Groovy (programming language) Dot and parentheses

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Groovy (programming language) - Dot and parentheses

  • Groovy's syntax permits omitting parentheses and dots in some situations. The following groovy code (from Guillaume LaForge's DSL slideshare):

Lucien Engelen - Biography

  • Working on innovations and changes needed in healthcare to cope with this developments, is part of his daily practice under the REshape-program of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, including research he initiated and leads on the level of e-health for which he coined the definition [ e-health = empowered health] at the [ Doctors 2.0 and You ] conference june 2011 in Paris.

Augmented reality - Task support

  • [ Augmented Reality for Marketers and Developers], ReadWriteWeb.Dillow, Clay [ BMW Augmented Reality Glasses Help Average Joes Make Repairs], Popular Science September 2009

Social network game - Distinct features

  • The following table outlines common characteristics of social games, mentioned by Björk at the 2010 GCO Games Convention Online:Björk, S. (2010). [ Principles and patterns of social games: Where’s the difference compared to other games?]. GCO Games Convention Online 2010. Leipzig.

Athabasca University - E Lab

  • [Online] Available at: [Accessed 26 March 2013]

Online retailing - Design

  • King en Juhn-Shiuan Liou, [ A framework for internet channel evaluation], International Journal of Information Management 24 (2004), 473–488

Retailer - Customer service

  • Looking at long term perspectives, excellent customer skills give your retail business a good ongoing reputation and competitive advantage.[ How to provide excellent customer service in retail][ Customer Service: Facts, Quotes and Statistics]

Methanol economy - Raw material for chemicals and materials

  • Using the methanol-to-olefin (MTO) process, methanol can also be converted to ethylene and propylene, the two chemicals produced in largest amounts by the petrochemical industry. These are important building blocks for the production of essential polymers (LDPE, HDPE, PP) and like other chemical intermediates are currently produced mainly from petroleum feedstock

Ben Goertzel - Papers

  • * Looks, Moshe and Ben Goertzel (2006). Mixing Cognitive Science Concepts with Computer Science Algorithms and Data Structures: An Integrative Approach to Strong AI, AAAI Spring Symposium, Cognitive Science Principles Meet AI-Hard Problems, San Francisco 2006 [] []

Metal alloy - Precipitation-hardening alloys


Atomic layer deposition - History of ALD

  • In addition, a virtual project on the early history of ALD has been started in 2013 by a group of scientists.Virtual project on the history of ALD:,

DNA sequencing - Bridge PCR

  • Kawashima.[ DNA colony massively parallel sequencing ams98 presentation] and form #subsection Illumina (Solexa) sequencing|DNA colonies or DNA clusters

Hadoop - Other file systems

  • * MapR's maprfs file system

Antimatter-catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion

  • In this theoretical design, the antimatter is helium cooled and magnetically levitated in the center of the device, in the form of a pellet a tenth of a mm in diameter, a position analogous to the primary fission core in the layer cake/Sloika design page 11 Sloika)

Avoiding dangerous climate change - Avoiding dangerous climate change in the current scientific context

  • [ Climate Change: Going beyond dangerous -- Brutal numbers, tenuous hope, or cognitive dissonance?] July 2011.Anderson, K.; Bows, A

Genetically modified crops - Stress resistance

  • Retrieved 29 September 2011 high Soil salinity, and nitrogen starvationRennie, Rob and Heffer, Patrick [ Anticipated Impact of Modern Biotechnology on Nutrient Use Efficiency] TFI/FIRT Fertilizer Outlook and Technology Conference 16–18 November 2010, Savannah (GA), Web page

Education in India - Women's education

  • A survey that was conducted in India showed results which support the fact that infant mortality rate was inversely related to female literacy rate and educational level.Women Education in India, (viewed on 9 March 2011), The survey also suggests a correlation between education and economic growth.

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