H. no. 29/1236, shine rd, tel : 0484-2304686 vyttila, kochi mobilie : 9995010170

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H.NO.29/1236, SHINE RD, TEL : 0484-2304686

VYTTILA, KOCHI Mobilie : 9995010170

KERALA emai : davidsonlevi@hotmail.com


Objective To be an effective and efficient employee in a reputed organization using the knowledge that I have acquired from my experience and to achieve my personal goal.

Career History

1) Company Name : SBI

Location : Kochi
Job Title : Officer – Customer Relationship Executive
Industry : Personal Banking
Period of Working : August 25 to October 31 2008

2) Company Name : Benefit Management Services

Location : Kochi
Job Title : Co-ordinator
Industry : Mutual Funds

Period of Working : May 16. 2007 - Present


3) Company Name : Info Network Management Co Pvt Ltd

Location : Kochi
Job Title : Call Retrieving Officer

Industry : 24hrs Information Services
Period of Working : Feb 2007 to May 15, 2007

4) Company Name : Rashtra Deepika Pvt Ltd

Location : Kochi
Job Title : Customer Care Executive
Industry : Media

Period of Working : Feb 2003 – Dec 2003
5) Company Name : Amp Sanmar Life Insurance Co Pvt Ltd

Location : Kochi
Job Title : Advisor
Industry : Insurance

Period of Working : June 2002 – July 2003

Level : M.A.Economics

University : Mahatama Gandhi University
Level : B.A.Economics

University : Mahatama Gandhi University

Level : English Typewriting Lower

University : Board of Technical Examinations

Computer Proficiency

Ms Office, DBMS, RDBMS concepts, Oracle (SQL) Primer, Linux

Primer, Computer N/W


  • Has won Highly Commendable Price in Essay Contest No. SB-2 for the entry entitled IT BOOM IN INDIA for Competition Success Review, held in June 2005.

  • Has won Highly Commendable Price in Essay Contest No. SB – 564 for the entry entitled Global Warming, its effects and causes for Competition Success Review, held in December 2007.

  • Passed AMFI Exam (Association of Mutual Funds in India)

  • Attended training on Financial Planning & Advisory Services at Hyderabad.

Mini Project

Personal Particulars
Date of Birth : 01/12/1979
Nationality : Indian.
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Single
Languages Known : English, Malayalam, French, Tamil

Passport No : E 6849640

Date of Issue : 03/11/2003

Place of Issue : KOCHIN

Date of Expiry : 02/11/2013


  1. Ms.Jubilie Sherine George


Benefit Management Services


Mobile: 9387314933

  1. Mr.Edwin

Tele Marketing Manager,

Info Net Work Management Co Ltd

No-40/9485, D4, 2nd Floor, Achutha Warrier Lane

Padma Jn; M.G.Rd, Kochi

Mobile - 9995152518


I here by declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Kochi Davidson.C.L

Date: sd/-

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