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31 Boxes D4 #Al-3, D5 #Al-12, D6 #A12, S2 #12, S3 #1-12,S4 #1,2


Used in conjunction with the New York Historical Files (q.v.) and the Photographs; ACF facilities by plant files (q.v.), this collection provides a good perspective of the activities and capabilities of individual members of the ACF group from the Great Depression onward. It is an ad hoc collection, drawn from the scattered materials originally found in the Archive room, except for Collection #16, which was found in the St. Charles "Barn" and in which provenance has been maintained, and collections #20 and #22, which were donated.

Collection #15

Subsidiary Companies -Albuquerque -1 Box D6 A12
An outgrowth of the Los Alamos project, so it is believed, Albuquerque opened for business in 1949, and closed in 1967. Its business was exclusively with the U.S. Government, and while no secret was made of its existence or much of its activities, it is probably the least known of all ACF’s plants. Strictly speaking, Albuquerque was not an ACF Subsidiary, but a Division, usually known as the Nuclear Products Division, until merged with Erco (Riverdale, Maryland) in the later 1950's. This collection is valuable for the house journal, and for the private ms "A Reactor is Born." For more on Albuquerque, please see collection 1163.
1. ACF Albuquerque Division

2. Research and Development Summary 113

3. ACF News, June 1962 -February 1967 (Albuquerque House Journal)

4. ACF News, March 1957 -May 1962 (Albuquerque House Journal)

Collection #16

ACF Subsidiary Companies -Amcar (& Shippers)

J5 Boxes S2 #12, S3 #1-12, S4 #1,2 (Provenance Maintained)

This is an collection of administrative files, principally marketing correspondence, car inquiries and a few order files. They were some of the first to be created at St. Charles after Amcar and Shippers Headquarters was moved there in the 1960's. The collection shows the work of ACF's rail divisions at a time of depression in railroad freight car sales. It should be noted that ACF left the passenger car business in 1962, and these files have nothing on such business.

Collection #17

ACF Subsidiary Companies -The Brill Corporation

1 Box D5 #A1

This holding company was created by ACF in 1927 to invest in the stocks of the J. G. Brill Company, Philadelphia, the largest manufacturer of streetcars and self- propelled rail vehicles in the USA, and a major competitor of ACF's in the manufacture of motor buses. The holding company also held the stock of the American Car and Foundry Motors Company, ACF's motor bus manufacturing division. The entire arrangement was the result of a joint marketing agreement between ACF and J. G. Brill. In later years, ACF took over first the marketing of Brill products, and finally, the entire company, selling it again in 1946, retaining only the bus and trolleybus facilities. In 1954, these too were sold.

The J. G. Brill Corporation Financial Reports; Photos 1927 -1944
1. H. Passenger Cars -Union Pacific

2. Private Car -J. G. Brill Corp.

3. Brill Corp. -Financial Report 1927
4. Brill Corp. -Financial Report April 30, 1944
5. Brill Corp. -Financial Report Entire Year 1937 -January -December

Collection #18

ACF Subsidiary Companies -Carter Carburetor

3 Boxes D5 #A2,3,4
Carter Carburetor was formed in 1909 by William C. Carter, to market his own design of automobile carburetors. After a period of mixed fortunes, the company was acquired by ACF in 1922. It is today the largest independent manufacturer of carburetors in the USA for both the replacement market, and for new vehicles. The drawings in this collection are unindexed, but do include copies of William Carter's earliest carburetors. For convenience, a bound volume of Carter patents dating from 1924 to 1940 is kept in Carter Box 1, rather than in the ACF library book section. This volume is indexed and includes a list of patents taken out by William C. Carter between 1912 and 1925.
[All of Collection #18 is off site]
Collection #18 Box #1

1. Folder -Picture of Plant Under Construction Following 1927 Tornado -St. Louis, News Picture -Retired Pres. Weed

2. Carter Carburetor DAC News
3. Carter -Sanford Plant -Ribbon
4. Carter Patents -Thru July 31, 1940

Collection #18 Boxes #2.3

Carter Carburetor Drawings -No Order (Unindexed)

The remainder of this Carter collection is principally the records of the Patent Department of Carter Carburetor, but because of their antiquity, they had been - stored for many years in Tuh's basement at Carter's St. Louis plant in no particular order. They fell victim to climatic and other destructive forces.
Because the records had no discernable order, an ad hoc order was imposed --a simple alphabetical system. Within the alphabetical groupings, however, many of the record groups were in reasonable order. Provenance has been maintained in those groups and is clearly stated so at the appropriate entry.
Of all the records presently in the ACF archival collection, these are perhaps in the worst physical condition. Extensive "housekeeping" and restoration work is required to deal with the many documents now brittle as a result of years of dampness and water damage. The original file folders are in deplorable condition but have much valuable information on their tabs, which must be transferred to the new acid-free folders.
The value of these records lies in the completeness of the patent files for the period 1930 -1956, and the unique transcripts of various Carter/UAW contract negotiations between 1945 and 1956. The latter in particular are shining examples of Carter's management at work and affort an excellent view of changing labor relations in the early post-war period.
Group 1 - Carburetors (1 Box D4Bl)
The box contains two experimental carburetors with double servo valve. One was used on a Chrysler car (3/18/58), and the other on a Pontiac (6/19/58), probably for experimental purposes, but it is not known for certain.

