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Congrès National des Droits Civils et du Suffrage des femmes. Paris, 1908.

Compte rendu in extenso, recueilli, mis en ordre et publié par les soins de Mme. Oddo Deflou.

[Paris]. [1910]

Item identification number 5739.

Reel: 718
Congreso femenino internacional de la Republica Argentina. 1st, Buenos Aires, 1910.

Primer Congreso femenino internacional de la Republica Argentina, días 18, 19, 20, 21 y 23 de mayo de 1910.

[Buenos Aires] Imprenta A. Ceppi. 1911

Item identification number 6440; Organizado por la Asociacion "Universitarias argentinas." Historia, actas y trabajos. Buenos Aires.

Reel: 805
Congreso Feminista de Yucatán. 1st, Mérida, 1916.

El primer Congreso feminista de Yucatán, Convocada por el Gral. D. Salvador Alvarado, y reunido en el teatro "Peon Contreras" de esta ciudad, del 13 al 16 de enero de 1916.

Mérida, Yucatán [Ateneo peninsular]. [1916]

Item identification number 7304; Anales de esa memorable asamblea.

Reel: 886
Congress of Women. 2nd Chicago, 1874.

Papers read at the second Congress, Chicago, Oct. 15-17, 1874.

Chicago. 1874

Item identification number 2606.

Reel: 375
Congress of Women. Chicago, 1893.

The congress of women held in the Woman's building, World's Columbian exposition.

Chicago [etc.] International pub. co. 1894

Item identification number 4010; Chicago, 1893 ... ed. by Mary Kavanaugh Oldham Eagle. Official edition.

Reel: 523
Congresso Nazionale delle donne Italiane, first, Rome, 1908.

Sunti delle relazioni lette nelle diverse sezioni del Congresso Nazionale delle donne Italiane tenuto in Roma nell' Aprile 1908.

Roma, G. Pietolesi. 1908

Item identification number 5742.

Reel: 718
Congresso Nazionale delle donne Italiane. first, Rome, 1908.

Discorso sui temi proposti alla sezione "Educazione e istruzione".

[Roma, Forzani e C.]. [1908]

Item identification number 5740.

Reel: 718
Congresso Nazionale delle donne Italiane. first, Rome, 1908.

Programma delle sezione.

[Roma, G. Pistolesi]. [1908]

Item identification number 5741.

Reel: 718
Conjugal duty: set forth in a collection of ingenious and delightful wedding-sermons.

London, Printed and sold by J. Watson. 1732

Item identification number 145.0; Viz. I. The merchant-royal; or, Woman a ship, by Robert Wilkinson. II. The bridal-bush, by H. Cornwallis. [etc.].

Reel: 23
Conkling, Margaret Cockburn, 1814-1890.

Memoirs of the mother and wife of Washington.

Auburn, Derby, Miller & co. 1850

Item identification number 1675; 2d ed., rev. and enl.

Reel: 251
Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association.

Memorial of the Connecticut woman suffrage association to the Constitutional Convention assembled in Hartford, Connecticut, January 1, 1902, and an argument thereon.

[Hartford, Plimpton manufacturing co. printers]. [1902?]

Item identification number 8931; by Isabella Beecher Hooker.

Reel: 947
Connecticut. Board of Lady Managers. World's Columbian Exposition.

History of the work of Connecticut women at the World's Columbian exposition, Chicago, 1893.

Hartford, Conn. [Hartford press]. 1898

Item identification number 4011; by Kate Brannon Knight, president of the Board of lady managers.

Reel: 523
Connecticut. Board of Lady Managers. World's Columbian Exposition.

Selections from the writings of Connecticut women.

Norwalk. Literary committee Connecticut Board of lady managers for the Columbian exposition. 1893

Item identification number 4012.

Reel: 524
Connecticut. Board of World's Fair Managers.

Connecticut at the World's fair.

Hartford, Conn., Press of the Case, Lockwood & Brainard co. 1898

Item identification number 4013; Report of the commissioners from Connecticut of the Columbian exhibition of 1893 at Chicago. Also Report of the work of the Board of lady managers of Connecticut.

Reel: 524
Connecticut. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

... Report of the Bureau of labor on the conditions of wage-earning women and girls.

