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PhD Thesis, Bristol University, 1979


Avtar Brah

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Beverley Bryan: see Stella Dadzie
Robin Bunce & Paul Field

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Shelfmark pending
Madeleine Bunting

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DSC m07/.23664
Mike Burke

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To be catalogued
Mary Chamberlain

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Eddie Chambers

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Amsterdam / New York City : Rodopi, 2012

3488.842000 DSC
Pete Chambers / Coventry Market

2-Tone-2 : Dispatches from the 2-Tone City - 30 years On

]Record company emphasising ska, reggae, rocksteady, punk and new wave rock]

Tencton Planet Publications, 2008


Yvonne Channer

I Am a Promise: The School Achievement of British African Caribbeans

Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books

Chapeltown and Harehills Enterprise Limited Community Trust

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Kathleen Chater

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Satinder Chohan, with photographs by Dennis Morris

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Mark Christian

The Politics of Black Presence in Britain and Black Male Exclusion in the British Education System

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Newbury Park, California : Sage Publications

P.701/1705 and 4954.200000 DSC

Mark Christian [see also William Ackah]

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Mark Christian

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Errol Christie & Tony McMahon

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Aurum, 2010

Kamal Chunchie

Twenty Five Years Among Coloured People in London’s Dockland

The Coloured Men’s Institute, 1946

Church of England

Your Neighbour – Facts about Overseas Visitors

[West Indians, Pakistanis, Nigerians, 22pp pamphlet, 1960]

-in : Church of England, Overseas Council – Miscellaneous Publications

Guardbook 2

Hilary Claire

The Story of Walter Tull : Professional Black Footballer and the First Black Officer in the British Army

Northamptonshire Black History Association, 2007

William Gervase Clarence-Smith

Islam and the Abolition of Slavery

Hurst, 2006

YC.2007.a.6426 and m06/.16195 DSC
Barry Clarke, ed. Contributors include Geoffrey Bindman, Helena Cook, Barbara Cohen, Philip Egelman, Judith Farbey, Makbool Javaid, Razia Karim, Sadiq Khan, Rambay de Mello, Rajiv Menon, Chris Myant, Sharon Persaud, Stephen Simblet, Veena Vasista, and Heather Williams

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Lawrence & Wishart, 2003


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Bernard Coard

How the West Indian Child is Made Educationally Subnormal in the British School System: the Scandal of the Black Child in School in Britain

New Beacon, 1971

X.519/12101 and 72/11172 DSC

Note : This was followed-up by Janet Graham in her 2011 Brunel University PhD thesis : An exploration of African-Caribbean boys' underachievement and their stories of schooling - their own worst enemies?

[electronic resource]
Chapman Cohen

Christianity, Slavery and Labour

Secular Society / Pioneer Press, 3rd ed, 1931

W76/6404, 8157.aaaa.22
Steve Cohen

Imagine There’s No Countries : 1992 and International Immigration Controls Against Migrants, Immigrants, and Refugees

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, 1996

Kate Owusua Coleman

Exploring Métissage : A Theological Anthropology of Black Women's Subjectivities in Postcolonial Britain

PhD Thesis, University of Birmingham, 2007

DSC DXN103922

Sylvia L. Collicott

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Haringey Community Information Service / Multicultural Support Group, 1986


OP-LG/7352 DSC

Sydney Collins

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Lutterworth Press, 1957

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Commission for Racial Equality

Ethnic Minority Youth Unemployment

CRE, 1980

f81/3024 DSC
Commission for Racial Equality

Brick Lane and Beyond : An Inquiry into racial Strife and Violence in Tower Hamlets

CRE, 1979

Amelie Constant

Clash of Cultures: Muslims and Christians in the Ethnosizing Process

Centre for Economic Policy Research, 2006

DSC [no. 5910] 3597.951200

Mariaconcetta Constantini

Behind the Mask: A Study of Ben Okri’s Fiction

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Annie E. Coombes

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PhD dissertation, University of East Anglia, 1987

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Wildwood House, 1978

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Roger Cotterrell

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Coventry Workers Against Racism

