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Reel: 699
Wright, Marcus Joseph, 1831-1922.

The social evolution of woman.

Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa., Martin & Allardyce. [1912]

Item identification number 7170.

Reel: 873
Wright, Margaret B.

Hired furnished.

Boston, Roberts brothers. 1897

Item identification number 4978; Being certain economical housekeeping adventures in England.

Reel: 624
Wright, Martha Coffin.

Photograph of Martha Coffin Wright.

Photograph number: P793.

Reel: 963
Wright, Martha Elizabeth (Burt) 1846.

History of the Oread collegiate institute, Worcester, Mass.

[New Haven, Conn., The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor company, pref.]. [1905]

Item identification number 5598; (1849-1881). with biographical sketches. Editor Martha Burt Wright; associate editor, Anna M. Bancroft.

Reel: 700
Wright, Sir Almroth Edward, 1861-1947.

The unexpurgated case against woman suffrage.

New York, Hoeber. [c1913]

Item identification number 7169.

Reel: 873
Wright, Thomas, 1810-1877.

A history of domestic manners and sentiments in England during the Middle Ages.

London, Chapman & Hall. 1862

Item identification number 2476.

Reel: 359
Wright, Thomas, 1810-1877.

Womankind in western Europe from the earliest times to the Seventeenth century.

London, Groombridge and sons. 1869

Item identification number 2475.

Reel: 359
Wulff, August, 1891.

Die frauenfeindlichen Dichtungen in den romanischen Literaturen des Mittelalters bis zum Ende des XIII Jahrhunderts.

Halle, Ehrhardt Karras. 1914

Item identification number 7171.

Reel: 873
Wycherley, Margaret.

Photograph of Margaret Wycherley.

Photograph number: P794.

Reel: 963
Wychgram, Jakob, 1858.

Die Kulturaufgeben der Frau.

Leipzig. 1910-12

Item identification number 6266.

Reel: 786
Wyeth, Walter Newton, 1833-1899.

Ann H. Judson.

Cincinnati, The author. 1888

Item identification number 3770; A memorial.

Reel: 497
Wyeth, Walter Newton, 1833-1899.

Henrietta Feller and the Grande Ligne Mission.

Philadelphia, W. N. Wyeth. 1898

Item identification number 4979; A memorial.

Reel: 624
Wygodzinski, Willy, 1869.

Die Hausfrau und die Volkswirtschaft.

Tübingen, Mohr. 1916

Item identification number 7883.

Reel: 934
Wyhe, G.J. van.

Dissertatio juridica inauguralis de conditione feminarum in jure romano.

Harderovici, E. Tyhoff. [1802]

Item identification number 611; 28 Junii 1802.

Reel: 90
Wyman, Lillie Buffum (Chace) 1847.

... Elizabeth Buffum Chace, 1806-1899; her life and its environment.

Boston, W. B. Clarke co. 1914

Item identification number 7172; by Arthur Crawford Wymann.

Reel: 873
Wynne, W.B. (Mrs.).

The legal status of woman in Texas.

[n.p.]. [1909?]

Item identification number 9578; Paper read before the district meeting of the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs at Jefferson, Texas in 1909.

Reel: 955
Yale University Debating Association.

... A discussion of woman suffrage.

New Haven, Conn., For sale by Yale co-operative corporation. [c1914]

Item identification number 7173; , by the Yale university debating teams, in the 1914 triangular debates with Harvard and Princeton.

Reel: 873
Yardley, Margaret Tufts, comp.

The New Jersey scrap book of women writers.

Newark, N.J., Advertiser printing house. 1893

Item identification number 4980; published by the Board of lady managers for New Jersey to represent the many writers who are not bookmakers at the World's Columbian exposition; Collected and arranged by Margaret Tufts Yardley.

Reel: 624
Yarros, Victor S.

Die Frauenfrage; einen Diskussion zwischen Victor Yarros und Sarah E. Holmes.

Berlin, B. Zack. 1899

Item identification number 8124; Aus dem Englischen von George Schumm.

Reel: 937
Yates, Elizabeth Upham.

The admission of women to the Methodist general conference.

