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April 5th 12 noon

ABSOLUTE Deadline!!!!!!!!!!

Students who fail to submit their applications by April 5th by 12 noon will NOT be reviewed by the Health Professions Committee

The application itself is due as a pdf titled in the following manner:

your last name your first name type of heath profession school hpc.pdf

For example for me applying to dental school, I would name my pdf

Lord Pat dental hpc.pdf
If I was applying to medical school, it would be

Lord Pat med hpc.pdf
The pdf must be emailed to me ( by April 5th at noon.
Other paperwork including waiver of students’ rights of access to letters; release for cover letters and letters of recommendations; honor code and judicial records release; and transcript and credit audit release forms as well as a candid picture (with your name on it) are due by noon on April 5th as well. These are all to be turned in as signed paper documents in a folder or large envelope to Ms. Nancy Fauser in the Biology Office, Winston Hall, Room 226.

Instructions for the application:

Read all materials before beginning the application process. All information should be typed in 12 font size.

  • Complete the "Academic information"

  • Complete the “Faculty Advocates.” This is just a list of faculty members that have agreed to write letters of recommendation for you. See more detailed instructions below about letters of recommendation from faculty advocates.

  • Complete the “Academic Record” information

  • Complete the “Work/Activities” information. This section is where you will enter work experience, volunteer activities, leadership activities, research, and other related activities. You should include in this section experiences that you have had that you want to bring to the attention of the health professions committee. Please take some time to think about this section. You should include experiences that have been significant or meaningful to you in helping you mature as a whole person and gain experience in a healthcare related field.

You can include up to 15 activities but you don’t have to include that many. We would much rather you tell us about the quality of the experiences more than the quantity of the experience. For each experience you list, please briefly describe that experience in 700 words or less. If you don’t tell me a little bit about your experiences and how they have affected you, it doesn’t help me write a quality cover letter.

Please don’t include high school experiences unless those experiences have led to continued experiences in college. For example, if you learned to play a musical instrument in high school and have continued that in college then you can tell me about the high school experience. However, if you were a hospital volunteer in high school and that is the only time you have volunteered in a hospital, don’t tell me about it.
Please only list the same experience once. For example, if you have been on the Dean’s list for 4 semesters, just list it once and then list the other dates you also earned that honor in the description section.
For scholarships, please list merit scholarships, not ones based on financial aid. If it is a scholarship that the committee might not know its significance, please briefly explain why you were awarded the scholarship. If you were a member of an organization, explain how involved you were – how often you went to meetings, what activities you participated in.
Please select up to 3 that were the most meaningful to you. For the 3 most meaningful, please write (in 1500 words or less) about the transformative nature of the experience or how it led to personal growth for you.

  • Write your “Personal Essay”. This should be in 12 point font and no more than two pages single space. Please write an essay about yourself and about the circumstances that lead you to decide to enter the health professions. Some of the questions you may want to address include Who are you? Why have you selected this particular health profession field to pursue a career in? What motivates you to learn more about this particular field? What experiences have helped you know that this profession is a “good fit” for you? What do you want the committee to know about you and your journey to this point? You might also want to address any particular obstacles you have had to overcome and or any fluctuations in academic performance.

You can use this as practice for your personal essay that is required for most health professional schools application.

Your essay should be no more than two pages, 12 font.
Proofread and Spell check – Proofread a written copy of your statement as well!
Have a friend read it but remember this is your own writing. Health Professions

committee members and admissions officers can tell if you had a professional

write it for you.

More information about Letters of Recommendation from FACULTY

Letters of Recommendation from faculty are very important. They are used by the Health Professions Committee as a means to understand how you have performed academically as a student and how well a faculty member knows you as a person. These letters should come from faculty. When you actually apply to health professions schools, there are mechanisms for you to submit additional letters of recommendation from a healthcare provider or other recommenders that you worked with. For the application to the health professions committee all the letters should be from faculty who you have done research with or who have taught you in class. These letters also become part of the health professions committee letter package that I submit on your behalf to the schools you are applying to. I will write a cover letter explaining your level of support from the committee and attach the three letters from faculty members exactly as they were sent to me to the health professions schools you are applying to.

