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James Edward Alexander

Transatlantic Sketches: comprising visits to the most interesting scenes in North and South America, and the West Indies, with notes on Negro slavery and Canadian emigration

London: R. Bentley, 1833

Ahmed Ali & Ali Ibrahim

The Black Celts : An Ancient African Civilisation in Ireland and Britain

Cardiff : Punite Books, 1993, 1994

YC.1997.a.59 and 95/28917
N. Ali, V.S. Kalra, S. Sayyid, eds.

A Postcolonial People – South Asians in Britain

C. Hurst, 2006

YC.2007.a.10957 and m07/30577
Tariq Ali

Street Fighting Years : An Autobiography of the Sixties

Collins, 1987; Glasgow: Fontana, 1998; Verso, 2005

YC.1988.a.13458 and YK.2007.a.9348
Tariq Ali

1968 – Marching in the Streets

Bloomsbury, 1998

YC.2002.b.378 and 98/14961 DSC

Tariq Ali, Darcus Howe & Julius Nyerere

President Nyerere [Tanzania] in Conversation with Tariq Ali and Darcus Howe

Race Today Publications, 1986

YC.1990.a.1928 and 88/01878 DSC
Tariq Ali and Ken Livingstone

Who’s Afraid of Margaret Thatcher? – In Praise of Socialism

Verso, 1984

X.529/66141 and 84/28129 DSC
Tariq Ali: see also periodical, Black Dwarf
Sheila Allen

New Minorities, Old Conflicts : Asian and West Indian Migrants in Britain

New York City : Random House, 1971

X.709/18462 and 73/15165 DSC
Sheila Allen, Stuart Bentley and Joanna Bornat

Work, Race, and Immigration

University of Bradford School of Studies in Social Sciences, 1977

Brian W. Alleyne

Radicals Against Race: Black Activism and Cultural Politics

Oxford: Berg, 2002

Ahman Muhammad Al-Shabaan

The Role of Education in Maintaining the Islamic Identity of Muslims in Bradford

PhD Thesis, University of Hull, 2000

DSC DX228242

Geoffrey Alderman and Colin Holmes, eds.

Outsiders and Outcasts : Essays in Honour of William J. Fishman

Duckworth, 1993

YC.1997.b.1939 and 93/14818 DSC
Claire E. Alexander, Joya Chatterji, and Annu Jalais

The Bengal Diaspora : Muslim Migrants in Britain, India and Bangladesh

Routledge, 2013

Shelfmark pending
Sheila Allen, Stuart Bentley and Joanna Bornat

Work, Race and Immigration

University of Bradford, School of Social Sciences, 1977

X.519/29512, 80/8293 DSC
Saied Reze Ameli and Arzu Merali

Hijab, Meaning, Identity, Otherization and Politics : British Muslim Women

Islamic Human Rights Commission, 2006

DSC [vol 4] 2330.722500
Saied Reza Ameli, Aliya Azam and Arzu Merali

British Muslims’ Expectations of the Government: Secular or Islamic? What Schools Do British Muslims Want for Their Children

Islamic Human Rights Commission, 2005

DSC v. 3 2330.722500

Saied Reza Ameli and Arzu Merali

Dual Citizenship: British, Islamic, or Both? Obligation, Recognition, Respect and Belonging

Islamic Human Rights Commission, 2004

Saied Reza Ameli and Arzu Merali

Globalization, Americanization and British Muslim Identity

Islamic College for Advanced Studies/ICAS Press, 2002

DSC m03/32083
Kaushika Amin and Robin Richardson, eds.

Addressing the Challenge of Islamophobia: Progress Report 1999-2001

Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia, 2004

DSC m04/18434
Sushila Anand

Indian Sahib – Queen Victoria’s Dear Abdul

Duckworth, 1996

YK.1996.b.15634 and 96/23056
Edward E. Andrews

Native Apostles : Black and Indian Missionaries in the British Atlantic World

Harvard University Press, 2013

Shelfmark pending
Anne-Marie Angelo

The Black Panthers in London, 1967-1972: A Disaporic Struggle Navigates the Black Atlantic

In : Radical History Review, No. 103.

