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Reel: 195
Chavasse, Pye Henry, 1810-1879.

Woman as a wife and mother.

Philadelphia, W. B. Evans & co. [1871]

Item identification number 2588.

Reel: 373
Chazet, André René Polydore Alissan de, 1775-1844.

La ligue des femmes, ou le roman de la rose, comédie anecdotique, en un acte, en prose.

Paris, Madame Masson. 1807

Item identification number 8046; Mêlée de vaudevilles; par ... Chazet et Ourry.

Reel: 936
Cheever, Henry Theodore, 1814-1897.

Correspondencies of faith and views of Madame Guyon: a comparative study of the unitive power and place of faith in the theology and church of the future.

New York, Anson D. F. Randolph & co. [c1885]

Item identification number 3183.

Reel: 432
Cheftèle, Sophie.

... Les forces morales aux États-Unis (l'église, l'école, la femme).

Paris, Payot & cie. 1920

Item identification number 7283; Préface de Pierre Mille.

Reel: 884
Chelsea, Mass. Old Ladies Home Association.

By-laws and rules of the Board of Mangers of the Old Ladies Home, Chelsea, Mass., 1886.

Chelsea, Chelsea Gazette Print. 1886

Item identification number 8425.

Reel: 941
Cheney, Ednah Dow (Littlehale) 1824-1904.

Louisa May Alcott, the children's friend.

Boston, L. Prang. [1888]

Item identification number 3184; Illustrated by Lizbeth B. Comins.

Reel: 433
Cheney, Ednah Dow (Littlehale) 1824-1904.

Memoirs of Lucretia Crocker and Abby W. May.

Boston. 1893

Item identification number 3970.

Reel: 520
Cheney, Ednah Dow (Littlehale) 1824-1904.

Municipal suffrage for women--no. 2.

Boston, American woman suffrage association. 1889

Item identification number 8863.

Reel: 947
Cheney, Ednah Dow (Littlehale) 1824-1904.

Photograph of Edinah Dow (Littlehale) Chenney.

Photograph number: P132.

Reel: 963
Cheney, Ednah Dow (Littlehale) 1824-1904.

Photograph of Edinah Dow (Littlehale) Chenney.

Photograph number: P133.

Reel: 963
Cheney, Ednah Dow (Littlehale) 1824-1904.

Reminiscences of Ednah Dow Cheney (born Littlehale).

Boston, Lee & Shepard. 1902

Item identification number 5113.

Reel: 640
Cheney, Ednah Dow (Littlehale) 1824-1904.

Stories of the olden time.

Boston, Lea & Shepard. 1890

Item identification number 3971; Illustrations by Nelly Littlehale.

Reel: 520
Cheney, Ednah Dow (Littlehale); Cheney, Margaret, S.

Photograph of Edinah Dow (Littlehale) Chenney with Margaret S. Chenney.

Photograph number: P134.

Reel: 963
[Cheney, Ednah Dow (Littlehale)], 1824-1904.

Memoir of Margaret Swan Cheney.

Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1889

Item identification number 3185.

Reel: 433
Cheney, John Carl, 1851?, defendant.

Marriage and divorce; or, The trial and defence of John Carl Cheney.

Amherst, Mass., J. B. Smith. 1880

Item identification number 3185.1.

Reel: 433
[Chennells, Ellen].

Recollections of an Egyptian princess.

Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood & sons. 1893

Item identification number 3972; by her English governess; being a record of five years' residence at the court of Ismael Pasha, Khédive; New ed.

Reel: 520
Cheron, André.

... La femme mariée anglaise en Angleterre et en France.

Paris, A. Rousseau. 1906

Item identification number 5730; (Étude de droit comparé et de droit international privé).

Reel: 717
Chesnut, Mary Boykin (Miller) 1823-1886.

A diary from Dixie.

New York, D. Appleton and co. 1905

Item identification number 5114; as written by Mary Boykin Chesnut, wife of James Chesnut, jr., United States senator from South Carolina, 1859-1861, and afterward an aide to Jefferson Davis and a brigadier-general in the confederate army; ed. by Isabella D. Martin and Myrta Lockett Avary.

