston, Crocker & Brewster; New York, Leavitt, Lord & co. 1836

Item identification number 1047; including ... the details of missionary life. with an introductory essay on the marriage of missionaries, by Rev. R. Anderson.

Reel: 163
Ellison, Grace Mary.

An Englishwoman in a Turkish harem.

London, Methuen & co., ltd. [1915]

Item identification number 6493; with an introduction by Edward G. Browne.

Reel: 809
Elmy, Elizabeth C. Wolstenholme.

The criminal code in its relation to women: a paper read before the Dialectical Society, March 3rd, 1880.

Manchester, A. Ireland & co., printers. 1880

Item identification number 8099.

Reel: 937
Elmy, Elizabeth C. Wolstenholme.

Woman's franchise the need of the hour.

London, Independent Labour Party. [1907]

Item identification number 9442.

Reel: 953
Elsing, Bernhard.

Q.D.B.V. venerandos utriuso.

Rigae. 1703

Item identification number 8024.

Reel: 936
Elson, Arthur, 1873-1940.

Woman's work in music; being an account of her influence on the art, in ancient as well as modern times; a summary of her musical compositions, in the different countries of the civilized world; and an estimate of their rank in comparison with those of men.

Boston, L. C. Page & co. 1904 [1903]

Item identification number 5175.

Reel: 649
Elwood, Anne Katherine (Curteis).

Memoirs of the literary ladies of England, from the commencement of the last century.

London, H. Colburn. 1843

Item identification number 1338.

Reel: 202
Emerson, Eleanor (Read) 1777-1806.

Memoirs of Mrs. Eleanor Emerson, containing a brief sketch of her life, with some of her writings.

Boston, printed by Lincoln & Edmands. 1809

Item identification number 642.1; To which is added, the Rev. Mr. Worcester's sermon, occasioned by her death. 2d ed.

Reel: 95
Emerson, Joseph, 1777-1833.

Female education.

Boston, S. T. Armstrong; New York [etc., etc.]. 1822

Item identification number 850; A discourse, delivered at the dedication of the Seminary hall in Saugus, Jan. 15, 1822, to which is added, The little reckoner, consisting principally to arithmetical questions for infants minds.

Reel: 130
Emerson, Lidian (Jackson).

Photograph of Lidian (Jackson) Emerson.

Photograph number: P198.

Reel: 963
[Emerson, M. Farley].

Woman in America: her character and position as indicated by newspaper editorials, and sustained by American social life.

Cincinnati, The Author. 1857

Item identification number 1718; by an American woman.

Reel: 256
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882.

A reasonable reform.

[New York, National woman suffrage publishing co., Inc.]. [1881]

Item identification number 8832.

Reel: 946
Emerson, Ruth.

Japan today.

New York, National Board of the Young Womens Christian Assoc. of the United States of America. 1916

Item identification number 7349.

Reel: 890
Emerson, William, 1769-1811.

A discourse, delivered before the members of the Boston female asylum, September 20, 1805, being their fifth anniversary.

Boston, Printed by Russell & Cutler. 1805

Item identification number 8396.

Reel: 941
Emery, E.B.

Letters from the South, on the social, intellectual and moral conditions of the colored people.

Boston. 1880

Item identification number 7924.

Reel: 935
[Emery, Sarah (Smith)], 1787-1879.

Reminiscences of a nonagenarian.

Newbury [Mass.], W. H. Huse & co., printers. 1879

Item identification number 2655; ed. & illus. by Sarah Anna Emery.

Reel: 380
Emery, Sarah Anna, 1821.

My generation.

Newburyport, M. H. Sargent. 1893

Item identification number 4136.

Reel: 538
Eminent Catholic prelates oppose woman suffrage.

[Issued for Massachusetts anti-suffrage committee. n.p.]. [n.d.]

Item identification number 9366.

Reel: 952
Eminent women of the age; being narratives of the lives and deeds of the most prominent women of the present generation.

Hartford, Conn., S. M. Betts & company; Chicago, Ill., Gibbs & Nichols; [etc., etc.]. 1869

Item identification number 2218; by James Parton, Horace Greeley, T. W. Higginson, J. S. C. Abbott, Prof. James M. Hoppin, William Winter, Theodore Tilton, Fanny Fern, Grace Greenwood, Mrs. E. C. Stanton, etc. Richly illustrated with fourteen steel engravings.

Reel: 325
Emma Willard and her pupils; or, Fifty years of Troy female seminary.

New York, Mrs. R. Sage. [1898]

Item identification number 4137; 1822-1872.

Reel: 539
… En amour.

Paris, Éditions Nilsson. [19--?]

Item identification number 4137.1.

Reel: 539
Enault, Louis, 1824-1900.

Histoire d'une femme.

Paris, Hachette et cie. 1872

Item identification number 2656; 2d ed.

Reel: 380
Enckendorff, Marie Luise.

Realität und Gesetzlichkeit im Geschlechtsleben.