Hartford, Published by the state. 1914

Item identification number 6441; Under authority of chapter 233, G. S. of 1913. Charlotte Molyneux Holloway, industrial investigator. Printed in compliance with statute.

Reel: 805
Connecticut. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

... Report of the Bureau of labor on the conditions of wage-earning women and girls, under authority of chapter 233, G. S. of 1913.

Hartford, Pub. by the state. 1916

Item identification number 7305; Charlotte Molyneux Holloway, industrial investigator.

Reel: 886
Connecticut. Commission to Investigate Conditions of Wage-earning Women and Minors.

... Report of the Commission to investigate the conditions of wage-earning women and minors, appointed by the governor, 1911.

Hartford, Published by the state. 1913

Item identification number 6442; Special act number 276. Report presented to the General assembly of 1913.

Reel: 805
Connecticut. General Assembly.

Proposed act, to protect the health, morals and welfare of women and minors employed in industry by establishing a minimum wage commission and providing for the determination of living wages for women and minors, introduced in the Conn. Legislature, January, 1919.

[n.p.]. [1919?]

Item identification number 8642; by the Consumers' league of Connecticut.

Reel: 944
Conseil national des femmes du Canada.

Les femmes du Canada, leur vie et leurs œ uvres.

[Montréal?]. [1900]

Item identification number 4014; Ouvrage colligé par le Conseil ... d'après le désir exprimé par l'honorable Sydney Fisher, ministre de l'agriculture.

Reel: 524
A Consideration, of the right of marrying the sister of a deceased wife, or the wife of a deceased brother: also of the propriety of making the practice a matter of Christian discipline.

Hartford, Hudson and Goodwin. 1813

Item identification number 9597.

Reel: 955
Considerations on the marriage with the sister of a deceased wife.

Washington, D.C., Rufus H. Darby. 1880

Item identification number 9621; by a layman.

Reel: 956
Consistent democracy.

Worcester, T. W. Higginson; Boston, R. F. Wallcut; [etc., etc.]. 1858

Item identification number 8792; The elective franchise for women. Twenty-five testimonies of prominent men, viz: ex-Gov. Anthony of R.I., Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, Rev. William H. Channing [etc.].

Reel: 946
Constantin, H.

Etude sur le droit des gens mariés à reims.

Paris, A. Chevalier-Marescq & cie. 1903

Item identification number 5128; D'après la coutume redigée en 1556.

Reel: 643
Consumers' League of Cincinnati.

Women workers in factories; a study of working conditions in 275 industrial establishments in Cincinnati and adjoining towns.

[Cincinnati] The Consumers' league. 1918

Item identification number 7306; by Annette Mann, executive secretary, the Consumers' league of Cincinnati, assisted by Aletheia Pattison, Frances Higgins.

Reel: 886
Consumers' League of Eastern Pennylvania. Philadelphia.

Colored women as industrial workers in Philadelphia.

[Philadelphia, Consumers' league of eastern Pennsylvania]. [1920?]

Item identification number 7307.

Reel: 886
Consumers' League of Eastern Pennylvania. Philadelphia.

Occupations for Philadelphia girls.

Philadelphia. 1913

Item identification number 8619; Paper box making.

Reel: 944
Consumers' League of Maryland.

Laws Maryland women workers should know, a brief summary.

[Baltimore, Md., Consumers' league of Maryland]. [n.d.]

Item identification number 8654.

Reel: 944
Consumers' League of Massachusetts.

The high cost of cheap goods.

Boston, Consumers' league of Massachusetts. [n.d.]

Item identification number 8607.

Reel: 944
Consumers' League of Massachusetts.

To women and girls who work in Mass.

[Boston, The Consumers' league]. 1908

Item identification number 8595; Some facts from the laws which conern you.

Reel: 943
Consumers' League of New York.

... Our working girls.

New York, New York State Consumers' League. [1910?]

Item identification number 8608; How they do it.

Reel: 944
Consumers' League of New York.

Women's wages today: one reason for a legal minimum in N.Y. state.

[n.p.] Consumers' league of New York state and Consumers' league of the city of New York. 1920

Item identification number 8655.

