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Felicia Cain Dziadek

English 1301 Section 447


Technology and Social Communication

Communication is the way we exchange our information to each other, get more friends, and keep in touch with them. In the past, when there was no computer or internet, we communicated by writing letters and mailing them. The world has changed now and the way we keep in touch with each other has moved to a new way. With the development of technology, now we just have to sit in front of a computer and easily send an e-mail while the receivers can immediately see it even though we are far away. The impacts of technology on our communication are more and more important nowadays to us as well as to the world.

We gradually changed the way we communicate now compared to the past and technology plays the main role of this change. According the National Academy of Engineering webpage, technology has become more complex, and that’s why society has become more specialized. “Centuries ago, people used to shout from one village to another or walk miles just to bring a message or letter to a person”, but now we simply use the computer connected with internet and can chat, send e-mails, and even talk with friends all over the world (“The Influence of Technology to the People” quotation marks). In his research, Wisnicki believed that “of all the new applications of computers and information technology, wireless communications and the connecting all of our computers have revolutionized human interaction.”(14) The more developed the world becomes, the more complex it will certainly be. Technology has influenced in our lives so much that it impacts relationship between people. They tend to misuse the advantage of technology and depend on it to solve their own problems. Agreeing with this idea, Yzer claimed that “new media will radically alter human dynamics, either by introducing largely new problems or by eliminating existing concerns” (10).

We express our feelings and communicate by using language. We can compose a letter, a story, or even a poem to show ourselves. It is true that technology helps our lives to become much easier, but in some other ways, it also makes us lazier in thinking and working (“The Influence of Technology to the People”). It seems to make our life less active when we are always found using computers or watching TV to search information rather than discovering things by ourselves. We completely depend on these gadgets and devices from using alarm clocks to wake up in the morning, keeping cell phones with us everywhere, cooking by microwaves, gas stove, etc (The Influence of Technology to the People). If we go back some 100 years ago when there is no technology, life seemed to be more simple. People took advantage of the available things around their places, such as woods, leaves, wild animal, etc., to continue their lives happily. Technology is only a tool to help our life become more comfortable, with out without which the world still spin around and we still go on living.

During the early centuries, relationships were considered very formal; there were usually no casual encounters. People were also told to speak formally in every situation. Even in terms of intimate relationships, dating during this period was usually looked down upon. Men and women could be with each other if they were married. Marriages were more for honor than actual love, and women would usually not have a choice in this matter. Obviously because of these kinds of relationship, the communication could not have been that strong. Since there were no kinds of technology, the only real way of communicating was through actual confrontation or letters. While in the past, people didn’t have much freedom to look for relation in society, today people can use internet to make more friends, even a date. The main reason people choose to e-date is because of the lack of love and belief of true love in real life. This method gives them chances to date more than one and they don’t have to be worried about being recognized or troubled much. However, Thomas “discovered it was easy come, easy go” when she decided to start a date in the internet (28). It took her a long time to find a person who was fit for her, wait for the replies, and set a date, and the feeling of desiring to date suddenly disappeared. Moreover, internet is a virtual world where we can’t determine whether the information is true or not and are easily taken in by these lies. The communication can provide you some good help or advice but it incomplete thought.

Another impact of technology is to isolate people from society. “In terms of human interaction, especially in teenagers, they spend most of their time watching TV or playing videogames and could not even spend a single hour at the church nor have some chitchat with their families and friends.” (The Influence of Technology to the People). Connection between people and people is really essential to learn the experience from each other. Today, we usually rely on computer and TV to get information and make friends with strangers who we really don’t know well in the internet. The link of people and society began loosening. We can clearly see that the relationship with families, friends, and community gradually is no longer as close as it used to be in the past.

As we can see, technology is more important to our life nowadays than in the past. It seems to be the main part of our society and our social communication. There are some advantages and disadvantages of it; however, the more we use it, the more convenient we find it. The world as well as the technology is developing, we can possibly fix the problem that technology causes to our life to make our life more comfortable.

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