7228.092700 DSC
Humayun Ansari

The Infidel Within: Muslims in Britain Since 1800

Minority Rights Group International, 2002; Hurst, 2004

DSC m02/35714 and DSC m04/24635
Muhammad Anwar

British Muslims and State Policies

Coventry : Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, 2003

DSC m03/33269
Muhammad Anwar

Race and Politics: Ethnic Minorities and the British Political System

Tavistock, 1986

YC.1986.a.3642, T48741, YK.1985.a.836, 86/17505 DSC
Muhammad Anwar

Young Muslims in a Multi-Cultural Society: Their Educational Needs and Policy Implications – The British Case

Leicester : Islamic Foundation, c1982

DSC 82/22672
Muhammad Anwar

The Myth of Return : Pakistanis in Britain

Heinemann, 1979

X.529/34006, T 34187, and 79/24520 DSC
Muhammad Anwar

Who Tunes in to What? A Report on Ethnic Minority Broadcasting

Commission for Racial Equality, 1978

BS.400/22 and 79/0410 DSC
Muhammad Anwar

A Sociological Study of Pakistanis in a Northern Town in England: Sponsorship and Patronage in the Formation of Social Networks and the Role of Ethnicity in the Community

PhD thesis, University of Bradford, 1977

Electronic resource
Nzingha Assata

Women in the Garvey Movement

Mitcham: the author, 2008

Rasheed Araeen

The Other Story : Afro-Asian Artists in Post-war Britain

South Bank Centre, 1989

R. Victoria Arana, ed/

Twenty-First Century ‘Black’ British Writers

Detroit: Gale, 2009

3580.297500 347 2009 DSC
R. Victoria Arana

Black’ British Aesthetics Today

Newcastle, UK : Cambridge Scholars, 2007

DSC m07/.21786

R. Victoria Arana and Lauri Ramey, eds.

Black British Writing

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

YC.2006.a.4859 and m04/.35326 DSC
David Armitage and Michael J. Braddick

The British Atlantic World, 1500-1800

Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

YC.2009.a.5933 and m09/.15788 DSC
KC [Keshavna Chanda] Arora

Indian Nationalist Movement in Britain, 1930-1949

New Delhi: Inter-India Publications, 1992

Asian Librarians & Advisors Group

Asian Periodicals & Performers and Writers List

Southall: ALAG, 1999

Association of Dance of the African Diaspora

ADAD Newsletters and Magazine, 1994-2003

ADAD, 2007

Association of Muslim Researchers

Islam and Music

AMRf, 1996

DSC q96/00944
Syed Hussein Atalas

The Myth of the Lazy Native : A Study of the Image of the Malays, Filipinos, and Javanese from the 16th to the 20th Century and its Function in the Ideology of Colonial Capitalism

Cass, 1977

X.809/41796, T 33066, and 77/23130 DSC

Aziz al-Azmeh and Effie Fokas, eds.

Islam in Europe : Diversity, Identity and Influence

CUP, 2007

YC.2009.a.1785 and m08/11873 DSC
Razia Aziz and Aqeelah Alam

Reach Out Training Pack: Personal Relationships, Sexuality and Needs of African and Asian Descent Learning Disabled Women

Family Planning Association, 2000

Les Back

The Art of Listening

Oxford: Berg, 2007

YC.2011.a.2674 and YD.2007.a.8133
Les Back and John Solomos

Theories of Race and Racism

Routledge, 2007

YC.2009.b.407; Earlier editions: YC.2003.b.1605 and m00/10726 DSC
Les Back, Steve Cross and Kalbir Shukra

A Nationwide Response to Racism: Towards a National 24-hour Emergency Helpline for Victims of Racist Attacks and Violence

Goldsmiths College: Centre for Urban and Community Research, 2004

m05/.25516 DSC
Les Back and Vron Ware

Out of Whiteness: Color, Politics and Culture

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2002

YC.2002.a.5544 and m02/17987 DSC
Les Back, Tim Crabbe and John Solomos

Lions, Black Skins and Reggae Gyals: Race, Nation and Identity in Football

Goldsmiths College, 1998

YK.2008.a.5072 and 99/12430
Les Back

New Ethnicities in Urban Culture

University of London Press, 1996

96/08795 DSC
Les Back and John Solomos

Racism and Society

Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1996

96/20438 DSC
Les Back and John Solomos

Race, Politics and Social Change

Routledge, 1995

YC.1996.b.9347 and 95/19627 DSC
M. Saeed Bahmanpour and Hassan Bashir

International Conference on Muslim Identity in the 21st Century: Challenges of Modernity