New York, National American woman suffrage association. 1900

Item identification number 8267.

Reel: 939
Yates, Elizabeth Upham.

Glimpses into Chinese homes.

Boston, Hamilton. 1887

Item identification number 3772.

Reel: 497
Yates, L.K.

The woman's part; a record of munitions work.

New York, G. H. Doran co. [1918?]

Item identification number 7884.

Reel: 934
Yates, William, 1767-1857.

Rights of colored men to suffrage, citizenship and trial by jury: being a book of facts, arguments and authorities, historical notices and sketches of debates-with notes.

Philadelphia, Printed by Merrihew and Gunn. 1838

Item identification number 1227.

Reel: 186
Yearsley, Anne, 1756.

Poems, on several occasions.

London, Printed for T. Cadell. 1785

Item identification number 612; by Ann Yearsley, a milkwoman of Bristol.

Reel: 90
Yonan, Isaac Malek, 1869.

Persian women; a sketch of woman's life from the cradle to the grave, and missionary work among them.

Nashville, Cumberland Presbyterian publishing house. 1898

Item identification number 4981.

Reel: 624
Yonge, Charlotte Mary, 1823-1901.

Hannah More.

Boston, Roberts bros. 1888

Item identification number 3773.

Reel: 497
Yonge, Charlotte Mary, 1823-1901.


New York, Macmillan and co.; London, Mozley & Smith. 1877

Item identification number 3068.1.

Reel: 419
[Yonge, Charlotte Mary], 1823-1901, ed.

... Biographies of good women, chiefly by contributors to 'The Monthly Packet.'.

London, J. and C. Mozley. 1865

Item identification number 2478; Second series.

Reel: 359
Youmans, Edward Livingston, 1821-1887.

The hand-book of household science; a popular account of heat, light, air, aliment, and cleansing, in their scientific principles and domestic applications, With humorous illustrative diagrams.

New York, D. Appleton & co.; London. 1857

Item identification number 2079.

Reel: 306
The Young girl's book of healthful amusements and exercises.

New York, Kiggins. [ca. 1840]

Item identification number 1568.

Reel: 236
The Young husband's book.

Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard. 1843

Item identification number 1569; [ A manual of the duties, moral, religious, and domestic, imposed by the relations of married life. by the author of "The young wife's book."].

Reel: 236
Young Ladies Academy of Philadelphia.

The rise and progress of The Young-Ladies' Academy of Philadelphia: containing an account of a number of public examinations & commencements; the charter and bye-laws; likewise a number of orations delivered by the young ladies, and several by the trustees of said institution.

Philadelphia, Printed by Stewart & Cochran. 1794

Item identification number 614.

Reel: 90
The Young lady's book of classical letters.

Philadelphia, Desilver, Thomas & Co. 1836

Item identification number 1229; Consisting of epistolary selections; designed to improve young ladies and gentlemen in the art of letter-writing, and in those principles which are necessary for respectability and success in life. with introductory rules and observations on epistolary composition.

Reel: 186
The Young lady's book of elegant poetry; comprising selections from the works of British and American poets.

Philadelphia, Desilver, Thomas & co. 1936

Item identification number 1230; by the author of "The young man's own book.".

Reel: 187
The Young lady's book of elegant prose; comprising selections from the works of British and American authors.

Philadelphia, Desilver, Thomas & co. 1836

Item identification number 1231.

Reel: 187
The Young lady's book: a manual of elegant recreations, exercises, and pursuits.

Boston, A. Bowen, and Carter & Hendee; Philadelphia, Carey & Lea. [1830]

Item identification number 55.

Reel: 151
The Young lady's guide.

New York, American tract society. [1870]

Item identification number 3070.

Reel: 420
The Young lady's mentor: a guide to the formation of character.

Philadelphia, H. C. Peck & T. Bliss. 1855

Item identification number 2080.1; In a series of letters to her unknown friends, by a lady.

Reel: 306
The Young lady's own book: a manual of intellectual improvement and moral deportment.

Philadelphia, Key & Biddle. 1833

Item identification number 1233; by the author of The young man's own book.

