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Geography 188 Assessment Essay add your Name here:

UWEC wants to assess what you learned in this course regarding diversity, social construction, and privilege and oppression. Try to answer each of the three questions as best you can, referring to your notes and the relevant web pages in this course.

Complete the essay by the end of the semester, before the Final Exam. Write no more than two pages and save your essay with your username, e.g., Johnje123-188Assessment. Upload your 2-page WORD document under Geography 188, Dropbox, and Submit Files Geography 188 Assessment Essay.

Element A, diversity: How do the Amish landscapes illustrate diversity?

Element B, social construction – (one definition) tries to uncover the ways in which individuals and groups participate in the construction of their perceived social reality. Social phenomena are created [and] institutionalized by humans. The social construction of reality is an ongoing, dynamic process . . . . (

Explain how the historic Mormon polygamy landscape is an example of social construction.

Elements C, privilege and oppression: Provide at least two very different cultural landscape examples (other than Amish and Mormons) of how U.S. federal policies have oppressed racial, ethnic, or religious communities and thus privileged the dominant cultural norms and institutions.

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