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Reel: 889
Durand, Sophie (Cohondet), 1772-1850.

Napoleon and Marie-Louise, 1810-1814.

London, S. Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington. 1886

Item identification number 3252; a memoir by Madame la générale Durand, first lady to the Empress Marie-Louise.

Reel: 439
Durand-Ruel et fils, firm, Paris.

Berthe Morisot (Madame Eugène Manet).

[Paris] Chez Durand-Ruel. 1896

Item identification number 4109; Avec portrait photogravé d'après Edouard Manet. Préface par Stéphane Mallarmé. Exposition de son oeuvre du 5 au 21 Mars 1896.

Reel: 534
Duras, Louise Henriette Charlotte Philippine (de Noailles) de Durfort, duchesse de, 1745-1832.

Prison journals during the French revolution.

New York, Dodd, Mead & co. 1891

Item identification number 4110; by the Duchesse de Duras, née Noailles; Tr. by Mrs. M. Carey.

Reel: 534
Düring, Ernst Carl Eduard Camille von, 1858.

Inutilité de la surveillance sanitaire des prostituées: rapport présenté à la confèrence de Lugano le 21 septembre 1907, par le professeur Dr von Dürung.

Genève, Secrétariat général de la Fédération. 1907

Item identification number 9894.

Reel: 961
Duse, Eleanora.

Photograph of Eleanora Duse.

Photograph number: P183.

Reel: 963
Düsterdiek, Hans.

Ein Beitrag zur Lehrevom Dithmarscher ehelichen Güterrecht.

Kiel, Lipsius & Tischer. 1903

Item identification number 9805.

Reel: 959
Dutt, Manmatha Nath, comp.

Gleanings from Indian classics.

Calcutta [printed and published by G. C. Chackravarti] at the Deva Press. 1893

Item identification number 4111.

Reel: 535
Duval, Georges, 1847-1919.

Virginie Déjazet 1797-1875.

Paris, Tresse. 1876

Item identification number 2645.

Reel: 379
Duys, J.E.W., 1877.

Feminisme en staats-notoriaat.

Breukelen, Uitgevers-maatschappij de Vecht. 1899

Item identification number 4111.1.

Reel: 535
Dvorsky, Frantisek, 1839-1907.

Perchta z Rozmberka, zvaná bílá paní; historický kulturní obraz.

V Praze, Nakl. Spolku pro vydáváni laciných knih {uc}eských. 1874

Item identification number 2646.

Reel: 379
Dwight, Sereno Edward, 1786-1850.

The Hebrew wife, or the law of marriage examined in relation to the lawfulness of polygamy and to the extent of the law of incest.

New York, Leavitt, Lord. 1836

Item identification number 1045.

Reel: 163
Dyce, Alexander, 1798-1869.

Specimens of British poetesses; selected and chronologically arranged.

London, T. Rodd. 1825

Item identification number 847.

Reel: 130
Dye, John H.

Painless childbirth; or Healthy mothers and healthy children.

Silver Creek, N.Y., The local printing house. 1882

Item identification number 3253; A book for women.

Reel: 439
Dyhrenfurth, Gertrud.

Die hausindustriellen Arbeiterinnen in der Berliner Blusen-, Unterrock-, Schürzen- und Tricotkonfektion.

Leipzig, Duncker & Humblot. 1898

Item identification number 4112.

Reel: 535
Dykes, Oswald, 1670?-1728.

The royal marriage; King Lemuel's lesson.

London, Printed for the author. 1722

Item identification number 181; practically paraphrased, with remarks, moral and religious upon the virtues and vices of wedlock.

Reel: 30
Dymond, Ann, 1768-1816.

Some account of Ann Dymond, late of Exeter.

York [Eng.] W. Alexander. 1820

Item identification number 848.

Reel: 130
Dyson, Julia A. (Parker) 1818-1852.

Life and thought; or, Cherished memorials of the late Julia A. Parker Dyson.

Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen, Hafflefinger & co. 1871

Item identification number 2647; Ed. by Miss E. Latimer. 2d ed.

Reel: 379
Eadie, John, 1810-1876.

Marriage with a deceased wife's sister not contrary to the word of god.

Edinburgh. 1850

Item identification number 9730.

Reel: 958
Eadie, John, 1810-1876.

Marriage with a deceased wife's sister not contrary to the word of God.

