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Houston, Whitney

(b New Jersey, 9 August 1963). American popular singer. She came from a musical family: her mother Cissy led Elvis Presley’s vocal group the Sweet Inspirations and Dionne Warwick is her cousin. She is a protégée of Clive Davis, a record industry mogul whose marketing skills helped to achieve seven hit singles from her expensively crafted début album, Whitney Houston (Ari., 1985). Among these were ‘Saving all my Love for You’, ‘How will I know’, ‘You give good love’ and ‘Greatest Love’, and whose success was assisted by equally opulent videos. Whitney (Ari., 1987) contained further hit songs such as ‘I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me)’, and in 1988 she recorded Albert Hammond’s song ‘One Moment In Time’ (1988) in celebration of the Olympic Games. I’m Your Baby Tonight (Ari., 1990) included a duet with Stevie Wonder, ‘We didn’t know’, and for My Love Is Your Love (1998) she collaborated with younger black musicians such as rapper Missy Elliott and songwriter Rodney Jenkins. In 1992 she made her acting début in the film The Bodyguard. The best-selling soundtrack album included a version of Dolly Parton’s song ‘I will always love you’ which demonstrated the majestic power of Houston’s voice but lacked the narrative subtlety of Parton’s own version.


Houven, Carl van der.

See Hoeven, Carl van der.

Hove, Joachim van den

(b Antwerp, 1567; d The Hague, 1620). Flemish lutenist, composer, intabulator and teacher. His father, Peeter Reynierszoon van Hove, came from Diest and joined the corporation of musicians in Antwerp in 1563. Joachim was put in charge of the corporation in place of his brother Cornelius after the latter’s death in 1581. In 1594 he married Anna Rodius d’Utrecht and settled in Leiden, becoming established as a lutenist and teacher later the same year. His pupils included Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, and Count Johan Maurits of Nassau, to whom he dedicated his Florida (1601) and Delitiae musicae (1612) respectively. He played the lute at several civic occasions, including a banquet in honour of the Venetian ambassador in May 1610, and composed lute solos in honour of his friend and patron Adam Leenaerts, and of various students at Leiden University between 1611 and 1613. His pieces in the Schele Lute Book bear dates and the place names – Angers, Paris, Frankfurt, Venice and Naples – suggesting that he travelled widely during 1614–16. His fortunes rapidly changed, however, and a move to The Hague coincided with financial difficulties leading to the confiscation of his property in 1616 and the compulsory sale of his house in 1620. He was destitute when he died later the same year.

Florida and Delitiae musicae are large lute anthologies of vocal settings and dances originating from across Europe, intabulated or arranged by Hove. They show a bias towards Italian composers such as Marenzio, and include also many English pieces. His own compositions in the printed books are limited to seven fantasias, one a parody of Giovanni Gabrieli’s canzona La spiritata, and probably the madrigal Pero più fermo del autore in Florida and six preludes, two pavans, five passamezzos with galliards, six almains, eight courantes, two other dances and the madrigals Donna gentil and Amor deh dimmi come in Delitiae musicae, and he presumably intabulated the remaining 98 vocal settings. All 22 compositions in Praeludia testudinis (1616) are by Hove and were probably intended for accompaniment by the ‘2 voices or 2 violes’ of the title, but additional partbooks are not known. It has been claimed, without any direct evidence, that he copied both the Schele and Berlin manuscripts, but the two hands are not similar and it remains to be established whether he copied either. Hove’s music is for a Renaissance lute, except for seven pieces in Baroque transitional tunings. His obviously fine playing skill is matched by the large amount of often elaborate music he composed, which demonstrates technical mastery without showing much evidence of originality. His style developed little in the two decades or so separating the sources.


Editions:Joachim van den Hove: Delitiae musicae, 1612, ed. H. Mönkemeyer (Hofheim am Taunus, 1967) [M]Lautenmusik aus der Renaissance, ed. A. Quadt (Leipzig, 1968–72) [Q]

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Delitiae musicae, sive cantiones, e quamplurimis praestantissimorum nostri aevi musicorum libris selectae [6 preludes, 43 vocal intabulations, 67 dances etc.], lute (Utrecht, 161218); 6 preludes, 6 pavans, 7 passamezzos with galliards in M; 2 in Q; 19 R in Joachim van den Hove: Delitiae musicae, Utrecht 1612, Auswahl, ed. A. Rayerman (Munich, 1991); 5 ed. in Robinson

Praeludia testudinis, ad symphoniam duarum vocum duarumve violarum accommodata [19 preludes, 2 pavans, Echo], lute (Leiden, 1616/R); 6 preludes ed. K. Dirks (Wilhelmshaven, 1969); ed. G. Spiessens (Brussels, 1982)


3 fantasias [from Florida], Fortune, H. von Busch’s private collection, Hamburg (Herold Lute Book, c1602; facs. (Munich, 1991))

Passaggio, 2 preludes, 7 toccatas, fantasia [from Florida], 2 pavans, 3 others, D-Hs (Schele Lute Book, c1613–19); 3 ed. in Robinson

Prelude, 2 toccatas, fantasia, 2 pavans, 6 galliards, 5 allemandes, 5 others, *Bsb, c1615 (facs. in Katalog 221: Musikalische Seltenheiten (Berlin, c1930)); 10 ed. in Q; 2 ed. in Robinson






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