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Golden West College

Course Syllabus

Course Title: U.S. History 1877-Present Course number: HST 175

Class Meetings: 8:30am - 1:45pm S Session/Year: SPR 2007

+ 5.3 Hrs arranged on WebCt

Section: 4869

Instructor Name: Mr. Menzing

Instructor Website:

WebCT Website:

Email Address:

Phone: None

Instructor Availability Outside of Class: Email and Immediately after class

U.S. History

Course Description:

This course will also examine the history of the United States by exploring the origins of contemporary American culture, its institutions, and values.

Course Length: 5 Weeks

Contact Hours: Apx. 6 hours per week + 5.3 hours arranged on WebCT (for the examinations)
Anticipated Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Articulate the changing definition of American democracy.

  • To obtain a basic understanding and knowledge of the various contours within the history of the United States from the 1877 to the present.

  • To question "history" in order to understand that history emanates from subjective positions that shape the stories that are told, presented, or remembered.

  • To explore how we construct our knowledge of the world from our diverse experiences and backgrounds within American culture.

  • Examine the effects of technology on American development.

  • Analyze the effects of immigration on American history.

  • Explore contemporary American issues and determine their historical origins.

Course Prerequisites: None
Required Text(s):
Nash, The American People v.2 Brief edition (in the bookstore)


Yezierska, Bread Givers

Recommended Readings: None
Materials and Supplies: Paper, pen, dictionary

Method of Instruction: Lecture
Estimated Homework Hours: 6-8

Lab: 0 hours Non-Lab:
Technology Needed: Access to a computer, word processing program, disks, and printer
Grading Scale: A 90-100%

B 80-89%

C 70-79%

D 60-69%

F 59% and Below

Process for Evaluation: 4 Web CT exams (15% each); 1 WebCT Final Exam is comprehensive (20%); 1 Essay on Sinclair’s The Jungle (10%); and Attendance (10%)
Students are required to submit a book review/research essay on the Sincliar novel The Jungle. The essay should be 4-5 pages in length, double spaced and typed. The essay should deal with one or more themes such as immigration, assimilation, gender relations, labor conditions etc. The essay is worth 10% of your overall score. The essay is due on the date of the Final Exam and is to be uploaded to After registering (upper right hand corner of the page) students will upload their essay to for review. Hard copies of the essay will not be accepted. Students will need the following information to login:
Class ID:  1832038 

Password: GWC2

Finally, attendance will count for 10% of students overall grade. If you are late or leave early, your score for that particular class meeting will be adjusted accordingly.
4 Exams (20% ea.) ………. 80%

1 Essay ……….................... 10%

Attendance ………………...10%


Commitment to Excellence: Reading/Writing/Comprehension: While the principal goal of this course is the acquisition of knowledge in the subject area, students should be aware that Golden West College requires that research on a particular topic, and clear and effective writing be an integral part of the learning process.

Extra Credit: There is no extra credit

Academic Dishonesty

Students are expected too maintain the highest standards of academic honesty while pursuing their studies at Golden West College.  Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to: plagiarism and cheating, misuse of academic resources or facilities, and misuse of computer software, data, equipment or networks.

Plagiarism is the use (copying) of another person’s ideas, words, visual images, or audio samples, presented in a manner that makes the work appear to be the student’s original creation.  All work that is not the student’s original creation, or any idea or fact that is not “common knowledge,” must be documented properly to avoid even accidental infractions of the honor code.

Cheating is to gain an unfair advantage on a grade by deception, fraud, or breaking the rules set forth by the instructor of the class.  Cheating may include but is not limited to: copying the work of others; using notes or other materials when unauthorized; communicating to others during an exam; and any other unfair advantage as determined by the instructor.

Homework and late assignments: Homework is basically the reading schedule. It is vital that students keep pace with the reading schedule
Classroom Rules: Please -- No cell phones. Also, If students need to leave early please let instructor know at the top of the lecture hour. Please try to be on time. Respect each other and observe the golden rule.
Lesson Plan: Students will receive a weekly study guide. Students should take notes on these guides. Students may use these guides to help them on their exams (therefore, it is critical that you come to class)
Students with documented disabilities: you must report your requests for reasonable accommodations to the instructor on the first day of class
Weekly Outline
Week 1: Read: The Rise of Smokestack America

Becoming a World Power

The Progressives Confront Industrial Capitalism
Week 2: Read: The Great War

Affluence and Anxiety

The Great Depression

EXAM 1 ON WEBCT: Exam will open 5/28 and remain open until 5/5

Week 3: Read: World War II

Postwar America at Home

Chills and Fever During the Cold War

EXAM 2 ON WEBCT: Exam will open 5/5 and remain open until 5/12

Week 4: Read: Reform and Rebellion in the Turbulent Sixties

Disorder and Discontent

The Revival of Conservatism

EXAM 3 ON WEBCT: Exam will open 5/12 and remain open until 5/19

Week 5: Read: The Post Cold War World

EXAM 4 ON WEBCT: Exam will open 5/19 and remain open until 5/29

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