Edinburgh, T. Grant. 1850

Item identification number 9834.

Reel: 960
Eames, Emma.

Photograph of Emma Eames.

Photograph number: P184.

Reel: 963
Earengey, W.G.

Woman under the law.

[London, Glasgow, Women's freedom league]. [1908]

Item identification number 8158.

Reel: 938
Earhart, Amelia.

Photograph of Amelia Earhart.

Photograph number: P185.

Reel: 963
Earhart, Amelia.

Photograph of Amelia Earhart.

Photograph number: P188.

Reel: 963
Earhart, Amelia; Drier Ethel Eyre (Valentine).

Photograph of Amelia Earhart with Ethel Eyre (Valentine) Drier.

Photograph number: P187.

Reel: 963
Earhart, Amelia; Morrissey, Muriel (Earhart).

Photograph of Amelia Earhart with Muriel (Earhart) Morrissey.

Photograph number: P186.

Reel: 963
Earle, Alice (Morse) 1853-1911.

Colonial dames and good wives.

Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin & co.; Cambridge, Riverside Press. 1895

Item identification number 4113.

Reel: 535
Earle, Alice (Morse) 1853-1911.

Curious punishments of bygone days.

Chicago, Herbert S. Stone & co. 1896

Item identification number 4114.

Reel: 535
Earle, Alice (Morse) 1853-1911.

Customs and fashions in old New England.

London, David Nutt. 1893

Item identification number 4115.

Reel: 535
Earle, Alice (Morse) 1853-1911.

Home life in colonial days.

New York, Macmillan co.; London, Macmillan & co., ltd. 1900

Item identification number 4117.

Reel: 535
Earle, Alice (Morse) 1853-1911.

In old Narragansett; romances and realities.

New York, C. Scribner's sons. 1898

Item identification number 4118.

Reel: 536
Earle, Alice (Morse) 1853-1911.

Margaret Winthrop.

New York, C. Scribner's sons. [c1895]

Item identification number 4119.

Reel: 536
Earle, Alice (Morse) 1853-1911.

Two centuries of costume in America, MDCXX-MDCCCXX.

New York, The Macmillan co.; London, Macmillan & co. 1903

Item identification number 5169.

Reel: 648
Earle, Alice (Morse) 1853-1911, ed.

Early prose and verse.

New York, Harper & bros. 1893

Item identification number 4116; edited by Alice Morse Earle and Emily Ellsworth Ford.

Reel: 535
Eastlake, Elizabeth (Rigby) 1809-1893.

Journals and correspondence of Lady Eastlake.

London, J. Murray. 1895

Item identification number 4120; edited by her nephew Charles Eastlake Smith; with facsimiles of her drawings and a portrait.

Reel: 536
Eastman, Crystal.

Photograph of Crystal Eastman.

Photograph number: P189.

Reel: 963
Eastman, Mary F.

A glance at the situation.

Boston, Woman's journal office. 1873

Item identification number 8819; An address delivered at the annual meeting of the New England woman suffrage association, May 27, 1873.

Reel: 946
Eastman, Max, 1883.

Is woman suffrage important?.

[New York] Men's League for Woman Suffrage. [1912]

Item identification number 9052; 2d ed.

Reel: 949
Eastman, Max, 1883.

Values of the vote.

[New York] The Men's League for Woman Suffrage. [1912]

Item identification number 9053; Address before the Men's League for Woman Suffrage of New York, March 21, 1912.

Reel: 949
Eastman, Max, 1883.

Woman's suffrage and sentiment.

New York, The Equal franchise society. 1909

Item identification number 8983.

Reel: 948
Eastman, Sam Elijah.

Emancipation of woman, an address.

New York, Woman Suffrage Party. [n.d.]

Item identification number 9203.

Reel: 950
Easton, Peter Zaccheus, 1846-1915.

Does woman represent god?.

New York, F. H. Revell co. [c1895]

Item identification number 7942; An inquiry into the true character of the movement for the emancipation of woman.

Reel: 935
Eaton, H.M.

The itinerant's wife: her qualifications, duties, trials, and rewards.

New York, Lane & Scott. 1851

Item identification number 1708.

Reel: 255
Eaton, John, 1829-1906.

The education of our girls.

