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  • We will begin shortly.

FHA-HERO: The California Affiliate of FCCLA

  • Preparing for the 2013 State Leadership Meeting & State Finals

66th Annual State Leadership Meeting

  • April 20-23, 2013
  • Ontario, CA
  • Events for Voting Delegates
  • Industry Tours
  • Leadership & Career Development Activities
  • Region Cheerapalooza
  • Recycled Garment Fashion Show
  • Special Event for Membership Increases

SLM Registration Reminders Cont.

  • Advisors must bring a completed “Participant’s Conduct & Responsibilities” form (parent permission form) for EVERY SINGLE STATE MEETING STUDENT PARTICIPANT.
  • Turn them in at the FHA-HERO registration desk in Ontario.
  • Log-in to chapter account, print SLM registration, email corrections to Tom Munter.
  • Next week, go in and sign up for choices (workshops, industry tours, vegetarian meals).

Hotel Registration

  • Hotel reservations are being made in overflow hotels.
  • Must show hotel confirmation at FHA-HERO registration desk at the SLM.
  • If you still need hotel accommodations email
  • tommunter@excellenceinpresentations.com 

Traveling to SLM

  • Air-fly to the Ontario Airport
  • Train-Contact Amtrak…arrive early.
  • Shuttle Service- Free hotel shuttle service to airport.
  • Private Auto/Bus-Complimentary parking at the hotel not at the convention center.

Chapter Management

  • Create a Chapter Advisor Binder
    • Use the SLM online materials
    • Include:
      • hotel confirmation
      • rooming list
      • school permission slips
      • emergency card
      • Copy of CRE competitors’ identification items

Chapter Management

  • Conduct
    • make FHA-HERO
    • and your school
    • proud!
  • Etiquette
    • dining
    • tipping
    • behavior in hotel

Dress Requirements

  • Official Dress
  • General sessions
  • Region meetings
  • CREs
  • State & Region Officers Traveling to SLM
  • Available at:
  • Shop FHA-HERO
  • Official Dress Consists of:
  • Official Red Blazer with Emblem Patch
  • White Blouse/Dress Shirt
  • Navy Skirt/Dress Slacks
  • Dress Shoes
  • Dress Socks/Hosiery
  • Navy Tie (males & officers)

Sample Official Dress Items

Required Dress

  • Official Casual
  • Cheerapalooza
  • Leadership & Career Development Workshops
  • Industry Tours
  • College & Career Fair
  • Chapter Members Traveling to SLM
  • Go to: Shop FHA-HERO

Dress Requirement

  • Exception: Banquet & Ball
  • Suggested Attire:
  • Dress up attire, Sunday Best or Formals – keep in classy and appropriate!

Dress Requirements

  • No Jeans


  • Responsibility of Chapter Advisors and or designated chaperone's from individual schools.
  • Advisors should know where students are at all times
  • Members who are not in competition are expected to attend all of the planned events each day.

Nightly Chapter Meetings

  • 15-20 minutes to review program for next day.
  • Remind students to attend each session daily.
  • Remind students that attendance will be recorded at workshops, industry tours, and delegate committees.
  • Advisors will receive attendance reports at the end.

Chapter Pins

  • Chapter will exchange pins during the entire meeting this year.
  • Bring 10 or more pins per student.

Red Pride Essay Contest

  • A special essay contest was held this year designed to give FHA-HERO members an opportunity to express the pride they have in FHA-HERO.
  • Share ideas and expressions with others.
  • Check out the special instructions and rules included online with the state meeting materials to encourage future participation.
  • Encourage chapter members to participate!

Happenings at SLM

  • Industry Tours Monday-all new options
  • College and Career Fair- many new vendors
  • Recycled Garment Fashion Show
  • Red Pride Essay Contest
  • Cheerapalooza Session
  • New Voting Delegate Responsibilities
  • Competitions held Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  • Mini-competitions
  • Student Committees

FHA-HERO Industry Tours

  • Graber Olive House
  • Ontario Mills
  • Outlet

College and Career Fair

2013 Recycled Garment Fashion Show Contest

  • Open for 10th-12th grade students who are not competing in a State Finals CRE. Participants will design and construct a garment from recycled materials and present their design on a model during the Fashion Show.

