Fairview Elementary Jr. Beta Club State Convention Permission Form

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Fairview Elementary Jr. Beta Club State Convention Permission Form
Students who are interested in attending the State Beta Convention need to fill out the attached permission slip and return it to Mr. Thomas. The convention gives the opportunity for members to interact, share project ideas, and showcase their academic and leadership abilities. It is also a great opportunity for club members to meet other Beta students from across the state. Activities at the state convention range from academic contests to quiz bowls to talent competitions.
This year, the state convention will be held November 17th - 18th in Macon, GA. We will leave Thursday morning on a bus from the school parking lot. The schedule for traveling will be:
Thursday, November 17 – Leave the school parking lot at 8:30 a.m.
Friday, November 18 –We will return to the school parking lot around 2 p.m. that afternoon.
Students will need money for dinner Thursday and lunch on Friday at the mall. They may also bring money for snacks and souvenirs (shirts, etc.) at the convention. The cost of their trip will cover the bus, registration, t-shirt, competition supplies, and hotel room.
Attached to this letter is a field trip permission form. Students attending the convention will be responsible for completing all work missed. A parent or guardian must sign the form and attach a deposit fee of $50 to hold your spot (total cost is $125). Students also need to indicate on the permission form any category they feel comfortable competing in at Convention. The remainder of the registration fees will be due the November 11, 2016. Signed permission forms and first payment of registration fees are due no later than Friday, October 7th. This trip is limited to the first 25 students that return their signed permission forms and registration fees. All payments are non-refundable due to space that has to be reserved and paid for ahead of time.
We need several parent chaperones (5) to travel with us to the convention in Macon. If a parent will be able to attend and spend the night (or just come over on either day), please indicate this on the permission slip. The cost for Chaperones is $95.00. We only have room for a total of 5, this is also on a first come, first serve basis.
After reading the following information, please check in appropriate places, sign, and return this form to school as soon as possible so we can finalize our plans and confirm our reservations.

Dates: Thursday, November 17 – Friday, November 18
*The cost of the trip is $125 (non-refundable). This price includes the following:

Transportation: School Bus

Lodging: 1 night. Hilton Garden Inn Macon/Mercer University. 1220 Stadium Drive.

Macon, Georgia 31204

Admission to: Registration fee for State Beta Club and admission to convention social.

Food: Two meals Covered

In addition to the $125, your child will need money for one meal on Thursday and Friday, snacks and souvenirs if desired.


Child’s Name: _______________________ Parent Signature: __________________

Phone Number: _________________________
_____ Yes, my child has permission to attend this field trip.
_____ No, my child does not have permission to attend this field trip.
I would like to be a chaperone on this trip (yes, no).

Please choose and rank (1-3) your choices of competitions that you would like to enter. For the arts, crafts, and Essay competitions, the work will need to reflect the theme “*******************”.

Arts – can enter more than one category (if no one enters a category)

___ Black & White Photography (no larger than 8X10 before framed, no digitally enhanced photograph)

___ Colored Photography (no larger than 8X10 before framed, no digitally enhanced photograph)

___ Digitally Enhanced Photography (no larger than 8X10 before framed)

___Oil or Acrylics


___Sketching (May be pastels or charcoals)

___Sketching (May be pen, pencil, or ink)


Crafts – can enter more than one category

___Counted Cross-stitch

___Handmade Jewelry (only one piece)


___Recyclable Art



Essay - Subject: Let the Beta Times Roll! Due by November 6. See Mrs. Potts for specifications

Language Arts – written test; 50 questions; taken at convention

Math – written test at convention (no calculators); 50 questions

Division I (5th & 6th grade)

Poetry - written at convention; topic given at convention; 200 word max; 1 hour time limit

Poster - made at convention; topic given at convention; team of 2-4 students; 1 hour time limit

Quiz Bowl – written test (team works together on) for 40 minutes; no calculators

Sciencewritten test at convention; 50 questions

Social Studies– written test at convention; 50 questions

Speech – given at competition; 1-2 minutes; topic is:**********!

Spelling – words are called out and student write down correctly spelled word.

Special Talent (4 or less students) -

Living Literature (2-4 students) – Monday morning – create and pose in a scene from a story

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