Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Course Catalog for the.

Adult Continuing Education and High School Programs.
Copyright 2016 by the Hadley Institute, Winnetka, IL 60093.
Hadley's Hours and Holidays.
Hadley's hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Central Time. We observe the following U.S. holidays:
President's Day: third Monday in February.

Memorial Day: last Monday in May.

Independence Day: July 4.

Labor Day: first Monday in September.

Thanksgiving: fourth Thursday in November and the Friday following.
Hadley is closed for a two-week break from the end of December through the beginning of January. For specific dates, contact Hadley.
Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired has met the high standards of integrity and performance set by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (D E A C) since 1958. Hadley is a fully-accredited member of this association.
Our History.
A Dream Realized.
When he lost his sight at age 55, William A. Hadley faced many challenges. A high school teacher, Mr. Hadley taught himself braille so that he could continue to enjoy reading. He was saddened, however, to find that there were few educational opportunities for blind adults. Frustrated, Mr. Hadley wanted to assist others in acquiring communication skills that lead to independence. Together with Dr. E.V.L. Brown, an ophthalmologist and neighbor, Mr. Hadley conceived the idea of teaching braille by mail. The school opened in 1920 to its first student, who was personally taught by Mr. Hadley. When he mailed his first braille course to a Kansas housewife desperate to continue reading, one wonders if Mr. Hadley ever imagined the eventual result—a school that has become the single largest worldwide distance educator of blind persons.
When Mr. Hadley died in 1941, the school had 800 students. Today, we have an annual enrollment of 10,000 students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. Hadley has evolved to weave a broad spectrum of individuals with vision loss, including individuals with low vision. Our traditional course curriculum has been adapted and augmented with new services such as webinars, instructional videos, and the Low Vision Focus at Hadley. Reflective of this evolution, we are excited to be changing our name in 2016 to "Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired."
Our Mission.
To promote independent living through lifelong, distance education programs for people who are blind or visually impaired, their families and blindness service providers.
Contact Us.
Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

700 Elm Street, Winnetka, IL 60093.

Web site: www.hadley.edu.

Email: info@hadley.edu.



TTY: 847-441-8111.
A Letter to Our Students. Page 4.
Hadley's Faculty. Page 4.
Frequently Asked Questions. Page 5.
How to Contact Us. Page 7.
We're Here to Help. Page 7.
Phone.Page 7.
Fax. Page 7.
Mail. Page 7.
Email. Page 8.
Web Site. Page 8.
Online Automated Student Information System (O A S I S). Page 8.
Admissions. Page 9.
Eligibility. Page 9.
Why Enroll? Page 9.
How to Get Started. Page 9.
Adult Continuing Education (A C E). Page 10.
High School Students. Page 11.
Enrollment Application. Page 12.
Eye Report Page. 12.
General Information.
Application Update. Page 13.
Transcripts. Page 13.
Certificate of Achievement. Page 13.
Additional Course Resources. Page 13.
Hadley Help Desk/Technical Assistance. Page 13.
Number of Courses. Page 14.
General Policies. Page 15.
Academic Dismissal and Student Code of Conduct. Page 15.
Email and Telephone Assignment Submission.
Email Assignments. Page 15.
Telephone Assignment Submission Line. Page 16.
Additional Policy Information. Page 16.
Grading Policies.
General Grading. Page 17.
Assignment Grades. Page 17.
Non-Start, Cancellation and Withdrawal. Page 18.
Non-Start (N S). Page 18.
Cancellation (X). Page 18.
Withdrawal/Satisfactory (W S). Page 18.
Withdrawal/Transfer (W T). Page 19.
Plagiarism Page. 19.
Submitting Original Work. Page 20.
Grade Appeal Process. Page 20.
Equipment and Materials. Page 21.
Secure Your Own Equipment. Page 21.
Technology Requirements for eHadley Courses. Page 21.
For Windows P Cs. Page 21.
For Macintosh. Page 21.
For Mobile Devices. Page 21.
Internet Connection. Page 21.
Digital Talking Book (D T B). Page 21.
Course Materials Shipment. Page 22.
Use of Hadley Materials. Page 22.
Return of Course Materials. Page 22.
Additional Hadley Services.
Low Vision Focus at Hadley. Page 23.
Seminars at Hadley. Page 23.
Videos at Hadley. Page 23.
Hadley High School Program. Page 24.
Eligibility. Page 24.
Why Enroll? Page 24.
Program Requirements. Page 24.
High School Program Timeline. Page 25.
Carnegie Unit Requirements. Page 25.
Getting Started. Page 25.
High School Program Frequently Asked Questions. Page 25.
High School Courses (Titles, Assignments, Credits). Page 27.
English. Page 27.
Mathematics. Page 27.
Science. Page 27.
Social Studies. Page 28.
Braille. Page 28.
Technology. Page 28.
Business Concepts and Skills. Page 28.
Independent Living. Page 28.
Parenting Series. Page 29.
Language. Page 29.
Recreation. Page 29.
Course Descriptions.
Media Code References. Page 30.
Assessments. Page 30.
English. Page 32.
Literature Series. Page 33.
Mathematics. Page 34.
Science. Page 36.
History and Social Studies. Page 37.
Braille and Braille Readiness. Page 38.
Independent Living Series. Page 41.
Eye Related. Page 44.
Parenting Series. Page 45.
Language. Page 45.
Recreation. Page 46.
Technology. Page 48.
Business Concepts and Skills. Page 50.
Forsythe Center for Employment and Entrepreneurship. Page 52.
Family Education. Page 54.
Alphabetical Course Listing. Page 55.