Reel: 640
Chesseau, Marguerite (Mlle.).

Photograph of Mlle. Marguerite Chesseau.

Photograph number: P135.

Reel: 963
Chesser, Elizabeth MacFarlane (Sloan) 1878-1940.

Woman, marriage and motherhood.

New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls co. 1913

Item identification number 6419; with an introduction by Mrs. Frederic Schoff.

Reel: 802
Chesson, Frederick William, 1833 or 4-1888.

The treatment of women in Italy.

London, Gilbert & Rivington. 1815

Item identification number 8046.1.

Reel: 936
Chester County Children's Aid Society. Pennsylvania.

The constitution of the Chester county children's aid society, chartered Sept. 14, 1891.

Kennett Square, Pa., Advance Print. 1892

Item identification number 8428.

Reel: 941
Chevalier, Michel, 1806-1879.

Society, manners and politics in the United States; being a series of letters on North America.

Boston, Weeks, Jordan and co. 1839

Item identification number 999; Translated from the third Paris ed.

Reel: 158
Chicago Commons Woman's Club.

Yearbook, Commons woman's club.

[n.p.]. [1907?]

Item identification number 8368; 1906-1907.

Reel: 941
Chicago Industrial Exhibit. 1907.


[Chicago, Kirchner, Meckel & co., printer]. [1907]

Item identification number 5731; [Chicago, 1907] Exhibit held at Brooke's Casino, March 11th to 17th, 1907.

Reel: 717
Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy. Department of Social Investigation.

Finding employment for children who leave the grade schools to go to work; report to the Chicago woman's club, the Chicago association of collegiate alumnae and the Woman's city club.

[Chicago, Manz engraving co., Hollister press]. [1911]

Item identification number 6422.

Reel: 803
Chicago Society of Social Hygiene.

For the protection of wives and children from venereal contamination.

Chicago. [n.d.]

Item identification number 9945.

Reel: 962
Chicago Woman's Club.

Annals of the Chicago woman's club for the first forty years of its organization, 1876-1916.

Chicago, Chicago woman's club. 1916

Item identification number 7286; comp. by Henriette Greenebaum Frank [and] Amalie Hofer Jerome.

Reel: 884
Chicago Woman's Club.

Statement of the civic achievements of the Chicago woman's club.

[Chicago]. [1915]

Item identification number 8383; prepared at the request of the building committee by the President of the club, 1876-1915.

Reel: 941
Chicago. Child Welfare Exhibit, 1911.

The child in the city; a series of papers presented at the conferences held during the Chicago child welfare exhibit.

[Chicago, Manz engraving co., The Hollister press]. 1912

Item identification number 6421; pub. by the Department of social investigation, Chicago school of civics and philanthropy.

Reel: 802
Chicago. City Council.

Control of vice conditions in European cities.

Chicago [Barnard & Miller]. 1914

Item identification number 9918; Observations of Alderman Willis O. Nance and Alderman Ellis Geiger, embodied in a report to Hon. Carter H. Harrison, mayor.

Reel: 961
Chicago. Committee of Nine.

Testimony and addresses on segregation and commercialized vice, presented before the City Council's Committee of Nine.

Chicago [and] New York, American Vigilance Association. 1912

Item identification number 9905.

Reel: 961
Chicago. Department of Public Welfare.

Chicago social service directory.

Chicago [Burmeister printing co.]. 1918

Item identification number 7284; 2d ed., by Valeria D. McDermott and Annie Elizabeth Trotter.

Reel: 884
Chicago. Municipal Court. Domestic Relations Branch.

1917 report of the domestic relations branch of the municipal court of Chicago, with a special report on its organizations and operation, with suggestions and recommendations of needed legislative and administrative measures to increase its value and efficiency.

Chicago, F. Klein co. 1917

Item identification number 7285; by Judge John Stelk.

