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Breakfast Club/Character analysis
The following are “guiding questions” which means you answer the questions as you watch the movie. Analyze and evaluate two characters. After the movie is over you will put the answers to the questions in essay form. DON’T ANSWER IN QUESTION/ANSWER FORM-USE PROPER ESSAY FORM. Introduction, body, concluding paragraphs, with substantial evidence from the film (use examples from the movie to support/oppose your claims).

The Essay must be 3-5 pages, double-spaced, size-12, times new roman or any other default style, normal margins. 3 pages minimum, 2.5 pages will lose credit.

Include the following information in your essay

A. You will choose 2 of the main characters from the movie to psychoanalyze

B. Describe the “identity crisis” the characters are encountering

C. Why are they going through this identity crisis (gender role, parents, age, peers, etc.)?

D. How is this different than from the end of the movie?

E. How did each character change? Be specific

F. Did the characters in the movie understand themselves better at the end of the movie than they did at the beginning of the movie? Give examples…

G. If you were a guidance counselor at the school how would you help these characters with their emotional/academic issues?

H. Compare/contrast the characters- their crisis and the extent to which each solves it by the end of the movie

I. How do you feel about these characters-would you be friends with them-why/why not

J. Project what the 2 characters will be like as adults-explain your answers (will they overcome their crisis, how will they act as adults?)
The main idea of this essay is to explain and analyze the characters behavior; specifically with a focus on identity development. You are expected to be an active observer of the movie. You must make specific references to scenes in the movie, throughout your essay. The essay must include concepts that have been discussed through-out the year. Do not waste space-defining concepts.
Andrew “Andy” Clark- Emilio Estevez (the jock) 
Brian Johnson-Anthony Michael Hall (the geek) 
John Bender-Judd Nelson (the criminal) 
Claire Standish-Molly Ringwald (the drama queen) 
Allison Reynolds-Ally Sheedy (the psycho) 

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