Group 2 - Copyright Files (3 Boxes D4 B2-4)

These are copyright files for various Carter Carburetor service manuals and correspondence courses. They are unindexed.
Group 3 - Engineering Department (2 Boxes D4 B5,6) Spec sheets and drawings.

Box 1. Chevrolet 1964 -1965

Box 2. Pontiac 1964 -1965
Group 4 - Engineering Department (1 Box D4 B7) Hot Idle Compensator
Test sheets and correspondence. Also includes a carburetor. 1957- 1958
Group 5 - Engineering Department (1 Box D4B8)

Engineering Orders

This is a large file book of engineering orders, found in the basement with the rest of this collection. Its origin and specific purpose are unknown.
Group 6 - Industrial Relations (1 Box D4B9) National Labor Relations
1945 employee discharge transcripts. Provenance maintained. This contains the transcript of various inquiries relating to the discharge of thirteen employees in the fuze body department at Carter Carburetor in 1945.
Group 7- Industrial Relations (1 Box D4B10)

United Automobile Workers Negotiation Transcripts Contract negotiations, 1946. Provenance maintained.

Group 8 - Industrial Relations (2 Boxes D4 Bll, B12)

United Automobile Workers Negotiation Transcripts

Contract negotiations 1947, 1948, 1949, 1953 (to March 8). Provenance maintained.

Box 1. 1947

Box 2. 1948,1949,1953
Group 9 - Industrial Relations (2 Boxes D5 Bl,2)

United Automobile Workers Negotiation Transcripts

Contract negotiations 1953 -1956. Provenance maintained.

Box 1. March 17, 1953 -July 15,1953

Box 2. July 16, 1953 -August 8, 1953. November 10, 1954 - December 21, 1954. All 1956 negotiations.
Group 10 - Industrial Relations (5 Boxes D5 B3-7)

Step B and C Grievance Files #1-22, plus 1947 -1953 Contract

Negotiations, Agreements and Correspondence. Provenance maintained.
These records come from metal file drawers number #229 and #230, found with the other records in this group in the basement at Carter. It is not known why two disparate groups of material were found in the same drawer, nor is the relationship of the contract negotiation material in this group to that in Group 10 understood. It is entirely possible there is no connection at all and that the material was put in these drawers accidentally.
Box 1. Grievance Files #1-11.
Box 2. Grievance Files #12-21. Box 3. Grievance Files #22-30.
Box 4. Contract Negotiation Notes 1947 -1950, 1953.
Box 5. Printed Carter-Union agreements, various ACF agreements for Milton and Huntington plants, plus a few other sample - agreements from other firms in the industry. These booklets were found stuffed in the back of file drawer #30.
Group 11 - Industrial Relations Compensation Cases 1951

(4 Boxes D5 B8-11) Provenance Maintained..

These records come from metal file drawers numbered #231, 232, found with the other records in the basement at Carter.
Box 1. Folder #44-48. Cases #2769 -2949 March 1951 -June 1952.
Box 2. Folder #59-54. Cases #2574, 2950-3099 June 1952 - June 1953.
Box 3. Folder #55-56. Cases #3100-3149 July 1953 - February 1955. (Folder numbers cease at this point.) Cases #3236-3349 March 1955 -December 1955.
Box 4. Cases #3350-3450 January 1956 -September 1956.
Group 12 - Patent Department (2 Boxes D5 B12, D6 B1)

Miscellaneous Patent Inquiries

This is an ad hoc series drawn up from a mass of files dumped with no identification tags in one large cardboard box in the Carter basement. The bulk of the papers concern inquiries by outside inventors as to whether Carter would be interested in buying or leasing their inventions --some of which are patented some not. The bulk of these papers are dealt with by the ACF or Carter patent attorney at the time F. H. Gibbs or G Ericson) or by Mr. Weed of Carter. There is no order to these files apart from a rough chronological order, and the whole series is in poor physical condition needing extensive rehabilitation.

