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African & Caribbean Politics from Kwame Nkrumah to Maurice Bishop

Verso, 1987


Gabriele Marranci

Faith, Ideology and Fear : Muslim Identities within and Beyond Prisons

Continuum, 2009

m09/35603 DSC
S.I. Martin, with introduction by Trevor Phillips

Britain’s Slave Trade

Channel 4 Books, 1999

David Mason and Natha Hughes, with Rachel Hek, Basia Spalek, Nicola Ward and Alan Norman

Access to Justice : A review of existing evidence of the experiences of minority groups based on ethnicity, identity and sexuality

Ministry of Justice, 2009

Digital file via Electronic Resources
Ehsan Masood

British Muslims : Media Guide

British Council, 2006

Dina Matar

News, Memory, Identity : The Palestinians in Britain

University of London, thesis, 2005

Electronic resource - Lending Collection 420320 SFX

Uvanney Maylor, Uvanney Maylor and Barbara Read, with Heather Mendick, Alistair Ross and Nicola Rollock

Diversity and Citizenship in the Curriculum : Research Review

Nottingham : DfES, 2007

no. 819 7761.341230
Ian McCann and Harry Hawke

The Complete Guide to the Music of Bob Marley

Omnibus, 2004

HUS 789.4

Ian McCann

Bob Marley Talking: Bob Marley in His Own Words

Omnibus, 2003

Anthony McCowan

Coloured Peoples in Britain

The Bow Group [Conservative Party affiliate], 1952

Paul McGarr

The Cold War in South Asia : Britain, the United States and the Indian Subcontinent, 1945-1965

Cambridge University Press, 2013

Shelfmark pending
Graham McPhee

Postwar British Literature and Postcolonial Studies

Edinburgh University Press, 2011

Chapter : ‘The Fire Next Time : Linton Kwesi Johnson's Dread Beat and Blood’


Nasar Meer

Citizenship and Double Consciousness : Muslims and Multiculturalism in Britain

PhD thesis, Unviersity of Briston, 2007

Available via ETHOS system at The British Library

Shaida Mehrban

Tears of Silence [biography of Kaashi Sarah Khan; Pakistani family abuse]

Athena Press, 2006

Raghava R. Menon

The Penguin Dictionary of Indian Classical Music

Penguin, 1995

HUS 789.291411003
Trades Unionists Unite Against Racism [single sheet pamphlet]

Merseyside Anti-Racialist Alliance, 1980

Monty Meth

Brothers to All Men? A Report on the Trade Union Actions and Attitudes on Race Relations

Runnymede Trust, 1973

X.519/13795 and 73/19630 DSC
Monty Meth

Here to Stay – A Study of Good Practices in the Employment of Coloured Workers

Runnymede Trust, 1969

W16/9758 DSC and W51/4228 DSC
Tony Middleton

Joe Harriott: A Bio-Discography

Middleton, 1996

HUS 789.540092
Heidi Safia Mirza

Race, Gender and Educational Desire: Why Black Women Succeed and Fail

Routledge, 2009

YC.2010.a.757, YC.2009.a.17328 and m08/.36909 DSC
Heidi Safia Mirza, Reena Bhavnani & Veena Meetoo

Tacking the Roots of Racism – The Roots of Success

Bristol: Policy Press, 2005

SPIS305.800941 and m05/.40694 DSC
Heidi Safia Mirza

Multiple Identity and Access to Health: The Experience of Black and Minority Ethnic Women

Manchester, Equal Opportunities Commission, 2003

9350.836035 no. 10 DSC
Heidi Safia Mirza & David Gillborn

Educational Inequality : Mapping Race, Class, and Gender

Office for Standards in Education, 2000

YA.2001.b.1756 and m01/21038 DSC
Heidi Safia Mirza

Black British Feminism : A Reader

Routledge, 1997

YC.2000.a.10940 and 97/28742 DSC
Heidi Safia Mirza

Young, Female and Black

Routledge, 1992

YK.1993.a.4790 and 92/05098 DSC
Munira Mirza, Abi Senthilkumaran, and Zein Ja’far

