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  • How to write a 6 point essay for the FCAT Florida Writes!


  • Ever seen a Fuddrucker’s cheeseburger? If you buy one, they usually cost around $6.00.
  • But they are worth it!

Why not a $1.00 McDonald’s Burger?

  • Quality…what McDonald’s lacks, Fuddruckers has in abundance…fresh veggies, bacon, cheese, all the condiments your little heart could desire 

So…How is a Fuddrucker’s Burger like your FCAT Writes Essay?

  • Quality…Just like you would rather eat the burger from Fuddrucker’s because it contains higher quality ingredients, the reader of your essay would prefer a high quality essay chocked full of details and great vocabulary!

So what are the ingredients of a “Fuddrucker’s Essay”

  • FCAT Writes wants you to rethink the 5 paragraph essay.
  • The belief is you don’t write enough when there are 3 body paragraphs.
  • They are now looking for a 2 or (sometimes or rarely) 1 body paragraph.
  • What makes that essay great are the added “ingredients” you put into it!

Let’s start at the top…the TOP BUN that is!!!!

TOP BUN: Introduction!

  • Your top bun is your introduction…by title it should introduce your writer to the topic.
  • The sesame seeds at the top of your “bun” represents that catch or hook you are going to give the reader to get them interested in your topic.
    • TOPIC: YOUR HERO: Firefighting Father
    • NON-HOOK OPENER: My father is my hero because he’s been a firefighter for 10 years.
    • HOOK OPENER: The alarm at the station sounds and my father slides down the pole, jumps into his gear and heads out to save the world one fire at a time!

TOP BUN-Intro continued!

  • The next couple of sentences should talk about the topic in general!
  • The final sentence should be your topic sentence which describes what you will be talking about in your essay.
  • Having a firefighter for a father makes him an easy hero because he not only saves people from burning buildings but he also teaches other how to live their life without unnecessary accidents.


  • Your HAMBURGER PATTIES represent the body paragraphs of your essay!
  • Each should be 5-7
  • sentences long.
  • Each should have 2 examples or specific details.


  • The cheese represents TRANSITION WORDS! These help your essay flow from paragraph to paragraph.
  • A 6 point essay will use 1st and last sentences to transition between paragraphs. Overlapping topics without repeating them.
  • Even the use of basic transitions give you points on your essay!


  • Lettuce, tomato, bacon, onion, pickles, mushrooms…they represent the specific details that make your essay more appealing. The more detailed and specific the better.


  • Finally , the “condiments” you add to your essay represent the spicy words you add. The use of higher level vocabulary adds to your essay’s value.
  • Use them correctly and try to spell them right so that you don’t get marked down for grammar errors.


  • Your last paragraph (the bottom bun) is the hardest to write! It should only be 3-5 sentences….
  • You can not introduce anything new!
  • You can not simply restate the introduction.
  • You reflect and call the reader to action! What are the benefits of your topic? How would the world be different if dad wasn’t a firefighter?
  • Nothing seems special about that bottom bottom bun but you have to make it ……. that way!

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