Institute of Islamic Studies, 2000

DSC m05/26996
Michael Banton

The Coloured Quarter : Negro Immigrants in an English City [Stepney]

Jonathan Cape, 1955

08157.i.aa and W4/4385

Note : The author’s research materials for what was originally his PhD thesis are held at the Black Cultural Archives as ‘Coloured People in Britain’, shelfmark : BANTON/1/1

Rohit Barot

Bristol and the Indian Independence Movement

Bristol: Bristol Branch of the Historical Association, 1988

YC.1989.a.11125 and 5290.0417
Rohit Barot

Migration, Social Change and Voluntary Associations among South Asians in Bristol

Economic and Social Research Council ESRC, 1987

8318.171400 ESRC-G--00/23/2374fiche DSC
Houston A. Baker, Jr., Diawara Manthia and Ruth H. Lindeborg, eds

Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader

University of Chicago, 1996

Peter Baldock

Understanding Cultural Diversity in the Early Years

Sage, 2010

SPIS372.210941, m10/.15517 and
Peter Bance

The Duleep Singhs : The Photograph Album of Queen Victoria’s Maharajah

Stroud: Sutton, 2004

Peter Bance

The Sikhs in Britain – 150 Years of Photographs

Sutton, 2007

Michael Banton

White and Coloured : The Behaviour of British People Towards Coloured Immigrants

Jonathan Cape, 1959

8298.b.8, W9/5388 DSC
Martin Barker

The New Racism: Conservatives and the Ideology of the Tribe Junction, 1981

Christine Barrow and Rhoda Reddock, editors

Carribean Sociology: Introductory Readings

Oxford: James Currey, 2001

Steve Barrow

The Rough Guide to Reggae Rough Guides, 2004

HUS 789.4600296 and YK.2001.a.7350

Survey of Elderly and Disabled Members of Lancashire’s Ethnic Minority Communities

Lancashire Social Services, Research Division, 1990


Camila Bassi

Asian Gay Counter-Hegemonic Negotiation of Birmingham’s Pink Pound Territory

PhD Thesis, University of Sheffield, 2003

DSC DX231426
Shrabani Basu

Spy Princess – The Life of Noor Inayat Khan

Stroud: Sutton, 2006

YD.2007.a.4248 and YC.2006.a.10090
Ian Baucom

Out of Place: Englishness, Empire and the Locations of Identity

Chichester: Princeton University Press, 1999

Carol Baxter

Race Equality in Health Care and Education

Baillière Tindall in association with the RCN, 1997

YC.2003.a.9924 and 97/13274 DSC
Carol Baxter

The Black Nurse : An Endangered Species : A Case for Equal Opportunities in Nursing

Cambridge: Training in Health and Race, 1988

YC.1991.a.4345 and 88/24989 DSC
Kylie Baxter

British Muslims and the Call to Global Jihad

Clayton, Victoria, Canada: Monash University Press, 207

Robert Beckford

Dread and Penticostal: A Political Theology for the Black Church in Britain

SPCK, 2000

Hilary Beckles

Britain’s Black Debt : Reparations for Caribbean Slavery and Native Genocide

Barbados : University of the West Indies Press, 2013

Shelfmark pending
Robert Beckford

Jesus is Dread: Black Theology and Black Culture in Britain

Darton, Longman and Todd, 1999

Moazzam Begg and Victoria Brittain

Enemy Combatant : A British Muslim’s Journey to Guantanamo and Back

Free Press, 2006

David Beetham

Transport and Turbans : A Comparative Study in Local Politics

OUP / Institute of race Relations, 1970

X.519/10654 and W25/2268 DSC
Moazzam Begg

Enemy Combatant: A British Muslim’s Journey to Guantanamo and Back

Free Press, 2006


Nasa Begum

Doing It for Themselves: Participation and Black and Minority Ethnic Service Users