Reel: 884
Chicago. Vice Commission.

The social evil in Chicago.

Chicago, Gunthorp-Warren print. co. 1911

Item identification number 6420; a study of existing conditions with recommendations by the Vice commission of Chicago: a municipal body appointed by the mayor and the City council of the city of Chicago, and submitted as its report to the mayor and City council of Chicago.

Reel: 802
Chicago. World's Columbian Exposition, 1893. Japanese Woman's Commission.

Japanese women.

Chicago, Ill., Priv. print. by A. C. McClurg for the Japanese woman's commission for the World's Columbia Exposition. 1893

Item identification number 3973.

Reel: 520
Chicago. World's Columbian Exposition, 1893. Woman's Building.

List of books sent by home and foreign committees to the library of the Woman's Building.

Chicago, World's Columbian Exposition. 1893

Item identification number 3974.

Reel: 520
Child, Frank Samuel, 1854.

A colonial witch; being a study of the black art in the colony of Connecticut.

New York, The Baker & Taylor co. [c1897]

Item identification number 3975.

Reel: 520
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Anti-slavery catechism.

Newburyport, C. Whipple. 1839 [c1835]

Item identification number 1001; 2d ed.

Reel: 158
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

An appeal in favor of that class of Americans called Africans.

Boston, Allen and Ticknor. 1833

Item identification number 1002.

Reel: 158
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Biographies of good wives.

New-York, C. S. Francis & co.; Boston, J. H. Francis. 1846

Item identification number 1292; New ed., rev.

Reel: 196
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The biographies of Lady Russell, and Madame Guyon.

Boston, Carter, Hendee & co. 1832

Item identification number 1004.

Reel: 158
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The biographies of Madame de Staël, and Madame Roland.

Boston, Carter and Hendee. 1832

Item identification number 1005.

Reel: 158
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The coronal.

Boston, Carter & Hendee. 1832

Item identification number 1006; A collection of miscellaneous pieces, written at various times.

Reel: 158
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Correspondence between Lydia Maria Child and Gov. Wise and Mrs. Mason, of Virginia.

New York, American Anti-Slavery Society. 1860

Item identification number 8452.

Reel: 942
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Fact and fiction: a collection of stories.

New York, C. S. Francis & co.: Boston, J. H. Francis. 1846

Item identification number 1293.

Reel: 196
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The family nurse; or, Companion of the frugal housewife.

Boston, C. J. Hendee. 1837

Item identification number 1008; Rev. by a member of the Massachusetts medical society.

Reel: 158
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The freedmen's book.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1865

Item identification number 2151.

Reel: 316
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The frugal housewife.

Boston, Carter, Hendee and Babcock. 1831

Item identification number 1009; dedicated to those who are not ashamed of economy, by the author of Hobomok; 6th ed., corr, and arranged by the author. To which are added, Hints to persons of moderate fortune. First published in the Massachusetts journal.

Reel: 159
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Good wives.

Boston, Carter, Hendee and co. 1833

Item identification number 1010.

Reel: 158
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The history of the condition of women, in various ages and nations.

Boston, J. Allen & co. 1835

Item identification number 1011.

Reel: 159
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Isaac T. Hopper: A true life.

Boston, J. P. Jewett & co.; Cleveland, Ohio, Jewett, Proctor & Worthington; London, Sampson Low, Son & Co. 1853

Item identification number 1662.

Reel: 249
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Letters from New York.

New York, Charles S. Francis & co.; Boston, J. Munroe & co. 1843

Item identification number 1294.

Reel: 196
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Letters of Lydia Maria Child.

Boston, New York, Houghton, Mifflin & co. 1883

Item identification number 3186; with a biographical introduction by John G. Whittier and an appendix by Wendell Phillips.

Reel: 433
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The little girls own book.

Glasgow, John Reid & co. 1837

Item identification number 1012; with additional sports and games, by Miss Leslie. New edition, considerably enl. and imp.

Reel: 159
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Looking toward sunset.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1865

Item identification number 2153; From sources old and new, original and selected.