Ghost Town

Revolutionary Communist Party, 1981

John Cowley

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John Cowley

Carnival and Other Seasonal Festivities in the West Indies, USA and Britain : A Selected Bibliographical Index

Coventry: Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, University of Warwick, 1991

1993.132000 no. 10
John Cowley

West Indian Gramophone Records in Britain

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Sara Ashencaen Crabtree, Fatima Husain, and Basia Spalek

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Bristol, Policy 2008

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Kenneth Cracknell

Christians and Muslims Talking Together: Working Party of the Churches’ Committee on Migrant Workers in Europe

British Council of Churches, ca. 1981

DSC 85/02261
Susan Craig [see W. Arthur Lewis]

Smiles and Blood : The Ruling Class Response to the Workers Rebellion in Trinidad and Tobago

New Beacon, 1988

89/14274 DSC
Contemporary Caribbean – A Sociological Reader, Vols 1&2

Author: St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago, 1981

X.529/58228 and 97/16612 DSC vol 1 only
Judy Craven

Triangular Minds : Black Youth on Identity

Manchester : Community Education Afro-Caribbean Language Unit / Moss Side Community Education Centre, 1986

Gill Cressey

Diaspora Youth and Ancestral Homeland : British Pakistani-Kashmiri Youth Visiting Kin in Pakistan and Kashmir

Biggleswade: Extenza Turpin, 2006

YD.2008.a.6836 and 5991.141750 v. 5 DSC
Susan Croft with Stephen Bourne and Alda Terracciano

Black and Asian Performance at the Theatre Museum

Theatre Museum, 2003

HLR Enquiry Desk 792.074
Susanne Cuevas

Babylon and Golden City : Representations of London in Black and Asian British Novels Since the 1990s

Heidelberg : 2008

Quobna Ottobah Cugoano

Thoughts and Sentiments on the Evil of Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species / Other Writings

Penguin, 1999

YA.2001.a.22738 and

[One of the earliest Black British books, published by the author in 1787]

Lorraine Culley

Ethnicity and Healthcare Practice : A Guide for the Primary Care Team

Quay Books, 2010

Lorraine Culley and Simon Dyson, ed.s

Ethnicity and Nursing Practice

Basingstoke : Palgrave, 2001

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[Muslim youth, Bradford]

Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006

m06/.26407 DSC

David Dabydeen, John Gilmore and Cecily Jones

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OUP, 2007

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2nd edition, Hansib, 1997

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Stella Dadzie

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Learning and Skills Development Agency, 2002

m02/23832 DSC
Stella Dadzie

Toolkit for Tackling Racism in Schools

Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham, 2000

Stella Dadzie

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m03/11047 DSC
Stella Dadzie

Older and Wiser: A Study of the Educational Provision for Black and Ethnic Minority Elders

Leicester: National Institute for Adult Continuing Education [NIACE], 1993

Stella Dadzie

Working with Black Adult Learners

Leicester: NIACE, 1993


Stella Dadzie

Essential Skills for Race Equality Trainers

Leicester: NIACE, 1992

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Luke Daniels

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Therese Daniels and Jane Gerson

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Major Henry Darley

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John Darragh

Colour and Conscience: A Study of Race Relations and Colour Prejudice in Birmingham


Ann R. David

Performing Faith: Dance, Identity and Religion in Hindu Communities in Leicester and London

Leicester: De Montfort University, PhD thesis, 2005

Keith Davidson

Our Story, By Us, For Us! The Story of British People of African Caribbean Origin

Kingston-Upon-Thames : Reach Society Publishing, 2013

Shelfmark pending
Carol Boyce Davies

Left of Karl Marx : The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones

Duke University Press, 2008

Geoffrey V Davis and Anne Fuchs

Staging New Britain: Aspects of Black and South Asian British Theatre Practice

Oxford: Peter Lang, 2007

Shelfmark pending
Helen Davis

Understanding Stuart Hall

Sage, 2004

Mary Davis, Roger McKenzie and Wilf Sullivan

Working against Racism: The Role of Trade Unions in Britain

London Metropolitan University, 2006

YK.2008.b.310 and m07/11356

Mary Davis

Comrade or Brother? A History of the British Labour Movement, 1789-1951

Pluto, 1993

Note : Discusses how the Labour movement failed to tackle racism and sexism.