Leipzig, Duncker & Humblot. 1910

Item identification number 5784.

Reel: 723
Endicott, Charles Edward, 1832-1887.

Address before the Women's Suffrage Convention.

[Boston]. [1885?]

Item identification number 8841.

Reel: 946
[Enfantin, Barthélemy Prosper], 1796-1864.

Religion saint-simonienne.

Paris, Impr. D'Everat. 1832

Item identification number 1047.1; La prophétie. Articles extraits du Globe du 19 février au 20 avril 1832. Ménilmontant, le 1. juin 1832.

Reel: 163
Engel, Ernst, 1824-1896.

Das Rechnungsbuch der Hausfrau und seine Bedeutung im Wirthschaftsleben der Nation.

Berlin, L. Simion. 1882

Item identification number 3260.

Reel: 441
Engelhardt, Friedrich Wilhelm.

Dissertation ivridica inavgvralis.

Erfordiae, Stanno-Henrici Rvdolphi Nonne. [1776]

Item identification number 187.1; De raptv sponsae.

Reel: 31
Engelstoft, Laurits, 1774-1851.

Forsög til en skildring af qvindekjönnets huuslige og borgerlige kaar hos skandinaverne för kristendommens indförelse.

Kiöbenhavn, paa G{:y}ldendals forlag. 1799

Item identification number 188.

Reel: 31
Engerrand, Georges.

Etude préliminaire d'un cas de croisement entre un Chinois et une Yucatèque.

[Paris]. [1910]

Item identification number 9819; Par M. Jorge Engerrand.

Reel: 960
Engerrand, Georges.

Note sur deux enfants nés d'un Chinois et d'une Mexicaine de race blanche.

Paris, F. Alcan. [1912]

Item identification number 9821.

Reel: 960
English churchwomen of the seventeenth century.

New York, Stanford and Swords. 1847

Item identification number 1340.

Reel: 202
English Woman's Journal.

Mar. 1858-1860

Reel: 54
English Woman's Journal.

1861-Aug. 1863

Reel: 55
The Englishwoman in Russia: impressions of the society and manners of the Russians at home.

New York, C. Scribner. 1855

Item identification number 1719; by a lady, ten years resident in that country.

Reel: 256
Englmann, Johann Anton.

Katholisches Eherecht.

Regensburg, A. Coppenrath. 1901

Item identification number 5178; Nach dem hinterlassenen manuskripte [von] Johann Anton Englmann. Mit besonderer berücksightigung des in Deutschland geltenden civil-eherechts, sowie der diözesan-vorschriften der diözese Regensburg bearb. von Ludwig Stingl.

Reel: 650
Entschleierte Geheimnisse der Prostitution in Hamburg.

Leipzig, Julius Koffka. 1847

Item identification number 1343.

Reel: 202
Epinay, Louise Florence Pétrouille Tardieu d'Esclavelles, marquis d', 1726-1783.

The memoirs and correspondence of Madame D'Epinay.

London, H. S. Nichols. 1899

Item identification number 4140; Tr. with introduction and brief notes by J. H. Freese.

Reel: 539
The Equal custody of children by parents.

[Boston, Massachusetts association opposed to extension of woman suffrage]. [1910?]

Item identification number 7966.

Reel: 935
An Equal moral standard for men and women.

London, T. Fisher. 1900

Item identification number 9793.

Reel: 959
Equal suffrage in Australia.

Warren, Ohio, National American Woman Suffrage Association. [n.d.]

Item identification number 9542.

Reel: 955
Equal Suffrage League of Virginia.

State laws concerning women.

Richmond, Va., The Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. [1911?]

Item identification number 9580.

Reel: 955
Equal Suffrage League of Wayne County.

Suffrage cook book; a collection of recipes.

Detroit. 1916

Item identification number 7350; Issued by the Equal suffrage league of Wayne county.

Reel: 890
Equal Suffrage Promotes Good Order.

Boston, The Woman's Journal. 1898

Item identification number 8900.

Reel: 947
Eramo, Ernesto d'.

La sinfonia del matrimonio moderno.

Trani, A. Laghezza. 1905

Item identification number 5178.2.

Reel: 650
[Erauso, Catalina de] b. ca. 1592, supposed author.

The nun ensign.

London, T. F. Unwin. 1908

Item identification number 5786; tr. from the Spanish; with an introduction and notes by James Fitzmaurice-Kelly, also La monja alférez, a play in the original Spanish, by Juan Pérez de Montalbán; Illustrated by Daniel Vierge.

Reel: 723
Ercolani, Girolamo, d. 1668.

... Le eroine della solitvdine sacra; ouero, Vite d'alcune delle piu illustri romite sacre.

Bologna, Per G. Longhi. [1655]

Item identification number 189.

Reel: 31
Ernst, George Alexander Otis, 1850-1912.

The legal status of married women in Massachusetts.

Boston, Massachusetts woman suffrage association. 1895

Item identification number 4141.