Living Apart Together : British Muslims and the Paradox of Multiculturalism

Policy Exchange, 2007

YC.2009.b.743 and m09/36731 DSC

Bal Ram Mishra

Ironical Comedy of RK Narayan

Jaipur: Book Enclave, 2002

Udayon Misra

The Raj in Fiction: A Study of Nineteenth-Century British Attitudes Toward India

Delhi: B.R. Publishing, 1987

Tariq Modood, Anna Triandafyllidou, Richard Zapata-Barrero

Multiculturalism, Muslims and Citizenship: A European Approach

Routledge, 2006

SPIS 305.697094 and m06/18182 DSC
Tariq Modood, Pinar Enneli, Harriet Bradley

Young Turks and Kurds: A Set of ‘Invisible’ Disadvantaged Groups

York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2005

m05/15202 DSC
Tariq Modood

Multicultural Politics: Racism, Ethnicity, and Muslims in Britain

Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press; Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2005

SPIS 305.800941, DSC m05/20084, and DSC 3426.3302 Vol 22
Tariq Madood, Judith Squires, Stephen May

Nationalism, Identity and Minority Rights

Cambridge University Press, 2004

SPIS 305.88 and DSC m05/10024
Tariq Madood, Stephen Lissenburgh

South Asian Women and Employment in Britain: The Interaction of Gender and Ethnicity

London: Policy Studies Institute, Report No 891, 2003

DSC 6945.8175 No 891
Tariq Madood

Multiculturalism, Muslims and the British State

Leeds : British Association for the Study of Religions, 2003

DSC No 25 6212.850000
Beatriz G. Mamigonian

The Human Tradition in the Black Atlantic, 1500-2000

Rowman & Littlefield, 2010

Marina Maxwell

Violence in the Toilets – The Experiences of a Black Teacher in Brent Schools

author, 1969

Merseyside Community Relations Council

Dragon’s Teeth

MCRC, 1975

Charles W. Mills

Radical Theory : Caribbean Reality - Race, Class and Social Domination

Kingston, Jamaica : University of the West Indies Press, 2010


Felicia Alu Moh

Ben Okri: An Introduction to His Early Fiction

Enugu, Nigeria: Fourth Dimension, 2000

Profulla Mohanti

Through Brown Eyes

Penguin, 1988

Elizabeth Monck

The Employment and Socio-Economic Conditions of the Coloured Population

Centre for Environmental Studies, 1975

BJ Moore-Gilbert

Hanif Kureishi

Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2001

Kathleen M. Moore

The Unfamiliar Abode : Islamic Law in the United States and Britain

OUP, 2010

Robert Moore

Racism and Black Resistance in Britain

Pluto, 1975

Dennis Morris

Growing up Black [photography]

Autograph, 2012

Dennis Morris

Bob Marley – A Rebel Life

Plexus, 2011

Shelfmark pending
Lionel Morrison

A Century of Black Journalism in Britain, 1893-2003

Trubay Ltd: ca 2007

Lionel Morrison

As They See It: A Race Relations Study in Three Areas from a Black Viewpoint

Community Relations Commission, 1976

The Moroccan Muslim Community in England – Understanding Muslim Ethnic Communities

Change Institute, Communities and Local Government, 2009

m09/18839 DS0043
Fathima Fatheena Mubarek

Tradition and Modernity: A Sociological Companison between Sri Lankan Muslim Women in Colombo and in London in the late 1990s

PhD thesis, University of London, 2003


Sumita Mukherjee

Nationalism, Education and Migrant Identities : The England-Returned

Routledge, 2010

YC.2010.a.1294 and 8026.519935 no. 4 2010 DSC
Hugh Muir and Laura Smith

Islamophobia, Issues, Challenges and Action: A Report

Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books / Uniting Britain Trust, 2004