Reel: 944
Consumers' League of Oregon. Social Survey Committee.

Report of the Social survey committee of the consumers' league of Oregon on the wages, hours and conditions of work and cost and standard of living of women wage earners in Oregon with special reference to Portland.

Portland, Ore. [Keystone press]. 1913

Item identification number 6443.

Reel: 805
Consumers' League of the City of New York.

Behind the scenes in a restaurant, a study of 1017 women restaurant employees.

[New York]. 1916

Item identification number 7308.

Reel: 886
Consumers' League of the City of New York.

Children who work in the tenements.

New York, Consumers' league of the city of New York. 1908

Item identification number 8466; Little laborers unprotected by child labor law .. as shown by photographs ... for the exhibit of congestion of population of New York city.

Reel: 942
Consumers' League of the City of New York.

Consumers' league of the city of New York.

[n.p.]. [n.d.]

Item identification number 8467.

Reel: 942
Consumers' League of the City of New York.

Who will put "rest in restaurants?" A restaurant worker old at 21 years.

[New York, Consumers' league of the New York city]. [1917]

Item identification number 8632.

Reel: 944
Consumers' League of the City of New York.

The work of the consumers' league of the city of New York, 1915.

[New York, Allied Printing]. [1916]

Item identification number 8625.

Reel: 944
A Continuation of the review of a late treatise entituled An account of the conduct of the Dow--r D____ of M____ &c.

London, Printed for J. Roberts. 1742

Item identification number 145.1; In which many misrepresentations are detected ... especially such as relate to the reign of her late majesty Q. Anne.

Reel: 23
Convegno Femminile, Milano, 1907.

Atti del Convegno Femminile.

Milano, Soc. Arti Grafiche. 1907

Item identification number 5744.

Reel: 718

[Amasa Walker, chairman.] [n.p.]. [n.d.]

Item identification number 8505; No. 97. Commonwealth at Massachusetts. July 1, 1853.

Reel: 942
Convers, Duncan.

Marriage and divorce in the United States: as they are and as they ought to be.

Philadelphia, Lippincott co. 1889

Item identification number 3201.

Reel: 434
Conversations as between parents and children, designed for the instruction of youth.

Philadelphia, W. Brown. 1834

Item identification number 1022; 2d ed.

Reel: 160
Converse, Florence, 1871.

The story of Wellesley.

Boston, Little Brown & co. 1915

Item identification number 6444; with illustration by Norman Irving Black.

Reel: 805
Conway, Katherine Eleanor, 1853-1927.

The Christian gentlewoman and the social apostolate.

Boston, T. J. Flynn & co. 1905

Item identification number 5130; 4th ed.

Reel: 643
Conway, Katherine Eleanor, 1853-1927.

The Good shepherd in Boston.

Boston, Flynn & Mahony. [1892]

Item identification number 7938; Silver jubilee memorial.

Reel: 935
Conway, Katherine Eleanor, 1853-1927.

In the footprints of the Good Shepherd, New York, 1857-1907.

New York, Convent of the Good Shepherd. 1907

Item identification number 5745; from the convent annals and from personal study of the work.

Reel: 718
Conway, Moncure Daniel, 1832-1907.

Ellen Dana Conway.

[New York, Privately printed]. [1898?]

Item identification number 8307.

Reel: 940
Conyngton, Mary Katherine, 1864-1942.

... Effect of workmen's compensation laws in diminishing the necessity of industrial employment of women and children, December, 1917.

Washington, Govt. print. off. 1918

Item identification number 7309.

Reel: 886
Conyngton, Mary Katherine, 1864-1942.

Why women should have the ballot.

Boston, The Woman's Journal. 1896

Item identification number 8892.

Reel: 947
Cook, Elihu George, 11817?-1893.


Chicago, Arcade Pub. Co. 1886

Item identification number 3202; Easy favorable child bearing. A book for all women. Health and happiness for the children: home treatment and a complete manual for the household.

Reel: 434
Cook, Ellen Gilbert (Maples).

Personal service, being a short memoir of Agnes Burton of St. Faith, Bitterne Park, Southampton.