Reel: 187
The Young lady's Sunday book: A practical manual of the Christian duties of piety, benevolence and self-government.

Philadelphia, Desilver, Thomas & co. 1836

Item identification number 1234; by the author of "The Young man's own book.".

Reel: 187
A Young woman Journalist: a memorial tribute to Julia A. Ames.

Chicago, Woman's Temperance Pub. Assoc. [c1892]

Item identification number 4984.

Reel: 624
The Young woman's companion & instructor, in grammer, writing, arithmetic, geography, drawing, book-keeping, chronology, history, letter-writing, cooking, carving, pickling, preserving, brewing, wine making, &c. &c.

Manchester, J. Aston. 1806

Item identification number 723.

Reel: 100
Young Women's Christian Association.

Executive and technical women in industry; survey of factories, 1919-1920.

New York. 1920

Item identification number 8661.

Reel: 944
Young Women's Christian Associations. United States National Board.

Frances Bridges Atkinson.

New York, National Board of the Young Women's Christian Associations of the United States of America. 1908

Item identification number 6267; a record of her life prepared by her friends; foreword by Margaret E. Sagnster.

Reel: 786
[Young Women's Christian Associations. United States National Board. Bureau of Immigration and the Foreign-born].

Foreign-born women and girls.

[New York]. [1920?]

Item identification number 8001.

Reel: 936
Young Women's Christian Associations. United States National Board. War Work Council. Industrial Committee.

State laws affecting women in the United States, and directions for making exhibit maps.

New York, Woman's press. 1919

Item identification number 8653; material compiled by the Research section, Industrial committee, War work council, National board of Young women's Christian associations.

Reel: 944
Young Women's Christian Associations. United States War Work Council. Housing Committee.

Housing for women in war work; report of the Housing committee of the War work council, Young women's Christian association, January, 1918.

New York. [1918]

Item identification number 7886.

Reel: 934
Young, Ann Eliza (Webb) 1844.

Wife no. 19; or, The story of a life in bondage, being a complete exposé of Mormonism.

Hartford, Dustin, Gilman & co. 1877

Item identification number 3069.

Reel: 420
Young, Rose Emmet.

Photograph of Rose Emmet Young.

Photograph number: P795.

Reel: 963
Young, Samuel, 1789-1850.

Suggestions on the best mode of promoting civilization and improvement; or, The influence of woman on the social state, a lecture.

Albany, Hoffman and White. 1837

Item identification number 1228.

Reel: 86
Young, William, 1847-1920.

Ah, what riddles these women be!.

New York, R. H. Russell. 1900

Item identification number 4983.

Reel: 624
Younger, Maud.

Why wage-earning women should vote.

[San Francisco, California Equal Suffrage Association]. [1911?]

Item identification number 9042.

Reel: 949
[Youngs, Benjamin Seth], 1773.

The testimony of Christ's second appearing, containing a general statement of all things pertaining to the faith and practice of the Church of God in this later day.

Ohio, B. Fisher and A. Burnett. 1823

Item identification number 955.1; published by the order of the Ministry in union with the Church; 3d ed., corr. and improved. Union Village.

Reel: 151
Zabelin, Ivan Egorevich, 1820-1909.

Zhenshchina v dopetrovskom obshchetve.

Suvorina. [1901]

Item identification number 5599; SPb. Izd.

Reel: 700
Zahm, John Augustine, 1851-1921.

Great inspirers.

New York [and] London, D. Appleton and co. 1917

Item identification number 7887.

Reel: 934
[Zahm, John Augustine], 1851-1921.

Woman in science; with an introductory chapter on woman's long struggle for things of the mind.

New York and London, D. Appleton and co. 1913

Item identification number 7174; by H. J. Mozans [pseud.].

Reel: 874
Zakrzewska, Marie Elizabeth, 1829-1902.

Photograph of Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewska.

Photograph number: P800.

Reel: 963
Zakrzewska, Marie Elizabeth, 1829-1902.

A practical illustration of "Woman's right to labor;" or, A letter from Marie E. Zakrzewska.

Boston, Walker, Wise, and company. 1860

Item identification number 2479; Ed. by Caroline H. Dall.