Recycled Garment Fashion Show Contest

  • 1st – 3rd place participants will be awarded cash prizes sponsored by
  • worth a total of $500
  • 1st Place Winner will be awarded
  • 3 Days of Fashion, a prize worth $250
  • NEW 1st and 2nd Place Winners will qualify to advance to the FCCLA Recycle and Redesign STAR Event

CRE Sponsors

  • This year there is approximately $163,000 in cash prizes, scholarships, and merchandise available to FHA-HERO competitors.

Competitive Recognition Events

  • Required documents needed by each competitor
  • CRE Student Permission Form (chapter event not previously a competitor, FAX to our office ASAP at 916-319-0165 Attn. Tanya)
  • Photo ID
  • State Leadership Meeting Paraphernalia

CRE Suggestions

  • Make a copy of each competitor’s documents.
  • Review competitors outlines, information sheets, recipes, etc. and make copies for your records.
  • Make sure your competitors would receive an “A” score from you on this project.

CRE Suggestions

  • Have students review curriculum that relates to the following events which require exams:
  • The exams are ALL updated this year.

CRE Exams

  • All exams have True and False, Multiple Choice, Matching, and Fill-in the blank questions.
  • Exam scores are reflected in the final score of the event.

CRE Exams

  • Apparel Construction Topics:
    • Stitches
    • Fibers, Fabrics and Weaves
    • Pattern Layout and Symbol Identification
    • Sewing Machine Parts and Uses
    • Seams and Finishes
    • Pattern Envelope Identification

CRE Exams

  • Menu Planning & Table Display Topics:
    • Nutrients and their functions (major and minor)
    • Meal Preferences (6 components of an appealing meal)
    • Identify parts of a place setting and the cover
    • My Plate.gov and Dietary Intakes
    • Menu Samples for specific dietary needs and ages
    • Types of Foods in a Food Group
    • Sources of Vitamins and Minerals

CRE Exams

  • Salad Preparation Topics:
    • Nutrients and their functions (major and minor)
    • Function of Salad Ingredients and Recipe Conversions
    • Knife Techniques
    • Healthy diets and caloric intake
    • Different types of vegetables and their nutritional values
    • Examples of different salads and the components of a salad
    • Identify different types of salad dressings and functions of ingredients to make the dressing
    • Food Safety and preparation related to salad preparation techniques
    • MyPlate.gov
    • Digestive System

CRE Exams

  • Commercial Food Topics:
    • Food Safety and Sanitation
    • Foodborne illness and contaminates as found in the ServSafe curriculum
    • HACCP
    • Time and temperature control
    • Parts of a knife and the metal used to make knives
    • Knife cuts
    • Industry Equipment Identification and Use
    • Mother Sauce preparation
    • Sources of nutrients and their function
    • Define and/or describe food preparation techniques

CRE Event Reminders

  • Common Oversights
  • Apparel Construction
    • Pattern pieces must be attached to the fabric and fabric previously cut out prior to competition.
    • Twenty minutes (20) will be added to Apparel Construction Senior Division this year.
  • Job Application & Interview
    • A second copy of the resume is required, along with the Portfolio. (separate of the portfolio)
  • Teaching Careers
    • Four(4) copies of the lesson being taught must be turned in with the four(4) Portfolios.
  • NEW

CRE Event Reminders

  • Common Oversights continued…
  • Commercial Food Preparation
    • Work plan required per team.
    • All team members take the exam and the score is averaged to have one score for the entire team.
    • Bring activities to keep the team busy when not competing. Multiple rounds will be conducted the day of the event.
    • Equipment should be in sturdy totes or boxes.
    • Participants should be familiar with walk-in refrigerators and dry pantries to facilitate the gathering of ingredients.
    • There will be ample ranges, ovens, and working space for all teams.

