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Selected Bibliography of

Black & Asian British History

at the British Library

Edition December 2013, compiled by Andy Simons, curator of UK non-literary publications, from 1914 to the present, c/o Printed Historical Collections ►

This is intended as a guide to research. It could not be complete, but additions are welcome.

An effort has been made to include religious publications if they are also political in nature.
This list is mainly of monographs but note that the periodicals are at the end.
Literary criticism is included, but works of fiction and poetry are not.
All publishers are based in London unless noted otherwise.
British Library shelf marks are included.
Relevant journals are noted but individual articles within them are not. Keep in mind that numerous journal and newspaper articles are within mainstream (not specifically Black or Asian) titles, and these can be searched on-site in St. Pancras, using the Library’s many subscription-based electronic resources.
Researchers should investigate these further repositories:
Black Cultural Archives

1 Othello Close

London SE11 4RE


The Bishopsgate Institute

230 Bishopsgate

London EC2M 4QH


Of special note is the Bernie Grant Archive, the personal papers of the late Tottenham MP, also held at : Middlesex University

Cat Hill Campus

Barnet EN4 8HT

see : .

The Black History Collection – Institute of Race Relations

2-6 Leeke Street, London WC1X 9HS

Contact: Rebecca Wood - rebecca @ 020-7837-0041

Including numerous rare titles such as Freedom News, Magnet – Voice of the Afro-Caribbean Peoples, Bradford Black, Uhuru Nottingham, Black Chat Leicester, Manchester Black Voice, Black Dimension, etc.

Black Caribbean Community Archives

at The London Metropolitan Archives

40 Northampton Road

London EC1R 0HB


Especially notable are the Eric & Jessica Huntley Archives consists of the Bogle-L’Ouvreture Press Archives, 1952-2008, the Hansib Publications Archive, records of parish residence, the slave trade, London education, the Notting Hill Carnival, etc. .

The London School of Economics (LSE) Library

10 Portugal Street

London WC2A 2HD

020 7955 7229

Note : LSE hold an axtensive political pamphlets collection and, by July 2013, will be the custodians of The Women’s Library, formerly with London Metropolitan University.

The National Archives

Kew (Richmond)

Surrey TW9 4DU


Of special note :

Mandy Barton : Administering the Empire, 1801-1968 – A Guide to the Records of the Colonial Office


Guy Grannum : Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors (Bloomsbury, 3rd ed., 2012)

The George Padmore Institute

76 Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, London N4 3EN

020 7272 8915

The GPI has the personal papers of academic Anne Walmsley relating to the Caribbean Arts Movement, 1966-1972 her papers on Caribbean literature are held at the University of Sussex Library and John La Rose New Beacon. The La Rose materials are being catalogued in a project due to finish in 2015.

►See also the Caribbean Migration Histories Timeline on the ‘Moving Here’ website : galleries/histories/caribbean/ caribbean.htm

Archive of BBC Caribbean broadcasts, 1998-2011 totalling more than 3,000 hours of programming, have been donated to the University of the West Indies (

Centerprise Bookshop (Dalston, London E8) closed down by Hackney Council in 2012.

Website resources :
The Black Presence in Britain –
Chronicleworld’s Archives – 

Note : This website generally concerns people of African descent in Britain but also has items about Chinese and South Asian British, and rare images.

Note also the most complete bibliography on British Fascism, available via
Muhammad Yusuf Abbasi

London Muslim League, 1908-1928: An Historical Study

Islamabad: National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research, 1988

Tahir Abbas

British Islam : The Road to Radicalism

Cambridge University Press, 2009

SPIS 320.5570941
Tahir Abbas

Islamic Political Radicalism : A European Perspective

Edinburgh University Press, 2007

YK.2008.a.2846 and m07/16140 DSC
Tahir Abbas, Yahya Birt, Hamza Yusef Hanson, H.A. Hellyer, and Aftab Ahmad Malik

The State We Are In : Identity, Terror, and the Law of Jihad [British Muslims]