Reel: 316
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The mother's book.

Boston, Published by Carter and Hendee. 1831

Item identification number 1013; 2d ed.

Reel: 159
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

On the management and education of children: being Mrs. Child's "Mother's book" rev., and adapted to the use of English parents and teachers.

London, J. W. Parker. 1835

Item identification number 1015.

Reel: 159
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Philothea, a romance.

Boston, Otis, Broaders & co.; New York, George Dearborn. 1836

Item identification number 1016.

Reel: 159
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

Photograph of Lydia Maria (Francis) Child.

Photograph number: P136.

Reel: 963
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The progress of religious ideas, through successive ages.

New York, C. S. Francis & co.; London, S. Low, Son & co. 1855

Item identification number 1663.

Reel: 249
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880.

The right way, the safe way, proved by emancipation in the British West Indies, and elsewhere.

New York. 1860

Item identification number 2155.

Reel: 316
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880, comp.

Aspirations of the world.

Boston, Roberts brothers. 1878

Item identification number 2589; A chain of opals. Collected with an introduction, by L. Maria Child.

Reel: 374
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880, comp.

The patriarchial institution.

New York, American Anti-slavery society. 1860

Item identification number 2154; as described by members of its own family.

Reel: 316
Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) 1802-1880, ed.

The oasis.

Boston, Benjamin C. Bacon. 1834

Item identification number 1014; Edited by Mrs Child ... [First ed.].

Reel: 159
[Child, Lydia Maria (Francis)], 1802-1880.

The first settlers of New-England; or, Conquest of the Pequods, Narragansets and Pokanokets.

Boston, Printed for the author, by Munroe and Francis. 1829

Item identification number 837; As related by a mother to her children. by a lady of Massachusetts.

Reel: 128
[Child, Lydia Maria (Francis)], 1802-1880.

The rebels; or, Boston before the revolution.

Boston, Phillips, Sampson & co. 1850

Item identification number 1664; by the author of "Hobomok".

Reel: 250
Child, Theodore, 1846-1892.

Wimples and crisping pins: being studies in the coiffure and ornaments of women.

New York, Harper and brothers. 1895

Item identification number 3976.

Reel: 520
Childe-Pemberton, William Shakespeare, 1859-1924.

The Baroness de Bode, 1775-1803.

London, New York, and Bombay, Longmans, Green & co. 1900

Item identification number 3977.

Reel: 520
Chimirri, Bruno, 1845.

Le rivendicazioni giuridiche della donna italiana; conferenza 20 gennaio, 1910.

Roma, Forzani e C., tipogr. 1910

Item identification number 5732.

Reel: 717
Chimnabai II, maharani of Baroda.

The position of women in Indian life.

London [etc.] Longmans, Green & co. 1911

Item identification number 6423; by Her Highness the Maharani of Baroda and S. M. Mitra.

Reel: 803
Chittenden, Alice Hill.


[Cazenovia?]. [1912?]

Item identification number 9312; and Charles S. Fairchild at a public meeting in opposition to the extension of woman suffrage, Cazenovia, New York, August 14, 1912.

Reel: 952
Chittenden, Alice Hill.

The inexpediency of granting the suffrage to American women. Address.

New York, New York State association opposed to woman suffrage. 1910

Item identification number 9307; at the tenth biennial of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, Cincinnati, May 14th, 1910.

Reel: 952
Chittenden, Caroline E.

Dr. Kate Woodhull.

[Boston, Woman's Board of Missions]. [1917]

Item identification number 8316.

Reel: 940
Chittenden, Nathaniel W.

The influence of woman upon the destinies of a people.

New York. 1837

Item identification number 7901; an oration ... delivered at ... Columbia college, Oct. 3, 1837.

Reel: 935
Chmielowski, Piotr, 1848-1904.

Klementyna z Tanskich Hofmanowa; zarys biograficznopedagogiczy.

Petersburg, K. Grendyszy{/n}skiego. 1898

Item identification number 3978.