Group 13 - Patent Department (10 Boxes D6 B2-B11)

Patent Applications. Provenance maintained.
Box 1. ACF -Boyce

Box 2. Carlson

Box 3. Carlson

Box 4. Carter -Edelen

Box 5. Ericson -Gordon

Box 6. Henning -Jones

Box 7. Jones -Korte

Box 8. Jeep -Reed

Box 9. Roux -Szwaurgulski

Box 10. Szwaurgulski -Zub

Group 14 - Patent Department (2 Boxes D6 B12, D7 B1)

Patent Applications (Abandoned) Cases 136-595 (some) 1935-1946.

Provenance maintained.
Box 1. Case 136-448 (some)

Box 2. Case 449-595 (some)

Group 15 - Patent Department (5 Boxes D7 B2-6)

Patent Counsel Files. Provenance maintained.

These are the chronological files set up by the ACF Patent Department dealing with all ACF and subsidiary Company patents, including those of Carter. The records in this group relate mainly to Carter matters but also include ACF projects, such as Talgo.
Box 1-3. Chronological files of G. Ericson. 1938 -1947
Box 4-5. Chronological files of B. H. Mann. 1952 -1956
Group 16 - Patent Department (12 Boxes D7-12, D8 Bl-6)

Dormant Correspondence Files Assembled 1963. Provenance maintained.

Box 1. A -B
Box 2. B -C
Box 3. D
Box 4. E -F
Box 5. G -H
Box 6. H -J
Box 7. J -M
Box 8. M -P

Box 9. P -S

Box 10. S
Box 11. T -U
Box 12. W
Group 17 - Patent Department (3 Boxes D8 B7-9)

Equity Litigation

This material was recovered from a single cardboard box marked "Equity Litigation" found in Kuh's basement. There seems to be no discernable order or connection between the various documents, and it seems likely that they were indiscriminately dumped into what was an empty box without regard to the markings on that box. All of the records are archival, relating to the Patent Department and its various litigation problems. Much work needs to be done to impose order on this group and achieve complete intellectual control.
Group 18 - Patent Department (13 Boxes D8 BI0-12, D9 BI-I0)

Expired and Foreign Patents 1930's -early 1960's. Provenance maintained.

Box 1. Australia, Argentina

Box 2. Belguim, Braxil

Box 3. Canada, Chile, Cuba, Denmark

Box 4. France

Box 5. Germany)

Box 6. Germany) No discernable order within these three boxes.

Box 7. Germany)

Box 8. Great Britain 1929 -1934

Box 9. Great Britain 1936- 1948

Box 10. Great Britain 1949 -1955

Box 11. Holland

Box 12. India, Italy, Japan, Mexico

Box 13. Norway, Saar Territory, Sapin, South Africa, Sweden
Group 19 - Patent Department (15 Boxes D9 Bll,12. DI0 Bl-12, Dll Bl) Issued Patent Files 1925 -1955 Provenance maintained.

The physical condition of the folders is poor though the contents are

Box 1. #100-131,1925-1932
Box 2. #132 -169, 1932 -1935
Box 3. #170 -238, 1935 -1937
Box 4. #239 -305, 1937 -1939
Box 5. #408 (sic) 439, 1940 -1942
Box 6. #441 -480, 1942, 1943
Box 7. #481 -527,1943,1944
Box 8. #528-570,1944-1947
Box 9. #573 -611,1947
Box 10 #612 -652, 1947, 1948 (This box also contains miscellaneous unnumbered patent applications 1932 -1951. It is not known why these were filed here.
Box 11. #656 -709,1948 -1950
Box 12. #712 -740,1950,1951
Box 13. #774 -825, 1952, 1953

Box 14. #828 860, 1953, 1954

Box 15. #861 -880, 1954 -1955
Group 20 - Patent Department (11 Boxes D 11 B2-12)
Trial transcripts, interference records and exhibits. The file --numbers are those assigned to the case by the U. S. Patent Office examiner of interferences. Provenance maintained, except for Box 1, which was found in disarray.
Box 1. Stanton Patents 1938 -1947 (No provenance)
Box 2. Files 1136485 -67764 (some)
Box 3. Files 1168491 -69826 (some)
Box 4. Files 1171032 -74416 (some)
Box 5. Files 1174553 -78159 (some)
Box 6. Files 1178159 -80404 (some)
Box 7. Files 1180733 -82262 (some) Box 8. Files 1182554, 82555
Box 9. Files 1182554 -86921 (some)
Box 10, 11. This group of records, while a part of the above series, has, for some reason, been grouped together separately from the preceding boxes and arranged alphabetically. It is not known why.
Group 21 - Patent Department (4 Boxes D12 Bl-4) Trial Transcripts, Airtex Suit
There is no order within these four boxes, and the documents were retrieved from two large cardboard boxes in utter disarray. Box 1-4, ACF Industries versus Airtex Products.

