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Reel: 788
Allen, Mary (Wood) 1841-1908.

... What a young woman ought to know.

Philadelphia, The Vir publishing company; [etc., etc.]. [1905]

Item identification number 5005; [New rev. ed.].

Reel: 627
[Allestree, Richard], 1619-1681, supposed author.

The ladies calling.

Oxford, Printed at the Theater. 1673

Item identification number 13; In two parts. by the author of The whole duty of man, The causes of the decay of Christian piety, and The gentlemans calling.

Reel: 2
Allibone, Susan, 1813-1854.

A life hid with Christ in God.

Philadelphia, Lippincott. 1856

Item identification number 1587; Being a memoir of Susan Allibone. Chiefly compiled from her diary and letters. by Alfred Lee.

Reel: 239
Allinson, May 1880.

... Dressmaking as a trade for women in Massachusetts.

New York. 1916

Item identification number 7191.

Reel: 876
Alméras, Henri d', 1861-1938.

... La femme amoureuse dans la vie et dans la littérature; étude psycho-physiologique.

Paris, A. Michel. [1920]

Item identification number 5618.

Reel: 702
Alméras, Henri d', 1861-1938.

... La femme amoureuse dans la vie et dans la littérature; étude psycho-physiologique.

Paris, A. Michel. [1920]

Item identification number 7192.

Reel: 876
Alméras, Henri d', 1861-1938.

Le mariage chez tous les peuples.

Paris, Schleicher. 1904

Item identification number 5006; 2 ed.

Reel: 627
Alméras, Henri d', 1861-1938.

... Memoires de Mlle.

Paris, Société Parisienne d'Edition. 1903

Item identification number 5007; Flore, actrice des variétés.

Reel: 627
Almy, Charles.

The law of married women in Massachusetts.

Boston, G. B. Reed. 1878

Item identification number 2490; by Charles Almy, jr., and Horace W. Fuller.

Reel: 360
Almy, Helen Jackson.

Photograph of Helen Jackson Almy.

Photograph number: P21.

Reel: 963
Almy, Helen Jackson.

Photograph of Helen Jackson Almy.

Photograph number: P23.

Reel: 963
Almy, Helen Jackson Cabott; Almy, Charles, Jr.

Photograph of Helen Jackson Cabott Almy with her son Charles Almy Jr.

Photograph number: P22.

Reel: 963
Almy, Helen Wayne.

Photograph of Helen Wayne Almy.

Photograph number: P24.

Reel: 963
Alten, Hedwig von, 1847-1923.

Weibliche Ehre.

Dresden, F. Tittel Nachfolger. 1892

Item identification number 8114; Vortrag gehalten im Allgemeinen deutschen Frauenverein zu Dresden von H. von Alten.

Reel: 937
Altiar, El.

Journal d'une Française en Amérique (Septembre 1916-Juin 1917).

Paris, Plon-Nourrit et cie. 1917

Item identification number 7343; par E. Altiar [pseud.].

Reel: 889
Alvarez Ossorio, Florencio.

Algunas consideraciones generales sobre el matrimonio.

Madrid, Impr. y Estereotipia de M. Rivadeneyra. 1869

Item identification number 2090.

Reel: 308
Alvarez Quintero, Serafin, 1871-1938.

La mujer española; una conferencia y dos cartas, por Serafín Álvarez Quintero y J. Álvarez Quintero.

Biblioteca hispania. [1917]

Item identification number 7193; Madrid.

Reel: 876
Am lebensquell; ein Hausbuch zur geschlechtlichen Erziehung, hrsg. vom Dürerbund.

Dresden, A. Köhler. 1909

Item identification number 5619; Betrachtungen, Ratschläge und Beispiele als Ergebnisse des Dürerbund-Preissusschreibens.

Reel: 702
Amalric, Jean.

La condition de la femme dans le code d'Hammourabi et le code de Moïse.

Montauban, Imp. Coopérativ (Ancienne Maison Granié). 1907

Item identification number 5619.1.

Reel: 702
Amat (Rev.).

Treatise on matrimony, according to the doctrine and discipline of the Catholic Church.

