Formal emails (to your teacher)

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FORMAL EMAILS (to your teacher)

Decide whether the following emails are appropriate in register and style.

I'm sending the file of Task 1.

Best regards,
Dear Ms Riley,

here in attach You can find the file corresponding to the 1 Task You assigned, about the first impression on the

Master and Trento.
Dear professor Riley,

I hereby send the first assignment to the English course for the MEIS.

Good morning,

I attach my first task (MEIS and Trento- first impression) to this e-mail.

Dear Professor Riley,

Good evening.

Following Your instructions, I have attached to this email my TASK 1, saved as a pdf.

Thank You very much for Your time.

Best regards,
Dear madame,

attached you can find my writing task.

kind regards,
Good evening prof. Riley,

I’m sending you the first task we have to do as homework for English Language (An e-mail to a friend). Best

Dear professor Riley,

In attachment you will find my completion of the first task you assigned us.

Dear Professor Riley,

Please find here enclosed my homeworks.

Best Regards

Good evening!

I am xxxxxxx and I have attached my e-mail which I had to write to a friend.

Kind regards,

Dear Catherine

Please find attached the status report of my task # 1.

Best Regards
Dear Professor Riley,

I am xxxxx, please find attached Task 1.

Thank you, have a good week!
Dear Mrs Riley,

I am one of your first year students at the School of International Studies.

The document attached to this e-mail contains my first task.

Thank you in advance of your attention to this matter.

Your sincerely
Dear professor,
Please find attached my first task. Sincerely,

Dear Professor Riley,

Please find attached the PDF file of the task 1.

Best regards,

Dear Mrs. Riley,

here is my first task.

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