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The 8-9 essay:

  • contains sophisticated thesis which guides development of argument throughout essay

  • demonstrates well-reasoned interpretation and analysis and reaches, firm, fully supported conclusions

  • provides abundant, appropriate, and accurate specifies, deals with all aspects of prompt

  • communicates clearly and effectively, using precise language and cohesive organization

  • may contain minor errors

The 5-7 essay:

  • contains a clear thesis which sets the direction for the essay; connection between thesis and evidence may not be clearly and directly made.

  • supports thesis with some factual information

  • analysis may be limited or superficial

  • limited understanding of complexity; in questions requiring balance, may give more attention to one part of the question

  • may contain errors that do not detract from overall essay/argument

The 2-4 essay:

  • thesis may be confused or undeveloped, or lacks a thesis

  • Information provided is minimal, or lacks supporting information, or contains information that is not relevant to the question

  • may not connect aspects of the topic, or ignores complexity, may concentrate on only one part of the question, or discuss areas in a general and/or superficial way

  • weak analysis

  • may contain major errors

The 0-1 essay:

  • incompetent response

  • may simply paraphrase or restate the question

  • little or no understanding of the question



The 8-9 essay:

  • states position clearly using a thesis which guides development of argument throughout essay

  • Demonstrates well-reasoned interpretation and analysis and reaches, firm, fully supported conclusions

  • Demonstrates sophisticated use of a substantial number of documents

  • Supports thesis with substantial and relevant outside information

  • Communicates clearly and effectively, using precise language and cohesive organization

  • May have minor errors

The 5-7 essay

  • Contains a thesis which addresses the topic, but does not exhibit a comprehensive understanding of the question

  • Has limited analysis, is mostly descriptive; in questions requiring balance; only deals with one aspect of the questions while dealing with others in a more general way

  • Uses some documents effectively

  • Supports thesis with some outside information

  • Shows evidence of acceptance organization and writing

  • May contain errors that do not seriously detract from the quality of the essay

The 2-4 essay

  • Presents a limited, confused, and/or poorly developed thesis

  • Deals with one or two aspects of the question in a general way or all aspects in a superficial way; simplistic explanation

  • Quotes or briefly cites documents

  • Contains little outside information or information that is inaccurate or irrelevant

  • May contain major errors

The 0-1 essay

  • Contains no thesis

  • Exhibits inadequate or inaccurate understanding of the question

  • Contains little or no understanding of documents or ignores them completely

  • Contains inappropriate or no outside information

  • Is so poorly organized or written that it inhibits understanding

  • Contains numerous errors, both major and minor

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