Social Care Institute for Excellence and the Race Equality Unit, 2006

DSC [no. 14] 8128.750000
Geoffery Bell

The Other Eastenders : Kamal Chunchie and West Ham’s Early Black Community

Stratford : Eastside Community Heritage, 2002

Bethan Benwell, Jemma Robinson, and James Proctor

Postcolonial Audiences : Readers, Viewers and Reception

Routledge, 2012

Bethan Benwell, Jemma Robinson, and James Proctor

Reading after Empire

Lawrence & Wishart, 2011

Beyond Samosas and Reggae: A Guide to Developing Services for Black Disabled People

Prince of Wales Advisory Group on Disability, 1995

Ionie Benjamin

The Black Press in Britain

Trentham Books, 1995

Louise Bennett, with notes & introduction by Rex Nettleford

Jamaica Labrish

Kingston, Jamaica : Sangster’s Book Stores, 1966

X.909/8703, W23/6361, and YA.1988.a.17142
Nick Bentley

Radical Fictions: Form, Ideology and Identity in the Fifties English Novel

[subjects: Sam Selvon, Colin MacInnes and Alan Sillitoe]

PhD dissertation, Staffordshire University, 2001

Dr. Rob Berkeley & Savita Vij

Right to Divide? Faith Schools and Community Cohesion

Runnymede Trust, 2008

Dr. Rob Berkeley

Connecting British Hindus An Enquiry into Identity and Public Engagement of Hindus in Britain

Dept. Communities & Local Government , 2006

m07/26742 DSC
Dr. Rob Berkeley, Omar Khan and Mohan Ambikaipaker

What’s New about Immigrants in Twenty-first Century Britain?

York : Joseph Rountree Foundation, 2006

Homi K. Bhabha

The Location of Culture

Routledge, 1994 [Imperialism in literature]


Parminder Bhachu

Twice Migrants : East African Sikh Settlers in Britain

Tavistock, 1985

X.529/73377, X.529/73378, T 47818 , and 85/33359 DSC
MK Bhatnagar, ed.

New Insights into the Novels of RK Narayan

New Delhi: Atlantic, 2002

Gargi Bhattacharyya

Tales of Dark-Skinned Women: Race, Gender and Global Culture

UCL, 1998

Reena Bhavani, Paul Gilroy, Stuart Hall, Herman Ouseley and Keith Vaz

A Different Reality : An Account of Black People’s Experiences and Their Grievances before and after the Handsworth Rebellion of 1985

Birmingham: West Midlands County Council, 1986

OP-LG/3294 and 86/02427 DSC
Kenneth M. Bilby

True Born Maroons

University Press of Florida, 2006

BHRU Bradford Heritage Recording Unit / Irna Imran

Home from Home : British Pakistanis in Mirpur

BHRU, 1997

Bradford Heritage Recording Unit & Michael Yates

Tying the Knot : Bradford Weddings

BHRU, 1997

BHRU Bradford Heritage Recording Unit

Here to Stay

Bradford Metropolitan Council, Arts, Museums and Libraries, 1994

LB.31.b.10371 and 99/21382
Colin Chambers

Black and Asian Theatre in Britain : A History

Routledge, 2011

Bradford Heritage Recording Unit and Olive Howarth

Textile Voices: Mill Life This Century

BHRU, 1989

Avtar Singh Bhullar

India, Myth and Reality: Images of India in Fiction by English Writers

Delhi: Ajanta Publications, 1985

T 49062
Suryya Kumar Bhuyan

London Memories – From a Historian’s Haversack

Gauhtai, India: Publication Board Assam, 1979

YA.1986.b.953, 81/12413 and V 22843
D.M. Birks

Some Aspects of the Geography of Coloured Immigrants in Bradford

Thesis, University of Hull, 1979

Available via ETHOS system

Maurice Bishop; Richard Hart, introduction; Chris Searle, ed.

In Nobody's Backyard : Maurice Bishop's Speeches 1979-1983 : A Memorial Volume

Zed, 1984

Black Defence Committee

Poster: Hands off Black People: Smash the Immigration Bill! – Speakers: Tariq Ali, Bernadette Devlin, Peter Hain, D.A. Ogun, Tony Polan : and speakers from: Indian Workers' Association, Black Panthers, Black Liberation Front Conway Hall, 1971


Black Liberation Army / Nyurba

Message to the Black Movement : A Political Statement from the Black Underground

Black Liberation Army Coordinating Committee, ca. 1975

Tessa Blackstone, Bhikhu Parekh, & Peter Sanders, eds.

