Government of the United States and Arizona for Elementary Educators Alternate Campaign Assignment

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Government of the United States and Arizona

for Elementary Educators

Alternate Campaign Assignment
Since this is an election year, you have the option of substituting this assignment for the political action plan assignment. That assignment is worth 250 points, so it is a major portion of your grade. You should carefully consider which assignment you want to do to fulfill the engagement portion of the course.


You will secure your own placement in a campaign for a candidate or proposition campaign on the November 2010. I can help you with contact information if needed, but part of the assignment is learning how to join a campaign. The campaign placement must be approved by the instructor prior to beginning work on the campaign.


It is always important to keep the lawyers happy, and so you will need to fill out MCC’s Service Learning form once you are placed. This form is signed by you, your campaign supervisor, and your instructor and is to be submitted to the instructor once it is filled out.


You will need to serve for a minimum of 20 hours on the campaign. Since the election is early November, you will need to work a few hours a week through September and October to fulfill these hours. You should not attempt this assignment if you are not available to work on the campaigns at the times they need you. -20 points per hour missed

Supervisor Report

Your campaign supervisor will fill out a report on the work you performed and how satisfied they were with that work. This will substitute for the peer report grade. 50 pts

Reflective Essay

At the conclusion of the campaign, you will write a 10 page, double space, well-written reflective essay. In the essay you will tell what activities you did for the campaign and your reaction to the experience. In the essay, you need to connect your experience to the concepts discussion in the course. You must explicitly refer to at least three concepts from the course in your essay, though more are preferred. 200 points

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