DSC m04/30183
Farooq Murad and Tariq Saeed

Understanding the Housing Needs and Aspirations of the Muslim Communities

Murad Associates/North London Muslim Housing Association, 2004

DSC m05/15369
Dervla Murphy

Tales from Two Cities : Travels of Another Sort

[Observations of the Rasta and Bengali communities in Bradford and Birmingham, includes 1985 Handsworth riots]

Murray, 1987

YC.1987.b.6637 and 87/01282 DSC

Neil Murphy and Wai-chew Sim, eds.

British Asian Fiction : Framing the Contemporary

Amherst, NY : Cambria Press, 2008

m08/38432 DSC
Nancy Murray

Racism and the Press in Thatcher’s Britain

Institute of Race Relations, 1989

Nathaniel Samuel Murrell

Afro-Caribbean Religions : An Introduction to Their Historical, Cultural, and Sacred Traditions

Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2010

m10/.22040 DSC
Muslim Council of Britain

Muslims in the Workplace: A Good Practice Guide for Employers and Employees

MCB, 2005

DSC m05/.36970
Norma Myers

Reconstructing the Black Past : Blacks in Britain, 1780-1830

PhD thesis, University of Liverpool

DX 94325 DSC


Frank Cass, 1996

Amikam Nachmani

Europe and its Muslim Minorities : Aspects of Conflict, Attempts at Accord

Brighton: Sussex Academic, 2009

m09/.25830 DSC
M. Naguib

Multiculturalism: The Ideological Response to the Education of Black Pupils in British Schools

Phd Dissertation: University of Astin, Birmingham, 1981


Beverley Naidoo

Through Whose Eyes? Exploring Racism

Stoke-on-Trent: : Trentham, 1992

Beverley Naidoo

Censoring Reality : An Examination of Books on South Africa

ILEA Centre for Anti-Racist Education and the British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, 1984

Ashis Nandy

Bonfire of Creeds: The Essential Ashis Nandy

Delhi / Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003

Ashis Nandy

Time Warps: The Insistent Politics of Silent and Evasive Pasts

London: Hurst, 2002

Delhi: Permanent Black, 2001

YA.2003.a.5269 and YC.2002.a.14120

Ashis Nandy

The Tao of Cricket

Delhi / Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000

YC.2004.a.4431 and DSC m01/20846
Ashis Nandy

The Intimate Enemy: Loss and Recovery of Self Under Colonialism

Delhi / Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1983, 1988

YC.1989.a.10395 and X.529/64557
Ashis Nandy

Traditions, Tyranny and Utopias: Essays in the Politics of Awareness

Delhi / Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987

YC.1998.a.5258 and ORW.1988.a.585
Mehmood Naqshbandi

Problems and Practical Solutions to Tackle Extremism; and Muslim Youth and Community Issues

Shrivenham, Wilts: Defence Academy of the UK, 2006

Rudy Narayan [Director, Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association]

Black vs. White : Discrimination against Immigrants

Delhi : Kunj Publishing, 1980

X.529/44596, T 41621, and 81/12922 DSC
Rudy Narayan [Director, Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association]

Black England

Doscarla Publications, 1977

Rudy Narayan [Director, Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association]

Black Community on Trial

Blackbird Books, 1976

X.0519/1026 and 79/36153 DSC

Veena Naregal

Language Politics, Elites and the Public Sphere

New Delhi: Permanent Black, 2001

Susheila Nasta, ed.

Writing Across Worlds: Contemporary Writers Talk

Routledge, 2004

Susheila Nasta

Home Truths: Fictions About the South Asian Diaspora in Britain

[Sam Selvon, Wole Soyinka, Wilson Harris, Lorna Goodison, Chinua Achebe, Jamaica Kincaid, Caryl Phillips, VS Naipaul, Joan Riley, George Lamming, Monica Ali, Amit Chaudhuri, Nayantara Sahgal, Salman Rushdie, Zadie Smith, Ata Aidoo, etc.]

Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2001


Susheila Nasta , ed.

Reading the ‘New’ Literatures in a Postcolonial Era

Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2001

3188.672 53 [DSC]
Susheila Nasta and Anna Rutherford, eds.

Tiger’s Triumph: Celebrating Sam Selvon

Armidale, New South Wales, Australia: Dangaroo, 1995

Susheila Nasta ed.

Motherlands: Black Women’s Writing from Africa, the Caribbean and South Asia

Women’s Press, 1991

UC.1991.a.4735 and 94/22443
Susheila Nasta ed.

Critical Perspectives on Sam Selvon

Washington, D.C.and Boulder, Colorado, USA: Three Continents Press, 1988

YC.1998.a.3293 and 89/25057
National Association for Asian Youth

Which Half Decides? A Contribution to the Debate on Sex Discrimination, British Nationality and Immigration Laws

Southall: Scope Communications, 1979

National Association of Schoolmasters

Education and the Immigrants – Special report

NAS, 1969

National Committee for Commonwealth Immigrants

Assorted pamphlets :

Roy Jenkins, MP: Address, 23 May 1966

Areas of Special Housing Need (1967)

Stuart Hall: The Young Englanders (1967)

Dilip Hiro: The Indian Family in Britain (1967)

The Housing of Commonwealth Immigrants (1967)

Research and the Teaching of Immigrant Children (1967)

Dr. Farrukh Hashimi: Psychology of Racial Prejudice (1967)

Dr. Farrukh Hashimi: The Pakistani Family in Britain (1967)

Summary of the PEP Report on Racial Discrimination (1967)

Dr. David Stafford-Clark: Prejudice in the Community (1967)

Summary of the Street Report - Anti-Discrimination Legislation (1967)

Dr. Simon Yudkin: The Health and Welfare of the Immigrant Child (1967)

Dr. P.C.C. Evans & R.B. Le Page: The Education of West Indian Children (1967)

Denis Howell, ed : Practical Suggestions for Teachers of Immigrant Children (1967)

J.F. Skone: Public Health Aspects of Immigration (1968)


Denis MacShane

Black and Front : Journalists and Race Reporting

National Union of Journalists, 1978

Peter Nazareth

In the Trickster Tradition: The Novels of Andrew Salkey, Francis Ebejar and Ishmael Reed

Bogle-L’Ouverture, 1994

Newham Borough Co-operative Party

You Don’t Want Race War in Our Streets, so Defeat Racialism Now

Ca. 1976

YD.2008.b.462 and m11/.17513
Courttia Newland

The Global Village

Peepal Tree Press, 2009

Shelfmark pending
Courttia Newland and Kadija Sesay, eds.

IC3: The Penguin Book of New Black Writing in Britain

Penguin, 2001

Darrell M. Newton

Paving the Empire Road : BBC Television and West Indian Immigration

Manchester University Press, 2011

Lauretta Ngcobo, ed.

Let it be Told : Essays on Black Women in Britain

Pluto, 1987; Virago, 1988

YC.1989.a.1525, YC.1990.a.1193 and 87/29537 DSC

Note : chapter on Ngcobo’s fiction in Emily Allen Williams’ compendium, Changing Currents

Jørgen S. Nielsen

Islam Muslims and British Local and Central Government

Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian Muslim relations, 1992

ZC.9.b.5015 and DSC [no 6] 3490.183560
Jørgen S. Nielsen

A Survey of British Local Authority Response to Muslim Needs

Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, 1986

[APAC] ORW.1987.a.1402 and DSC [No 30/31] 7755.036500
Pax Nindi, ed.