YC.1994.a.1705 and 93/20352

Mike Davis

Late Victorian Holocausts : El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World

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Robert Barry Davison

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Kwame Dawes

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Kwame Dawes

Natural Mysticism: Toward a New Reggae Aesthetic

Leeds: Peepal Tree, 1977

[not yet held at the British Library]
Ashley Dawson

Mongrel Nation : Diasporic Dulture and the Making of Postcolonial Britain

Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2007

Chapter : Carnival Politics and British Identity in Linton Kwesi Johnson’s Dub Poetry


Michael Day and Dave Marsland, eds.

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Leicester: National Youth Bureau, 1978

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Tighten Up! The History of Reggae in the UK

Sanctuary, 2004

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Michael DeKoningh and Laurence Cane-Honeysett

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Sanctuary, 2003

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Herbert George De Lisser

Twentieth Century Jamaica

Kingston : Jamaica Times, 1913

X29/5354 and X.708/47644
Herbert George De Lisser

Jamaica and the Great War

Kingston : The Gleaner, 1917


Note : The only other UK copy is University of London, shelfmark : F1890.5.DEL

Claire Demouth

Parties, Politics and the Asian Community

Southall: Scope Communications/National Association for Asian Youth, ca. 1978

Geoff Dench

Minorities in the Open Society: Prisoners of Ambivalence

Transaction, 2003; Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986

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Geoff Dench

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Middlesex University, Centre for Community Studies, 1994

DSC m01/22944
Geoff Dench, Kate Gavron, and Michael Young

The New East End: Kinship, Race and Conflict

[Bangladeshi community, Bethnal Green]

Profile, 2006

DSC m06/18177 and SPIS 305.8009421

Department for Communities and Local Government

Literature Review of Attitudes towards Violent Extremism amongst Muslim Communities in the UK

DCLG, 2010

m10/.15224 DSC
Department for Communities and Local Government, 2009

The Bangladeshi Muslim Community in England

OPA.2010.x.541 and m09/18833 DSC

The Pakistani Muslim Community in England

m09/.17402 DSC

The Indian Muslim Community in England

OPA.2010.x.256 and m09/18850 DSC

The Somali Muslim Community in England

m09/17403 DSC

The Turkish and Turkish Cypriot Community in England

YK.2010.b.3026 and m09/.18866 DSC

The Iraqi Muslim Community in England

YK.2010.b.3024 and m09/18864 DSC

The Iranian Muslim Community in England

OPA.2010.x.542 and m09/18834 DSC

The Nigerian Muslim Community in England

OPA.2010.x.255 and m09/.18838 DSC

The Saudi Arabian Muslim Community in England

OPA.2010.x.259 and 9/.18835 DSC

The Afghan Muslim Community in England

OPA.2010.x.254 and m09/18853 DSC

The Algerian Muslim Community in England

OPA.2010.x.258 and m09/18852 DSC

The Egyptian Muslim Community in England

OPA.2010.x.257 and m09/18854 DSC

Summary Report [for the above]

OPA.2010.x.416 and m09/20807 DSC

Technical Report [for the above]

OPA.2010.x.253 and m09/18855 DSC

The Morrocan Muslim Community in England

DCLG, 2010

m09/18839 DSC

Michelle Diane DeRose

Caliban Takes Up His Pen: The Epic Poetry of Kamau Braithwaite, Derek Walcott and Andrew Salkey

PhD Dissertation, University of Iowa, 1996

96-39964 9115.100000 DSC
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G.N. Devy, as ed.