Page 4.

A Letter to Our Students.

Greetings Prospective Student,

Are you interested in learning new skills and expanding your knowledge? Doing so can be life-changing and a source of great pride. Ask any Hadley student!
Whether you are new to vision loss or were born with a visual impairment, Hadley's programs are for you! Courses and services are designed to provide critical information that is practical and relevant. We understand the questions and concerns that often arise with vision loss, and our supportive instructors will assist you and provide guidance throughout your studies. Whatever your personal goals, our faculty and staff are here to ensure that you have the most successful and rewarding educational experience possible.
Warmest regards,
Dawn E. Turco.
Senior Vice President.
Hadley's Faculty.
The faculty of Hadley meets the standards set by the origanization and its accreditor, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (D E A C). The faculty's dedication to their students and love of teaching have contributed greatly to Hadley's reputation for excellence. Visit the Hadley Web site for additional information about individual instructors.
Page 5.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does a Hadley course cost? Materials and instruction in the Adult Continuing Education (A C E) Program and High School (H S) Program are provided at no charge; the cost to you is your commitment of time and diligence to your studies. We ask that you enroll in a course only when you have the time required for its completion.
Who is eligible to enroll? Individuals age 14 and up who are legally or functionally blind or progressively visually impaired are invited to apply. Proficiency in reading and writing English is required. High School Program students must reside in the United States.
Do I have to submit an eye report? Individuals who reside in the U.S. and are interested in taking A C E and H S Program courses must submit an eye report. Eye reports are not required for international students.
Do I have to take any entrance tests? Hadley doesn't require standardized test scores for admission; however, prospective students in the A C E and HS Programs must successfully complete an entrance assignment.
Are Hadley courses offered online or through the mail? Many courses are offered online through our eHadley initiative. Most Hadley courses are available in a variety of media: large print, braille, audio or online. Email submission of assignments is encouraged.
Are Hadley courses transcribed in Unified English Braille (U E B) or English Braille American Edition (E B A E)? Currently, most courses are available in E B A E. All newly developed courses in braille will be transcribed in U E B.
Do I have to buy textbooks? No. Hadley provides textbooks and study materials. The student is responsible for equipment and supplies needed to prepare and submit assignments, such as paper, envelopes, computers and access technology.
Page 6.

How long does it take to complete a Hadley course? Hadley courses range in length from as few as one lesson modules to the longest course which is 30 lessons. The time it takes to complete a course depends upon the length of the course and the determination of the student. Students taking a course online or submitting assignments by email are expected to submit an assignment every two to four weeks. Students submitting assignments through the postal mail system are expected to submit a minimum of one assignment per month. High School students submit two assignments per month, per course.

How many courses may I take at one time? A C E students may enroll in a maximum of three courses at a time. High School students may be approved to take four or more courses at a time, in order to meet the timeline required for graduation. Check with Student Services for additional guidelines.
When can I enroll? Anytime! Hadley offers year-round open enrollment—no waiting for the next semester to apply.
Page 7.

How to Contact Us.

We're Here to Help.
If you need help or information, contact us by phone, email or visit our Web site. Hadley students also can use the Online Automated Student Information System (O A S I S). Phone Contact information for your instructor is included with the course materials.
Hadley Receptionist: 800-323-4238

Student Services: 800-526-9909

Hearing impaired (TTY): 847-441-8111

All other students: 847-446-8111

Ask for Student Services or use the Online Automated Student Information System (O A S I S) if you:

  • Want to enroll in another course.