Reel: 349
Zamoyska, Hedwig, countess.

Ideals in practice, with some account of women's work in Poland.

New York [etc.] Benziger bros. 1903

Item identification number 5600; Translated from the French by Lady Margaret Domvile. with a preface by Miss Mallock.

Reel: 700
Zampani- Salazar, Fanny, 1853.

Margherita of Savoy, first queen of Italy, her life and times.

London, Mills & Boon, ltd. [1914]

Item identification number 7175; with a preface by Richard Bagot, with 24 illus.

Reel: 874
Zanardi-Landi, Karoline Franzizke M., comtessa, 1882.

The secret of an empress.

London, New York [etc.] Cassell & co., ltd. 1914

Item identification number 7176; with fourteen photogravure illustrations.

Reel: 874
Zanelli, López, Luisa.

... Mujeres chilenas de letras.

Santiago, Imprenta universitaria. 1917

Item identification number 7889.

Reel: 934
Zangwill, Israel, 1864-1926.

The hithertos.

[London]. [1912]

Item identification number 8189.

Reel: 938
Zangwill, Israel, 1864-1926.

The lords and the ladies.

[London] Women's freedom league. 1909

Item identification number 9474; Speech deliverd at the Albert Hall, December 11, 1909.

Reel: 954
Zangwill, Israel, 1864-1926.

One and one are two.

London, Women's freedom league. [1907]

Item identification number 9449; [Being a verbatim report of the speech delivered at Exeter Hall, on February 9th, 1907, at the demonstration of women's suffrage societies.].

Reel: 953
Zangwill, Israel, 1864-1926.

The sword and the spirit.

[London]. [1910]

Item identification number 9494.

Reel: 954
Zangwill, Israel, 1864-1926.

Talked out; (being a verbatim report of the speech at Exeter Hall, March 8, 1907).

London, Women's freedom league. [1907]

Item identification number 9450.

Reel: 953
Zapp, E.

Geschichte der deutschen Frauen.

Berlin. 1872

Item identification number 3071.

Reel: 420
Zarzycki, Robert.

Le divorce et la séparation de corps comparés dans leurs causes.

Paris, A. Chevalier-Marescq & cie. 1903

Item identification number 5601.

Reel: 700
Zeisig, J.

Memoiren einer prostituirten, oder die prostitution in Hamburg.

Hamburg, Boltsbuchhandlung. 1847

Item identification number 1569.1; Nach dem original-manuscript bearbeitet, von Dr. J. Zeisig.

Reel: 236
Zeitschrift fur Sexualwissenschaft.


Reel: 250
Zepler, Wally, ed.

Sozialismus und Frauenfrage; hrsg. von Wally Zepler.

Berlin, P. Cassirer. 1919

Item identification number 7890.

Reel: 934
Zetkin, Klara, 1857-1933.

Die Frau bei der Verteidigung und beim Aufbau Sowjet-Russlands, Referat der Genossin Klara Zetkin auf der Frauenreichskonferenz der Vereinigt.

Leipzig, Frankes Verlag G.m.b.H. [1920]

Item identification number 8225; kommunistischen Partei am 8. Dezember 1920 in Berlin.

Reel: 939
Zetkin, Klara, 1857-1933.

Lenin on the woman question.

New York, International publishers. [192-?]

Item identification number 7891.

Reel: 934
Zetkin, Klara, 1857-1933.

Woman suffrage.

London, Printed by the Twentieth Century Press, ltd. [1906]

Item identification number 9439; Speech delivered at Mannheim Socialist Women's Conference, 1906. Translated by J. B. Askew and approved by the author.

Reel: 953
Zeyweb, Hanowm.

A Turkish woman's European impressions.

London, Seeley, Service & co. ltd. 1913

Item identification number 7177; by Zeyneb Hanoum (Heroine of Pierre Loti's lovel "Les désenchantées") ed. & with an introduction by Grace Ellison, with 23 illustrations from photographs & a drawing by Auguste Rodin.

Reel: 874
Zicari, Eduardo.

El feminismo y la mujer Argentina.

Buenos Aires. 1920

Item identification number 7892.

Reel: 934
Zietz, Louise.