Group 22 - Patent Department 4 Boxes D12 B5-8)

Trial Transcripts -Bendix Corporation
This group deals with the royalty arrangements between Carter and the Bendix Corporation between the 1930's and 1960's together with various infringements and subsequent litigation. There is no provenance to this material, and it has yet to be rehabilitated.
Group 23 - Patent Department (2 Boxes D12 B8, 9)

Trial Transcripts

Bicknell Bicknell Versus Pope

Linkert Suit

Stromberg Versus Carter
Group 24 – Patent Department (2 Boxes D12 BlO, 11)

Trial Transcripts

There is no provenance to this material, and it seems to have been dumped in the box at some period.
Pallas Company of Germany Versus Carter Carburetor
Group 25 - Patent Department (6 Boxes D12 B12 D24 AI, 2)

Trial Transcripts – Carter Correspondence Course; Aeronautic Material

Interference transcripts #82555, 82262

Patent appeal docket transcripts #5880 -5883

Group 26 - Patent Department (4 Boxes Dll AI, 2) Box #’s 3-6

Trial Transcripts

Unindexed blueprints and drawings of 1930's car parts, including 1939 Plymouth windshield wipers, pressure regulators and carburetors, liquid link throttle control, and fuel separator
All this material was located in a box marked "Coffey Records" and may have something to do with the previous group of records (Group 25). However, it is not clear what that connection might be owing to the indiscriminate dumping of these records in the box in which they were found.
Group 27 - Patent Department (1 Box D2l A2)

Trial Transcripts

Ericson Versus Jorgensen & Jorgensen
Group 28 - Patent Department (2 Boxes D20 Al,2)

Trial Transcripts

Interference #82554

Patent Appeal Docket #5884

Otto Henning Versus Scoot F. Hunt

Group 29 - Patent Department (2 Boxes D19 AI, 2)

Trial Transcripts
Patent Appeal 3243 -Spatafora Versus Zaiger & Young

Patent Appeal 4156 -Ericson Versus Shaff

Patent Appeal 4707 -Warren Company Versus Nashua Gummed and Coated Paper Company

Patent Appeal 4742 -Application of George Bicknell & Otto Henning

Patent Appeal 4962 -Sanford Investment Company Versus Enterprise Wheel & Car Corporation

Patent Appeal 5821 -Scinta Rappel Versus Anderson

Group 30 - Patent Department (1 Box D19 A3)

Trial Transcripts

U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals 11434 -Carter Carburetor Versus Federal Trade Commission
Group 31 - Patent Department (1 Box D19 A4)

Trial Transcripts

Interference #68702 -Trussel Versus Stanton Versus Good Versus Bewry

Interference #71032 -Ericson Versus Markham & Smith

Interference #72571 -Barrows Versus Guernsey & Piron

Interference #74553 -Coffey Versus Stanton

Interference #80404 -Ericson Versus Coffey Versus Wirth
Group 32 - Patent Department (1 Box D 19 A5)

Trial Transcripts

Appeal transcripts. Unindexed.
Group 33 - Royalty Correspondence Files (2 Boxes D 19 A6, 7)

An ad hoc collection (no provenance) of material relating to royalty agreements to which Carter Carburetor was a party. The material has no order nor much apparent relationship to each other and it seems to have been indiscriminately dumped in the box in which it was found. Box 2 includes an associated UA W /Carter agreement of 1949.

Group 34 - Sales Contracts (2 Boxes D 19 A8, 9)

Provenance maintained.

This material comes from a box marked "Sales Contracts" found in the Tuh's basement at Carter, St. Louis in December, 1977. The collection runs from 1948 to 1954 and includes material on Canadian and foreign sales together with samples of Carter's sales contract forms.
Collection #19

ACF Subsidiary Companies -Erco

1 Box D5 IIA5
Based on a plant at Riverdale, Maryland, the Erco Division functioned in the 1950's. This is an ad hoc collection of catalogs, notes on Erco facilities, and notes on its manufacturing capabilities.
1. ACF Nuclear Products -Erco
2. Erco Production Facilities
3. Erco Shrinker and Stretcher

Collection #20

ACF Subsidiary Companies -Polymer Corporation

1 Box D5 #A6

[Sent back to Polymer (Mrs. Ann Gozgliano) 1/21/85, DPJ 1/21/85]

A wholly-owned ACF subsidiary, Polymer engineers plastics for industrial use.
1. Supplement to Reading Eagle 1966
2. The Pioneer (House Organ) 1959 -1976
3. L. L. Stott Patents
4. Photographs -Primarily of Sales Conferences
5. Polymer Advertising Materials Folder 1
6. Polymer Advertising Materials Folder 2
7. Polymer Advertising Materials Folder 3
8. Polymer Advertising Materials Folder 4
9. Polymer Advertising Materials Folder 5
10. Polymer Advertising Materials Folder 6
Collection #21

ACF Subsidiary Companies -Pressed Steel Products

1 Box D5 #A7
Pressed Steel Products was not strictly an ACF subsidiary. It was a synthetic operation, the name being coined to draw attention to ACF's capacity to function as a sub-contractor to firms manufacturing specialized shapes in pressed steel. A concerted attempt was made to advertise this facility during 1950 and 1952, and again in 1954, but it is thought with little success. The box contains scattered correspondence and advertising from the early 1950's.

