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Hissah Alshiha

Professor Rabe

Writing 102

Oct, 18, 13

Media Regulation

Media watchers are able to see anything in the TV, which makes the media a very powerful tool. Also, it can cause a huge effect on children for instance; sex scenes can led children to do unusual behavior. Moreover, well known companies like Gap and Calvin kiln use issues in their ads like color skin, same sex rights and women movement to sell their product and make money by showing people that they care about these problems while they care more about making money. Therefore, the government must regulate television ads so big corporations can stop deceiving people by using society’s problems to make profits. Plus, the media can’t easily view scenes like sex for children and teenagers because it will expose them to things they might not pay attention to.

Ads must be regulated so companies like Nike and Gap do not confuse their costumers by showing them political or social issues. What is the point of showing people that they care when the corporations really don’t? Business can create a positive impact on the society. On the contrary, it’s an unethical way to sell products because it simply means we care and we really don’t. As Naomi Klein’s mentioned in her essay “Patriarchy gets funky” she said, “If diversity is what we wanted, the brands seemed to be saying, then diversity was exactly what we would get” (page 163). For instance, Gap ads is showing the society ads pictures that have people from all different race so everyone from all race will definitely buy their products because every race want to look normal with the other. For example, black skin people want to look normal with white skin people. Also, T-shirts used a logo “Just do it” yes it can effects the society because it makes people believe in what they want and follow their goals. On the other hand, dose Nike really cares about the people doing what they believe in or women being powerful? Dose Gap really cares about diversity? Of course not they don’t care that’s why ads must be regulated by the government. So big company like Nike and Gap wouldn’t take advantage of the society’s issues and make profit from it.

If ads are regulated companies can use other marketing strategies. For instance, many years ago Marilyn Monroe ads was showing the people how she was comfortable about her smile, hair and makeup. The ads made people believe that it was real she wasn’t faking her smile and she didn’t use color discrimination to sale make up products or hair products. If Marilyn Monroe ads were like today’s Nike ads she would use these words “Regardless of skin color, we all have hair issues.” If Nike want to show women that they are powerful they must use ads like, showing a picture of women lifting weight with the words like “ I am powerful” instead of using issues like women movement.

Most people spend hours and hours watching the TV, so how many sex scenes had been viewed in three hours? In American movies, music and programs, messages are all about sex because t’s too much. In the essay “Viewer Discretion” by Trenton Straube he discuss how American programs promote more sex scenes. He said,” We feel that there is a current sexual revolution going on” (page 134). Conversely, in other countries the government regulates the media so movie producers are not allowed to mention anything about sex or even say the word “sex” might cause them a huge problem. Yet in those countries American movies are fine to show sex scenes because the government doesn’t want their country to be the one who promote sex scenes.

The media makes young people pay attention to things that they might not know about or have never heard of that’s why media must be regulated. In addition, How come the media can show sex scenes, yet not safe sex? Straube stated, “50 percent of Americans between 18 and 34 claim they didn’t receive condom education” (Page 135). Yes parents should be the one who tell their children about sex. Furthermore, if the media is promoting sex scenes they must educate people about safe sex. They are responsible since they open teenager’s eyes on sex, they must instruct them about safe sex and diseases like HIV.

Klein and Straube’s ideas about identity marketing and safe sex are correct. Therefore, the point of writing this essay, the government must regulate the advertisements and scenes like sex in the Tv. Because sex scenes in the Tv are too much! Media regulation will benefit the society so movies producers will have limits before they show sex scenes in movies. Likewise, identity marketing yes it can affect the society in positive way. Nevertheless, it is unethical way to sell product because it is simply means showing people that we care and we really don’t. Ads in the past were effective and they didn’t use any social issues. In addition, The world most powerful, luxury and well know company like Cartier doesn’t care about same sex rights or color discrimination. It is not always the society problems that will make the brand successful and it’s not only the sex scenes that will make the movie popular it’s the creativity and ethical behavior.

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