New York, W. B. Folger, printer. 1877

Item identification number 8732; An address delivered at Tilden Ladies' Seminary, West Lebanon, N.H., June 21, 1877.

Reel: 945
Eaton, Thomas Treadwell, 1845-1907.

Talks on getting married.

Louisville, Ky., Baptist book concern. 1891

Item identification number 4121.

Reel: 536
Eaton, William J.

A plea for woman's suffrage.

[n.p.]. [19--?]

Item identification number 8912.

Reel: 947
Eberhardt, Max.

Die Rechtsstellung des Weibes innerhalb der Ehe.

Chicago, Meininger and Schick. 1871

Item identification number 2649.

Reel: 379
Eberti, Johann Caspar.

Eröffnetes cabinet dess gelehrten frauen-zimmers darinnen die berühmtesten dieses geschlechtes umbständlich vorgestellet werden.

Franckfurth, und Leipzig, Bey M. Rohrlachs sel. Wittib und Erben. 1706

Item identification number 182.

Reel: 30
Eccentric biography; or, Memoirs of remarkable female characters, ancient and modern.

London, Printed by J. Cundee, Sold by T. Hurst; [etc., etc.]. 1803

Item identification number 639; Alphabetically arranged. Forming a pleasing mirror of reflection to the female mind.

Reel: 94
Echegaray y Eizaguirre, José, 1832-1916.

Influencia del estudio de las ciencias físicas en la educacion de la mujer.

Madrid. Impr. y Estereotipia de M. Rivadeneyra. 1869

Item identification number 8068.

Reel: 936
Eck, Miriam.

Die Jungfräuliche Frau. Eine Beleuchtung.

Berlin, L. Oehmigke. 1900

Item identification number 4122.

Reel: 536
Eckenberg, Wilhelm.

Das Mitgiftversprechen nach dem Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch für das deutsche Reich.

Leipzig-Reudnitz, A. Hoffmann. 1909

Item identification number 5781.1.

Reel: 723
Eckenstein, Lina, d. 1931.

Woman under monasticism; chapters on saint-lore and convent life between A.D. 500 and A.D. 1500.

Cambridge, University press. 1896

Item identification number 4123.

Reel: 536
Ecob, Helen Gilbert.

The test of woman suffrage in Colorado.

Boston, The Woman's Journal. 1896

Item identification number 8893.

Reel: 947
Ecob, Helen Gilbert.

The well-dressed woman; a study in the practical application to dress of the laws of health, art, and morals.

New York, Fowler & Wells. 1892

Item identification number 4124.

Reel: 536
Eddy, Daniel Clarke, 1823-1896.

Daughters of the cross; or, Woman's mission.

New York, Dayton & Wentworth. 1855

Item identification number 1709.

Reel: 255
Eddy, Daniel Clarke, 1823-1896.

Heroines of the missionary enterprise: or, Sketches of prominent female missionaries.

Boston, Ticknor, Reed and Fields. 1850

Item identification number 1710.

Reel: 255
Eddy, Daniel Clarke, 1823-1896.

Lectures to young ladies, on subjects of practical importance.

Lowell, B. C. Sargeant. 1848

Item identification number 1329.1.

Reel: 201
Eddy, Daniel Clarke, 1823-1896.

The three Mrs. Judsons, and other daughters of the cross.

Boston, Wentworth, Hewes & co. 1859

Item identification number 1711.

Reel: 255
Eddy, Daniel Clarke, 1823-1896.

The young man's friend: Containing admonitions for the erring; counsel for the tempted, encouragement for the desponding; hope for the fallen.

Boston, Dayton and Wentworth. 1855

Reel: 201, 1330
[Eddy, Daniel Clarke], 1823-1896.

The young woman's friend; or, The duties, trials, loves, and hopes of woman.

Boston, Wentworth & co. 1857

Item identification number 1712; by the author of "Young man's friend", Angel whispers", etc.

Reel: 255
Eddy, Mary (Baker), 1821-1910.

Retrospection and introspection.

Boston, Mass., W. G. Nixon. [189]

Item identification number 4125; 1st thousand.

Reel: 537
Eddy, Richard, 1828-1906.

Life of Thomas J. Sawyer and of Caroline M. Sawyer.

Boston and Chicago, Universalist Pub. House. 1900

Item identification number 4126.

Reel: 537
Eden, Emily, 1797-1869.