Collection #22

ACF Subsidiary Companies -WKM

8 Boxes (Provenance maintained in Boxes 1-5, Remainder an ad hoc collection

D4 #AI-A3, D5 #A8-12

This company was acquired by ACF in 1955 (?). Its prime business is the manufacture of valves and controls for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry. The files which comprise boxes 1-5 were donated to the Archive by WKM, and provenance has been maintained. The remainder from an ad hoc collection, drawn from the scattered materials originally in the Archive room.

Collection #22 Box #1
1. Presentation by ACF Industries, Inc. to AMA Conference on Acquisition of WKM -November 2, 1956.
Case history of acquisition for American Management Association conference. History of ACF's valve operations before and after acquisition of WKM.
2. WKM Historical Files
WKM 1919 partnership papers (wet process copy); press release "Background Information, WKM Division"; copy of proxy statement letter from Fred McMenus (1935) and 1930 prospectus; 1975 promotional brochure; draft of story for Horizons on "The Brewster Company".
3. WKM Photos and News
Copies of ACF-WKM Pipelines August 1969 issue; WKM News (August 1969) Photos of Clint Williams (c. 1919); WKM plant (nd); WKM work force 1930's, drilling and pipe laying operations (nd), 1930 prospectus, photos of pages of WKM catalogs and brochures, misc. photos of plant interiors, workers, etc. - all unidentified.
4. Proforma Balance Sheet -1929; 1929 statement.
5. Board of Directors' Minutes 1943 -1949.
6. Board of Directors' Minutes 1932 -1943
7. WKM Federal Income Tax Statements 1919 -1921. (Includes statement of inventory for 1920.)
8. Adding Machine Tapes -Trial Balance, April 1928 and others (unidentified).
9. Closing June 30,1939 and December 31,1939.
10. Government Annual Report 1941, Quarterly Reports 1942 (CPA reports).
11. Government Quarterly Reports 1943 and 1944 (CPA reports)

Collection #22 Box #2
1. WKM Cash Balances 1920.
2. WKM Cash Balances 1921.

3. WKM Trial Balance and Inventory 1920 -1921.

4. WKM Sales 1921.

5. Ledger 1919 -1921.

6. Corporation Record Book, Board Minutes for February -June 1932.
7. Transfer General Ledger, WKM, Inc. 1922 -1925.

Collection #22 Box #3
1. General Ledger Transfer 114 1940 -1949.
2. General Ledger to 1951, includes personal accounts of people such as McMenus.
3. Transfer Binder -Stock Purchase Ledger Sheets.
4. A Case Study in Corporate Acquisition, An ACF Presentation -1957.

Collection #22 Box 4
1. Key Boiler Equipment Co. Ledger 1930 -1951

Collection #22 Box #5
1. WKM Extra Financial Statements 1943 -1954
2. WKM Comparative Balance Sheet 1941 -Company Charter Amendment.
3. Comparative Balance Sheets 1934 -1942.
4. Renegotiation File 1942.
5. Renegotiation File 1943.
6. Renegotiation File 1942 -1943.
7. Renegotiations 1942 and 1943.
8. Renegotiation File 1944.
9. WKM -Renegotiation Information for Price Adjustment Bd., U.S. Maritime Commission, September 1944.
10. Unidentified Government Renegotiation File (1944?).

Collection #22 Box #6
1. WKM -Ball Valves Special Tank Car
2. Loose-leaf Binder -WKM Product Catalogs
3. WKM Price Sheet -Description Pamphlet No 265 (June 10, 1927)
4. WKM Price Sheet -Description Pamphlet 1924 -1926
5. Loose-leaf Binder -Price Catalog & Bulletins 1957

18 Boxes, 2 Cu. Ft. of Books and Photograph Albums

D13 #B1-12, DI4 #B1-7,11

This is an ad hoc collection, drawn from the material originally scattered around the archive room. It includes ordnance drafting manuals, records of ACF wartime munitions and tank production. ACF wartime publications, material on the hot cup cold draw shell manufacturing process, and the Minuteman Missile project. This collection's principal strength is the World War I and World War II record.

