HA! The Ancient World "Yo Sumer was a civilization…" >Mr. Stearns… 6 th

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HA! The Ancient World

“Yo…. Sumer WAS a civilization…”

Mr. Stearns… 6th Grade SS
Chapter #5
Ancient Sumer

Essential Question: Why do historians classify ancient Sumer as a civilization?

Description: Students work in pairs in a Social Studies Skill Builder activity to learn about the characteristics of civilization and analyze artifacts to determine how each characteristic was exhibited in ancient Sumer.


  1. Draft Essay Brainstorm centered around the following CLAIM:

    1. Essential Question: Why do historians classify ancient Sumer as a civilization…

    2. Change it to a CLAIM/THESIS: SUMER WAS A CIVILIZATION (Now proove it using ONLY the Standard of Ur… all evidence is there… look.)

Essay Advice:

Introductory Paragraph: Grab the reader’s attention, establish your writer’s voice, and introduce the reader to your claim (see above)…

Body Paragraph #1: Stable Food Supply (see summary page)

Ancient Sumerians invented an irrigation system and the plow to help them create a stable food supply.

Body Paragraph #2: Social Structure, Government, and Religion

Ancient Sumer had a complex social structure with different jobs and social levels. The government was led by

kings. Religious beliefs influenced every part of daily life.

Body Paragraph #3: Arts, Technology, and Writing 

Ancient Sumerians had a highly developed culture that included the creative arts of painting, architecture, and

music. The Sumerians' most important technological invention was the wheel. They also created a written language

called cuneiform that was based on pictographs.

Summary Paragraph: Write this as if you were a lawyer at the end of a trial giving your closing

arguments as to WHY Sumer was, in fact… without a doubt… based on all your investigations… A CIVILIZATION!

*NOTE: Please do not just copy this down on your paper and call it yours… make it your thinking and include your wonderings… make the reader push their own thinking about what makes a civilization… In the end, your job is to TEACH others about the seven characteristics of civilization.

  1. I have thought about, reflected upon, and sought out the connection between each of the following ISN pages and the essential question… * NOTE: We are NOT doing the class activity… at this time… I reserve the right to add this in as a class activity for SOME or ALL…

P. 32 P. 36

P. 33 P. 37

P. 34 P. 38 (you may do this on poster paper)

P. 35

  1. I have written a draft essay and printed this out to turn in with my final essay (stapled to the test)…

  2. I have developed a poster selling (real estate add… basically) SUMER as a civilization (this should go nicely with your essay… good evidence to prove you get it…)

  3. I have re-thought, reflected upon, edited, proofread, work with other students and adults on making my work more social scientificish… and re-written my draft essay to reflect my thinking and growth at the end of this chapter…

  4. I have completed the study guide for the test.

  5. I have studied for and helped others to see their own potential as a learner and strong teammate.

  6. I have written a letter to my parent “explaining” my progress, my academic learning journey, and my results for this important (key) chapter on “what makes a civilization a civilization, dude?”

  7. I have conferenced with my parent regarding my letter… The goal is to open up HONEST communications with your first AND primary teacher, your parent… Train them now…

  8. I have turned in the following packet to Mr. Stearns:

    1. M/C Test (scored)

    2. Essay (probably not scored before turn in)

    3. Draft brainstorm for essay

    4. Final brainstorm for essay

    5. Draft essay

    6. Final essay

    7. Final letter to your parent; “Splain Letter”


British Museum


Standard of Ur…

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