  • Want to update your contact information.

  • Want to enroll in your next course.

  • Have a concern about your enrollment or materials.

  • Need replacement materials.

  • Are requesting a transcript.

Ask for your course instructor if you:

  • Have a question regarding a topic in your course.

  • Need to report a delay in your studies.

  • Want to confirm that your lesson has been received (or use O A S I S).

Use the following number to send a fax: 847-446-9820. Include your name, date and recipient's name. Hadley staff and faculty also have individual fax numbers. Contact the individual to obtain a direct fax number.

Use the following mailing address to send assignments, correspondence and course materials to Hadley. Include your full name and return.

Page 8.

address on the envelope. List your instructor's name and the name of the course on each assignment.
Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
700 Elm Street.
Winnetka, IL 60093 U.S.A.


Use the following email addresses according to the nature of your inquiry:

  • General inquiries: info@hadley.edu.

  • Student Services: studentservices@hadley.edu.

Hadley faculty and staff have individual email addresses. Ask the person you want to contact for his or her email address. You also may find this information on the Hadley Web site.

Web Site.
Hadley's Web site, www.hadley.edu, is designed for easy access and navigation. You can use the Web site to:

  • Read in-depth details about Hadley courses and view sample lessons.

  • Submit an online enrollment application, or download an application or eye report form.

  • Access your records through O A S I S.

  • Login to your online course.

  • Login to Seminars at Hadley or listen to a past seminar.

  • Find additional resources, including instructional videos.

  • Review Student Handbook listing policies and procedures.

  • Order items available in the Student Store.

  • Sign up for eConnect and newsletters.

  • Make a donation.

Online Automated Student Information System (O A S I S).

All students are encouraged to use O A S I S. By simply logging on, you have immediate and secure access to your personal information at any time, including: requesting a transcript; signing up for your next course; view current and historical grades; and more! Access to the Internet and an email account are required to register for O A S I S.
Page 9.

Apply for admission into Hadley's Adult Continuing Education (A C E) Program or High School (H S) Program by submitting the enrollment application. U.S. residents are required to provide verification of vision loss by way of an eye report signed by a medical doctor, ophthalmologist, or optometrist, or an eye report may be submitted by a blindness professional on agency or school letterhead. Upon receipt of the required documentation, the application will be processed.


You are eligible to apply for enrollment if you are legally, progressively or functionally visually impaired; you are age 14 or older; and you are able to read and understand courses written in English at the high school level. High School Program students must reside in the United States.

Why Enroll?

  • Learn to read and write braille.

  • Adjust to life after vision loss.

  • Enhance independent living skills.

  • Explore enriching activities.

  • Improve employability and business skills.

  • Earn a high school diploma.

How to Get Started.

Carefully review the eligibility information and courses available for your program of interest prior to submitting the application to enroll.

  1. Complete and Submit the Enrollment Application in Its Entirety: The enrollment application is available online by following the Enrollment Application link under Admissions. Hard copies are available by contacting Student Services.

The application form provides space for you to list your course of interest. Upon satisfactory completion of the Entrance Assignment you will receive

Page 10.
this course or its prerequisite; however, you will not be enrolled concurrently. Contact Student Services with any questions.
Prospective students residing within the United States must submit an eye report. NOTE: Enrollment applications will not be processed until Student Services receives both the enrollment application and eye report form. Applications from U.S. applicants that are unaccompanied by an eye report are discarded after three months, if no eye report is received. A new application must be submitted after that time.

  1. Complete and Submit the Entrance Assignment:

If your application is complete and you meet the Adult Continuing Education (A C E) or High School (H S) Program eligibility requirements, you will be enrolled in the Entrance Assignment. The Entrance Assignment provides students an opportunity to demonstrate basic readiness for Hadley study. No other standardized testing is required.
Instructions on how to complete and submit the Entrance Assignment are included with the assignment. Upon successful completion of the assignment, you will be enrolled in the course listed on your enrollment application or its prerequisite. High School Program students will be contacted regarding course recommendations.
Students must earn a grade of 80 percent on the Entrance Assignment for acceptance into the program.
Adult Continuing Education (A C E) Students.

You are allowed a second attempt to submit the A C E Entrance Assignment, if the first did not achieve a score of 80 percent or higher. If the second submission is unsuccessful, you are not eligible to enroll.