Which faculty members should you ask? They should be faculty members that can write you a strong letter of support for your application. You should ask them in person if they think they can do that (and not 15 minutes before this application is due). If they can’t write a strong positive letter, then thank them for being honest with you and ask another professor. Once they have agreed to write a letter of support for you:

  • Give each letter writer a "Faculty – Format for HPC letters of reccomendation" form. (at the end of the instructions)

  • Give each letter writer a signed by you "Recommendation for Health Professional School" waiver form.

  • Include the faculty members name on the list of faculty advocates which is to part of your application to the Health Professions Committee.

  • Sign the "Waiver of Student's Rights of Access to Letters of Recommendation" form for the Committee Letter of Evaluation.

Other forms and items to be completed as part of your application.

ALL of these are due when you submit your application (April 5th by noon to Biology office Room 225 Winston Hall). You should turn in actual paper forms not electronic

  • Turn in a CANDID photograph of yourself –fun ones, too. I.D. yourself if there is more

than one person in the photo

  • On the following pages are a lot of waivers and releases. They include a waiver of students’ rights of access to letters; release for cover letters and letters of recommendations; honor code and judicial records release; and transcript and credit audit release forms. You need to read them and sign them and turn them in by April 5th by noon in a folder to the biology office, room 225 Winston Hall with your name on the outside of the folder.

Other information you need to know:

  • The Health Professions Committee will meet in early June. The committee will then evaluate you, based upon your academic record, your work and experiences, your essay, and the three letters of recommendation. Once the committee has evaluated you, I will notify you. Then we can discuss your level of support. Dr. Lord will write the Cover Letter of Support and will uplink it and the three faculty letters to VirtualEvals or mail them to the schools of your choice. (See sample of HP committee cover letter format at end of these instructions).

  • The cover letter will be ready in early to mid-summer. Once you have submitted your primary application to the health professions centralized application service, send an email to Dr. Lord with your AMCAS, AADSAS or VMCAS ID number, and for pre-meds, attach a copy of your “AMCAS Letter Request” form for a “Committee Letter”.

Faculty – Format for Health Professions Committee letters of recommendation
EVALUATORS: Please use your LETTERHEAD. Sign and date your letter. Most health professions schools REQUIRE that the letter be on letterhead and signed. If not, they may not accept the letter.
Please CONVERT IT INTO A PDF FILE AND EMAIL IT TO It would be very helpful to me if you could save it as a pdf in the following format. Last name of student, first name of student letter by your name.pdf
DEADLINE: 2 May 2012. Thank you. Please assist me by getting your letter in on time. It will be greatly appreciated by the Health Professions Committee. In addition, it allows us to review the students’ files earlier and begin to submit letters on their behalf earlier so that they are more competitive in the application process.
Please begin your comments with “To the Admissions Committee” (This letter is not only used by the health professions committee but also is sent as part of the student’s committee letter package to the health profession schools they are applying to).
Be as expansive as you can in describing this student. It will help the health professional schools develop a more in depth understanding of your evaluation.
Below are listed suggested points of focus in evaluating the student interested in a health professions career. Admissions committees attempt to determine a) whether or not the candidate can do the work at a health professions school and b) whether or not the candidate has the qualities to be a good healthcare provider. A cover letter of evaluation will be drawn up by the Health Professions Advisor after review by the committee from information you and other evaluators provide along with information developed from a review of the student’s transcript, work and activities experiences and personal essay.

  1. How well do you know the student and what is your relationship with the student?

  1. Please comment on the student’s intellectual strengths, ease of performance, and work ethic

  1. Please comment on any leadership, decision-making, and creative traits that the student displayed in the class or laboratory

  1. How did the student interact with his/her peers in class or laboratory?

  1. If you know the student in other than classroom or laboratory circumstances, please make comments about the student’s demeanor, behavior, and temperament, as you see them.



Health Professions Committee
I, _______________________, am applying to ___ Medical School

(name) ___ Dental School

___ Veterinary School

Student ID Number:_________________

Check one of the following two statements:
___waive my right of access to your letter of evaluation
___do not waive my right of access to your letter of evaluation
Name of Evaluator___________________________

I am applying to health professional school and request your letter of support to assist in that application. The comments contained therein will be used by the Health Professions Committee to evaluate my file. A copy of your letter will be sent to professional schools at my request.

