First Place – $100 Second Place – $75 Third Place

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23rd Annual Youth Apostles Institute

Pro-life Essay Contest
Theme: Building a Pro-life World
Two divisions: Junior (grades 7 and 8) and Senior (grades 9-12)
First Place – $100

Second Place – $75

Third Place – $50

Honorable Mention certificates also will be awarded.

  • Format: Entries can be in print or electronic form. Approximately 400 words long.



  • Info to include if participating through a parish or youth group: name, grade, parish/group, home address.


  • Address the theme! Entries must address the theme and express respect for unborn human life.


S John Iekel

Youth Apostles Institute

1600 Carlin Lane

McLean, Virginia 22101

E-mail Address:
If entries are to be delivered, please call (703) 556-0914 to notify.

All entries become the property of the Youth Apostles Institute and will not be returned.
Questions? Leave a message at (703) 556-0914

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