CRE Event Reminders

  • Common Oversights continued…
  • Salad Preparation
    • All salad ingredients must be prewashed and in containers prior to coming to Ontario. Very limit preparation time will be allotted. Sinks may not be available.
    • Participants should be ready so that all they must do is pull items out of their boxes/crates/ice chest and place on a tray and begin competition.
    • Electricity WILL NOT be available. Adjust recipes to accommodate this.
    • Four (4) copies of the recipe/nutritional analysis/equipment list are required.

CRE Event Reminders

  • Common Oversights continued…
  • Culinary Arts
    • All items on display must have a recipe or mentioned within a recipe.
    • Recipes should be scaled to the quantity being served/displayed.
    • Recipe must have a yield.
    • Mandatory ALL recipe packets must be turn in on Saturday from 3:00-3:45 p.m. in the Courtyard at the Doubletree
  • NEW

CRE Event Reminders

  • Common Oversights continued…
  • Events with Exams
    • Participants must bring their own writing implement.
  • All events requiring information sheets/outlines/bibliographies/recipes four (4) copies are required.

CRE Specific Dress Requirements

  • Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts ONLY
  • Wear chef attire to dress check
  • Bring FHA-HERO Official Dress on a hanger or in a bag
  • Industry shoes must have non-slip soles to be acceptable.

CRE Specific Dress Requirements

  • There are only two events that come to dress check in CHEF ATTIRE.
      • Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts
      • NO Salad Prep Competitors
  • All other events arrive to dress check in Official Dress. Refer to page 11-15 in the CRE Guide. READ THOSE PAGES.
  • Child Development competitors wearing a costume are an exception and they may bring their uniform on a hanger.

CRE Suggestions

  • Provide all competitors a copy of their CRE Rules for their specific events
  • AND
  • General Rules and Guidelines pages
  • 1-16 of the CRE Guide.
  • Refer the students to the Web site for the most current Q&A available on the CRE Homepage.

National Meeting & STAR Events

  • Nashville, TN July 7-11, 2013
  • Mandatory Meeting
    • Tuesday, April 23, 2013
    • 12:00-1:00 p.m.
  • Deposit Required on April 23, 2013 for STAR Participants
  • STAR Event Fee $40.00 Non- Refundable DUE April 23, 2013

STAR Events

  • California CRE Event
  • Division
  • National STAR Event
  • Division
  • Apparel Construction*
  • Senior
  • Fashion Construction
  • Senior 1st & 2nd Place
  • Community Involvement Award
  • Jr. & Sr.
  • Chapter Service Project
  • Jr. & Sr. 1st & 2nd Place
  • Consumer Education*
  • Jr. & Sr.
  • Illustrated Talk
  • Jr. & Sr. 1st Place
  • Commercial Food Preparation*+
  • Senior
  • Culinary Arts
  • Senior 1st Place
  • Energy & Resource Conservation*
  • Jr. & Sr.
  • Environmental Ambassador
  • Jr. & Sr. 1st Place
  • Fashion Design*
  • Senior
  • Fashion Design
  • Senior 1st Place
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation*
  • Senior
  • Senior 1st Place
  • Interior Design*
  • Senior
  • Interior Design
  • Senior 1st Place
  • Job Application & Interview
  • Senior
  • Job Interview
  • Senior 1st & 2nd Place
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Senior
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Senior 1st Place
  • Teaching Careers*+
  • Senior
  • Teach and Train
  • Senior 1st & 2nd Place
  • Honor Chapter
  • Jr. & Sr.
  • Chapter Showcase
  • Jr. & Sr. 1st & 2nd Place

Questions & Answers

  • Ask NOW don’t wait.
  • Region Advisors are available to assist you, we can walk you through the information you need to be successful.

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