Great Depression Photo Essay Project

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Great Depression

Photo Essay Project
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Your assignment is to find 7 pictures from the Great Depression. Each picture must include a subtitle description or caption. In addition, write a full paragraph about what you can tell about the great depression from the picture. What is your reaction to what is going on in the picture? What are the people going through? What can you learn about them and their situation? How desperate are they? Etc. etc. etc.
Your final project should be 7 pages. Each page should include a picture with a caption and a reaction. Pictures should represent at least 5 of the topic/categories from the Great Depression. Please note that your paragraph must be a reaction, not a description.


yahoo or google image search will work as well
Topics/Categories: dust bowl, hooverville, soup kitchen, jobless/unemployment, Okies, bank runs, hobos

Grading Rubric


7 excellent, original pictures that impart the gravity and devastation of the Great

Depression from at least 5 research categories (hooverville, dust bowl, etc.)

7 citations (full web addresses/URL) indicating where the picture was obtained

7 good captions of decent length, that describe the picture (who the ppl are, what they

went through, etc.)

7 excellent reactions in full paragraphs, with excellent spelling and grammar

7 good, original pictures that do not cover at least 5 categories.

7 captions of good length, but they may not describe the actual ppl in the pictures, rather

the general situation of the period.

7 full paragraph reactions of good length. May contain minor spelling or grammar errors.

These reactions may describe the picture rather than give your reaction to them.


7 pictures (May not be original. May not impart the gravity of the Great Depression or cover at least 5 categories)

Fewer that 7 citations and/or the citations may bit include the full web address

7 captions (Too short, very general)

7 reaction paragraphs

7 pictures of low quality (both visually, originality and content)

Captions – Pictures may not have captions, or they are too short and give no relevant info

7 bad descriptions/reactions (Too short, Too Descriptive, Poor spelling and Grammar)


Fewer than 7 pictures

No citations

No Captions

Reactions are unreadable, grammatically or otherwise, and/or make little sense. There

may be no reactions.

Picture grade __________
Citation grade __________
Caption grade __________
Reaction grade __________
Total/Average __________

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