London, New York [etc.] Longmans, Green & co. 1914

Item identification number 6446; with introduction by the Right Rev. James MacArthur ... 2d ed.

Reel: 806
[Cook, Margaret Mary (Smith)] "Mrs. Russell Cook," 1857.

Women's suffrage.

London, S. Sonnenschein and Co. 1885

Item identification number 3203; by Mrs. Ashton Dilke; with an introduction by Wm. Woodall, M.P.

Reel: 435
Cook, Sir Edward Tyas, 1857-1919.

The life of Florence Nightingale.

London, Macmillan and co., ltd. 1913

Item identification number 6445.

Reel: 805-806
Cook, Tennessee Celeste (Claflin) lady, 1845-1923.

Constitutional equality a right of woman; or, A consideration of the various relations which she sustains as a necessary part of the body of society and humanity; with her duties to herself-together with a review of the Constitution of the United States, showing that the right to vote is guaranteed to all citizens.

New York, Woodhull, Claflin & co. 1871

Item identification number 2607; Also a review of the rights of children.

Reel: 375
Cook, Tennessee Celeste (Claflin) lady, 1845-1923.

Essays on social topics.

London, Roxburghe Press. [187-?]

Item identification number 2608.

Reel: 375
Cook, Tennessee Celeste (Claflin) lady, 1845-1923.

The ethics of sexual equality.

New York, Woodhull and Claflin. 1873

Item identification number 2609; a lecture delivered by Tennie C. Claflin at the Academy of Music, New York, March 29, 1872.

Reel: 376
Cook, Tennessee Celeste (Claflin) lady, 1845-1923.

The need of revising morals and laws; a lecture.

London, Hayman, Christy & Lilly, ltd. [1910]

Item identification number 8173.

Reel: 938
Cook, Tennessee Celeste (Claflin) lady, 1845-1923.

Talks and essays.

Westiminster, The Roxburghe Press, ltd. [1897]

Item identification number 4015.

Reel: 524
Cook, Tennessee Celeste (Claflin) lady, 1845-1923.

Who rules?.

[n.p.]. [191-?]

Item identification number 7964.

Reel: 935
[Cooke, Alexander], 1564-1632.

Johanna papissa toti orbi manifestata.

Oppenheimii, Sumptibus vidua Levini Hulsis. 1616

Item identification number 146; Adversus scripta Roberti Bellarmini.

Reel: 23
Cooke, Grace (MacGowan) 1863.

Their first formal call.

New York and London, Harper & Brothers. 1906

Item identification number 5746; Illustrated by Peter Newell.

Reel: 718
Cooke, Harriet B., 1786?.

Memories of my life work.

New York, R. Carter & bros. 1858

Item identification number 1675.1; The autobiography of Mrs. Harriet B. Cooke.

Reel: 251
Cooke, Helen Temple, 1865-1955.

Article on H. H. [Helen Hunt].


Item identification number M6.

Reel: 968
Cooke, Helen Temple, 1865-1955.

Can luxury be justified on moral grounds?.


Item identification number M6.

Reel: 968
Cooke, Helen Temple, 1865-1955.

Should the friends of labor patronize the Union Label rather than the Consumers' League Label?.


Item identification number M6.

Reel: 968
Cooke, John Esten, 1830-1886.

My lady Pokahontas, a true relation of Virginia.

New York, Houghton, Mifflin & co. 1907

Item identification number 5747; Writ by Anas Todkill, puritan and pilgrim [pseud.] with notes by John Esten Cooke. Boston.

Reel: 718
Cooke, Marjorie Benton.

Photograph of Marjorie Benton Cooke.

Photograph number: P148.

Reel: 963
Cooke, Maud C.

Social etiquette or manners and customs of polite society.

Boston, G. M. Smith & co. 1896

Item identification number 4016; Containing rules of etiquette for all occasions ... Forming a complete guide to self-culture. The art of dressing well, conversation ... etc.

Reel: 524
Cookson, James, 1752-1835.

Thoughts on polygamy.

Winchester, [Eng.] Printed by J. Wilkes, for the author. 1782

Item identification number 147; with a description of marriage and its obligations ... our national system of laws relative thereto ... an examination of 26 Geo. II. ch. 33 ... called the marriage act ... Remarks on Thelyphthora and its scheme; with some hints for the prevention of prostitution.

