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Course: AS and A2
Exam Board: WJEC
Entry Requirements: A* - B GCSE
The syllabuses place great emphasis on communicating in the target language and aim to give students a much broader knowledge of the language and culture of the country studied.
Course Description:
In Year 12 you will study AS Level French/ German or Spanish. The topic areas will include:

Topic area 1: Leisure and Lifestyles

Topic area 2: The Individual and Society

You will have examinations in Listening and Writing, Reading and Writing and Speaking.

In Year 13 you will go to study for A-level. In addition to the topic areas above, you will study the following topics:

Topic area 3: Environmental Issues

Topic area 4: Social and Political Issues
You will have examinations in Speaking, Listening and Writing, Reading and Writing, Essay Writing and Literature, Film Studies or Regions.

  • The students will have tuition with the foreign language assistant individually or in small groups.

  • Cultural experiences e.g. cinema, theatre, Internet and videos are a valuable feature of the course.

The value of foreign languages is widely recognised by employers and educationalists. Studying a language to ‘A’ level is obviously useful if you wish to pursue a career specifically related to languages. However, competence in other languages is a ‘must’ now in many other fields of work, for example, law, business, journalism, science and engineering. As members of the European Union we need to be able to speak other European languages fluently. Those who can do this will be highly prized by prospective employers.

We think the new course is interesting, enjoyable, challenging and relevant to the needs of our students.

Contact Name: Ms M Leregle

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