San Francisco, Published by Michael Flood. 1864

Item identification number 9611.

Reel: 956
American Academy of Political and Social Science. Philadelphia.

... Significance of the woman suffrage movement.

Philadelphia, The American academy of political and social science. 1910

Item identification number 5620; Session of the American academy of political and social science, Wednesday evening, February 9, 1910.

Reel: 702
American Academy of Political and Social Science. Philadelphia.

... [Woman's work and organizations].

Philadelphia, American academy of political and social science. 1906

Item identification number 5621.

Reel: 702
American Academy of Political and Social Science. Philadelphia.

Women in public life.

Philadelphia, American academy of political and social science. [1914]

Item identification number 6288; [Editor in charge of this volume, James P. Lichtenberger, Ph.D.].

Reel: 788
American Anti-Slavery Society.

American slavery as it is: testimony of a thousand witnesses.

New York, American Anti-Slavery Society. 1839

Item identification number 964.

Reel: 153
American Anti-Slavery Society.

Commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the organization of the American Anti-slavery society, in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, T. S. Dando & Co. 1884

Item identification number 3081.

Reel: 421
American Association of University Women.

Alice Freeman Palmer, in memoriam, 1855-1902.

Boston, Merrymount Press. 1903

Item identification number 5008.

Reel: 627
American Association of University Women.

... Compensation in certain occupations of women who have received college or other special training.

Boston, Wright & Potter Printing co., state printers. 1896

Item identification number 8568; Prepared from material supplied by the Association of Collegiate Alumnae by the Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics of Labor.

Reel: 943
American Association of University Women.

... Contributions towards a bibliography of the higher education of women.

Boston, The Trustees of the Public library. 1897

Item identification number 3800; Comp. by a committee of the Association of collegiate alumnae.

Reel: 501
American Association of University Women.

The need of well educated teachers and adequate salaries in the elementary grades of our public schools.

[n.p.]. [1902?]

Item identification number 8577.

Reel: 943
American Association of University Women. Committee on Fellowships.

... Report of the committee on fellowships.

[Chicago, Legal News Print]. [1897?]

Item identification number 8759; by the chairman, Mrs. Bessie Bradwell Helmer.

Reel: 945
American Association of University Women. Committee on Vocational Opportunities.

Vocational training; a classified list of institutions training educated women for occupations other than teaching.

Northampton, Mass., Press of the Gazette print. co. 1913

Item identification number 6289; prepared by the Committee on vocational opportunities of the Association of collegiate alumnae.

Reel: 788
American Book of Beauty.


Reel: 238
American Bureau of Moral Education.

... A statement of purpose.

Chicago, American Bureau of Moral Education. [n.d.]

Item identification number 9941.

Reel: 961
American Female Guardian Society and Home for the Friendless. New York.

An appeal, to the wives, mothers and daughters of our land, in the city and the country, earnestly and affectionately presented, by the ladies of the New York Female moral reform society.

New York, H. R. Piercy. 1836

Item identification number 9854.

Reel: 960
American Female Guardian Society and Home for the Friendless. New York.

The constitution and circular of the New-York Female moral reform society; with the addresses delivered at its organization.

New York, J. N. Bolles. 1834

Item identification number 9853.

Reel: 960
American Home Magazine.


Reel: 239
The American housewife: containing the most valuable and original receipts in all the various branches of cookery; and written in a minute and methodical manner together with a collection of miscellaneous receipts, and directions relative to housewifery.

New York, Collins, Keese & Co. 1839

Item identification number 965; by an experienced lady. Also the whole art of carving.

Reel: 153
The American Jewess.


Reel: 240
The American Journal of Eugenics.


Reel: 241
The American lady's and gentleman's modern letter writer, relative to business, duty, love, and marriage.

Philadelphia, Henry F. Anners. [1847]

Item identification number 1241.

Reel: 188
The American lady's preceptor: a compilation of observations, essays and poetical effusions designed to direct the female mind in a course of pleasing and instructive reading.