NOTE: Prospective students will have the opportunity to redo the assignment after one year. Additional study outside of Hadley is recommended prior to retake.
Page 11.
High School Students.

If you earn a grade of 70-79 percent on the High School Entrance Assignment, you are allowed to enroll in the A C E Program. However, you must successfully complete specific math and English courses in order to be transferred to the High School Program. Students earning a grade of 69 percent or below on the assignment are NOT eligible to enroll in Hadley courses.

  1. Review Course Materials and Begin Your Course:

Hadley will send the course materials to you through the postal mail or notify you through email regarding online course access. You also will receive your instructor's "Getting Started" letter and contact information. Review the materials carefully before beginning the course. If you have questions, contact your instructor using the contact information provided. Otherwise, begin the course and submit your first assignment.
Send one assignment at a time to your instructor for grading. Your instructor will grade and return the assignment to you. Continue to study the next lesson, but it is important to wait for and review your instructor's feedback before sending the next assignment. If you are interested in submitting more than one assignment for grading concurrently, you must obtain approval from the course instructor. The instructor may grant approval based upon the subject matter of the course and your demonstrated ability to submit satisfactory work.

  1. Certificate of Achievement and Student Course Evaluation: Upon successful completion of a course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a Student Course Evaluation. Take a few moments to complete the evaluation and return it to us. Your feedback is important as we develop courses, make course revisions, update policies and more. The evaluation also is available at our Web site to submit electronically.

  1. Don't Delay:

Contact Student Services to enroll in your next course!
Page 12.
Enrollment Application.

Please carefully review the course descriptions before completing and submitting the Enrollment Application. You will need to include the course name, number and medium to complete the form. Our Web site also lists detailed course descriptions, lesson-by-lesson objectives and, in many cases, a sample lesson and assignment.

Most applications are processed within two business days from the date the application and any required documentation are received. If you have not received a response from Student Services regarding your enrollment status within two weeks after your application was submitted, contact Student Services.
Eye Report (U.S. Applicants Only).

Ask your medical doctor, ophthalmologist or optometrist to complete and sign the Hadley Eye Report included with the enrollment application. Eye reports signed by a blindness professional from an agency working with you also are accepted. This information should be written on the letterhead of the agency or school.

If your eye condition has not changed since your last exam, your doctor may complete the form without reexamining your eyes. If you have been or currently are being served by another agency or school that has your eye report on file, you may obtain and submit a copy of that report. We recommend that students keep copies of their eye report documentation for personal reference.
The submitted report should indicate your current visual acuities or visual fields and state that you are legally blind or progressively visually impaired. Or, if you have a visual impairment that significantly disrupts functioning in one or more areas including, but not limited to, reading; writing; travel; employment; recreation; adjustment or other activities of daily living in the home; school; work or community; the report should document these functional limitations. Contact Student Services with questions regarding the Hadley Eye Report.
Page 13.
General Information.
Application Update.

An updated Enrollment Application is required every five years. You do not need to submit a new application every time you are ready to take a course. If you have submitted an application within a five-year time period, you can request enrollment using O A S I S. You also can contact us by phone, postal mail or email to request enrollment in a course.


Official Hadley transcripts are available free of charge to all students. For a copy of your transcript or to request that your transcript be sent to a third party, send a written request to Student Services via postal mail, email or using O A S I S. Be sure to include the name and address of the recipient in your message.

Certificate of Achievement.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon successful completion of most courses. Students residing in the U.S. should expect to receive their certificates within two weeks from the time the final grade is entered. It may take longer for the certificate to arrive for students residing outside the U.S. Certificates are not awarded for placement tests or diagnostics.

Additional Course Resources.

Your Hadley instructors have compiled additional course-related resources to enhance your learning experience and to provide relevant and timely information. You will find these resources on Hadley's Web site under Resources and Additional Course Materials.

Hadley Help Desk/Technical Assistance.

If you have a technical question or problem with a Hadley course or with enrollment, email the help desk at helpdesk@hadley.edu. If you prefer to leave a voice message, call 800-323-4238, Ext. 6690, from the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada. All other students call 847-446-8111, Ext. 6690.

Page 14.
Please provide your name; telephone number with area code; the course title; and a description of the problem you are experiencing. Help desk support is for course-related inquiries only. NOTE: We are unable to answer general computer-related questions.
Number of Courses.

Students in good standing may enroll in additional courses. Students who have at least three passing grades in the Hadley database in their current course are in good standing. The three most recent assignment grades are considered first. In addition, students must have a record of turning in assignments in a timely manner.

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