1. Ordinance Drafting Standards
2. .Ordinance Drafting Standards
3. Ordinance Drafting Standards
4. Ordinance Manufacturing Manuals
5. ACF in Two World Wars -Souvenir Books and Memorabilia
6. Miscellaneous Defense Products Files (Provenance Maintained)
7. Berwick World War II Production -Scrapbooks, News Clippings
8. Berwick World War II Production -Tanks, Artierties of R&D Dept., 175th Anniversary of Berwick
9. Berwick Cold War Production -Manufacture of Refrat Pots, Hot Cup Cold Draw Process. Reorganization of Engineering Dept.
10. Berwick Cold War Production -Manufacture of Refrat Pots, Hot Cup Cold Draw Process
11. Minuteman Missile Project III
12. Minuteman Missile Project 112
13. Titanium III
14. Titanium 112 1
5. Titanium 113
16. Manuals of Defense Metals Information Center (Unindexed)
17. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Forging of Steel Shells Handbooks
18. Minuteman Missile Project 113

Collection #23 Box #6

ACF Miscellaneous Defense Product Files
Provenance Maintained
1. Defense -Simulators
2. 1st Shell Line Presentation
3. Flight Simulator
4. 2nd Shell Line Presentation
5. Shell Line -Technical Summary
6. 3rd Shell Line Presentation
7. 8" Shell Line -Berwick (Opening Day Ceremonies)
8. Defense Products:

Proposal Pictures - Commercial Products

Research and Testing



Manufacturing Detail

Defense Products
9. Defense Photos -J. H. Vaughn -Speech -Sales Mtg. July '61
10. Defense Aircraft Products:

Hunt Spilles Products

Insignia -Branches -U. S. Army

St. Charles Facilities

Facilities -Folders A1-A4, B1-B6




11. Miscellaneous Products:

Bombs Products

Conversion to War Work
12. Defense -Anti-aircraft Gun Carriages

Collection #23 Box #8
1. WW2 Tanks

2. Berwick -175th Anniversary Message

3. News Clippings Berwick
4. Printers Plate
5. Research &: Development Report

Collection #23 Box #9, #10

Berwick, Cold War Production

Hot Cup -Cold Draw Process
Engineering Dept. -Reorganization 1959-1961
Manufacture of Refax Pots –

Collection #23 Box #11

Minuteman Project #1
1. News Release
2. Photos
3. Press Clippings
4. News Release -Photo of Prototype Railroad Car
5. American Ordinance Assoc. -Engineering Documentation Section
6. Missile Components for National Defense
7. Missile Systems for National Defense
8. Maintenance Manual for Preprototype Missels
9. Reliability Summary Report No.2
10. Operational and Organizational Maintenance instructions for Command Car 201
11. Operational Support
12. Industrial Research Newsletter 5/1961
13. 4,000 Ton Press Defense
14. Defense "The Minuteman"
15. Missiles
16. Mobile Rail Cushioning
17. Cushion Underframe

Collection #23 Box #12

Minuteman Project #2
1. Boeing Air Craft -Procedure Manual U.I.
2. Boeing Protective Finish Requirements
3. Dept. of Defense -Proceedings Symposium -6th Joint Military Industry Guided Missile Reliability
4. Minuteman Mobility Tactical Cars VII
5. 1960 Air Force Show
6. Defense Photographs -Minuteman
7. Minuteman Launcher Car
8. Missile Launcher Car -Photographs

Collection #23 Box #13-15

Books &: reports on the manufacture and working of titanium and its alloys.

Collected by ACF in the 1950's. (Unindexed)

Collection #23 Box #18

Minuteman Project #3
1. ACF Manual of Military Standards

3 Boxes D7 #Al-A3

This exhaustive survey of ACF and its physical assets was made in September 1933 by the Appraisals Corp, 25 Beaver St., New York, possibly as a preliminary to liquidation. The report contains 17 exhibits, and there are 2 complete sets. The report is in typescript.



2 Boxes S4 #3,4 (Provenance Maintained)
These files, originally from the St. Charles "Barn" were compiled at Berwick during the bidding and building of ACF's last New York subway car contract, built during 1959 and 1960 on Lot 5422 (Second Series).


1 Box S5 #12
This contest was run in the St. Charles School District by ACF, St. Charles in 1956 and was divided into four categories of entrant. Why it was run, and for what purpose, it is not known, but the contest itself was based on knowledge of St. Charles and its institutions.
The collection consists of four scrapbooks containing the essays entered, and a printed letter containing the contest rules.
ACF High School Essay Competition 1956

St. Charles -4 Scrapbooks



1 Box D 1 #B8
An ad hoc collection, drawn from the scattered materials originally found in the Archive room.
AAR Publications

DV Circulars


AAR Mechanical Research Dept. -Reports & Specs.