Baltimore, E. J. Coale; Philadelphia, J. F. Watson, Benjamin Edes, printer. 1811

Item identification number 728; 2d. ed., rev., cor. and enl.

Reel: 111
American National Association of the Red Cross.

The Red Cross of the Geneva Convention; what it is; its origin and history.

Dansville, N.Y., A. O. Bunnell, printer. 1881

Item identification number 7921.

Reel: 935
American Peace Society.

Women in the peace movement.

Boston, American Peace Society. 1910

Item identification number 8379.

Reel: 941
American Ramabai Association.

Ramabai association, extracts from the final report of the executive committee, April 16, 1898.

[n.p.]. [1898?]

Item identification number 8121.

Reel: 937
American Social Hygiene Association.

The American social hygiene association, 1914-1916.

New York City. 1916

Item identification number 9926.

Reel: 961
American Social Hygiene Association.

Social hygiene legislation manual, 1920.

New York. [c1920]

Item identification number 7194.

Reel: 876
The American spectator; or, Matrimonial preceptor.

Boston, Printed by Manning & Loring, for David West. 1797

Item identification number 14; A collection (with additions and variations) of essays, epistles, precepts, and examples relating to the married state ... Adapted to the state of society in the American Republic.

Reel: 2
American Suffragette.

June 1909-April, 1911

Reel: 242
American Sunday School Union.

Grace Raymond; or, The evil and cure of a passionate temper.

Philadelphia, American Sunday-school union. [1848]

Item identification number 1242; Written for the American Sunday School Union by a deaf and dumb lady.

Reel: 188
American Sunday School Union.

Notable women of olden times.

Philadelphia, American Sunday School-Union. [1852]

Item identification number 1588; Written for the American Sunday-School union.

Reel: 240
American Tract Society. New York.

Home scenes; or, Lights and shadows of the Christian home.

New York, American tract society. [1865]

Item identification number 2091.

Reel: 308
American Woman Suffrage Association.

Constitution of the.

Boston, Press of George H. Ellis. 1881

Item identification number 8831; and the history of its formation, with the times and places in which the association has held meeting up to 1880.

Reel: 946
American Woman Suffrage Association.

Constitution of the American woman suffrage association.

[Boston]. [1869]

Item identification number 8802.

Reel: 946
American Woman Suffrage Association.

Thirteen years experience of woman suffrage in Wyoming.

[Boston]. [1882?]

Item identification number 8833.

Reel: 946
American Woman's Republic.

Twenty ambassadors and their escort.

[n.p.]. [1911]

Item identification number 8380.

Reel: 941
Ames, Azel, 1845-1908.

Sex in industry: a plea for the working-girl.

Boston, J. R. Osgood and company. 1875

Item identification number 2491.

Reel: 361
Ames, Blanche (Ames).

Photograph of Blanche (Ames) Ames.

Photograph number: P25.

Reel: 963
[Ames, Charles Gordon], 1828-1912.

Peter and Susan Lesley.

Boston, Geo. M. Ellis Co., printers. 1904

Item identification number 5010; "A memorial discourse, preached in the Church of the Disciples, Boston, Jan. 24, 1904 by Charles Gordon Ames.".

Reel: 627
[Ames, Eleanor Maria (Easterbrook)], 1831-1908.

Where you are.

Brooklyn. N.Y., The author. [1897]

Item identification number 3791; Talks with girls, by Eleanor Kirk [pseud.].

Reel: 499
Ames, Fanny B.

Photograph of Fanny B. Ames.

Photograph number: P26.

Reel: 963
Ames, Julia A., ed.

Platform voices.

Chicago, Woman's Temperance Publications Association. 1887

Item identification number 3083.

Reel: 421
[Ames, Julius Rubens].


[N.Y. American anti-slavery society]. 1837

Item identification number 966; The image and superscription on every coin issued by the United States of America. Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.

Reel: 153
Ames, Mary (Clemmer) 1839-1884.

Eirene; or, A woman's right.

New York, G. P. Putnam & sons. 1871

Item identification number 2492.

Reel: 361
Ames, Mary (Clemmer) 1839-1884.