On Route: The Art of Carnival

The X Press / Arts Council of England, 2003


Nirmal Committee / Swadhinata Trust

Bengalis in Britain : 3 Generations – Teacher Notes

NC / ST, 2009

Alastair Niven

Elechi Amadi – The Concubine – A Critical View Collins

British Council, 1981

Alastair Niven

R.K. Narayan – The Guide – A Critical View Collin

British Council, 1985

Alastair Niven

The Yoke of Pity: A Study of the Fictional Writings of Mulk Raj Anand

New Delhi: Arnold-Heinemann, 1978

Alastair Niven ed.

The Commonwealth Writer Overseas: Themes of Exile and Expatriation

University of Stirling, Scotland, 1975 conference papers]

Bruxelles: Didier, 1976


E. Martin Noble

An Abridged History of Jamaica from the Discovery of Columbus in 1494 to the Granting of Independence in 1962, with Brief Glimpses of Barbados and Trinidad, and a Final Chapter on Haiti

Doctorbird, 1997

99/23825 DSC
E. Martin Noble

Jamaica Airman: A Black Airman in Britain 1943 and After

New Beacon, 1984

E. Martin Noble

The Burden of Illegitimacy: A Struggle Against Prejudice and Bigotry

Doctorbird, 1993

Joan Nordquist

CLR James: A Bibliography

Santa Cruz, California: Reference and Research Services, 2001

Northamptonshire Black History Association:

Sharing the Past

NBHA, 2008

From Clanger to Coriander :Celebrating Diverse Food Culture in Northamptonshire

NBHA, 2008

See: Hilary Claire

Noel Norton

Noel Norton’s 20 Years of Trinidad Carnival

Port-of-Spain: Trinidad & Tobago Insurance, 1995

Malory Nye

A Place for Our Gods: The Construction of an Edinburgh Hindu Temple Community

Curzon, 1995

DSC 5294.153 No. 8
Bertha M.N. Ochieng and Carl L.A. Hylton

Black Families in Britain as the Site of Struggle

Manchester University Press, 2010

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Black and Minority Ethnic Housing Associations and Their Involvement in Local Authority Stock Transfers

Community Housing Task Force, 2004

B. O’Keefe

Hindu Family Life in East London

University of London, n.d.

DSC D34826/81
Ben Okri

A Way of Being Free [Nigerian essays]

Phoenix, House, 1997

Rageh Omaar

Only Half of Me

Viking, 2007


David Omissi, ed.

Indian Voices of the Great War: Soldiers’ Letters 1914-1918

Macmillan, 1999

YC.2001.a.11333 and 99/16090
Peter D. O’Neill & David Lloyd

The Black and Green Atlantic : Cross-Currents of the African and Irish Diasporas

Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

Michael O’Shea

Owen Maginn : A Missionary’s Story [Ireland, Zambia, Egypt]

Cork : Society of African Missions, 2009

Charlie Owen

Disproportionality in Child Welfare : The Prevalence of Black and Minority Ethnic Children within the ‘Looked After’ and ‘Children in Need’ Populations and on Child Protection Registers in England

Dept. for Children, Schools and Families, 2009

7761.310500 no. 124 2009 DSC

Kwesi Owusu, ed.

Black British Culture and Society: A Text Reader

Routledge, 1999

YC.2003.b.1912 and 99/39102
Kwesi Owusu ed.

Storms of the Heart: An Anthology of Black Arts and Culture

London: Camden, 1988

YC.1989.a.1053 and 88/26680
Kwesi Owusu

The Struggle for Black Arts in Britain: What We Can Consider Better Than Freedom

London: Comedia, 1986

YC.1988.a.5803 and 86/17607
Kwesi Owusu and Jacob Ross

Behind the Masquerade: The Story of Notting Hill Carnival

Edgware: Arts Media Group, 1988

YC.1989.b.671 and 89/21466
Alex Padamsee

Representations of Indian Muslims in British Colonial Discourse

Palgrave Macmillan, 2005

DSC m05/.32416

See also:

Spectacles of Dispossession: Representations of Indian Muslims in British Colonial Discourse

PhD Thesis, University of London, 2004

DSC DXN077932
George Padmore, representing the African Workers’ Party

Imperialism, and the Japanese War on China (opening speech)

-in : A New Hope for World Socialism

International Bureau for Revolutionary Socialist Unity, 1938 (40) [George Orwell-collected pamphlets collection]

Horace Panter

Ska'd for Life : A Personal Journal with the Specials

Sidgwick & Jackson, 2007

Panikos Panayi

Outsiders : A History of European Minorities

Hambledon Press, 1999

YC.1999.b.5243 and m00/38456 DSC
Panikos Panayi

Immigration, Ethnicity and Racism in Britain, 1815-1945

Manchester University Press, 1994

YC.1994.a.2179 and 95/14960 DSC
Panikos Panayi, editor

Racial Violence in Britain, 1840-1950

Leicester University Press, 1993

YC.1994.b.1948, yc.1996.B.898, 93/07836 DSC and 96/10724 DSC
Ishita Pande

Medicine, Race and Liberalism in British Bengal : Symptoms of Empire

Routledge, 2012

5 (2010) 8026.519935

Gyanendra Nath Pande and Geeta Pande

Indians in Britain – Who’s Who

Swansea: Computers and Geotechnics, 1988

Sandra Pouchet Paquet

The Novels of George Lamming

Heinemann, 1982

Akhtar Parveen

British Muslim Politics : Examining Pakistani Biraderi Networks

Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

Shelfmark pending
Zainul Abedin Patel

Indian Settlers in Britain: A Case Study [1975]

Nuneaton: Unity Publications, 2002

John Yahya-en-Nasr Parkinson


Woking Muslim Mission & Literary Trust, ca. 1935

Orlando Patterson

Rituals in Blood: Consequences of Slavery in Two American Centuries

Basic Civitas/Counterpoint 1999

YC.2002.a.9694 and 99/18139 DSC
Orlando Patterson

Freedom, Vol. 1 – Freedom in the Making of Western Culture

IB Taurus, 1991

YC.1994.b.3738 and 91/16689 DSC [Vol 1]
Orlando Patterson

Slavery and Social Death

Cambridge, Massachusetts/London: Harvard University Press, 1982

82/31705 DSC
Orlando Patterson

The Children of Sysyphus [Jamaican novelists]

New Authors, 1964

Sheila Patterson

Dark Strangers: A Sociological Study of the Absorption of a Recent West Indian Migrant Group in Brixton, South London

Tavistock, 1963 / Penguin, 1965

10494.b.12, L64/1476, 012209.d.4/716, W46/7814
Sheila Patterson

Immigrants in London: Report

London Council of Social Service, 1963

X.529/1222, W30/7144 and W49/1980
G.C.K. Peach

Segregation of Coloured Immigrants in Britain

Social Science Research Council, 1976

8318.172000 SSRC HR 1774 DSC
David Pearl

Family Law in the Immigrant Communities

Bristol: Family Law, 1986

The People’s National Party

The Case of Domingo

Note : Wilfred Adolphus Domingo, Socialist, Director of Publicity for the ABB / African Blood Brotherhood, ca. 1921, and associate of Marcus Garvey; arrested in Kingston at the time of this publication

Kingston, Jamaica : The People’s National Party, 1941

-in : George Orwell’s collected political ephemera
The People’s National Party

Forward March!

Kingston, Jamaica : The People’s National Party, 1941

-in : George Orwell’s collected political ephemera
Jane Perry

The Fair Housing Experiment : Community Relations Councils and Housing of Minority Groups

[Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield

Political and Economic Planning, 1973

X.512/1441, q73/21458 DSC

Alwin Peter, ed.

From the Mouths of Men: Black Men Speak Freely and Frankly About Black Women, Relationships, Love and Sex

Inglis, 1998

Caryl Phillips ed.