Please address personal qualities and give other information not likely to be revealed by my transcript or application form. Suggested topics of interest are on the form accompanying this waiver.


Signature of student


To the evaluator:
Please email your letter in pdf format. Send the waiver by regular mail to
Pat C. Lord, Health Professions Advisor, Wake Forest University, Department of Biology, 1834 Wake Forest Road. Winston-Salem NC 27106


The Buckley Amendment (the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) says that students should be advised of their rights concerning any and all of their educational records.

1) You have the right to inspect your student records.

2) You have the right to challenge incorrect information found in the records.

3) You have the right to keep your records private.

You don’t have to waive the right to see letters of recommendation but from talking with various Dean of Admissions at various healthcare profession schools most of them request that letters be totally confidential which means you need to waive the right to see them.
Do NOT return this sheet

I, the undersigned, am a student or former student at Wake Forest University. I understand the rights accorded me by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended. Pursuant to 20 U.S.C. 1232g, and the Regulations of the Department of Health and Human Services (34 C.F.R.part99), pertaining to the student privacy rights, I waive any rights of access I have to confidential recommendations which I have asked to be written in my behalf, those sent to the designated institutions, and also those written pursuant to future requests.

Please sign one of the two statements below:
I acknowledge and agree that the above waiver was freely entered into.
Signature of student____________________ Date___________________
I have read the waiver statement above and do not wish to waive my rights of access to statements or evaluations written about me at my request.
Signature of student____________________ Date____________________
Return this sheet signed to Ms. Nancy Fauser in Biology office with all other paperwork



I release the cover letter written by the health professions advisor and copies of faculty letters I have solicited from three faculty. I request that these be sent to those schools that I have selected by giving to the health professions advisor stamped and addressed envelopes for that purpose.
Name of applicant______________________________

Signature of applicant__________________________

Date of release______________

No letter will be written or be sent without this form signed and dated
Return this sheet signed to Ms. Nancy Fauser in Biology office with all other paperwork

Honor code record access

You have decided to use the services and procedures of the Health Professions Committee. Please read the following statement and sign the authorization below.

“All students submitting an application to the Health Professions Committee for a level of support for its Letter of Recommendation should understand that the Office of the Dean will release to the Health Professions Advisor details about any honor code or conduct violations adjudicated in these areas.

The Office of the Dean will review the file of each student, and will contact those who have honor code violations or conduct violations. Such students will be encouraged to meet with an associate dean so that the dean may have the opportunity of interpreting the problem and putting it in perspective for the benefit of the medical schools. If the student requests it, the dean can address the medical schools in a short letter, providing context. If the student does not request such a letter, the charge, pleas, verdict and penalty will be forwarded to the Director of Pre-Health Professions without comment. In either case, a copy of the Dean’s Letter and/or comments will be forwarded to the medical schools with the Health Professions Committee letter of recommendation”

I, ____________________________________, consent to the procedure above and accept the release of said information to the health professional schools and Director of Pre-Health Professions Program.

Signature of student________________________________


Return this sheet signed to Ms. Nancy Fauser in Biology office with all other paperwork

Transcript & Credit Audit Authorization

I hereby authorize Dr. Lord to receive a copy of my transcript and my Credit Memorandum from the Registrar’s Office.

My student ID number is __________________________

(please type)



Return this sheet signed to Ms. Nancy Fauser in Biology office with all other paperwork



The Health Professions Committee has reviewed the folder of this applicant. The folder holds the three letters appended to this cover letter, the candidate’s transcript, an essay written by the student, a summary of his/her work and other experiences, and a listing of faculty who taught this candidate, in addition to waivers and release forms. MCAT scores were not reviewed.
The candidate, ________________. has waived ____, has not waived _____, his/her rights guaranteed under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and has authorized the release of this evaluation.

Committee level of support
The Health Professions Committee has evaluated this student’s folder and assigns it the following level of support:
____Highest Confidence

____High Confidence

____Good Confidence


____Low Confidence

____No Confidence

The level of support is first based upon the academic strength of the record. The level is adjusted, if need be, according to the richness of extracurricular and community involvement.
The meaning to the committee of the specified level of support:


Dr. Pat Lord

Director of PreHealth Professions Program

Chair, Health Professions Committee

Do not return this page

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