A memorial of Alice and Phoebe Cary.

New York, Hurd & Houghton; Cambridge, Riverside Press. 1873

Item identification number 2493; with some of their later poems. Illus. by two portraits on steel.

Reel: 361
Ames, Mary (Clemmer) 1839-1884.

Outlines of men, women, and things.

New York, Hurd & Houghton; Cambridge, Riverside press. 1873

Item identification number 2494.

Reel: 361
Ames, Mary (Clemmer) 1839-1884.

Ten years in Washington.

Hartford, Conn., A.D. Worthington & cc.; [etc., etc.]. 1874

Item identification number 2495; Life and scenes in the national capital, as a woman sees them.

Reel: 361
Ames, Mary, 1831.

From a New England woman's diary in Dixie in 1865.

[Norwood, Mass., Plimpton press]. 1906

Item identification number 5624.

Reel: 702
Amfiteatrov, Aleksandr Valentinovich, 1862.

... Die frau in den gesellschaftlichen kreisen Russlands.

[Russian omitted]. 1905

Item identification number 5011.

Reel: 627
Amfiteatrov, Aleksandr Valentinovich, 1862.

[Russian Omitted].

[[Russian omitted]]. [1904]

Item identification number 5012.

Reel: 627
L'ami des enfans.

[Paris, Devaux]. [1782?]

Item identification number 9697; Motion en faveur deu divorce.

Reel: 957
Amman, Jobst, 1539-1591.

The theatre of women.

Manchester, For the Holbein society by A. Brothers; [etc., etc.]. 1872

Item identification number 2496; Ed. by Alfred Aspland.

Reel: 361
Amory de Langerack, Joséphine, 1831.

De l'existence morale et physique des femmes; ou, Essais sur l'éducation et les conditions des femmes, prises dans tous les ordres de la société, et en particulier dans les classes laborieuses.

Paris, Au Bureau de l'Imprimerie [de H.V. de Surcy]. 1849

Item identification number 1243.

Reel: 188
[Amory, Thomas], 1691?-1788.

Memoirs: containing the lives of several ladies of Great Britain.

London, Printed for John Noon. 1755

Item identification number 15.

Reel: 2
[Amory, Thomas], 1691?-1788.

The spirit of Buncle; or, The surprising adventures of that original and extraordinary character John Buncle, Esq.

London, C. Stocking. 1823

Item identification number 816.

Reel: 125
Amos, Sheldon, 1835-1886.

A concise statement of some of the objections to the Contagious diseases acts of 1864, 1866, and 1869, dealing with the argument up to the present time (1876).

London, W. Ridway. 1876

Item identification number 2497.1.

Reel: 361
Amos, Sheldon, 1835-1886.

Difference of sex as a topic of jurisprudence and legislation.

London, Longmans, Green & co. 1870

Item identification number 2498.

Reel: 362
The Amours of Messalina, late queen of Albion.

London, Printed for J. Lyford. 1689

Item identification number 16; In which are briefly couch'd, secrets of the imposture of the Cambrion prince, the Gothick league and other court intrigues of the four last years reign, not yet made publick. by a woman of quality, a late confident of Q. Messalina.

Reel: 2
Amram, David Werner, 1866-1939.

The Jewish law of divorce according to Bible and Talmud with some reference to its development in post-Talmudic times.

Philadelphia [Press of E. Stern & co., in.]. 1896

Item identification number 3792.

Reel: 500
Amsterdam, Nationale tentoonstelling van vrouwenarbeid, 1898.

De vrouw in Nederlandsch Westindië.

Amsterdam, H.J.W. Becht. 1898

Item identification number 3792.1; Uitgegeven van wege de Westindische rubriekcommissie van de Nationale Tentoonstelling van Vrouwenarbeid. Bijeenverzameld door Jhr. L.C. van Panhuijs.

Reel: 500
Ancelot, Marguerite Louise Virginie (Chardon) dame, 1792-1875.

Les salons de Paris; foyers éteints, par Mme. Ancelot.

Paris, J. Tardieu. 1858

Item identification number 1589; Deuxième édition.