Extravagant Strangers: A Literature of Belonging

Faber, 1997

Caryl Phillips

A New World Order: Selected Essays

Vintage, 2002

YC.2002.a.8108 and m03/16921
Caryl Phillips

The Atlantic Sound

Faber, 2000

Caryl Phillips

The European Tribe

Faber, 1987

YC.1987.a.2898 and YC.1988.a.6210
Caryl Phillips, foreword

Ignatius Sancho: An African Man of Letters

National Portrait Gallery, 1997


Melanie Phillips

Londonistan : How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within

Gibson Square, 2006, 2007

YC.2007.a.11430, SPIS363.3250941 and m07/.28020 DSC
Mike Phillips

London Crossings: A Biography of Black Britain

Continuum, 2001

Mike Phillips and Trevor Phillips

Windrush: The Irresistible Rise of Multi-Racial Britain

HarperCollins 1998

YC.1999.b.2158 and 99/17128
Mike Phillips with Charlie Phillips, photography

Notting Hill in the Sixties

Lawrence & Wishart, 1991

Trevor Phillips, with Health Secretary John Reid, MP

The Best Intentions? Race, Equity and Delivering Today’s NHS

Fabian Society, 2004

3863.103200 No. 611, July 2004
Trevor Phillips

Culture and the New Politics, in Creative Futures

Fabian Society, 1997

583 3863.107
Susanne Pichler

Buchi Emecheta’s “London Novels”: An Intercultural Approach

Trier, Germany: WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2001

Edward Pilkington

Beyond the Mother Country : West Indians and the Notting Hill Riots

Tauris, 1988

YC.1989.a.5947 and 88/21182
Carl Plasa

Slaves to Sweetness : British and Caribbean Literatures of Sugar

Liverpool University Press, 2009

5281.194650 1 2009 DSC
John Plummer

Movement of Jah People [Rastafari movement]

Birmingham : Press Gang, 1978

X.108/17720 and 80/20921
Charles W. Pollard

New World Modernisms: T.S. Elliot, Derek Walcott, and Kamau Brathwaite

Charlottesville / London: University Press of Virginia, 2004

Sandra Ponzanesi

Paradoxes of Postcolonial Culture: Contemporary Women Writers of the Indian and Afro-Italian Diaspora Albany, New York: State University of New York Press, 2004

m05/15690 DSC

Elizabeth Poole

Reporting Islam: Media Representation and British Muslims

IB Taurus, 2002

YC.2006.a.8955 and DSC m02/30904
Adam Potkay and Sandra Burr, eds.

Black Atlantic Writers of the Eighteenth Century: Living the New Exodus in England and the Americas

Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1995

95/27135 DSC
Margaret Prescod

Black Women : Bringing it all Back Home

Bristol: Falling Wall Press, 1986

YA.1989.a.13277 and 80/11267
Charles Price

Becoming Rasta : The Origins of Rastafari Identity in Jamaica

New York University Press, 2009

m09/.34968 DSC
Suman Bala Prinjha

With a View to Marriage: Young Hindu Guraratis in London

University of London, PhD thesis, 1999

DSC DNX035360 and DSC DX208970
James Proctor

Stuart Hall

Routledge, 2004

m04/20194 DSC
James Proctor

Dwelling Places: Postwar Black British Writing

Manchester University Press, 2003

YC.2003.a.21261 and m03/31062
James Proctor

Writing Black Britain, 1948-1998: An Interdisciplinary Anthology

Manchester University Press, 2000

YC.2001.a.11672 and m03/24519
Amar Nath Prasad, ed.

