Fallacies of Argument Activity

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Fallacies of Argument Activity
Using information in the Fallacies of Argument, identify the type of fallacy in each example and explain you answer.

  1. Caldwell Hall is in bad shape. Either we tear it down and put up a new building, or we continue to risk students' safety. Obviously we shouldn't risk anyone's safety, so we must tear the building down.

  1. Active euthanasia is morally acceptable. It is a decent, ethical thing to help another human being escape suffering through death.

  1. Giving money to charity is the right thing to do. So charities have a right to our money.

  1. Feminists want to ban all pornography and punish everyone who reads it! But such harsh measures are surely inappropriate, so the feminists are wrong: porn and its readers should be left in peace.

  1. I know the exam is graded based on performance, but you should give me an A. My cat has been sick, my car broke down, and I've had a cold, so it was really hard for me to study!

  1. Andrea Dworkin has written several books arguing that pornography harms women. But Dworkin is an ugly, bitter person, so you shouldn't listen to her.

  1. We should abolish the death penalty. Many respected people, such as actor Guy Handsome, have publicly stated their opposition to it.

  1. Animal experimentation reduces our respect for life. If we don't respect life, we are likely to be more and more tolerant of violent acts like war and murder. Soon our society will become a battlefield in which everyone constantly fears for their lives. It will be the end of civilization. To prevent this terrible consequence, we should make animal experimentation illegal right now.

  1. President Jones raised taxes, and then the rate of violent crime went up. Jones is responsible for the rise in crime.

  1. Gay marriages are just immoral. 70% of Americans think so!

Also, please find a real world example (ad, essay, newspaper/magazine article, facebook note, etc. ) of any of the fallacies listed in your book and bring it to class to discuss on Thursday.

Source: http://www.unc.edu/depts/wcweb/handouts/fallacies.html

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