Amal Press, 2006

Tahir Abbas

Muslim Britain : Communities Under Pressure

Zed Books, 2005

m05/21732 DSC
Tahir Abbas

The Education of British South Asians : Ethnicity, Capital, and Class Structure

Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

YC.2006.a.2349 and m04/30098 DSC
Tahir Abbas and Frank Reeves

Immigration and Race Relations : Sociological Theory and John Rex

IB Tauris, 2007

m07/32153 DSC
Karen Abi-Ezzi

British Arabs: How They Perceive Life in the UK

Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding / CAABU, 2000

DSC [No 64] 2943.692000
William Ackah and Mark Christian

Black Organisation and Identity in Liverpool : A Local, National, and Global Perspective

Charles Wooten College Press, 1997

Sir Richard Acland, Vera Brittain, G. D. H. [George Douglas Howard] Cole, Victor Gollancz, Augustus John, Ethel Mannin, James Maxton, J. B. Priestley, etc.

Against Race Hatred and for a Socialist Peace [manifesto]


Caroline Adams, ed.

Across Seven Seas and Thirteen Rivers – Life Stories of Pioneer Sylhetti Settlers in Britain

THAP, 1987 [Bangledeshi]

YC.1998.a.6832, ORW.1989.a.308, 88/03554, and HUS 920.00923

Hakim Adi [see also works with Marika Sherwood]

Nelson Mandela: Father of Freedom

Hodder Wayland, 2000

Hakim Adi

West Africans in Britain, 1900-1960: Nationalism, Pan-Africanism and Communism

Lawrence & Wishart, 1998

Hakim Adi

The History of the African and Caribbean Communities in Britain

Hove: Wayland, 1995

Hakim Adi

African Migrations

Hove: Wayland, 1994

Haleh Afshar

The Dynamics of ‘Race’ and Gender : Some Feminist Interventions

Taylor & Francis, 1994

YC.1994.b.4619 and 94/12666 DSC
Paul Iganski

Hate Crime and the City

Bristol: Policy Press, 2008

YC.2009.a.14 and m08/28471
Paul Aganski and David Mason

Ethnicity, Equality of Opportunity and the British National Health Service

Aldershot: Ashgate, 2002

YC.2006.a.11661 and m02/19882 DSC
Paul Iganski, ed., with Elizabeth Burney

The Hate Debate : Should Hate be Punished as a Crime?

Profile, 2002

YC.2002.a.11988 and m03/12825 DSC
Paul Iganski

Recruiting Minority Ethnic Groups into Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Visiting

English National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting, 1998

Fauzia Ahmad

Modern Traditions? British Muslim Women, Higher Education, and Identities

PhD Thesis, University of Bristol, 2006

Kabir Ahmed

Politics and Art in the Novels of Ngugi wa Thiong’o and George Lamming

PhD dissertation, A Comparative Approach, 1989

Rehana Ahmed

Locating Class in Multicultural Britain : A Materialist Reading of Some Contemporary British Asian and South Asian Texts

PhD thesis, Nottingham Trent University, 2005

Available as electronic resource via ETHOS system.
Rehana Ahmed

Walking a Tightrope: New Writing from Asian Britain

Picador, 2004

Sameera T. Ahmed

Young British Muslims: Social Space and Active Identity

PhD Thesis, University of Leicester, 2003

DSC DX225076
Olutoyin Pamela Akinjobi

Herstory : Migration Stories of African Women in Ireland

Dublin : AkiDwa, 2006

Emmanuel K Akyeampong and Henry Louis Gates, Jr, eds, with numerous contributors

Dictionary of African Biography

OUP, 2012

vol. 1 - YC.2012.b.314

vol. 2 - YC.2012.b.315

vol. 3 - YC.2012.b.316

vol. 4 - YC.2012.b.317

vol. 5 - YC.2012.b.318

vol. 6 - YC.2012.b.319

M.Y. Alam, ed.

Made in Bradford [oral histories]

Pontrefract : Route / Joseph Rountree Foundation, 2006

Frederick Luis Aldama

Postethnic Narrative Criticism: Magicorealism in Oscar ‘Zeta’ Acosta, Ana Castillo, Julie Dash, Hanif Kureishi, and Salman Rushdie

Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press, 2003


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