Reel: 521
Choiseul-Meuse, Félicité, comtesse de.

Récréations morales et amusantes, à l'usage des jeunes demoiselles qui entrent dans le monde.

Paris, Eymery. 1817

Item identification number 745; Seconde éd.

Reel: 113
[Choisy, François Timoléon, abbé de], 1644-1724.

La Vie de Madame de Miramion.

Paris, Chez Antoine Dezallier. 1707

Item identification number 134.

Reel: 21
Cholmeley, Robert F.

Women's suffrage; the demand and its meaning.

London, T. Fisher Unwin. 1907

Item identification number 9441.

Reel: 953
Cholmeley, Robert Francis.

Pebbles from the brook; being three meditations upon the anti-suffrage state of mind.

[London, Strangeways, printers]. 1913

Item identification number 9522.

Reel: 954
Cholmeley, Robert Francis.

The women's anti-suffrage movement.

London, National union of women's suffrage societies. 1908

Item identification number 9453.

Reel: 953
Chorley, Henry Fothergill, 1808-1872.

Memorials of Mrs. Hemans, with illustrations of her literary character from her private correspondence.

New York and London, Saunders and Otley. 1836

Item identification number 1017.

Reel: 159
Chrestien, Emile.

... La capacité civile de la femme séparée de corps avant et depuis la loi du 6 février 1893.

Montpellier, C. Boehm. 1897

Item identification number 3979.

Reel: 521
Christ in the army; a selection of sketches of the work of the U.S. Christian commission.

[Philadelphia, J. B. Rodgers, pr.]. 1865

Item identification number 2156; by various writers; Printed for the Ladies Christian commission.

Reel: 316
Christian Lady's Magazine.


Reel: 26
Christian Lady's Magazine.


Reel: 27
Christian Lady's Magazine.


Reel: 28
Christian Lady's Magazine.


Reel: 29
Christian Lady's Magazine.


Reel: 30
Christian, Hermann, 1886.

Der Einfluss der Verheiratung einer Geschäftsfrau auf das von ihr betriebene Geschäft.

Breslau, Buchdruckerei der Schlesischen Volkzeitung. 1908

Item identification number 5732.1.

Reel: 717
Christie, Jane Johnstone.

The advance of woman from the earliest times to the present.

Philadelphia & London, J. B. Lippincott co. 1912

Item identification number 6424.

Reel: 803
Christy, Howard Chandler, 1873.

The American girl.

New York, Moffat, Yard & co. 1906

Item identification number 5733; as seen and portrayed by Howard Chandler Christy.

Reel: 717
The Chronicle of English Augustinian canonesses regular of the Lateran, at St. Monica's in Louvain (now at St. Augustine's priory, Newton Abbot, Devon) 1548-1625.

Edinburgh [etc.] Sands & co. 1904-06

Item identification number 5115; edited with notes and additions, by Dom Adam Hamilton, O.S.B., with many rare illustrations and pedigrees.

Reel: 640
Chudleigh, Mary (Lee) lady, 1656-1710.

Essays upon several subjects in prose and verse.

London, Printed by T. H. for R. Bonwicke [etc.]. 1710

Item identification number 135.

Reel: 21
[Chudleigh, Mary (Lee)] lady, 1656-1710.

The female preacher.

London, H. Hills. [1699?]

Item identification number 8023; Being an answer to the late rude and scandalous wedding-sermon, preach'd by Mr. John Sprint, May the 11th, at Sherburn, in Dorsetshire: wherein that Levite is expos'd as he deserves. by a lady of quality.

Reel: 936
Church Mission of Help, New York.

The wayward girl and the church's responsibility.

New York, Church Mission of Help. 1911

Item identification number 6425.

Reel: 803
Church of England. Archbishop of Canterbury's Committee on the Ministry of Women.

The ministry of women.

London, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; New York, The Macmillan co. 1919

Item identification number 7287; A report by a committee appointed by His Grace, the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. with appendices and fifteen collotype illus.

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