Finding a subject to write about

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Tiasia Currie- 123- Invention Activity for Essay 3
Finding a subject to write about.
The Georgia Museum

New York Hall of Science

Juniors Restaurant

Vector Knife Company


The Muppets

Sesame Street

Saturday Night Live

Keyshia Cole’s Album “The Way it Is”

Oprah Winfrey Show

The Poem “Life aint Been no Crystal Stair,” by Langston Hughes

Mt. Vernon Public Library

“My Sisters Keeper,” by Jodie Picoult

The film American Gangster

Sandals Resort

Carnival Cruise Ship

Elvis Presley

Choosing a Subject

I think that because I have listened to the album extensively and became so familiar with it, it is only right to critique singer Keyshia Cole’s first album, “The Way it Is,”
Reviewing what you know about the Subject
I listened to the album at a time in my life when I was going through a lot of relationship problems, and it helped me get through that stage in my life. I sought refuge by just going in my room and listening to her music over and over again. The number of times I’ve played the album has gotten to the point where I don’t even keep count anymore. I love the melody of all the songs, and the strong emotion you can hear behind her voice. Although I appreciated it at the time, I can’t help but notice, as I look at it now, that every song had o do in one form or another with a man and a relationship she was going through; it really does not give too much variety to choose from. When reviewing an album I think people look for good beats behind a song. The strength of the artists’ voice, if they are a singer. I also believe people look for if the song is relatable and current, and bring something new to the world of music. Over the next few weeks I am going to listen to every individual song multiple times, as well as read other reviews and try to get her opinion on the album, through interviews she has done.

Learning more about Standards for Judging your Subject

  1. The beats that the music is created upon,

  2. The actual word content and how strong it is.

  3. The producers that helped create this project.

  4. How relatable are the songs

  5. Does this album bring something new to the world of music?

  6. Previous work by the artist, and how does it compare to this one.

  7. The quality of what is being said.

Developing Your Evaluation
I enjoyed the album because eit felt like all of the things Keyshia Cole was singing about had actually happened to me, or were things I was going through at that time, I felt her pain and hurt behind all of her sad songs. She was very vivid about whatever she was singing about.
I also liked the album because the sounds of the beats were all so different from each other and new, it is unlike any other beats I’ve heard thus far.
To me the best part about the album is that you could put it on and let the whole thing play, usually you skip over the songs you do not want to hear, but on this album every song is just so beautiful.
Anticipating Readers Alternate Judgments, Questions and, Objections
Don’t the songs all talk about the same things?

They do all talk about her relationship with a guy, but they all present a new prospective, or scenario.

Doesn’t she seem like any old woman singing the same old song?

She does, but to me you have to respect that. She is only talking about things she has been through. I believe that’s some of the best music is the music made from your own personal experience. Is she not supposed to write things that have happened to her in the past, just because she will sound like a lot of other women?

Designing your Document
I would give the title of the subject I was evaluating. I would breakdown its content, and relevance in supporting my opinions.
Defining your Purpose for your Reader
My purpose in writing this evaluation is to basically introduce readers to something new if they have not already heard it. I want to present my opinion, so that it will make them want to go out and listen to the album, and instead of just hearing it, truly understand what is being said. I want to also urge them to look at everything with a critical eye. One takes for granted the process that goes behind making an album, and the meaning behind every song. I want to hopefully establish a want in readers to try and get a more in depth look at music as a whole.
Formulating a Tentative Thesis Statement
Keyshia Cole’s “The Way It Is” spoke to the broken and confused young girls of today’s world. Have you ever been hurt by your boyfriend, or thought someone loved you when they didn’t? In this album, she plays upon your heart strings, and through every word you are bought right back to those feelings you once had, all while rebuilding your self esteem and mending your heart back together. With her rough and soulful voice, she sings the words of your darkest moments, and shows you that there is room to love again.

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