Letters from India.

London, R. Bentley. 1872

Item identification number 2650; Ed. by her niece [Hon. Eleanor Eden].

Reel: 379
Eden, Emily, 1797-1869.

Up the country.

London, R. Bentley. 1866

Item identification number 2211; Letters written to her sister from the upper provinces of India.

Reel: 324
Eden, Horatia K.F.

Juliana Horatio Ewing and her books.

London, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; New York, E. & J.B. Young co. [1896]

Item identification number 4127.

Reel: 537
Edenus, Conradus.

Disputatio de foeminarum in feudis successione.

[n.p.] Typis Nicolai Hampelii. 1612

Item identification number 8012.

Reel: 936
Edgar, John, 1798-1866.

Female virtue, its enemies and friends.

London, Nisbet. 1841

Item identification number 1331; A discourse on the statistics, evils, and cure of prostitution, delivered on behalf of the London Society for the Protection of Young Females.

Reel: 201
[Edge, Frederick Milnes].

A woman's example: and a nation's work.

London, W. Ridgway. 1864

Item identification number 2212; A tribute to Florence Nightingale.

Reel: 324
Edger, Henry.

Prostitution and the International woman's league.

New Bedford, Massachusetts, Benjamin R. Tucker. 1878

Item identification number 9868.

Reel: 960
Edgeworth, Maria, 1767-1849.

The life and letters of Maria Edgeworth.

Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin & co.; Cambridge, Riverside Press. 1895

Item identification number 4129; edited by Augustus J. C. Hare.

Reel: 537
Edgeworth, Maria, 1767-1849.

Practical education.

London, J. Johnson. 1798

Item identification number 639.1; by Richard Lovell Edgeworth.

Reel: 94
Edgeworth, Maria, 1767-1849.

Tales of fashionable life.

Georgetown, Joseph Milligan. 1809

Item identification number 640; First American edition.

Reel: 94
[Edgeworth, Maria], 1767-1849.

Letters for literary ladies.

London, Printed for J. Johnson. 1795

Item identification number 183; To which is added, An essay on the noble science of self-justification.

Reel: 31
Edgeworth, Richard Lovell, 1744-1817.

Essay on Irish bulls.

London, Printed for J. Johnson. 1802

Item identification number 641; by Maria Edgeworth, author of Castle Rackrent, &c.

Reel: 95
Edholm, Charlton.

Traffic in girls and Florence Crittenton missions.

Chicago, Woman's Temperance Pub. Assoc. [c1897]

Item identification number 4130; Revised edition.

Reel: 537
Edmondson, Joseph.

The regulationists' "flank movements" or substitutes for the English contagious disease acts.

Sheffield, Leader and sons. 1877

Item identification number 9867; A paper for the congress, at Geneva, 17th to 22nd September 1877, under the auspices of the "British, continental, and general Federation for the abolition of regulation of prostitution.".

Reel: 960
Edmondson, Joseph.

Regulationists and their policy.

Westminster, F. C. Banks [etc., etc.]. 1875

Item identification number 9864; A paper on the present position and prospects of the movement for the repeal of the Contagious diseases acts, read at the annual conference of the Northern counties league, held at Sheffield, 16th November, 1875.

Reel: 960
Edmondson, Joseph.

Understood but not expressed.

London, The British committee of the Federation for the abolition of state regulation of vice. 1896

Item identification number 4130.1; a review of certain regulations existing (in the alleged "interest of the public health") on the continent of Europe and in some British colonies: to which is appended an important memorandum by the British "Army sanitary commission."; with a preface by the Right Hon. Sir James Stansfeld.

Reel: 537
Edmundson, Sarah Emma, 1841-1898.

Nurse and spy in the Union army; comprising the adventures and experiences of a woman in hospitals, camps and battle-fields.

Hartford, W. S. Williams & co.; Philadelphia [etc.] Jones bros. & co. 1865

Item identification number 2213.

Reel: 324
... Education and professions.

London, Chapman & Hall. 1903

Item identification number 5171.

Reel: 648
Education and true democracy.

[Warren, Ohio, Ohio woman suffrage association]. 1914?3

Item identification number 9104.

Reel: 949
Edwards, Henry Sutherland, 1828-1906.

Idols of the French stage.

London, Remington & Co. 1889

Item identification number 3254.