Reel: 540
Eros; oder, Wörterbuch über die physiologie und über die natur- und cultur-geschichte des menschen in hinsicht auf seine sexualität.

Stuttgart, J. Scheible. 1849

Item identification number 1344; Neue auflage.

Reel: 202
Erskine, [Beatrice], "Mrs. Steuart Erskine," ed.

Anna Jameson, letters and friendships (1812-1860).

London, T. Fisher Unwin, ltd. [1915]

Item identification number 6494; Illustrated.

Reel: 810
Esquiros, Alphonse, 1812-1876.

Les vierges martyres.

Paris, P. Delavigne. 1842

Item identification number 1346.

Reel: 203
Essai sur la supériorité intellectuelle de la femme, dédié par permission à sa Majesté Fréderique Louise, reine de Prusse, par le Chev. dell'Acqua, Milanois.

Berlin. 1797

Item identification number 190.

Reel: 31
An Essay on marriage.

[London?]. [1749]

Item identification number 191.

Reel: 31
An Essay on woman, in three epistles.

London, Printed for the author and sold by Mr. Gretton. [1763?]

Item identification number 192.

Reel: 32
An Essay upon the art of love, containing an exact anatomy of love and all the other passions which attend it.

[London]. 1702

Item identification number 193.

Reel: 32
[Essex, John].

The young ladies conduct; or, Rules for education, under several heads; with instructions upon dress, both before and after marriage; and advice to young wives.

London, JOhn Brotherton. 1722

Item identification number 194.

Reel: 32
Estevez y Romero, Luis, 1849-1909.

Cuál de las legislaciones actuales satisface mejor las exijencias de la justicia respecto á lo que debe ser la condicion de la mujer asi en el orden social como en el de la familia?.

Habana, La propaganda literaria. 1879

Item identification number 2658.

Reel: 380
[Estienne, Antoine] Minim.

... A charitable remonstrance addressed to the wives and maidens of France, touching their dissolute adornments, together with two curious elegies.

Edinburgh, Privately printed. 1887

Item identification number 3261; Tr. from the French of F.A.E.M., by William Rooke. (Printed at Paris in 1585.).

Reel: 441
Ethelmer, Ellis.

Woman free.

Congleton, Women's emancipation union. 1893

Item identification number 4142.

Reel: 540
Etiquette for Americans.

Chicago and New York, H. S. Stone and company. 1898

Item identification number 4143; by a woman of fashion.

Reel: 540
Étude sur l'emancipation de la femme pour améliorer les destinées sociales.

[Lille, chez les principaux libraries, etc., etc.]. [1873]

Item identification number 2658.1; Indication des solutions positives. La revanche qui convient à la France. Projet d'alliance de l'Allemagne et de la France pour le salut social. Post-scriptum. Par un Gaulois émancipé.

Reel: 380
Etz, Anna Cadogan.

Some Reasons Why.

Warren, Ohio. [1909?]

Item identification number 8984.

Reel: 948
Eubank, Earle Edward, 1887-1945.

... A study of family desertion.

Chicago, The University of Chicago Libraries. 1916

Item identification number 7351.

Reel: 890
Eulalia, infanta of Spain, 1864.

Court life from within.

New York, Dodd, Mead & co. 1915

Item identification number 6495; by H.R.H. the infanta Eulalia of Spain.

Reel: 810
The Évangile aux femmes, an Old-French satire on women.

Baltimore, The Friedenwald co. 1895

Item identification number 4143.1; Ed. with introduction and notes by George C. Keidel.

Reel: 540
Evans, Anne Marie, 1886.

... Women's rural organizations and their activities.

[Washington, Govt. print. off.]. 1918

Item identification number 8388.

Reel: 941
Evans, Elizabeth Glendower (Gardiner) 1856-1937.

Diary, 1915 and 1919-1920.

Item identification number M10.

Reel: 970
Evans, Elizabeth Glendower (Gardiner) 1856-1937.

Report of the Committee on domestic reform, no. 1.

[n.p.] Women's Educational and Industrial Union. 1898

Item identification number 8570; The effort to attract the workers in shops and factories to domestic service.

Reel: 943
Evans, Elizabeth Glendower (Gardiner) 1856-1937.

Trip diaries, 1882-1930.

Item identification number M10.

Reel: 970
Evans, Frederick William, 1808-1893.

Ann Lee (The founder of the Shakers), a biography with memoirs of William Lee, James Whitaker, J. Hacknell, J. Meacham, and Lucy Wright; also a compendium of the origin, history, principles, rules and regulations, government and doctrines of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing.

London, J. Burns; Mount Lebanon; New York, F. W. Evans. [1869?]

Item identification number 2221; 4th ed.

Reel: 325
Evans, Hugh Davey, 1792-1868.

A treatise on the Christian doctrine of marriage with a biographical sketch of the author.

New York, Hurd and Houghton; Cambridge, Riverside Press. 1870

Item identification number 2659.

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