Die Frauen und der politische Kampf. Hrsg. vom Parteivorstand der socialdemokratischen Partei.

Berlin, Singer. 1912

Item identification number 7178; 2. verb. Aufl.

Reel: 874
Zimmer, Curt.

Die Beteiligung der Ehefrau an dem von dem Ehemann geschlossenen Mietvertrage.

Göttingen, W. F. Kaestner. 1908

Item identification number 6267.1.

Reel: 786
Zimmer, Freidrich, 1855-1919.


Berlin-Zahlendorf, Mathilde Zimmer-Haus, G.m.b. H., Verlagsabteilung. 1915

Item identification number 7179; Grundgedanken für eine gesetzliche Regelung.

Reel: 874
Zimmern, Alice, 1855-1939.

Demand and achievement: the international women's suffrage movement.

London, National union of women's suffrage societies. 1912

Item identification number 9519.

Reel: 954
Zimmern, Alice, 1855-1939.

Methods of education in the United States.

London, Swan Sonnenschein & co.; New York, Macmillan & Co. 1894

Item identification number 4985.

Reel: 624
Zimmern, Alice, 1855-1939.

Unpaid professions for women.

London, Guardian Office. [1906]

Item identification number 6267.2.

Reel: 786
Zimmern, Alice, 1855-1939.

Women's suffrage in many lands.

[London, Francis & co.]. [1909]

Item identification number 6268; Foreword by Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt.

Reel: 786
Zimmern, Helen, 1846-1934.

Marie Edgeworth.

London, W. H. Allen & co. 1883

Item identification number 3774.

Reel: 498
Zirndorf, Henry.

Some Jewish women.

Philadelphia, The Jewish publication society of America. 1892

Item identification number 4986; Tr. from the German.

Reel: 624
Zmigrodski, Michael.

Die Mutter bei den Völkern des arischen Stammes.

München, T. Ackermann. 1886

Item identification number 3775; Eine anthropologisch historische Skizze als Beitrag zur Lösung der Frauenfrage; mit 10 Lith. Taf. und 1 gergraf. Karte, von Michael von Zmigrodzki.

Reel: 498
Zobel, Myron.

Woman and superwoman ( a play about Bolshevism).

[Cambridge] Harvard University. [1919 C1920]

Item identification number 7893.

Reel: 934
Zonta, Giuseppe, 1878-1939, ed.

Trattati del cinquencento sulla donna, a cura di Giuseppe Zonta.

Bari, G. Laterza & figli. 1913

Item identification number 7180.

Reel: 874
Zottu, Constantin Gh.

Studiu asupra conditiunei copiilor naturali in dreptul roman, francez si român.

Bucuresci. T. Basilescu. 1897

Item identification number 4987.1; de Constantin Gh. Zottu.

Reel: 624
Zscharnack, Leopold, 1877.

Der Dienst der Frau in den ersten Jahrhunderten der christlichen Kirche.

Göttingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. 1902

Item identification number 5602; Bon Leopold Zscharnack.

Reel: 700
Zschokke, Hermann, 1838-1920.

Das Weib im Alten Testamente.

Wien, H. Kirsch. 1883

Item identification number 3776.

Reel: 498
Zucchelli, Niccola, 1865-1927.

La B. Chara Gambacorta, la chiesa ed il convento di S. Domenico in Pisa.

Pisa, Tipografia editrice Cav. F. Mariotti. 1914

Item identification number 7181.

Reel: 874
Zumbroich, Karl.

Der Paragraph 1345 des Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuches.

Krefeld, J. B. Klein. 1910

Item identification number 6268.1.

Reel: 786
Zwendelaar, J.H.

Code-formulaire du divorce et de la séparation de corps, contenant le texte de la loi et un recueil complet de formules.

Bruxelles, F. Larcier fils. 1878

Item identification number 3071.0.

Reel: 420
Zwetnam, Joseph.

Recht-banck, tegen de regeersuchtige vrouwen.

Utrecht. 1687

Item identification number 8241; beschreven, (in het Engelsch) ... ende nu in't Nederduyts vertaelt. Het derde deel.

Reel: 939

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