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Roehampton Institute London / Asian Business Initiative, 1995

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Indian Immigrants in the United Kingdom: A Socio-Economic Analysis

New Delhi: Concept Publications, 1998

Farrukh Dhondy

CLR James

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Race Today, 1982

X.529/70862 and 83/37757

Ikhlaq Din

Diet and Exercise : Lifestyle and Health Choices of Older Pakistanis in Bradford

Newcastle : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008

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Companion to Black British Culture

Routledge, 2001

m02/11106 and HLR 306.0941
Brian Dooley

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George Francis Dow

Slave Ships and Slaving

Marine Research Society, 1927

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Gen Doy

Black Visual Culture: Modernity and Postmodernity

IB Tauris, 2000

Julia Drake

Black Migration and Community Formation : The Remaking of Brixton and Notting Hill, 1958-1981
St. Clair Drake

Value Systems, Social Structure and Race Relations in the British Isles

PhD thesis, University of Chicago, 1954

W54/6573 DSC and in microfilm: MFR/7754 *1* DSC

Kathleen Drayton with George Lamming

The Most Important People [working class]

Bridgetown, Barbados: K. Drayton, 1981

Madge Dresser

Bristol : Ethnic Minorities and the City, 1000-2001

Chichester : Phillimore, 2007

YC.2008.a.10708 and m08/.28147
Madge Dresser

Slavery Obscured : The Social History of the Slave Trade in Bristol

Bristol : Redcliff, 2007


Earlier edition :

Slavery Obscured : The Social History of the Slave Trade in an English Provincial Port

Continuum, 2001

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Madge Dresser

Respectable Trade ? Bristol and Transatlantic Slavery (exhibition)

City Museum & Art Gallery, 1999


Madge Dresser

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Ann Dummett, ed.

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Michael Dummett, Chair

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London : National Council for Civil Liberties for the Committee, 1980

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and : Teacher Notes, Three Generations of Bengalis in Britain

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m10/.13889 DSC
Richard Eddington

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Adolph Edwards

Marcus Garvey, 1887-1940

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X.809/3549, X.700/13152, W76/8678
Joesph Edwards aka Fundi

Workers’ Self-Management in the Caribbean


Shelfmark pending

Paul Geoffrey Edwards

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Shelfmark pending
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Buchi Emecheta

Head above Water [autobiography]

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The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equaino, or Gustavus Vassa, the African

Letchworth: Turpin, 2001, New York: Dover: 1999, London: Black Classics, 1998

YA.2002.a.5455, YC.2002.a.9255 and YC.1999.a.5268

[one of the earliest Black British books, published in 1789; author b. 1745]

Noel Leo Erskine

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author, 1993

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Limerick, Ireland, 1982

No 46 1982 3829.689350
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Note : non-white children are dealt with too.

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-in Llafur, no 3, 1980, pp. 5-29

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EEC Language Material in Inner London Public Libraries

Author : 1979

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Reprinted from Staying Power (below) w/ notes & illustrations

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[revolutionary movements]

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Not yet catalogued
Paul Gilroy

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Two-part bibliography :
Paul Gordon & Francesca Klug

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Vol. 2 Solidarities and Communities m01/40367 DSC

Vol. 3 Racism : Exclusion and Privilege m01/40368 DSC

Vol. 4 Integration, Adaptation and Change m01/40369 DSC

All four volumes also at SPIC 305.8

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Guy Grannum

Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors : A National Archives Guide

Bloomsbury, 3rd ed (latest), 2012

Shelfmark pending

Note : 2001 ed. is on open-access in the Humanities 1 Reading Room : HLR929.1072

Colin Grant

Bageye at the Wheel [Luton childhood, 1970s]

Jonathan Cape, 2012

Colin Grant

I & I – The Natural Mystics : Marley, Tosh and Wailer

Jonathan Cape 2011, Vintage, 2012

Colin Grant

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Greater London Council Ethnic Minorities Unit

A History of the Black Presence in London

GLC, ca. 1986

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Race as a Political Factor [Conway Hall Lecture]

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Jeffrey Green

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Marc Griffiths and Michael De Koningh, eds, with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, David Blunkett, Sacha Chan-Kam, Matthew D’Ancona, Philip Dodd, Adrienne Katz, Francesca Klug, David Lammy, Shamit Saggar, Ziauddin, Michael Wills

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Sardar Marc Griffiths

Boss Sounds : Classic Skinhead Reggae

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Shelfmarks : YC.1996.a.3966 and HUS 789.46009
James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw

A Narrative of the Most Remarkable Particulars in the Life of James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw, an African Prince

Bath: S. Hazard, ca. 1774


Several editions held, the most recent from 1838, with shelfmark: 1550/123

[The earliest known Black British book]

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