Reel: 440
Edwards, Henry Sutherland, 1828-1906.

The prima donna, her history and surroundings from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century.

London, Remington & co. 1888

Item identification number 3255.

Reel: 440
Edwards, Matilda Barbara Betham, 1836-1919.

Mid-Victorian memories.

New York, The Macmillan co. 1919

Item identification number 7346; with a personal sketch by Mrs. Sarah Grand.

Reel: 889
Edwards, Matilda Barbara Betham, 1836-1919.

Six life studies of famous women.

London, Griffith and Farran; New York, E. P. Dutton & Co. 1880

Item identification number 3256; with six portraits engraved on steel.

Reel: 440
Effect of vote of women on legislation.

New York, National Woman Suffrage Pub. co., inc. 1914

Item identification number 9111; An investigation in the equal suffrage statement made in December, 1913, by "The Evening Sun," of New York City.

Reel: 949
Egle, William Henry, 1830-1901.

Some Pennsylvania women during the war of the revolution.

Harrisburg, Pa., Harrisburg Pub. Co. 1898

Item identification number 4131.

Reel: 537
Ehrenberg, Friedrich, 1776-1852.

Reden an Gebildete aus dem weiblichen Geschlecte, Elberfeld, H. Büschler, 1804.

Item identification number 642.

Reel: 95
Ehrenberg, Richard, 1857-1921.

Die Familie in ihrer Bedeutung für das Volksleben, von Richard Ehrenberg.

Jena, G. Fischer. 1916

Item identification number 7347.

Reel: 889
El Nacional. Mexico.

Causas celebres.

Mexico, G. A. Esteva. 1883

Item identification number 3518.1; Nulidad de matrimonio intentada por Doña Mercedes Martinez de Campos Martin de Molina, contra su esposo, Don Francisco Serrano y Dominguez ... conde de San Antonio.

Reel: 471
The Elective Franchise.

Boston, American woman suffrage association. 1889

Item identification number 8865.

Reel: 947
Elias, Agnes M.

When women know how.

London, Nisbet & co., ltd. [1919]

Item identification number 7348.

Reel: 889
Elie de Beaumont, Anne Louise (Morin-Dumesnil) 1729-1783.

The history of the Marquis de Roselle, in a series of letters.

London, Printed for T. Becket. 1765

Item identification number 185; Translated from the French.

Reel: 31
Eliot, Emily Marshall (Otis) 1832-1906.

Diaries, 1859-1864.

Item identification number M9.

Reel: 969
Eliot, George, pseud., i.e. Marion Evans, afterwards Cross, 1819-1880.

The essays of "George Eliot".

New York, Funk & Wagnalls. [c1883]

Item identification number 3257; Complete, collected and arranged, with an introduction on her "analysis of motives", by Nathan Sheppard.

Reel: 440
Eliot, George, pseud., i.e. Marion Evans, afterwards Cross, 1819-1880.

George Eliot's life as related in her letters and journals.

Edinburgh and London, William Blackwood and sons. 1885

Item identification number 3258; arranged and edited by her husband, J. W. Cross; In three volumes.

Reel: 440-441
Eliot, George, pseud., i.e. Marion Evans, afterwards Cross, 1819-1880.

Photograph of George Eliot, (Pseud) Mirian Evans.

Photograph number: P195.

Reel: 963
Eliot, William Greenleaf, 1811-1887.

Lectures to young women.

Boston, Crosby, Nichols, and co.; New York, Charles S. Francis and co. 1854

Item identification number 1713; 3d ed.

Reel: 255
[Elisabeth, queen consort of Charles I, King of Rumania], 1843-1916.

Songs of toil.

New York, Frederick A. Stokes & brother. 1888

Item identification number 3259; by Carmen Sylva [pseud.]; Translated by John Eliot Bowen. with an introduction sketch.

Reel: 441
Eliza Cook's Journal.


Reel: 52
Eliza Cook's Journal.

Jan.-April 1852; 28 April 1853-1854

Reel: 53
Elizabeth Benton; or, Religion in connection with fashionable life.

New York, Harper & brothers. 1846

Item identification number 1332.

Reel: 201
Elizabeth Fry: or, The Christian philanthropist.

Philadelphia, New York, [etc.] American Sunday School Union. [1851]

Item identification number 1713.1; Written for the American Sunday School Union.

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