Reel: 240
[Ancona, Alessandro d'], 1835-1914.

Usi nuziali dei contadini della Romagna.

Pisa. 1878

Item identification number 2499.

Reel: 362
Ancourt, d', abbé.

The lady's preceptor; or, A letter to a young lady of distinction upon politeness.

London, Printed for J. Watts. 1743

Item identification number 17; Taken from the French of the abbé d'Ancourt, and adapted to the religion, customs, and manners of the English nation. by a gentleman of Cambridge. The second edition.

Reel: 2
[Anderdon, Blanche].

The Catholic girl in the world.

London, Burns & Oates, ltd. [etc., etc.]. [1894]-1901

Item identification number 3793; by Whyte Avis [pseud.]; with a preface by ... R.F. Clarke ... 2d ed.

Reel: 500
Anderson, Christopher, 1782-1852.

Book for parents.

Boston, Perkins, Marvin & co., New York [etc., etc.]. 1834

Item identification number 967; The genius and design of the domestic constitution, with its untransferable obligations and peculiar advantages. From the Edinburgh edition.

Reel: 153
Anderson, Florence Mary (Bennett) 1883.

Religious cults associated with the amazons.

New York, Columbia University press. 1912

Item identification number 6291.

Reel: 788
Anderson, James, of Edinburgh (Rev.).

The ladies of the Covenant.

New York, Redfield. 1853

Item identification number 1590; Memoirs of distinguished Scottish female characters, embracing the period of the Covenant and the persecution ... [2d ed.].

Reel: 240
Anderson, James, of Edinburgh (Rev.).

Ladies of the Reformation, memoirs of distinguished female characters, belonging to the period of the Reformation in the Sixteenth century.

London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and New York, Blackie and son. 1855

Item identification number 1591; England, Scotland, and the Netherlands.

Reel: 240
Anderson, James, of Edinburgh (Rev.).

Memorable women of the Puritan times.

London [etc.] Blackie and son. 1862

Item identification number 2092.

Reel: 308
Anderson, Mary E.

Scenes in the Hawaiian Islands and California.

New York, American Tract Society. [1865]

Item identification number 2093.

Reel: 309
Anderson, Rufus, 1796-1880.

Memoir of Catharine Brown, a Christian Indian of the Cherokee nation.

Philadelphia, American Sunday School Union. 1832

Item identification number 967.1.

Reel: 153
Andorf, Johannes Christophorus.

De jure mulierum quibus expressa hypotheca a marito constituta est.

Erfordiæ. [1737]

Item identification number 8030.

Reel: 936
Andreas-Salomé, Lou, 1861-1937.

Die Erotik.

Frankfurt am Main, Rütten & Loening. [1910]

Item identification number 5625.

Reel: 702
Andreas-Salomé, Lou, 1861-1937.

Henrik Ibsen's Frauen-Gestalten nach seinen sechs Familien dramen: Ein Puppenheim, Gespenster, Die Wildente, Romersholm, Die Frau vom Meere, Hedda Gabler.

Jena und Leipzig, Eugen Diederichs. 1906

Item identification number 5626.

Reel: 702
Andreini, Isabella, 1562-1604.

Lettre della signora Isabella Andreini Padovana, comica gelosa.

Venetia, Alla Minerua. 1647

Item identification number 18.

Reel: 3
Andreini, Isabella, 1562-1604.

Lettre et ragionamenti d'Isabelle Andreini Padovana.

Turin. 1611

Item identification number 19.

Reel: 3
Andrew, Elizabeth (Wheeler) 1845-1917.

Heathen slaves and Christian rulers.

Oakland, Cal., Messiah's advocate. 1907

Item identification number 5626.1; by Katharine Bushnell.

Reel: 703
Andrew, Nell.

For our mothers.

Fort Worth, Taylor-made printing. [c1912]

Item identification number 6292; To honor Mother's day. [Compiled by Nell Andrew.].

Reel: 788
Andrews, Edmund, 1824-1904.

Prostitution and its sanitary management.

[St. Louis]. [1871?]

Item identification number 2499.1.

Reel: 362
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