Critical Response to R.K. Narayan

New Delhi: Sarap & Sons, 2003

Ken Pryce

The Black Experience in Britain: A Study of the Life-styles of West Indians in Bristol

St. Augustine, Trinidad: University of the West Indies, 1977


Bob Quinn

Atlantean [Ireland’s African influences]

Quartet, 1986

YC.1987.a.969 and 87/00941
Milan Rai

7/7: The London Bombings, Islam and the Iraq War

Pluto, 2006

DSC m06/27482
SK Rait

Reading and Information Needs of Elderly Punjabis

PhD thesis, Loughborough

Electronic resource

Gita Rajan

Postcolonial Discourse and Changing Cultural Contexts: Theory and Criticism in Contributions to the Study of World Literature [no. 64]

Greenwood, 1995

Gita Rajan and Radhika Mohanram

English Postcoloniality: Literatures From Around the World

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Cecil Rajendra

Bibliography and Selected Profiles, Reviews and Essays

Toussaint L’ouverture, 1989

Omar Ralph

Naoroji, The First Asian MP : A Biography of Dadabhai Naoroji, India’s Patriot and Britain’s MP

Antigua: Hansib / London: Readers’ Book Club, 1997

YC.1998.a.1601 and 97/24541
Sodhi Ram

Indian Immigrants in Great Britain

New Delhi: Inter-India Publications, 1989

Adam Ramadan

Rise in Racist and Anti-Muslim Attacks since 7th July Terrorist Attacks on London

Council for Arab-British Understanding, 2005

DSC m05/31630
Anandi Ramamurthy

Black Star : Britain's Asian Youth Movements

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Shelfmark pending
Ron Ramdin

Arising from Bondage: A History of the Indo-Caribbean People

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Ron Ramdin

Reimaging Britain: Five Hundred Years of Black and Asian History

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YC.2001.a.202 and m00/12065
Ron Ramdin

Homelessness and the Novel: The Cardiff Lecture

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Captain and Mrs. Swinton

The Other Middle Passage: Journal of a Voyage from Calcutta to Trinidad, 1858

incorporates: Journal of a Voyage with Coolie Emigrants from Calcutta to Trinidad

Hansib, [1859] 1994


Ron Ramdin

West Indies

Oxford: Heinemann, 1990

Ron Ramdin

The Making of the Black Working Class in Britain

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Ron Ramdin

From Chattel Slave to Wage Earner: A History of Trade Unionism in Trinidad and Tobago

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 The British Library Manuscripts Section holds the personal papers of Andrew Salkey.
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Electronic resource - Lending Collection 552420 SFX

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See also : Hazel Waters

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and biographical note by Donald Wood

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[Marcus Garvey-related]

Vishwa Hindu Parishad UK

VHP in Britain

Manchester: Vishwa Hindu Parishad, 2004

Rozina Visram

Asians in Britain : 400 Years of History

Pluto, 2002, plus earlier editions

YC.2003.a.9859, ORW2002a164, OIH941.004, and m02/24175
Rozina Visram

Kamal A. Chunchie of the Coloured Men’s Institute : The Man and the Legend’

In Immigrants & Minorities, Vol 18 No 1, March 1999.
Rozina Visram

History of the Asian Community in Britain

Hove: Wayland, 1995

Rozina Visram and Anthony Copley, eds.

Indians in Britain : Past and Present

-in Indo-British Review : A Journal of History, Vol 16 No 2, June 1989

P.701/246, ORWST1352 and 4437.584
Rozina Visram

Ayahs, Lascars and Princes : Indians in Britain 1700-1947

Pluto, 1986

YH.1997.a.877, ORW.1989.a.935, T48756, and 86/16363
The Voice

Forty Winters On: Memories of Britain’s Post-War Caribbean Immigrants

The Voice / Lambeth Services, 1988

Anne Walmsley [see Aubrey Williams]

The Caribbean Artists Movement, 1966-1972

New Beacon, 1992

92/17658 DSC
James Walvin

Black Ivory : A History of British Slavery

HarperCollins, 1992; Blackwell, 2001

YC.1992.b.2779, 92/16310 DSC, YC.2005.a.6221 and m01/40802

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