Reel: 23
Cooley, Winnifred (Harper).

The new womanhood.

New York, Broadway publishing company. 1904

Item identification number 5131.

Reel: 643
Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish, 1877.

The Oriental view of woman.

[Broad Campden, Essex house press]. [1910]

Item identification number 5748.

Reel: 718
Coope, Anna.

Anna Coope; sky pilot of the San Blas Indians.

New York, American tract society. [1917]

Item identification number 7310.

Reel: 886
[Cooper, Anna Julia (Haywood)], 1859-1964.

A voice from the South.

Xenia, Ohio, Aldine printing house. 1892

Item identification number 4017; by a black woman of the South.

Reel: 524
Cooper, Charles Henry, 1808-1866.

Memoir of Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Derby.

Cambridge, Printed at the University press. 1874

Item identification number 2611; Edited for the two colleges of her foundation.

Reel: 376
Cooper, Elizabeth, fl. 1870.

The life and letters of Lady Arabella Stuart, including numerous original and unpublished documents.

London, Hurst and Blackett, publishers. 1866

Item identification number 2168.

Reel: 317
Cooper, H.J. of South Hampstead, England.

The art of furnishing on rational and aesthetic principles.

New York, H. Holt & co. 1881

Item identification number 3205; 1st American from the 2d English ed.

Reel: 435
Cooper, Margaret Adelia.

Some old letters & bits of history.

New York, Priv. print. 1901

Item identification number 5132.

Reel: 643
Cooper, Mary (Hanson) 1786-1812.

Memoirs of Mrs. Mary Cooper of London.

New York, Published by B. Waugh and T. Mason, for the Methodist Episcopal Church, J. Collord, Printer. 1832

Item identification number 1023; extracted from her diary and epistolary correspondence by Adam Clarke.

Reel: 160
[Cooper, Susan Fenimore], 1813-1894.

Mount Vernon: a letter to the children of America.

New York, D. Appleton and company. 1859

Item identification number 1676; by the author of "Rural hours", etc., etc.

Reel: 251
Cooper, William Ricketts, 1843-1878.

Heroines of the past, a lecture delivered at the Working Men's Institute, Leighton Buzzard, 23 February, 1875.

London, S. Bagster & son. 1875

Item identification number 2612.

Reel: 376
Cooperative Workrooms for Handicapped Women.

The purposes, principles and the story of the cooperative workrooms for handicapped women, 1877 to 1920.

Boston. [1920?]

Item identification number 8435.

Reel: 941
Cooper-Mathieson, V[enie].

Woman's emancipation.

Sydney, the author. [1904]

Item identification number 9808; Thoughts on the marriage question.

Reel: 959

Van eene Missive en daar toe relative official papus regarding the marriage of a protestant and a RC and legitimacy of a son.

[n.p.]. 1739

Item identification number 9690.

Reel: 957
Copley Society. Boston.

Illustrated catalogue [of] a loan collection of portraits and pictures of fair women; under the auspices of the Copley society, Copley hall, Boston, Mass., 1902.

[Boston, press of G. H. Ellis co.]. [1902]

Item identification number 5133.

Reel: 643
Copley, Esther Hewlett.

Cottage comforts, with hints for promoting them, gleaned from experience: enlivened with authentic anecdotes, 12th ed.

London, Published by Simpkin and Marshall. 1834

Item identification number 1024.

Reel: 160
Coppee, Henry, 1821-1895.

A gallery of distinguished English and American female poets.

Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & co. 1860

Item identification number 2169; Richly illustrated with a hundred steel engravings, mostly from original designs by eminent artists.

Reel: 318
Copy of preamble and protest.

[n.p.]. [189-?]

Item identification number 9253.

Reel: 951
Corbin, Caroline Elizabeth (Fairfield) 1835.

The antisuffrage movement.

Chicago, Illinois, Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women. [1908?]

Item identification number 9294.

Reel: 951
Corbin, Caroline Elizabeth (Fairfield) 1835.

Die Stellung der Frau in dem sozialistischen Utopia.

[n.p.]. [1902?]

Item identification number 5134.

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