1. Spec. for Steel Railway Bridges 1956
2. Report American Car & Foundry -Standardization Board
3. Assoc. American Railroads Report MR-221
4. Assoc. American Railroads Report MR-213
5. Assoc. American Railroads Report MR-212 i
6. Assoc. American Railroads Report MR-242 j
7. Assoc. of American Railroads -Preliminary Committee Reports

1 -1971 Meeting

2 -1972 Meeting




S-5 #11
1. Envelope -Pictures from Ike Barlow
2. Letter and typed copy from Ike Barlow
3. Two American Car &: Foundry Directories 1953 &: 1954
4. Button, News Article
5. Summary of Ike Barlow's work

120 Reels 200' and Over, 3 cu. ft. of Reels, 100' and Less

5/5, 5/6
This ad hoc collection consists largely of ACF Impact test films, advertising and Railroad material, together with comprehensive coverage of the Talgo project from 1948 thru 1955. Most of the movies date from between 1948 and 1965, but one set is an hour long record of ACF and its manufacturing facilities filmed during 1927. A copy of this was made by ACF during 1977, and it is on frequent loan. The film "Seven Roads to Progress", in color, and with sound is a 1955 variant on the same subject. Unless otherwise stated, all films are 16mm, black and white, and silent. If no date is given, no date is known.

Films Listed Alphabetically By Subject
1.ACF -"In Service to Transportation" 1899 1928.
ACF promo film made during 1927 showing movie scenes of most ACF plants functioning during 1927.
Two 800' reels of original footage (Not to be loaned.)

Two 800' reels of copy footage.

One 400' reel of copy outtakes
2. ACF -"King Coal" early 1950's.
ACF promo film on mine cars. Much action footage in and around mines in

scenic Alleghenies in West Virginia.

Three copies, 300' color (fading)
3. ACF -"The Mailed Fist" 1953.
ACF promo film on defense activities and contracts with heavy cold-war

overtones in the spoken narrative.

Fourteen copies, 600' sound
4. ACF -"Products" 1942 (title not on film)
ACF promo film shown to stockholders in 1942. Has much 1920's and 1930's fo1m footage plus some defense work shots. Is a patchwork of sound/silent/co1or/black and white footage.
One copy, 1,200'
5. ACF-"Seven Roads to Progress" 1955
ACF promo film made during 1955 showing interview with ACF President and shots in all ACF Divisions including the Electronics Division. Purpose similar to that of #1 "In Service to Transportation," but in style, very 1950's.
Three copies, 800' color, sound
6. American Association of Railroads -"The Freight Goes Through" 1951
Training film for yard switchmen and engineers showing switch yard operations, the hazards of incorrect switching to cars and freight, etc.
One copy, 800' color, sound
7. Axles -Freight car anti-friction bearing axles, Huntington.
One copy 650' sound
8. Axles -"Mass Production of Roller Bearing Axles for Freight Cars"
One copy, 1,300'
9. Axles -"Roller Bearings Manufacture at Huntington"
One copy, 800' sound
10. Berwick -"Rally in Berwick" 2/49
One copy, 400' color
11. Carter -Manufacture of Carburetors"
One copy, 400' color
12. Hopper Tripper -at Huntington
One copy 100' color
13. Impact Tests -Bi-1evel and tri-level auto racks. Runs 1265, 1266. Project 1512. 1/61
One copy, 100'
14. Impact Tests -Box Car, ACFX 50, Berwick
One copy, 200'
15. Impact Tests -Box Car, ACFX 51
One copy, 700'
16. Impact Tests -Box Car, ACFX 85. 1963

One copy, 75’

17. Impact Tests -Center Flow® Car
Series CJ-CK color impacts at Huntington. November 16 -18, 1962.
One copy, 400' color
18. Impact Tests -Foam panels. St. Louis plant. 1/69
One copy, 600'
19. Impact Tests -GM&O Car. 1/54.
One copy, 300'
20. Impact Tests -"Impact" 1954
One copy, 700'
21. Impact Tests -NHRR cast suspension dynamic test. 10/30/56
One copy, 200'
22. Impact Tests -PRR Piggyback. 12/55
One copy, 100'
23. Impact Tests -Tank Cars.
One copy, 400'
24. Impact Tests -USAF tank car, complete impact test story.
One copy, 800'
25. Impact Tests -Various cars
One copy, 400'
26. Minuteman -Construction. 1960
One copy, 300' color
27. Minuteman -Command train
Shots of car in north yard, in finish shed, being stencilled, and inspected by Army Brass.
One copy, 400' color
28. Minuteman -"Part Two" (sic)
Missile car fabrication, truck assembly, strain gauge and roof operation.
One copy, 400'
29. Minuteman -Impact test on missile car. 5/60.
One copy, 400' color
30. Minuteman -Impact test on missile car. 5/60
One copy, 400' color
31. Minuteman -Construction of train, Berwick. 1/19/61.
One copy, 650' color
32. Minuteman -Construction of command car, 1960, 1961.
One copy, 800' color
33. Nuclear Products -Erco -"MIT Reactor"
One copy, 700' color, sound
34. Prudential Insurance Co.
Various 1950's TV commercials, including a small clip of CBS's Walter Cronkite.
One copy, 100' sound
35. Ring Springs -Manufacture of filament-wound plastic ring springs. 1957.
One copy, 100'
36. Shells -Buffalo, 1940's. Manufacture of shells.
One copy, 400' color
37. Shells -Hot cup -cold draw process. Manufacture of 8" shells
Two copies, 800' color, sound
38. Shells -Hot cup -cold draw process. Duplicate copy made before final work print: and without sound track.
One copy, 1,300'
39. Shells -Black and white work pring for &" shell film 2/5&.
One copy, 1,600'
40. Shells-Black and white work print part 1 and 2 for &" shell film.
One copy eac,, 1,700'
41. Shells-Hot cup -cold draw outtakes.
One copy