Race Relations in Britain – A Developing Agenda

Routledge, 1998

YC.1998.a.1691 and 99/18769 DSC
Black Women’s Group

Women in Struggle

Brixton: BWG, 1978

Thomas L. Blair

The Poverty of Planning

Macdonald & Co, 1973

X.529/16355 and 73/6825 DSC
Thomas L. Blair

The International Urban Crisis

St. Albans: Paladin / London: Hart-Davis MacGibbon, 1974

X.519/16810, X.529/18063 and 75/8352 DSC
David Blunkett MP [Home Secretary]

New Challenges for Race Equality and Community Cohesion in the 21st Century

[speech to the Institute of Public Policy Research, 7th July 2004.

m04/30425 DSC
June Bobb

Beating a Restless Drum: The Poetics of Kamau Brathwaite and Derek Walcott

Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press, 1998

Anthony Bogues

Caliban’s Freedom: The Early Political Thought of CLR James

Pluto, 1997

Marta Bolognani

Crime and Muslim Britain : Race, Culture and the Politics of Criminology among British Pakistanis

Taurus, 2009


Samuel Bonhomme

Enoch Powell and the West Indian Immigrants


L71/839 and X.709/11107
Jenny Bourne

Outcast England : How Schools Exclude Black Children

Institute of Race Relations, 1994

94/10806 DSC
Jenny Bourne

Towards an Anti-Racist Feminism

Institute of Race Relations, 1984

7225.884000 9 DSC
Stephen Bourne

The Motherland Calls : Britain’s Black Servicemen and Women, 1939-1945

Stroud : History Publishing, 2012

Stephen Bourne

Mother Country : Britain’s Black Community on the Home Front, 1939-1945

The History Press, 2010

Stephen Bourne

Speak of Me as I Am : The Black Presence in Southwark Since 1600

Southwark Local History Library, 2005

Stephen Bourne

Elisabeth Welch : Soft Lights and Sweet Music

Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow, 2005

YC.2006.a.6589 and 3926.664800 no. 120 DSC
Stephen Bourne

Black in the British Frame: The Black Experience in British Film and Television

Cassell, 1998; Continuum, 2001

Stephen Bourne

Sophisticated Lady : A Celebration of Adelaide Hall

London : Ethnic Communities Oral History Project, 2001

Stephen Bourne

A Ship and a Prayer: Celebrating a Hundred Years of the Black Presence in Hammersmith and Fulham

Ethnic Communities Oral History Project/London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, 1999

Stephen Bourne

Aunt Esther’s Story [2nd edition published as The Sun Shone on Our Side of the Street]

Ethnic Communities Oral History Project, 1991, 1996

YK.1997.b.6731 and YK.1994.a.12945

Esther Bruce : A Black London Seamstress – Her Story, 1912-1994 [3rd edition, expanded]

History & Social Action Publications, 2012

HV Bowen

The Business of Empire : The East India Company and Imperial Britain, 1756-1833

CUP, 2006

YC.2007.a.5149, OIR 354.5 Open Access, and m06/.11833 DSC
Gordon Bowker

The Education of Coloured Immigrants

Longmans, 1968

L68/1489 DSC, X.529/8770
Bradford Heritage Recording Unit

Here to Stay: Bradford’s South Asian Communities

City of Bradford Metropolitan Council, 1994

LB.31.b.10375 and 99/21382
Keith Bradley & Paul Cartledge, eds.

The Cambridge World History of Slavery

Cambridge University Press, 2011

Vol. 1 : HLR306.362, YC.2011.a.14485 and m11/.16526

Vol. 3 : HLR 306.362

Harriet Bradley and Geraldine Healey

Black Women at Work: Identity, Careers and Employee Relations

Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2006

Shelfmark pending
Lloyd Bradley with photographs by Dennis Morris

Reggae : The Story of Jamaican Music

BBC, 2002

Lloyd Bradley

Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King with foreword by Prince Buster Viking, 2000

YC.2001.a.6239 and m00/44249

Lloyd Bradley

Reggae on CD: The Essential Guide

Kyle Cathie, 1996

A.K. Brah

Inter-generational and Inter-ethnic Perceptions: A Comparative Study of South Asian and English Adolescents and Their Parents in Southall

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