42. Shells -&" shells out of round. Test film showing cups going through die.

One copy.
43. Talgo-"ACF Talgo Train newsreel, 1955.
Two copies, 150' sound
44. Talgo-Binghamton test run, car interior, ACF personnel and spouses. Badly -


One copy, 200'
45. Talgo-Construction of first Talgo trucks before Rock Island improvements.
One copy, 350'
46. Talgo-Construction of truck to test in x-ray room. 194&-9.
One copy, 400'
47. Talgo-Inspection of Talgo train by Berwick townspeople. 1949
One copy, 400' color
48. Talgo-"New Haven RR Test Talgo Train" newsreel
Two copies, 200' sound
49. Talgo-On exhibit at Atlantic City RR Convention, newsreel film entitled

"Largest Railroad Convention in History".

One copy, 50' sound
50. Talgo-Scratch print of 1149, Talgo portion only
One copy, 20'
51. Talgo-People riding Talgo cars
One copy, 200'

52. Talgo-Pre-press run. 5/55

Five copies, 200'
53. Talgo-Press run. May 11, 1955
One copy, 200'
54. Talgo-Rock Island Talgo construction 1955
One copy, 400'
55. Talgo-Rock Island Talgo
Passengers riding, filling in questionnaire, construction of underframe and body assembly.
One copy, 500'
56. Talgo-Various tests including wheel clearances. 1956 One copy, 400'
57. Talgo-Spanish Talgo construction at Wilmington 1948,9. Various short pieces of film.
One copy 400' black and white/color
58. Talgo-Spanish Talgo delivery including running on test in New York and New Jersey shipping from Wilmington, delivery in Spain, revenue runs in Spain, and maintenance. 1949/50.

59. Talgo-Spanish Talgo demonstration, March 1950, with General Franco and entourage on train, stopping to inspect new industrial plant and making speeches.

One copy, 80' ':
60. Talgo-Spanish Talgo special theatrical newsreel.
One copy, 100' sound
61. Talgo-Spanish Talgo film cuts
One copy, 200' color

62. Tank Manufacture -"1,000th Tank" Army tanks on parade. Berwick manfrd. 8/2/41.

One copy, 400' color
63. Trailer Hitch -Loading and unloading. 6/69
One copy, 800'
64. Trailer Hitch -Observation of L&N hopper cars in transit, 1964.
One copy, 800' black and white, color
65. Trailer Hitch -Operation and construction
One copy, 800' color
66. Trailer Hitch -Prototype on PRR
One copy, 900'
67. Trailer Hitch -"Hitch up Your Piggy-back Profits" ACF promo film, 1956.
Two copies, 400' color, sound
68. Trailer Hitch -Loading and unloading of GA semiautomatic, ACF Model A, ACF Mark 3.
One copy, 400' color, some sound
69. Trailer Hitch -Loading onto flat car.
One copy, 150'
71. Trailer Hitch -Loading 8/3/56
One copy, 400'
72. WKM-"Controls for Petroleum Pressure" WMK promo film
One copy, 1,200' some color and sound
73. WKM -Short sequences of work at WKM Division of ACF including some material shop at St. Charles.
One copy, 300' color, sound
74. Wheel Action -ACF research laboratory movie on wheels of the Senate subway cars in Washing, DC 3/20/60.
One copy, 800'


1. Interview with Mr. Charles Varrick of ACF including some material shop at St. Charles.

One copy, 300' color, sound

2. Interview with Mr. Charles Varrick of ACF broadcast over WGN, Chicago. 9/20/59 between 11:00 p.m. and12:00 midnight.

Transcription Phonograph Record

1. Sound track of movies" A CAR is Born". This movie is not in the ACF archival collection.

This set consists of four 12' glass phonograph records plus written transcript.

2. ACF Berwick radio program. Two 16" glass transcription phonograph records recorded 4/26/51 by WALZ of Hazelton, Pennsylvania.

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